Friday, 17 March 2017

Vishvas Foundation & Traders Association Sec.17 organizes Blood Donation Camp

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 17th March:- Vishvas Foundation (Regd.) organization & Traders Association Sector 17 Chandigarh organized a Blood Donation Camp on Fridaynear Bridge Market, Sector-17C, Chandigarh. Dr. Suchet Sachdev, Dr. Anita and their team from Department of Transfusion Medicine, P.G.I Chandigarh rendered their valuable services for this camp.
This camp was inaugurated by Sadhvi Neelima Vishvas, General Secretary of Vishvas Foundation & Kamaljit Singh Panchhi President of the Association Sector-17 Chandigarh, who also jointly lit the Jyoti. Large members of Vishvas Foundation & Traders Association participated in this camp. This camp got overwhelming response with 221 donors donating blood.
 As part of Blood Donation Camp, the donors were provided refreshment as prescribed by the doctors. The donors were even given medals for the motivation and a participation certificate. 

LifeCell Launches Community Stem Cell Banking

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 17th March:- LifeCell International–India’s first & the largest stem cell provider, a pioneer in stem cell research– announced the launch of Baby Cord Share, Community Stem Cell banking to address the need for creating a large inventory of stem cells in the country. BabyCord Share brings together the unique benefits of private and public banks, while effectively addressing the challenges of sourcing matching stem cells in India.
Community Stem Cell Banking is a first of its kind global initiative of LifeCell, which allows sharing of preserved umbilical cord stem cells amongst the community of parents. This provides larger access to donor stem cells within the community and higher probability for finding a matching donor stem cell for treatments. Community banking also helps parents and siblings in accessing stem cells from the community pool, thus providing a comprehensive family benefit for treatments.
According to statistics, individual risks of acquiring a blood or immune related conditions that are eventually treatable by stem cells are 1 in 20.  80% of these conditions would require stem cells from a donor, with the remaining would require their own stem cells. Despite the large need, the transplants that are done are relatively very few, due to lack of availability of matching stem cells for treatment and prohibitive costs in sourcing matching stem cell units.
India has a listing of 1, 80,000 bone marrow stem cell donors, which is far less than 1% of the global stem cells donor base, despite accounting for 20% of world population. Moreover nearly 40-50% of these bone marrow stem cell donors are either unavailable or refuse to donate at the time of request.
Mayur Abhaya, MD & CEO, LifeCell said that with increasing awareness amongst the parents preserving their baby’s stem cells, community banking could help increase the inventory by more than 50,000 every year. Through community banking of cord blood units, India has the potential to become the largest inventory of stem cells globally, increasing the scope of potentially lifesaving stem cell transplants for babies, their families, their communities and others of Indian origin worldwide.
As per a study funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), if 2.5 lakh stem cell units of Indian origin are made available, chances of patients in India finding a matching stem cell unit will exceed that of even a patient in advanced countries such as U.S. Moreover, the cost of sourcing matching stem cells from public banks from elsewhere in the world could cost around INR 15 to 20 lakhs making it unaffordable to many.
The conditions requiring donor stem cells for transplants are almost 4 times higher than conditions that use patients’ own stem cells. Hence Community stem cell banking is a welcome move from LifeCell, addressing access to donor stem cells of Indian origin which will help future generations stay protected” commented Dr. Purvish Parikh, Board Member of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and Director of Precision Oncology & Research, Asian Cancer Institute.
V. Ravi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, LifeCell said that community banking is a new perspective where the baby can bless the family with the protection of stem cells. With an addition of 50,000 units to the community bank every year, notwithstanding the existing inventory of 2, 00,000 units of existing customers which may get added to the community.
The community stem cell banking will be available to customers with immediate effect at a starting price of Rs.16, 990 with an Annual Storage Fee of Rs.4, 000 per annum. LifeCell also offers additional long-term plans wherein customers can choose to prepay the storage fee.

