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Reigning Lashes in Chandigarh

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Chandigarh 31st August:- After a successful run in Delhi, Noida & Mumbai over the period of 6 years, Reign Studios India a luxury leading brand of semi-permanent makeup solutions has launched its very first studio in Chandigarh, at Elante Mall.
Transforming the beauty industry in India, with elegantly designed ultra-luxe spacious studios, the well-regarded studio chain is known for their superior semi-permanent makeup services of semi-permanent lashes, nail extensions and microblading(launching soon) brands such as Novalash US, OPI & Everlasting Brows in their bouquets of services, gives clients a satisfying and rejuvenating experience.
With global footprint and preferred choice of multiple Hollywood & Bollywood celebrities, Reign Studio India is now in Chandigarh to cater their service to the beautiful ladies of Chandigarh, with their exquisite studio at Elante Mall, Chandigarh.
The launch event was graced by the presence of various HNIs and socialites of Chandigarh, who believe and stand for the product. The team of Reign Studio gave a live demo explaining the complete process of semi-permanent eyelashes. The glamorous new way to extend the length and thickness of your natural eyelashes!!! The extensions are flexible, synthetic and tapered at the end to achieve a natural look that is difficult to detect, even close-up!
In terms of Nail Extensions the product is designed according to one requirement to be the best in its category. Once designed, it is tested for at least 6 months before being placed on the market.
Also they are soon to launch “Everlasting Brows”. Microblading is the manual process of introducing semi-permanent makeup, in the form of coloured pigments, to mimic hair on the eye brows. The design is waterproof, smudges proof, and looks completely natural.
Anirudh Khaitan Founder, Reign Studio India said that we are very proud of what we have created. We believe in having the best and healthiest products from around the world to service our customers. We believe in high quality and we would not use anything in our studios that we wouldn't do onto ourselves. We understand how important it is to feel good about yourself and that’s what we have tried to create a brand that makes women feel good about themselves without any invasive procedures.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Plumtin Holds Showcase to Revive Legacy of Rich Indian Craftsmanship

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Chandigarh 29th August:- Connoisseurs of heritage jewellery and breathtaking wedding trousseau, have reason to cheer.  An exclusive showcase of heritage wedding jewellery from the stable of India’s famous & iconic jewelry house Amrapali Jaipur and an exotic bridal collection of Chandigarh’s renowned Couturier Samarjeet Kaur Gurm Buwal has kicked off at Plumtin, Sec 7 here. The display will be on from August 29 - 30.
It is noteworthy that the collection of Amrapali Jaipur has been brought to Chandigarh by Plumtin, Chandigarh’s well known luxury boutique, founded by Fashion Designer Samarjeet Kaur Gurm Buwal. The label has collaborated with Amrapali Jaipur, to bring a fine jewellery collection that offers modern design for one’s wedding trousseau. Tarang Arora, CEO & Creative Director of Amrapali Jaipur is participating and is explaining finer nuances of the collection to eager visitors. What’s more, the Founders of Amrapali Jaipur - Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera too are present. On day 1 of the showcase, Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher also visited. She spent a good amount of time viewing the collections, particularly the Jewellery display. Kher appreciated the exclusive pieces of jewellery and bridal attire.    
It is pertinent to state here that Tarang has studied gemology from London and oversees all aspects of the brand, from sourcing stones to designing the collections. The brand has stores in India, Pakistan & London. The brand also operates a museum of Indian Jewellery in Jaipur.
Tarang Arora said that Amrapali Jaipur’s collection presented here includes magnificent pieces that give a befitting tribute to style and aesthetics of India. Each piece created with gold, diamond, emerald, sapphires and navratna has harmonized the classical tradition through rare craftsmanship. The collection boasts of inventive jewellery creations handcrafted by skilled artisans with great love and respect.
Plumtin on the other hand is showcasing their winter bridal trousseau collection 2019; the collection celebrates the folk lore of tapestry embroidery in luscious shades of pastels. Rich textiles like silk, crapes and chiffons are layered together for a splendid feel.
Samarjeet Kaur Gurm Buwal, Founder, Plumtin said that she has used rich Indian embroideries like Zardozi, phulkari, mukaish, nakshi, kasab, kalma etc in my collection. Hand embroidery seems to be going out of trend due to the onslaught of modern machines. We through our creations are trying to keep the authentic & traditional craft of designing alive. The showcase aims to revive our timeless craftsmanship.
Both Amrapali’s and Plumtin’s collections have been modeled by actress Pooja Batra and super model Nayanika Chatterjee. The display is a must see for all those who are in love with pure Indian craft and heritage traditions. Samarjeet’s unique expertise of rendering zardozi on pashmina which has been copyrighted by her is also on display. The unique combination of jewellery and bridal couture has been put up with the upcoming wedding season in mind.

