Tuesday, 24 September 2019

ब्रह्मज्ञानी हमेशा ही मन के भावों को निर्मल रखता है: निरंकारी सतगुरु माता सुदीक्षा जी महाराज

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Chandigarh 24th September:- ब्रह्मज्ञानी हमेशा ही अपने मन के भावों को निर्मल रखता है, सतगुरु के वचन और दूसरों को पहल देता है। उक्त विचार निरंकारी सतगुरु  माता सुदीक्षा जी महाराज ने संत निरंकारी भवन देहरादून में हुए एक विशाल समागम में संगत को आशीर्वाद देते हुए बोले। उन्होंने फ़रमाया कि प्रभु परमात्मा की जानकारी हासिल करने  के बाद मनुष्य में निम्रता , सादगी, चेतनता, जागरूकता जैसे भाव पैदा हो जाते हैं।
ब्रह्मज्ञानी मनुष्य हमेशा ऊँची सोच का प्रेक्षक बन जाता है और तंग दिलो को छोड़ कर हमेशा ही सब के भले की कामना करता है। ब्रह्मज्ञानी हमेशा ही चेतन अवस्था में रहता है। वैर विरोध नफ़रत अहंकार आदि जैसी दीवारों को अपनी ज़िंदगी बीच में से ख़त्म करके अपनी ज़िंदगी जीता है। उन्होंने कि बेशक हमारा पहनावा, बोली, भाषा, रीति रिवाज़, रंग रूप अलग अलग होने परन्तु हमारे में जो आत्मा प्रभु परमात्मा का अंश है वह एक ही है इस लिए हमें हर एक मनुष्य के साथ प्यार करना चाहिए और गुरू वचनों को पहल देते हुए अपना जीवन व्यतीत करना चाहिए। उन्होंने फ़रमाया कि मनुष्य को किसी का भी बुरा नहीं सोचना चाहिए बल्कि हरेक के साथ प्यार, प्रीत, नम्रता, सहनशीलता के साथ पेश आना चाहिए।