GGSCW organizes Workshop Cruelty Against Animals

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 17th March:-A one day workshop was organized by the Department of Fine Arts in collaboration with NSS wing of Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Sector-26. The main focus of the Workshop was to make the students aware about the cruelty against farm animals.
The key speaker for the day was Mrs. Swarnali Roy from Humane Society International, India, who dwelt upon the need for protecting animals in Labs, Farms, Wildlife and improving Street Dogs Welfare. She also explained the various emotions that animals go through before they are cut for consumption by human beings.

Punjabi Movie BIG DADDY's Trailer Released in Chandigarh

By 121News
Chandigarh 17th March:- Punjabi Film industry is continuously trying its level best to give its audience the best of cinema. And in this effort, the upcoming Punjabi Movie, “BIG DADDY” is sure to give us something new. The film has been directed by an enthusiastic Director, Imran Sheikh and its Producer is Keshav Dwedi.
The movie’s trailer was released today in Chandigarh. The film will be released worldwide on 21st April, 2017. The lead actor of the film is the main character of Star Plus’s famous and popular Show, Saath Nibhana Sathiya, Mohammad Nazim, who belongs to a city called Malerkotla, in Punjab. With Md. Nazim we will see a child Artist, Sartaj and Sabby Suri as a lead actress. We will be able to see Sardar Sohi, Maninder Velly, Seema Kaushal, Gurnam Sidhu Gama and Karan Battan in important characters.
The Director, Imran Sheikh and Md. Nizam said that the film revolves around the child and his big daddy which will show us how they carry a good compatibility between them and what all problems and what ups and downs both of them go through and how they face such difficulties. There is always a scarcity of films based on true incidents in our Punjabi Film Industry but the team is very sure and confident that “BIG DADDY” will make its mark and will fulfil that scarcity.
The story of the film has been penned by Babbal Bhatti, which will showcase, Love, Drama, Tragedy and Romance. If we say that this film is different from the films in the league will not be wrong to say. Everyone right from children to the older people can watch this film.

The songs of the film have been sung by Bollywood’s singing sensations like Shahid Malya, Udit Narayan, Mohammad Irfan and Jaggi Sidhu. The lyrics have been written by Gurnam Sidhu Gama and Babbi Kakh. And the music has been lent by Kuldeep Shukla. The cinematography has been done by bollywood’s renowned name, Anil Dhanda. The film has been shot in Punjab and Australia’s famous city Sydney. Produced under the banner of Dwibro Films (Australia), this film is actually going to give us something different.

PGI Urology Deptt.Celebrating Golden Jubilee:Five Decades of Excellence in Education,Service & Research

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 17th March:- The Department of Urology at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh started functioning in 1964 as a division of erstwhile Department of Surgery, PGIMER, and Chandigarh.  The M.Ch Urology course (highest level of training course in the super specialty subject of Urology in the country) at PGIMER, Chandigarh was started since 1967.  The first student (sponsored candidate from the state of Kerala) joined this course in January 1967 session.  It became full-fledged separate Department of Urology in 1978. Over the years, the department has grown and has earned the reputation of being the most popular center for training in Urology in the country.
Today, the department handles over 60,000 patients in the OPD clinic, conducts more than 3000 major and specialized operative procedures.  The department is equipped with state of the art investigation and treatment facilities and provides comprehensive care for all urological diseases and up-to-date training.  The department established the Robot Assisted Surgical Facility at this Institute since November 2014.
Over 160, students have completed M.Ch Urology training since its beginning and another 19 are undergoing training now.  This advanced Urology center of PGI has the credit of having produced maximum number of Urologists at one given institute of this country. All the alumni are well placed and many hold positions of prestige and power within the country and abroad as teachers, administrators, practitioner in the community. 
To commemorate this occasion the department unveiled, the golden jubilee plaque by esteemed senior most faculty of this department Prof M S Rao. The photographs of the former faculty members of the department were also unveiled in the seminar room of the center. On 17th of March a master class on Robotic urologic surgery was conducted in associations with Society of Urologic Robotic Surgery. Incidentally the president of this international scientific society Prof. A K Hemal, from Wake Forest Hospital, North Carolina, USA, is the Alumni of PGI. Prof A K Hemal, Prof A K Mandal and Prof S K Singh were the course directors for this master class.
The significant achievements of the department in the fields of research will also be highlighted by the Chairman of the Department, tomorrow at the start of the alumni meeting on 18th in Bhargava Auditorium.
The alumni have shown overwhelming response.  140 alumni have already registered on the website of the department, www.pgiurology.comThis is being participated by most of the alumni, former teachers, delegates and accompanying persons besides the faculty and staff members of the department of Urology and other departments of PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan to organize Blood Donation Camp on March 19