Rafael Expands Operations in India and Announces New Facility with Astra

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Chandigarh 29th August:- Astra Rafael Communication System (ARC), a Joint Venture between Astra Microwave Pvt Ltd. and RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. of Israel, inaugurated their state-of-the-art facility at Hardware Technology Park, Hyderabad on 27 August 2019. The occasion was graced by G Kishan Reddy, Hon'ble Minister of State, Home Affairs, in the presence of H.E. Ron Malka, Hon'ble Ambassador of Israel to India.
The Joint venture, setup on a 51:49 percent basis with all regulatory approvals, is in line with the Government's "Make in India" initiative and will invest in high-end technology and advanced production techniques to design, develop and manufacture state-of-the-art Tactical Communication systems (BNET), for the Indian Armed Forces. The Joint Venture’s focus is on leveraging the technological ability and indigenous manufacturing capability of AMPL, combined with the state-of-the-art technology expertise of RAFAEL, to support the requirements of the Indian Armed Forces in the ‘Make in India’ program. It is envisioned that ARC will emerge as a leader at the forefront of technology in the Tactical Communication domains. This green field Joint Venture envisages creation of significant direct and indirect employment opportunities, import substitution and foreign direct investments into the country.
ARC would soon be India's first private sector company to manufacture cutting-edge Software Defined Radios in multiple variants, at its facility spread across an area of over 20,000 sq.ft. ARC will also be involved in the development and manufacture of a wide range of other advanced capabilities, with the aim of opening new export markets.
RAFAEL’s President and CEO, Maj. Gen (Ret.) Yoav Har-Even said that our cooperation with India is strategic. This has been demonstrated a number of times, not just in declarations, but in actions. The inauguration of the facility here today is yet another proof of RAFAEL’s implementation of India’s Prime Minister’s MAKE IN INDIA strategy and policy and of our ongoing and uncompromising support for the needs and requirements of the Indian Armed Forces.
COO ARC, Brig Ravi Hariharan said that ARC is a company which is starting into the business of revolutionising the communication domain in the defence environment. Currently we have ongoing orders for providing state of the art Software Defined Radios to the Indian Air Force. We intend to work with all the players in this strategic sphere, both public and private sector to create a great environment for defence electronics. ARC would like to acknowledge the contributions made by both Astra Microwave and Rafael in helping this company come alive and allow us to contribute to the country’s much-needed indigenous defence capability.