Electricity Employees Announces Strike after 15 Days

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 24th September:- The Electricity Employees of Chandigarh under the banner of the U.T. Powermen Union, Chandigarh held a massive dharna and demonstration on today 24-09-2019 before the Electricity Office, Sector-17, Chandigarh against the proposal of Chandigarh Administration to corporatize / privatize the well running and profit earning U.T. Electricity Department, Chandigarh and also against the non fulfillment of other long pending demands which includes stoppage the process of privatization of the well running, project earning UT Electricity Department, filling up the vacant posts, amendments in Recruitment rules of various categories, grant 09/16/23 years promotional scale, provide T & P, safety devices and procurement of material in the department, stoppage of calling panels of SDO, JE and other catagories ignoring legitimate promotional right of UT cadre officers and employees.
Gopal Datt Joshi, General Secretary, Amrik Singh, Raj Pal, Pan Singh, Paramjit Singh, Kashmir Singh strongly criticize the privatization policy of govt. of India and said that on one side Govt. of India time and again highlighting that only sick public sector /power sector which are in loss will be privatized but contrary to the statements and decisions of Govt. of India the Chandigarh Administration is privatizing the well running and profit making U.T. Electricity Department Chandigarh and implementing the failed structure like Orissa, Enron (Maharashtra) and Andhra Pradesh etc. One of other reason of privatizing of power sector was huge loss of SEBs which was Rs. 26000 Crores  before the unbundling which was increased now to Rs. 10 Lakh Crore. But even in spite of 100% shortage  of staff and acute shortage of material the Chandigarh Electricity Department is earning approx.. Rs. 100 crores of profit. The department accredited as best utility in the country by the JERC and bagged the tag consistently for last 5 years. Most profit earning department, never went into loss despite having no generation and compromising on contribution of states only. Best consumer services despite huge shortage of staff. Ratio of disposal of public grievances is much less than the standards fixed by the JERC. Line losses to the tune of 9% to 10% only, which is an example for the states. Achieved the proficiency level to the tune of 99.99% as per target fixed by JERC and G.O.I. Metered supply to the tune of 95% including slum / rural area. Minimum power outages in comparison to states. Regulating all the power outages and broadcast system of outages to the public domain, thus there is no need to privatize the department and demand that high level enquiry of the episode for which tenders are being floated time and again. 
Dhian Singh, Acting President, Sukhwinder Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Narinder Chaudhary, Daler Singh, Surinder Goel, Swaran Singh and other leaders equally criticized the authorities of the Electricity Department for their negative attitude towards the genuine demands of the employees and blamed that the authorities remained fail to implement the most urgent demands like filling up of vacant posts, amendments in recruitment rules, grant of 9/16/23 Years time bound promotional scales and implementation of DC rates to ALMs engaged through outsource agencies beside others and further blame that the authorities instead of implementing the demands are promoting deputations in U.T. Electricity Department, Chandigarh and also trying to adjust Asstt. Engineers and Junior Engineers from states of Punjab and Haryana ignoring legitimate promotional rights of U.T. Cadre Junior Engineers, Lineman, SSA & other categories and strongly demand that to withdraw the panels for deputation failing which union will lodge strong protest and intensify its struggle.
Raghubir Chand, President, Rajinder Katoch, Vijay Singh, Senior vice president, Harkesh Chand, Harpal Singh and other leaders of federation including Manmohan Singh, Ujagar Singh Mohi, Ram Swaroop and other leaders of various organization also addressed the dharna and supported the demands of U.T. Electricity Employees and warn the authorities to stop the process of privatization of profit earning of UT Electricity department failing which they will lodge joint protest alongwith peoples of City beautiful for the negative decision of Chandigarh Administration.
Dharna passed resolution to participate in joint dharna of federation  to be held on Chandigarh on 26.09.2019 and further decided to participate in national convention of Trade Union being held on New Delhi on 30th September  against the privatization of Public Sectors. Dharna further decided to hold a Massive protest dharna and demonstration on 01.10.2019 before the Electricity Office Sector 17-E Chandigarh in which date of strike and boycotting duties during Diwali festival will be announced for which the authorities will be fully responsible for any inconvenience to the public due to ongoing agitation.

Students Learns Making Drones from Waste Material

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Chandigarh 24th September:- To enhance the experiential and scientific learning a workshop was conducted by Sunny Kumar, CEO of Chandigarh Institute of Drone in Moti Ram Arya Sr Sec School, Sec. 27, Chandigarh.
He encouraged the students for use of waste material in various scientific ways. He triggered the thought process of the students and channelized their ideas how to make drones with the help of  waste material.
 A demonstration-cum-practice drill was commendable. Students were highly motivated and encouraged. They were also made of the opportunities in this field  were motivated  to participate in ISRO and NASA competition.

Dish TV India Launches ‘Shorts TV Active’ on DishTV and d2h Platforms

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 24th September:- Keeping up the promise of providing unique content and quality entertainment to its subscribers, Dish TV India Limited, world’s largest single-country DTH Company today announced the launch of a new value added service ‘Shorts TV Active’ in partnership with ShortsTV, the world’s only TV channel dedicated to short movies. With the launch of this new service, customers can now enjoy an uncluttered ad-free HD films packed with 10000+ premium movie titles. The service is available at a nominal subscription price of Rs.59+ taxes per month.
With the focus on leveraging short films to expand reach among Indian viewers, the Shorts TV Active’ service will offer upto 7000 short films, including 600 renowned, award winning Indian movies to all its subscribers. Under the new service, the subscribers can access some of the spectacular award-winning and Oscar nominated short films like Adnyat, The School bag, Dark Brew, Juice, Skin, Late afternoon and many more. The service will feature short content across different genres like animation, fiction, comedy, drama etc.  The international library includes Oscar shorts, Cannes shorts, Bafta shorts, Sundance shorts etc and similarly the Indian library includes Large Short Films, Pocket Films, Terribly Tiny Tales, Whistling Woods and Humara movies.
Commenting on the launch of new service, Anil Dua, Executive Director & Group CEO, Dish TV India Limited, said that we are delighted to launch the unique short content service ‘Shorts TV Active’ which will offer award winning & international short movies on DishTV & d2h platforms. We, at Dish TV, have always aimed at continuously bringing new engaging content for our audiences. Going further on that route, we have partnered with Shorts TV to offer this unique valued added service. This service is meant for the segment of our viewer base that prefers to consume entertainment in small format. We hope to continue on our path to provide the best of entertainment to our customers.

