Thursday, 22 September 2016

Vodafone Celebrates With its Largest Ever Equity Infusion of INR 47,700 Crore

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 22nd September:- Vodafone, one of India’s leading telecom service providers, today announced that it had become the service provider of choice to over 200 million customers across the length and breadth of the country. As India’s second largest telecom service provider with 22.5% revenue market share, over half of the customers (107 million) come from rural India endorsing Vodafone as the preferred brand in urban India as well as the hinterland. They rely on Vodafone to engage with their family and friends, make their work easier and connect with the world at large. 
Celebrating this milestone, Vodafone India further announced that it had received an equity infusion of INR 47,700 crore from Vodafone Group in the first half of the current fiscal. This equity infusion via foreign direct investment (FDI) is largest ever FDI infusion in the country and further manifests Vodafone’s increasing focus and commitment to India. On the occasion of being the brand of choice of over 200 million Indians and speaking about this record equity infusion, Sunil Sood, MD & CEO, Vodafone India, said, We are thankful to our customers for choosing Vodafone and delighted with the faith and support that our investors have shown in our business and India. With our commitment to support the Digital India vision, we arebuilding one of the most modern and scalable telecom networks to deliver connectivity and theVodafone SuperNet™ experience to all, for both voice and data. 
Since entering India in 2007, Vodafone has consistently invested in India to build a highly modern, scalable and one of the largest telecom networks in the world.  It has been a co-creator of the telecom ecosystem, a catalyst of the telecom revolution and has contributed in the growth of the Indian economy. With its products and services as well as its technologies, Vodafone has fostered innovation and powered new business models. Aglobal leader in 4G networks and a pioneer in ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), Vodafone is rolling out next generation broadband networks in India and has introduced IoT platforms, especially in the space of connected vehicles and Machine to Machine communication.

Angels Experiences Patriotic Fervor:Visit Wagah Border Amritsar

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 22nd September:- As the angels Shalmali Kholgade, Anusha Mani, Akasa Singh, Jasmine Sandlas enter the last leg of their splendid journey they make sure t ends in the most perfect note. Emotions reached a whole new level as the angels visit the legendary Wagah Border in the next episode of Sunsilk and MTV present Angels of Rock. Hearts pounding with pride, gleeful eyes and an extremely fulfilling feeling is exactly what each of the angels felt when they rode their way to the Wagah Border.
After the female firefighters of Jaipur, Lady Sarpanch of Udaipur, Female hockey players of Shahbad and many more the angels head to Amritsar. With a heart full of gratitude, they visit the Golden Temple to thank the almighty for a fulfilling journey behind them. They also meet the women police force stationed in Amritsar and needless to mention were absolutely stunned by their sense of duty and determination. They even try a hand at horse riding as they take tour of academy. 
As they say save the best for the end, the angels had similar plans. Right after this they drive down to the iconic India Pak Wagah Border. As they reached, not only they were ecstatic but also it made the angels emotional to some extent. They also got the chance to witness a grand ceremony between the Indian and Pakistani soldiers. The sight of them performing at the border was not only full of grandeur but also filled the girls bubbling with patriotism. The feeling one experiences when the air is echoing with ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ and energetic soldiers performing at the border is beyond words and that is exactly what the angels went through when they were present at Wagah Border.
Commenting on this, Shalmali Kholgade said that our journey was coming to an end and we were getting emotional thinking about it. Our visit to the Wagah Border was a mix of emotions for her. There was an undoubted feeling of patriotism as we found ourselves amidst a vibrant crowd cheering for both India and Pakistan. But she was also overcome with a feeling of anger seeing as the soldiers who protect our country were a sort of "entertainment" to the public by way of the parade. Then again, she is too emotional and make a mountain out of a mole hill at times.

Sab TV's Chidyaghar:Ghotak to Make Puppy His Guru

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 22nd September:- Chidyaghar is back with another hilarious story this week. The current track will have Puppy flirt with Koyal again, however this time around Ghotak is patiently observing Puppy’s behaviour.
While travelling in train Ghotak comes across a Pandit who informs him about some problem in his horoscope and that his stars are currently not favouring him. The Pandit also gives him a solution and asks him to follow the first bachelor he sees in the morning and give him the position of a guru in his life. Ghotak follows the instructions given by his pandit and connects everything that he has said to every situation he faces. Next day Ghotak sees puppy and recalls what the Pandit had asked him to do. He then decides to make Puppy his Guru. The situation gets out of hand when Puppy starts taking advantage of Ghotak’s plight and starts flirting with Koyal.
Paresh Ganatra who plays Ghotak on the show added that this story is actually very hilarious because this time Ghotak will be the one who will plead to Puppy. When puppy gets to know about Ghotak’s he takes advantage of the situation and makes Ghotak do things to just annoy him. And this is where he flirts with Koyal to annoy Ghotak.