Black Lotus Wows with Its New Menu

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Chandigarh 29th August:- Black Lotus, the fine dining Chinese restaurant at Taj Chandigarh, introduces an all new menu that has been especially curated by their expatriate Chef, Yan Jun Jun.
Already a leading Chinese restaurant in the city, Black Lotus at Taj Chandigarh is a popular destination for epicureans who enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine. The restaurant had impressed the city foodies with its revamp last year that saw a lovely alfresco added to the restaurant along with a lounge too. Then they went on to welcome on board the only Chinese expatriate chef of the city in an endeavor to bring Beijing flavors to Chandigarh.
General Manager, Surinder Singh said that ‘in an attempt to constantly better themselves, the hotel keeps pace with the latest in the industry and attempts to bring it to the guests.’ The central idea in having Chef Yan Jun Jun come on board was to bring to Chandigarh, the unadulterated dishes of China.
The new menu is perfectly balanced with regards to the vegetarian and non-vegetarian palate. Apart from the main course, guests can choose from a range of options covering soups, salads, dim sums, kothe, baozi, wontons, appetizers, hot pots and also the ever-popular Black Lotus grills.
An old favorite, the Peking Duck has been retained from the old menu, though the new Chef does add his personal zing to this interactive meal course. This holds true for the clay pot section of the menu too, where one finds that Chef Yan Jun Jun has indeed brought in his special touch to this wholesome meal option.
The menu packs in a variety when it comes to delicacies like prawns, calamari and lobsters. However, there are some vegetarian delights like wok tossed tomato, zucchini, bell pepper in old Beijing sauce, which should not be missed at all.
The dessert section of the menu deserves special mention too. Regulars like darsaan, date pancake and banana and apple toffee have been retained, with new gems like red cherry Bavarois frosting and lemon grass crème brulee, have been introduced too. Chocolate fondue deserves special mention here for not just how well the dish has been presented, but also the lovely variety of flavors that it brings to the table.
A sure shot winner, the new menu at Taj Chandigarh Black Lotus is indeed a delight for guests and bound to have you flocking to the restaurant over and over again.

Candle March Draws Attention Towards Plight of Stray Dogs

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Chandigarh 29th August:- A large number of residents  held a candle march against the ill-treatment and sheer negligence of Veterinary Hospital Dog Sterilization Centre, Sector 38, Chandigarh, which took the lives of four stray dogs recently.
The group of people who participated in the march  included men, women and children. The march  started around 6 pm from sector 42 lake, passed Bhaskar Chowk and came back to culminate at the start point- at sector 42 lake.
The residents held banners and also raised slogans against the  Municipal Corporation for not taking any action against the culprits.
Simran, a social worker, who feeds the dogs on a daily basis at Sector 42 Lake said that she admitted 5 stray dogs at Dog Sterilization Center.  After few days when she went to the center to inquire about the well being of the dogs the staff members didn’t give her a positive response.
Simran further added that a few days later, she got to know that the dogs were found in a critical condition near Sec 42 lake. When she went to check there, she was shocked to see the condition of the dogs. The stitches of the two dogs were opened and organs were lying out of their stomach due to which they died later. And the rest two dogs died after being inflicted by infection. They were the same dogs, who were admitted by her at the Dog Sterilization Centre.
Malkit Singh, husband of Simran said that we have registered a complaint against the staff and doctors of Veterinary Hospital Dog Sterilization Centre with the sector 38, Police Station. And a complaint letter has also been forwarded to the Chandigarh Municipal Commissioner K.K Yadav, but to no avail.
He said that we only demand justice for the voiceless lives and that strict action should be taken against the unprofessional staff and doctors.

पूर्व पार्षद व् वरिष्ठ कांग्रेसी नेता हरमोहिंदर सिंह लकी पर लगे मंदिर पर कब्ज़ा करने के आरोप: लकी ने आरोपों को बताया बेबुनियाद और निराधार

