Thursday, 9 May 2019

Hundreds of BSP Workers Joins BJP

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 09th May:- Kamlesh Kumar from BahujanSamaj Party along with hundreds of his supporters joined BJP at an event at BJP Chandigarh Office in presence of BJP leaders including Dinesh Kumar, Hari Shankar Mishra, Satinder Singh, Shakti ParkashDevshali and Rajiv Pandey.
All the new members were warmly welcomed by Dinesh Kumar by offering them a ‘siropa’ and said, they all will add to the strength of the party.
Kamlesh Kumar said, that he and his supporters will work diligently to campaign for BJP candidate KironKher and make sure she wins the election with a huge margin.
Other people who joined BJP included Sagar, Sanjeev, Manoj Patel, DalipDubey, Ajay Sagar, Suresh Kumar, Rakeshkumar, Promod Kumar, Ranjit, Vinod, Dalip Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Rintoo, RinkuDubey, Manoj Kumar, Vicky, Ravi Shah, Manoj Yadav, Pardeep Kumar, Rakesh Shah, Rakesh, Sunny, Nand Kishore, Dinesh Kumar, Vijay, Mahesh, Suresh, Kaku, Dinesh Dubey, Santosh, Ajay, Ashok and many other young people.

Dish TV India Brings to Life the Best Plays from Around the World Launches ‘Rangmanch Active’ with Zee Theatre

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 09th May:- In continuation of its efforts to widen its content offering, Dish TV India Limited launches ‘Rangmanch Active’ – an ad-free theatre-on-demand service for both its brands; DishTV and d2h. ‘Rangmanch Active, is a unique service in partnership with Zee Theatre, a business vertical of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd that brings close to 100 theatre plays with a variety of actors, stories and genres to the doorsteps of consumers. The service is available to all subscribers free for the first 7 days upon subscription and posts that at INR 75 per month only on channel no. 356 on DishTV & 214 on d2h. 
Under Rangmanch Active service, the audience can enjoy performances from the best of India’s theatre artists such as Sumona Chakravarti, Jim Sarbh, Ratan Rajput, Ira Dubey, Sonali Kulkarni, Vikram Gokhale, Varun Badola, Ashish Vidyarthi and many others. Popular Indian theatre shows such as Purush, Sakharam Binder, Chokher Bali, Vaastav, Hamidabai Ki Kothi and many more will be available on the newly launched active service. 
Along with Indian plays, viewers can also enjoy adaptations of renowned international plays such as Pygmalion, Magnificent 7, Counter Offence, Raid and Kansas that were handpicked from countries like USA, UK and Hungary. Besides plays, viewers can watch unseen backstage stories, exclusive interviews with theatre veterans and much more.

Door to Door Campaigns By Sanjay Tondon in Sector 22

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 09th May:- BJP Chandigarh President Sanjay Tandon along with the public meetings has started door to door campaigns to ask for support of BJP-Akali Dal candidate Kiron Kher.
Giving information about this, BJP Chandigarh Media in charge Ravinder Pathania said, that Party President, Sanjay Tondon today covered the sector 22 market on foot and asked for their support for BJP candidate Kiron Kher. He was welcomed and greeted by the shopkeepers with flowers. He met the shopkeepers and said that during his tenure as BJP president there was no stone left unturned for the development of Chandigarh. People recognize this, therefore they should now vote for Kiron Kher so that Modi government is back in the centre. He said that Modi has special affinity with Chandigarh and its citizens and we should support him to be the Prime Minister of the country once again.

भाजपा के डिस्ट्रिक ज्वांइट सैक्रेटरी अपने समर्थकों के साथ कांग्रेस में हुए शामिल

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 09th May:- भारतीय जनता पार्टी (भाजपा) चंडीगढ़ के  डिस्ट्रिक ज्वांइट सैक्रेटरी रहे इकबाल सहोता ने सेक्टर 35 स्थित कांग्रेस भवन में आज अपने समर्थकों के साथ कांग्रेस का हाथ थाम लिया है। इनके अलावा भाजपा में  वार्ड 2 से ब्लॉक प्रेसिडेंट रही सुषमा साहनी तथा महिला सेल में बतौर महासचिव पद पर रही बबीता भी कांग्रेस में अपने समर्थकों के साथ शामिल हो गई हैं। सभी सक्रिय भाजपा कार्यकत्र्ताओं को कांग्रेस में शक्ति प्रोजेक्ट की कॉडिनेटर दीपा असधीर दूबे के नेतृत्व में आशा कुमारी के सहयोग शामिल किया गया है।
इस मौके पर चंडीगढ़ से लोकसभा चुनावों के लिए कांग्रेस के उम्मीदवार पवन कुमार बंसल तथा चंडीगढ़ टैरिटोरियल कांग्रेस कमेटी के अध्यक्ष प्रदीप छाबडा ने भाजपा से कांग्रेस में शामिल होने वाले सभी कार्यकत्ताओं और समर्थको का स्वागत किया और कहा कि इससे कांग्रेस पार्टी को अधिक मजबूती मिली है। 
चंडीगढ़ टैरिटोरियल कांग्रेस कमेटी के अध्यक्ष प्रदीप छाबडा ने सभी नेताओं का स्वागत करते हुए कहा, हम भाजपा नेताओं का पूरे दिल से कांग्रेस परिवार में शामिल होने पर स्वागत करते हैं। हमारी पार्टी हमेशा ऐसे लोगों के लिए होती है, जो लोगों को धर्म और जाति के आधार पर विभाजित करने के बजाय विकास के साझा दृष्टिकोण के लिए लोगों को एकजुट करने में विश्वास रखते हैं। 
कांग्रेस में शामिल होने वालों में राजेश, बलविंदर सिंह, रविंदर पाल सिंह, थॉमस माशिह, जे.वी. मोर्या, बलबीर सिंह, पूनम, संजीव, सोमेश, वंशिका, जावेद कल्याण, रेखा, मित्तल सेन, शिशपाल थे।