LeEco Celebrates its Incredible Nine Months Journey in India

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 22nd September:- Global internet and technology conglomerate, LeEco entered the Indian market in January 2016 with a focus on device and content offerings.  In the past few months the company has successfully launched five Superphones in the mid to premium price segments All these phone have very well received in the market and have changed the dynamics of the Indian smartphone industry.
Meera Krishanan, Director Marketing LeEco said that in-line with its multi-device strategy, LeEco recently ushered in the Ecosystem TV Era with the launch of its Super3 Series in India which have created ripples in the Indian TV market in a short span of time.
She further said that the Super3 Series Ecosystem TV range by LeEco consists of Super3 Max65 that supports 3D display, Super3 X65 and Super3 X55. All the three TVs bundle in 2 year of LeEco Membership worth Rs 9,800, which enables users to enjoy offers over 2000 Full HD/HD films from Hollywood and Bollywood, more than 100 satellite TV channels, 3.5 million songs (coming soon by software upgrade), and more than 50 live concerts.
Meera Krishanan added that the LeEco Super TVs are available at a disruptive price, Super3 X55 - 139.7 cm (55) is retailing for Rs 59,790, LeEco Super3 X65 - 163.9 cm (65) is priced at Rs 99,790 and Super3 Max65– 163.9 cm (65) comes at a price of Rs 149,790.
LeEco has branched out its operations to offline stores and it currently has over 203 stores in the Punjab including Chandigarh and looking at expanding the same. To service the growing consumer base in the region, LeEco has set up over 30 service centers in conveniently located spots across the state.
The company has also aligned itself to Government’s Make in India initiative. LeEco in the month of August announced the first state-of-the-art smartphone manufacturing facility in Greater Noida which is spread over 200,000 sq feet area and has a capacity of producing close to 60,000 phones per month initially. Currently, one line is operational with over 200 local people working, who have all been given intensive technical training. By the end of 2016 LeEco plans to have two production lines that will produce 200,000 units on a monthly basis.
LeEco has always strived to add value to our customers, whether it is through the LeMall Day for All, LeEco days on Flipkart or the recently concluded EPIC 919 SuperFans Festival and would continue to do so even in the forthcoming festive season.

National Freedom Party Gets Support & Blessing of Anna Hazare

By Tricitynews Reporter
Ralegan Siddhi/New Dehli 22nd September:- A newly formed political party- National Freedom Party (NFP), being spearheaded by New Delhi-based social organization Vivekananda Foundation, today got blessings of great social activist and crusader Anna Hazare. The Foundation’s Managing Trustee Amlan Biswas called on Hazare at his village Ralegan Siddhi today to seek his blessings and support for the new political party. The NFP is all set to bring in big and revolutionary changes in political landscape of the country. The party will take on all big ones in Assembly elections in coming two years and then go for general elections in 2019.
In a statement issued here after the meeting, Amlan Biswas said that the Foundation is fighting against corruption and other social ills in society. We follow noble principles of Swami Vivekananda and Mahatama Gandhi. Hazare sahab is our living guiding force. He added that that is why, before formally launching the party on October 1, we met him to seek his blessing and support. We ask him to join our party,but  as he is against the present party system, so politely declined.
He further said that however, Hazare sahab assured us to give full support and said ‘India against Corruption’ will certainly work hand-in-hand with Foundation & NFP. We are highly motivated with this meeting and assured guidance & support from him.
As Anna Hazare wants to do away with disturbing distance between Sansad (Parliatment) and Samaj( Society), the NFP would also struggle achieve this goal.
Amlan Biswas said that we are ready and the party will formally be launched on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti –October 1. We will declare our national and states executive committees along with complete roadmap on that auspicious day.
The Party, with its aim to provide a viable alternative to distraught youth and masses, will contest all Assembly seats of its own in states like Punjab, Goa, Gujarat and Tripura.
The Foundation is spearheading this political movement with the help of its youth cadre, intellectuals and support of those who seek real change in the system. The Mission is to mobilize youth of the country to join this movement which seeks to reform the system. The party, with support of the foundation, enjoys huge support base in many parts of the country. Leaders and members of the Party will continue to put their efforts to make India a nation as dreamed by our freedom fighters and martyrs Ram Prasad Bismil, Chandra Shekhar Azad and Shaheed Bhagat Singh. With these names, name of the party has been perfectly aligned. The party is dedicated to build a society free from corruption, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, casteism, communalism and regional biases.