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Chandigarh 29th August:- चंडीगढ़ के सैक्टर 8 स्थित श्री सनातन धर्म मन्दिर में वर्चस्व को लेकर दो कमेटियां आमने सामने आ गयी है। मंदिर में यहाँ पुरानी कमेटी चुनाव जीत कर आयी है, वहीँ दूसरी स्वयंघोषित कमेटी सत्ता के लालच में काबिज़ होना चाह रही है। ये स्वयंघोषित कमेटी चंडीगढ़ नगर निगम के पूर्व पार्षद कांग्रेसी नेता हरमोहिंदर सिंह लकी द्वारा बनाई गयी है। पूर्व मन्दिर की पुरानी कमेटी के द्वारा मंदिर के चढ़ावे में आये करीब 25 लाख के गबन करने व् मंदिर गुल्लक के भी ताले तोड़ने के भी आरोप इस स्वयंघोषित नई कमेटी पर लग रहे है। कमेटी के प्रधान सत्य देव बंसल एवं अन्य कमेटी पदाधिकारियों ने इस मामले में क्षेत्रीय थाना पुलिस को सुचना दी और मामले की गंभीरता को देखते हुए आरोपियों के खिलाफ सख्त से सख्त कार्यवाही किये जाने की अपील की है । कमेटी के पदाधिकारियों ने इस मामले में पंजाब के राज्यपाल और चंडीगढ़ के प्रशासक महामहिम वी पी सिंह बदनौर को भी शिकायत दी है, जिन्होंने इसका संज्ञान लेते हुए आश्वासन दिया है कि इस सम्बन्ध में उचित कार्यवाही की जाएगी।
कमेटी के प्रधान सत्य देव बंसल एवं अन्य कमेटी पदाधिकारियों ने पत्रकारों से बातचीत करते हुए बताया कि उनकी कमेटी 13/01/2019 को चुनाव जीत कर आयी थी। उस चुनाव में हरमोहिंदर सिंह लकी व् अश्वनी गुप्ता ने चुनाव की प्रक्रिया पर दस्तखत किये और इसकी प्रक्रिया को माना था । सत्य देव बंसल ने आगे बताया कि अब हरमोहिंदर सिंह लकी ने अश्वनी गुप्ता और अन्य लोगों कि सहायता लेते हुए मंदिर कमेटी पर काबिज़ होने कि चाह में एक अपनी ही अलग ०९ सदस्य कमेटी तैयार कर ली। इन्होने मंदिर कि डिस्पेंसरी में जबरदस्ती अपना ऑफिस बना लिया।  जब इसकी भनक मंदिर कि चुनी हुयी कमेटी को लगी तो उन्होंने जब इस मामले में पूर्व पार्षद कांग्रेसी नेता हरमोहिंदर सिंह लकी व् अन्य से बात करनी चाही तो वो लोग बदतमीज़ी से बात करते हुए हाथापाई पर उतर आये।   इसके अलावा हरमोहिंदर सिंह लकी ने सत्यदेव बंसल के घर पर जाकर भी उन्हें धमकाया, जो कि सारा वाक्या घर में लगे सी सी टी वी में कैद है। वही इस माह की २६ तारीख को मंदिर के 06 गुल्लकों को भी जब मंदिर दिन के 12 बजे बंद हो गया था, तो मंदिर बंद होने के बाद 12 से 02 बजे के बीच ताले तोड़कर चढ़ावे के सारे पैसे बिना किसी आदेश के या बिना किसी कमेटी के पदाधिकारी या केशियर रोशन लाल की अनुमति के ले कर चलते बने। उन्होंने आगे बताया कि मंदिर चढ़ावे के करीबन 25 लाख रूपये ये लोग हड़प गए। इसलिए उन्होंने मामले की गंभीरता को देखते हुए कमेटी के अन्य पदाधिकारियों के साथ हरमोहिंदर सिंह लकी व् अन्य लोगो पर आयी पी सी के धारा 391, 392, 379 ,409,406,506 ,34, 120-बी के तहत पुलिस में  शिकायत दर्ज करवायी और आरोपियों के खिलाफ सख्त से सख्त कार्यवाही किये जाने की मांग की है ।
सत्य देव बंसल ने बताया की उन्होंने इस मामले में देश के प्रधानमंत्री, गृहमंत्री, को मेल भेज कर शिकायत दी है इसके अलावा पंजाब के राजयपाल और चंडीगढ़ के प्रशासक सहित चंडीगढ़ प्रशासक के सलाहकार, चीफ जस्टिस ऑफ़ इंडिया, चीफ जस्टिस ऑफ़ पंजाब एन्ड हरियाणा हाई कोर्ट, डी जी पी चंडीगढ़, होम सेक्रेटरी, एसएस पी और थाना प्रभारी सेक्टर 03 को भी लिखित शिकायत सौंप दी है ।      
वहीँ जब इस मामले में चंडीगढ़ नगर निगम के पूर्व डिप्टी मेयर और वरिष्ठ कांग्रेसी नेता हरमोहिंदर सिंह लकी से बात की गयी तो उन्होंने बताया की सत्य देव बंसल द्वारा उन पर लगाए जा रहे सभी आरोप बेबुनियाद और निराधार है। बल्कि उनकी छवि को धूमिल किया जा रहा है। वो बाकायदा सर्वसम्मति से मंदिर सभा के प्रधान चुने गए है। उन्होंने पुलिस अधिकारी की मौजूदगी में ही मंदिर की गुल्लक के ताले खुलवाए थे, इस दौरान मंदिर में और भी गणमान्य लोग मौजूद थे। हरमोहिंदर सिंह लकी ने बताया की इस सारे प्रोसेस की वीडियोग्राफी भी की गयी थी। सत्य देव बंसल व् अन्य उन्हें बदनाम कर रहे है।