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 17th March:- In continuation to the ongoing chain of blood donations Camps, Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation has organized Spreading message of Universal Brotherhood through a Blood Donation Camp at Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Sector 15-D, Chandigarh on Sunday, the 19 March, 2017 from 7.00 am to 1.00 pm.,
Asha Kumari Jaswal, Mayor, Municipal Corporation Chandigarh, will inaugurate this blood donation camp.  
Sant Nirankari Mission, an International Spiritual Movement dedicated to human welfare and a leading voluntary blood donation Organization in the country, is organizing continuous chain of Blood Donation Camps all over the Country.

ਐਸ.ਏ.ਐਸ. ਨਗਰ ਹਲਕੇ ਨੂੰ ਵਿਕਾਸ ਪੱਖੋਂ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਦਾ ਮੋਹਰੀ ਹਲਕਾ ਬਣਾਇਆ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ:ਬਲਵੀਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਸਿੱਧੂ

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 17th March:- ਮੁਹਾਲੀ ਨੂੰ ਉਦਯੋਗਿਕ ਹੱਬ ਵੱਜੋਂ ਉਭਾਰਿਆ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ ਅਤੇ ਬੰਦ ਪਏ  ਕਾਰਖਾਨਿਆਂ ਨੂੰ ਮੁੜ ਤੋਂ ਸੁਰਜੀਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ ਨਵੀਂ ਇੰਡਸਟਰੀ ਲਗਾਉਣ ਲਈ ਵੀ ਲੋੜੀਂਦੇ ਉਪਰਾਲੇ ਕੀਤੇ ਜਾਣਗੇ ਤਾਂ ਜੋ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਲਈ ਰੁਜਗਾਰ ਦੇ ਨਵੇਂ ਮੌਕੇ ਪੈਦਾ ਹੋ ਸਕਣ ਇਸ ਗੱਲ ਦੀ ਜਾਣਕਾਰੀ ਹਲਕਾ ਵਿਧਾਇਕ ਬਲਵੀਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਸਿੱਧੂ ਨੇ ਆਮ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਦੀਆਂ ਸ਼ਿਕਾਇਤਾਂ ਅਤੇ ਵਿਧਾਇਕ ਬਨਣ ਤੇ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਵੱਲੋਂ ਵਧਾਈਆਂ ਕਬੂਲਣ ਮੌਕੇ ਦਿੱਤੀ  ਹਲਕੇ ਦੇ ਲੋਕ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦੇ ਗ੍ਰਹਿ ਵਿਖੇ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਵਧਾਈ ਦੇਣ ਲਈ ਵੱਡੀ ਗਿਣਤੀ ਵਿੱਚ ਪੁੱਜੇ ਹੋਏ ਸਨ 
ਬਲਵੀਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਸਿੱਧੂ ਨੇ ਇਸ ਮੌਕੇ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਨੂੰ ਨਸ਼ਾ ਮੁਕਤ ਕਰਨ ਲਈ ਮੁੱਖ ਮੰਤਰੀ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਕੈਪਟਨ ਅਮਰਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਦੀ ਅਗਵਾਈ ਵਿੱਚ ਬਣੀ ਕਾਂਗਰਸ ਪਾਰਟੀ ਦੀ ਸਰਕਾਰ ਆਪਣੀ ਪੂਰੀ ਵਾਹ ਲਾਵੇਗੀ ਅਤੇ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਨੂੰ ਨਸ਼ਾ ਮੁਕਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ ਤਾਂ ਜੋ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਦੀ ਜਵਾਨੀ ਨੂੰ ਨਸ਼ਿਆਂ ਤੋਂ ਬਚਾਇਆ ਜਾ ਸਕੇ ਅਤੇ ਇੱਕ ਨਵੇਂ ਨਰੋਏ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਦੀ ਸਿਰਜਣਾ ਹੋ ਸਕੇ। ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ ਰਾਜ ਵਿੱਚ ਨਸ਼ਿਆਂ ਦੇ ਸੌਦਾਗਰਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਕਿਸੇ ਵੀ ਕੀਮਤ ਤੇ ਬਖਸ਼ਿਆ ਨਹੀ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ ਅਤੇ ਹੁਣ ਮੌਜੂਦਾ ਸਰਕਾਰ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਕਰੜੇ ਹੱਥੀ ਲਵੇਗੀ ਅਤੇ ਐਸ..ਐਸ. ਨਗਰ ਹਲਕੇ ਨੂੰ ਵੀ ਮੁਕੰਮਲ ਤੌਰ ਤੇ ਨਸ਼ਾ ਮੁਕਤ ਬਣਾਇਆ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ। ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਇਸ ਮੌਕੇ ਗੱਲਬਾਤ ਕਰਦਿਆਂ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ ਹਲਕੇ ਦੇ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਬਿਹਤਰ ਸਿਹਤ ਸੇਵਾਵਾਂ ਪ੍ਰਦਾਨ ਕਰਨ ਲਈ ਸਿਵਲ ਹਸਪਤਾਲ ਫੇਜ਼-6 ਮੁਹਾਲੀ, .ਐਸ.ਆਈ. ਹਸਪਤਾਲ  ਦੀ ਕਾਇਆ ਕਲਪ ਕੀਤੀ ਜਾਵੇਗੀ ਅਤੇ ਇਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਹਸਪਤਾਲਾਂ ਵਿੱਚ ਬਿਹਤਰ ਸਿਹਤ ਸੇਵਾਵਾਂ ਲਈ ਬੁਨਿਆਦੀ ਢਾਂਚੇ ਨੂੰ ਮਜਬੂਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ ਤਾਂ ਜੋ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਬਿਹਤਰ ਸਿਹਤ ਸੇਵਾਵਾਂ ਲੈਣ ਲਈ ਪੀ.ਜੀ.ਆਈ. ਆਦਿ ਨਾ ਜਾਣਾ ਪਵੇ। ਊਨਾਂ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ ਇਸ ਹਲਕੇ ਵਿੱਚ ਸਿੱਖਿਆ ਦੇ ਸੁਧਾਰ ਲਈ ਉਚੇਚੇ ਕਦਮ ਚੁੱਕੇ ਜਾਣਗੇ ਤਾਂ ਜੋ ਗਰੀਬ ਵਰਗ ਦੇ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਦੇ ਬੱਚੇ ਵੀ ਘੱਟ ਫ਼ੀਸਾਂ ਦੇ ਕੇ ਮਿਆਰੀ ਸਿੱਖਿਆ ਹਾਸਿਲ ਕਰ ਸਕਣ
ਬਲਵੀਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਸਿੱਧੂ ਨੇ ਇਸ ਮੌਕੇ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ ਐਸ..ਐਸ. ਨਗਰ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਦੇ ਪ੍ਰਵੇਸ ਦੁਆਰ ਵਜੋਂ ਜਾਣਿਆਂ ਜਾਂਦਾ ਹੈ ਐਸ..ਐਸ. ਨਗਰ ਸ਼ਹਿਰ ਨੂੰ ਸੁੰਦਰ ਬਣਾਉਣ ਲਈ ਕੋਈ ਕਸਰ ਬਾਕੀ ਨਹੀ ਛੱਡੀ ਜਾਵੇਗੀ ਅਤੇ ਹਲਕੇ ਨੂੰ ਵਿਕਾਸ ਪੱਖੋ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਦਾ ਮੋਹਰੀ ਹਲਕਾ ਬਣਾਇਆ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ। ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ ਜਿਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਭਾਵਨਾਵਾਂ ਨਾਲ ਹਲਕੇ ਦੇ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਨੇ ਵੱਡੀ ਗਿਣਤੀ ਵਿੱਚ ਵੋਟਾਂ ਪਾ ਕੇ ਮੈਨੂੰ ਵਿਧਾਨ ਸਭਾ ਵਿੱਚ ਭੇਜਿਆ ਹੈ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦੀਆਂ ਭਾਵਨਾਵਾਂ ਤੇ ਖਰਾ ਉਤਰਿਆ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ ਅਤੇ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਦਰਪੇਸ਼ ਮੁਸ਼ਕਿਲਾਂ ਦਾ ਹੱਲ ਪਹਿਲ ਦੇ ਅਧਾਰ ਤੇ ਕੀਤਾ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ। ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਕਿਹਾ ਕਿ ਸ਼ਹਿਰ ਦੀ ਟਰੈਫਿਕ ਵਿੱਚ ਸੁਧਾਰ ਲਿਆਉਣ ਲਈ ਵਿਸੇਸ਼ ਯੋਜਨਾਂ ਉਲੀਕੀ ਜਾਵੇਗੀ ਅਤੇ ਲਾਡਰਾਂ ਟੀ ਪੁਆਇੰਟ ਤੇ ਲਗਦੇ ਰੋਜਾਨਾਂ ਟਰੈਫਿਕ ਜਾਮ ਤੋਂ ਨਿਜਾਤ ਦਵਾਉਣ ਲਈ ਢੁੱਕਵੇਂ ਪ੍ਰਬੰਧ ਕੀਤੇ ਜਾਣਗੇ ਤਾਂ ਜੋ ਆਵਾਜਾਈ ਨੂੰ ਸੁਖਾਲਾ ਬਣਾਇਆ ਜਾ ਸਕੇ।
ਇਸ ਮੌਕੇ ਪੀ.ਸੀ.ਐਲ (ਪੰਜਾਬ ਕੰਮਿਊਨੀਕੇਸ਼ਨ  ਲਿਮ:) ਦੇ ਕਰਮਚਾਰੀਆਂ ਦੇ ਵਫਦ ਵੱਲੋਂ  ਜਿੱਥੇ ਬਲਵੀਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਸਿੱਧੂ ਨੂੰ ਵਿਧਾਇਕ ਬਨਣ ਤੇ ਮੁਬਾਕਰਬਾਦ ਦਿੱਤੀ, ਉੱਥੇ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਇਸ ਇੰਡਸਟਰੀ ਨੂੰ ਚਾਲੂ ਰੱਖਣ ਦੀ ਮੰਗ ਕੀਤੀ। ਬਲਵੀਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਸਿੱਧੂ ਨੇ ਵਿਸ਼ਵਾਸ ਦਵਾਇਆ ਕਿ ਇਸ ਫੈਕਟਰੀ ਨੂੰ ਕਿਸੇ ਵੀ ਕੀਮਤ ਤੇ ਬੰਦ ਨਹੀਂ ਹੋਣ ਦਿੱਤਾ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ।  ਇਸ ਮੌਕੇ ਕਾਂਗਰਸੀ ਆਗੂ ਹਰਕੇਸ਼ ਚੰਦ ਮਛਲੀਕਲਾਂ, ਜੀ.ਐਸ. ਰਿਆੜ, ਐਸ.ਡੀ. ਸ਼ਰਮਾਂ ਸਮੇਤ ਹੋਰ ਪੰਤਵੰਤੇ ਵੀ ਮੌਜੂਦ ਸਨ