Saturday, 16 June 2018

Hundreds of Kids Turn Up at Elante for Date with Kris and Ben 10

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Chandigarh 16th June:- Going all out to spread joy among its young visitors and make their summer vacations truly memorable, Elante mall, the region’s favourite hangout for shopping and merrymaking, has turned into a focal point of fun, frolic and excitement. On Saturday, June 16, Elante played host to hundreds of enthusiastic children who turned up at the mall for a Meet & Greet session with two of the world’s most popular cartoon icons, ‘Kris and Ben 10’.
Elante, in collaboration with Cartoon Network, is organizing ‘Elante Toontastic Summer Festival’, a 17-day event aimed at promoting ‘learning through fun’ among kids. During the meet and greet session with Kris and Ben 10’, children made the most of the opportunity to interact with their favourite cartoon character and click selfies with them.
Speaking about the initiative, Anil Malhotra, Executive Director, Elante Mall, said that in these summer holidays, ‘Elante Toontastic Summer Festival’ has turned out to be a perfect getaway for kids. We are delighted to offer an opportunity to young children to interact with their favourite cartoon character every week and be a part of the ever-so-enchanting cartoon network.

First Batch of Brilliance World School's Summer Camp Concludes

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Chandigarh 16th June:- The first batch of Brilliance World School, Sec 12's Summer Camp 2018 which was aimed at positive and constructive use of vacations, has concluded. The Principal awarded the participants with certificates and appreciated their efforts and zeal to learn new things.
Niranjana Chatterjee, Principal, Brilliance World School, said that she is happy that the students are passionate towards their interests and are doing good in academics as well as in co-curricular activities.
The students attended different workshops on art and craft, music, dance, taekwondo, cricket, lawn tennis, swimming, yoga and personality development. The students relished the first batch of summer camp as it gave them an opportunity to focus on co-curricular activities besides studies.  Students also learned team work & cooperation. The students enjoyed a lot as they interacted with each other and made new friends. This effort of the school gave them a relaxing change from normal school days. The second batch has also commenced and will conclude on 30th July, 2018.

गांधी स्मारक भवन में ‘साप्ताहिक’ ‘बाल मनोरंजन कार्यशाला’ का आयोजन

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 16th June:- हिन्दी शिक्षण केन्द्र चण्ड़ीगढ की ओर से साप्ताहिक’ ‘बाल मनोरंजन कार्यशाला’ का आयोजन गांधी स्मारक भवन चण्ड़ीगढ में आयोजित किया गया। इसमें पाँच वर्ष से लेकर बारह बर्ष के बच्चों ने भाग लिया। हिन्दी शिक्षण केन्द्र की संचालिका शीनू दानिया ने बताया कि इस कार्यशाला में बच्चों की विभिन्न गतिविधियाँ करवाने के लिए उस क्षेत्र के विशेषज्ञों को बुलाया गया। सी.एम.टी. (सृजनात्मक गतिविधि उपचार) के लिए नोएडा से डा. शीनूचित्रकला रेखण के लिए कदंब आर्ट स्टूडियो की संचालिका नीनू विजकथा वाचन एवं शिल्प कला के लिए लुधियाना से द लिटिल नर्ड एडं हर्डकी नेहा भल्ला एवं कु. अंशिता तलवाड़,(माडल मेकिंग) चण्ड़ीगढ की महक वडेराप्राकृतिक निर्माण एवं मृत्तिका प्रतिरूपण के लिए चण्ड़ीगढ के मनीषसंगीत के लिए गायन संगीत में शोधकर्ता गुरूपीत और नृत्य के लिए मिक्की एकजोत को आमंत्रित किया गया।
त्वरित भाषण कला (ऐक्सटमपोर),कविता लेखन एवं वाचन और अभिनय की कक्षाएँ शीनू दानिया ने स्वयं ली। यही नहीं बच्चों को प्रकृति को सम्मान एवं उसकी देखभाल करने की आदत डलवाने के लिए प्रत्येक बच्चे को कार्यशाला के दौरान एक-एक पेड़ या पौधा गोद लेने को कहा गया। जिसे प्रतिदिन उन्होंने पानी दिया और उसे अपना मित्र बना कर उसका नाम रखा। गांधी स्मारक के प्रांगण में लगे पेड़-पौधों की जानकारी उन्हें दी गई और सामान्य ज्ञान संबन्धी प्रश्नोत्तरी भीरखी गयी। बैटरी से रोशन होने वाले घर का माडल बनवाया गया तथा अंतिम दिन एक-एक पौधा रोपण करवाया गया। कुछ गतिविधियों के लिए आशियाना पंचकूला के बच्चे को भी आमंत्रित किया गया। बच्चों को अनेक प्रकार के तोहफे भी दिए गए। यातायात पुलिस अधिकारी ने भी बच्चों को सुरक्षा के ढंग बताए। हिन्दी शिक्षण केन्द्र शीघ्र ही गांधी स्मारक में उद्घाटित होने वाले गांधी संग्रहालय में विभिन्न प्रतियोगिताएँ आयोजित करेगा।

Bingle App and Bingle Bar Launched at The Next Door Café

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 16th June:- Social media is no more restricted to the digital space. It goes far beyond the web world and has efficiently penetrated into our lives. So much so, that our communication has gone impersonal, our emotions are no longer engaged and we have become robotic in our conversations. One app which is adding some personality to communication and putting “social” back into Social Media is ‘Bingle’. The app was launched at an event organized at The Next Door Café, a funky and friendly place to have a relaxing time with near and dear ones. This also marked the opening of Bingle Bar at the restaurant that promises a cool and comfortable ambiance to unwind.
‘Bingle’ is the brainchild of the young and dynamic Gaurav Tiwari. Bingle is based on the idea of increasing business and casual companions by picking up the restaurants with such opportunities within a few miles of the location of the user. The app will pick a Bingle-registered restaurant or bar and give the options of Bingle Casual or Bingle Business. It has features like a regular messaging application e.g Chat Messaging, Sticker Gallery, Customized Notifications and Wallpapers. It promises better privacy as well as chance to go on a Blind Date. It will also act as a navigator by detailing the shortest route to the restaurant of your choice.
Vishal’s venture, The Next Door Café, is a place to chill out with friends and family. Now, it also has Tricity’s first Bingle-enabled Bar. Casual dining setting along with the games lounge, The Next Door Café has already set a benchmark with its specialty in guests’ entertainment and pleasure. Situated right at the Mohali-Kharar Highway, it has changed the rules of dining, partying and relaxing. Now with the introduction of Bingle Bar, the place promises more opportunities of extending the social circle and night life.
Gaurav Tiwari, the founder of Bingle, said that people, today, are well-versed with social media and being online. He thought of tapping into this craze. However, he wanted them to ‘socialise’. Bingle is an idea where you connect through social media but essentially focus on being ‘social’, connecting in person. When he had come up with the idea of Bingle, he had to focus on a lot of things. Privacy and safety of the user topped the list. Since he was claiming to give them an opportunity to mingle in real-life, it was imperative that the app is super-safe. By far, we have only received a thumbs-up from the users.
The owner of The Next Door Café, Vishal said that TNDC is a project where we actually provide a space to re-connect. We are at a prime location in Mohali, quite connected with the areas having a great footfall. The Next Door Café will now have Bingle Bar. This has certainly made us one of the hottest joints with a promise of good and prospective communication along with a chance to relax and refresh. You can have a business meeting with your associates Bingle app has suggested. As well as, you’ll have a warm and friendly place to visit along with your friends and family.