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

GBP Group Offers Possession of 300 Units at Camellia Phase II: Also Announces Its Expansion Plans

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Chandigarh 28th August:- GBP Group, one of the largest developers and builders in Tri City and Punjab announced possession at GBP Camellia, Phase II, Kharar, Mohali.  Phase II comprises of 300 units of 2/3BHK. The group also revealed its expansion plans at a press conference held at Chandigarh on Wednesday.
GBP Camellia Phase II has been completed in stipulated time within 3 years of its launch with an investment of approx Rs 125 Crores. The project commenced in 2016 and received a tremendous response of people across Punjab. Built with a total investment of Rs 350 Crores, GBP Camellia has 950 units and is spread to an area of 30 acres. The group delivered 300 units in its 1st phase.
Anupam Gupta, the spokesperson of GBP Group during the press conference announced its expansion plans. Changing the skyline of Northern region, the group plans to come up with several residential and commercial projects in Peermuchalla, Airport Road, Banur- Landran Highway near IT City, New Chandigarh, Kharar, Ludhiana and even plans to expand in Himachal Pradesh and Nawansheher under its vision 2022.
While talking about Camellia, Anupam Gupta, GBP Group said that we are more than pleased to offer possession at Camellia Phase II and aim to complete to complete the project by 2020. Along with delivering Camellia Phase II, we are also planning to develop multiple residential and commercial projects across Tri City and Himachal Pradesh.
About GBP Group: GBP Group is the leading real estate developer in Punjab & Tricity with the various project in Himachal Pradesh, GBP group is committed to change the skyline of Tricity by 2021 with its remarkable projects.
The group is headed by Anupam Gupta, Sales and Marketing Director of the group and has delivered 10 residential and commercial projects.

PGI Celebrates Librarians’ Day

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 28th August:- Dr.Tulsi Das Library, PGIMER celebrated the Librarian’s Day on 28th August 2019 on the occasion of 127th birthday of Padmashri Dr. S.R.Ranganathan, the father of Library Sciences in India.
The program started with the offering of floral tributes to the portrait of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan and the lighting of the lamp by Dr. A. K. Gupta, Medical Superintendent, Head of the Department of Hospital Administration, and Chairman Library Committee of the institute. Dr.Ritesh Agarwal, Professor Incharge Library, welcomed Dr. A. K. Gupta and other members in the gathering. Ms. Neelima Chadha informed the efforts of Library subscribing the electronic resources, shifting from print to electronic and digital resources. The Programme was attended by intellectuals of various fields and strata including Head of Departments, Professors, faculty members, Residents, research scholars, Local Librarians and other staff of the institute.
Finally, Prof AK Gupta discussed the importance of the Libraries, and he appreciated the efforts taken by the Dr.Tulsi Das Library to organize Librarians' Day and arrange  User Awareness Sessions. He highlighted the role of modern Library and called upon Library and information professionals to update themselves to meet the expectations of the library users and provide them effective library services using latest ICT and Digital Technologies. The single search window facility allows the patrons to access E-resources, databases subscribed by the Library through Remotexs. The WEB OPAC allows the users to access the metadata of the library holdings from anywhere at any time. Demonstration of User awareness Services like BMJ Learning Resources, Discovery Service, and Ginger-to Grammarly check and paraphrasing to avoid Plagiarism. He congratulated the team of Library for successfully organizing the Librarians Day Celebrations. 
Finally, an ornamental plantation was done by Prof AK Gupta and Dr Ritesh Agarwal.

