Thursday, 27 October 2016

Ryan International School Organizes 4th International Festival of Performing Arts

By Trictynews Reporter

Chandigarh 27th October:-- The 4th International Festival of Performing Arts hosted by Ryan International School, Chandigarh concluded with the presentation of musical performance by more than 1600 students of the school. The aim of this two day festival was to create a bond between various cultures across the globe. This Mega Event had the children performing the Finnish, Latvian; Egyptian & Zimbabwe dance forms that mesmerized the audience. The highlight of the program was presentation of Ballet- ‘Brighter Tomorrow’ based on Nirbhaya Case. This Ballet hit the emotional cord of the audience. It showcased beautiful expressions of pain, anger, desperation & fright. It depicted the entire journey of the life of women. The Ballet ended on the positive note of the Women Empowerment.
Performance on the theme ‘Peace’ by the Latvian choreographer highlighted its importance of peace in today’s hectic life. Drums of India took the audience in the world of sound, symphony and synchronization. Vibrant colors of India, the Finnish dance created the National Symbols using huge props that left all the guests spell bound. The Egyptian Dance celebrated the freedom & empowerment to women. Besides, the prayer dance took them into the spiritual world and “Vande Matarm Dance” evoked the feeling of patriotism and when the huge tri color covered the stage the packed house applauded the performers.

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