Water Crises in India; Water Resource Management is the Key

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Chandigarh 24th September:- The world is facing the worst water crisis, including the Indian States with acute drought, waterlogging and sudden floods. It is imperative for every state to take necessary steps to resolve issues surrounding water resource management. NITI AYOG released the Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) in June 2018 to put forth the prevailing water crisis squarely in the centre of the public policy space.
Presenting the efforts made by creating  about 4 lakh water harvesting structures and the encouraging results, abook entitled A distinctive Water Management Story–The Rajasthan Way’ authored by Sriram Vedire, Adviser to Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India, was launched todayat Dr. BR Ambedkar International Centre.
The book was released at a high profile event graced by Om Birla, Speaker, Lok Sabha;  Prakash Javedkar, Minister of Environment, Forest, Climate Change, I&B, GoI; Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Minister of Jal Shakti, GoI;  G Kishan Reddy, MoS (Home), GoI; and  SanjayDhotre,  MoS (HRD), GoI.

Pollution Contribute about 40% to the Toll of Deaths in India: Dr. R. Kumar

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Chandigarh 24th September:- The Society for Promotion of Ethical and Affordable Health Care (SPEAK) in collaboration with Post Graduate Government college 46-B, Chandigarh organized a seminar on the topic ‘Clean environment Healthy Life’ at the college premises. The situations of pollution at present and future challenges were discussed by the speakers during the event.
Presenting his keynote address Dr. R. Kumar President of SPEAK narrated the woes of unhealthy environment, its magnitude and how it kills slowly but surely, contributing about 40% to the toll of deaths in India. Dr. R. Kumar said that in the name of development and modernity we have damaged our environment and produced sickening conditions for the community.
Kahan Singh Pannu IAS, Head Tandrust Punjab Mission and Secretary Agriculture, Punjab was the chief guest. Speaking on the occasion K S Pannu said that population is the mother of all the problems being faced by people today but nobody is ready to talk about it and take measures to tackle the problem. He said uncontrolled population is the biggest mistake committed by society and the worst part is that everybody is doing nothing but just passing the buck to other. He said stubble burning is a big problem faced by people of Punjab and Haryana every year but nobody is ready to learn the lesson. He admired the efforts of SPEAK India to promote preventive health and clean surroundings.
Speaking on the topic ‘Lung and Heart/Air Pollution’ Dr. S.K. Jindal, professor emeritus PGI elaborated on the ill effects of polluted air and how it leads to lung cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease and heart failures. Restricting vehicular emissions can help.
Prof. Ajay Duseja from the Hepatology Dept PGI while speaking on the topic ‘Liver and GIT/Water pollution’, outlined the aspects of contaminated and scarce water all over the country and resultant diarrheal diseases and liver damage playing havoc with the life of citizens specially children. He focused over the hand hygiene as a measure to reduce water borne diseases.
Prof. Ravinder Khaiwal of public health department PGI spoke on the topic ‘Plastics, Chemicals, Medicines Internal Environment’ while highlighting the dangers of plastics and chemicals in our foods and drinks. He further cautioned about the abuse of prescription drugs esp. antibiotics, pain killers and anxiolytics.
Senior Journalist, Ms Harvinder Khetal in her lecture, ‘Social and Economic Cost of Pollution’ talked about impact of global environment pollution on the economy of the world. She dwelt on the socio-economic aspects of pollution. She emphasized that over-population and poverty cause pollution and pollution accentuates disease and poverty.
The seminar was preceded by one act play highlighting the importance of clean environment and potential of suffering from diseases like tuberculosis, malaria and lung diseases in polluted set up. Principal Rosy Walia Joshi welcomed the guests and Prof. Praveen Choubey proposed vote of thanks.