Microsoft Announces Digital Governance Tech Tour to Help Accelerate Digital India

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 28th August:- In line with the government’s Digital India vision, Microsoft India today launched the Digital Governance Tech Tour, a National program to deliver critical AI and intelligent cloud computing skills to the Government officials incharge of IT across the country.  The initiative comprises a series of physical and virtual workshops and aims to train 5,000personnel over a period of 12 months. This announcement reaffirms Microsoft’s commitment to empower government organizations to leverage AI and secure cloud technology for efficient, transparent and productive governance.
The program was inaugurated at the Digital Governance Tech Summit 2019 in New Delhi by  Amitabh Kant, CEO NITI Aayog and  Ajay Prakash SawhneySecretary MeITY, in the presence of Dr. Neeta VermaDirector General, National Informatics Centre (NIC)Suresh kumar Nair,  Additional CEO, Government eMarket place (GEM);Dr.Omkar RaiDirector General, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India and other dignitaries.  The summit in New Delhi was supported by NIC, GeM and STPI.
AI and intelligent technologies are becoming all-pervasive today, driving change across businesses, communities and governments. As India advances towards fulfilling its vision of becoming a $5 trillion economy, applying AI and data analytics using secure and compliant cloud-based tools can provide actionable, predictive and effective citizen focused services, while empowering more secure inter-departmental and cross-agency collaboration.  Through this program, Microsoft will help up skill government officials, equipping them with the digital skills and experience needed today and - in the future - to successfully deploy cloud-based solutions.
Amitabh Kant, CEO-NITI Aayog, said that for our country, the power of AI, cloud services, and data analytics needs to be brought to bear in core sectors for inclusive economic growth.  As we move beyond pilots and understand how to scale AI implementation and cloud adoption across states and sectors, it is vital to equip the ecosystem with the right knowhow and skills. Collaboration with academia and the industry, and initiatives such as this will help build the foundation towards an AI enabled future.
According to Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India that AI and the cloud can enable path-breaking innovation and drive the next phase of India's growth. Continuous focus on learning and improving skill sets for all are a must to make this a reality. Microsoft's first-of-its-kind Digital Governance Tech Tour for government officials reiterates our commitment to be a trusted partner to the government by enabling and empowering officials to do more with technology in service of the citizens.

CHB Appoints HDFC Bank as Principal Bank for Better Services to Its Allottees

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 28th August:- The Chandigarh Housing Board has appointed HDFC Bank Ltd., as its Principal Bank to provide better services to its allottees. The main functions of the Principal Banker will be as collection of earnest money, registration money,  possession amount, EMI, Half-yearly installments and ground rent and interest due thereon as per allotment letter, Acceptance of monthly licence fee collected by the staff of the CHB from allottees of flats under slum Rehabilitation scheme of Chandigarh Administration at various locations spread over Chandigarh, Lump sum payment demand showing the balance amount payable by the allottees on a particular day/month/year end, and Collection of Earnest Money from applicants in a new Housing Scheme and issue of cheques for refund thereof to unsuccessful applicants.
With the co-operation of the HDFC Bank, the Chandigarh Housing Board is working to provide online payment facility for various kind of dues/fees etc.  The main objective is that the allottees/applicants should be able to apply/pay online without making visit to CHB office.
MOU has been signed between Chandigarh Housing Board and HDFC Bank in this regard on dated 27.08.2019.  On behalf of the Chandigarh Housing Board, the MOU was signed by its secretary Smt. Ruchi Singh Bedi while on behalf of HDFC, the MOU was signed by its Zonal Head Jasjeet Katial in presence of Senior officers of both the organizations.

Godrej Security Solutions Launches a Pan India Break-in Challenge

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 28th August:- A recent study commissioned by Godrej Security Solutions revealed that 37% of residents of Chandigarh admit that their valuables have been stolen/misplaced from their homes in the past 12 months. In a pursuit to create a more secure environment at home, India’s leading security solutions brand, Godrej Security Solutions has launched a home security awareness campaign across 350 residential societies and corporates across India. The activation aims to educate over 10 lakh Indians across 15 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Bengaluru and Pune in the next two months.
The education program is a unique Break-in-challenge that encourages residents and professionals to attempt breaking open a home locker as against a locked wooden cupboard drawer. The break-in challenge was conceptualized basis the research insights that over 55% of Indians continue to store their valuables in cupboards or wardrobes despite the availability of more economical and safe options like home lockers. The residents were challenged to break open the unbreakable Godrej Home Locker for a reward prize of INR 1 Lakh.
Commenting on this initiative, Mehernosh Pithawalla, Group Head, Vice President and Global Head-Marketing, Sales & Innovation said that based on our recent study, India’s Security Solutions Quotient, we observed that one in every two residents in India continue to store their valuables in cupboards and wardrobes which are easily breakable. Thus, we wanted to inculcate the idea of adopting new-age home security solutions that can empower consumers and make them responsible towards their families and valuables. We are delighted with the participation shown by residents across the nation and believe that this initiative will drive the change towards security consciousness.
As part of this activity, Godrej Security Solutions has also been educating residents about home security solutions like the usage of home cameras, video door phones, home lockers and home security alarm systems.  Godrej homes safe is 10X stronger than a wooden cupboard and designed for the new age millennial with latest security features such as biometric access and digital locks.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

U-Dictionary Reaches Strategic Partnership Agreement with Oxford University Press

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 27th August:- U- Dictionary, a famous global English Learning application, today announced a strategic partnership with Oxford University Press, the largest university press in the world, in an effort to offer Indian Users Free Globally Authoritative Dictionary. According to the agreement, Oxford University Press will grant a license to use 11-language versions of its Dictionary for U-Dictionary, enabling U-Dictionary to offer all users free services to learn English and look up words from copyrighted Oxford dictionaries.
According to the announcement, U-Dictionary had reached 55 million global installs in total by this August and surpassed Google Translate as early as in 2016, making it the highest rated educational app in India. For the agreement with Oxford University Press, out of the 11 language versions licensed by the Oxford University Press, 7 language versions (including Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali)which adds over 30,0000 authoritative vocabularies to 2.45 million exclusively for Indian users, will be offered to Indian users for free, providing more than 470 million Indian netizens with an opportunity to learn English as effectively as native speakers and to communicate in the language more conveniently.
As per our internal research, India has approximately 200 million English speaking populations. There’s a huge ground that needs to be covered in terms of learning English Language in India. With the advent of the Internet era and the popularization of 4G networks in India, this strategic partnership will help U-Dictionary and Oxford English Dictionary to help educate the existing and potential users through U-Dictionary app.
Casper Grathwohl, the President of Dictionaries at Oxford University Press, said that through this partnership, Oxford dictionary content will help support the 55 million users of U-Dictionary globally. We're university press are looking forward to a lasting partnership with U-Dictionary. A partnership that will impact hundreds of millions of users worldwide.
The alliance between OED and U-Dictionary will not only bring abundant free learning resources to Indian users, it will also lift the transparency, compliance and popularization of the entire learning app market in the country.
It is noted that U-Dictionary is abundant of authoritative dictionaries such as Collins Advanced Dictionary, Oxford English Dictionary and WordNet Dictionary, with a total of 8.25 million entries. In India, U-Dictionary offers over 2.45 million entries exclusively to users, covering 93.78% of Indian language population, guaranteeing them to learn and communicate with English by authoritative and comprehensive vocabularies.
Liu Renlei, head of the Global Market Department of U-Dictionary, said that U-dictionary is a language learning application dedicated to providing users with fair and equitable opportunities to learn English and help them better improve themselves. U-Dictionary solves users' translation problems and even exchanges between different states. Our partnership with OED will enable us to offer the user license to Indian users for free, help them to eradicate language barriers and fulfill their visions the soonest possible.
According to the announcement, U-Dictionary had reached 55 million global installs in total by this August and surpassed Google Translate as early as in 2016, making it the highest rated educational app in India. For the agreement with Oxford University Press, out of the 11 language versions licensed by the Oxford University Press, language versions (including Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali)which adds over 30,0000 authoritative vocabularies to 2.45 million exclusively for Indian users, will be offered to Indian users for free, providing more than 470 million Indian netizens with an opportunity to learn English as effectively as native speakers and to communicate in the language more conveniently.

Dental Clinic Gets National Accreditation: Sets Benchmark in Dental Sector of City

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 27th August:- Dr. Kochar’s House of Smiles, a state-of- the- art dental clinic located in Sec 21, Chandigarh, has achieved a National milestone. The clinic has been given the coveted NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) Accreditation, which is the highest National Recognition for International quality and patient safety. Dr Kochar’s House of Smiles is the first dental clinic of Chandigarh to have got this recognition.  
Dr. Parag Kochar, CEO & Principal Dentist and Dr. Manisha Kochar, Owner of Dr. Kochar's House of Smiles and senior members of the management announced the details of accreditation during a press meet held at the clinic’s premises.
It is noteworthy that NABH is a constituent board of Quality Council of India, set up to establish and operate accreditation programmes for healthcare organizations.
Speaking on the occasion Dr Parag Kochar said that we are all feeling proud on becoming the city’s first NABH accredited dental clinic. It was a very challenging journey for us but the hard work and efforts of the staff members have made this dream come true. It was a very tough process as we had to meet all standards and policies of the accreditation system.
He further added that the parameters which we had to meet were usage of CE- certified materials, training for various medical and non-medical emergencies, X-ray machine registration with BAR, regular air and water quality checking and maintenance, 24 hours backup of electricity etc.
The clinic also conducted regular training and meetings to follow the standard operating procedures, even the housekeeping staff was trained to save a life through fire mock drills and BLS mock Drills.
Dr. Manisha Kochar said that the International level best practices already in place at our clinic made the accreditation smooth for us. We have been adhering to strict quality standards. We have a hygienic environment, and we check air and water quality, before and after every surgical treatment. The operatories are fumigated to reduce the chances of infection and we use only CE certified materials.
The experts also shed light on how a prestigious accreditation like NABH helps the patient community to choose the right clinic for treatment.
Dr Manisha explained further that NABH is the accreditation, which gives a clinic or hospital a certification of higher standards of quality in providing healthcare. What also helped us get the accreditation was the high level of sanitisation we have in the clinic.  Our USP is the B class Autoclave we have for instrument sterilization, this makes all procedures safe and there is no fear of infections.
During the press meet, first time in city, latest & unique technologies were also showcased. These included Mouth tour - an intra-oral camera for a mouth video tour, J Morito endomotor- a hand-piece through which a dentist can work subtly and sensitively and ‘Shape scanner’, which records the shape, size and color, of the tooth & one can get the denture or implant the same as your natural teeth in later ages or when required.
The ambiance of the clinic also helped it in its endeavour to get NABH accreditation. The white décor makes the clinic’s interiors soothing. There is even a meditation room at the reception. For patient comfort, a massager, refreshing beverages and IPads etc have been catered for.
Dr. Parag Kochar said that we are really happy with this achievement and would like to share our happiness with visitors, who will get 25 percent concession on all dental treatments for one month.