Monday, 4 June 2018

Cancer Survivors Walk the Ramp: Perform Bhangra with Doctors

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Chandigarh 04th June:- Over 150 cancer survivors along with their doctors celebrated National Cancer Survivors’ Day at Law Bhawan here today. The survivors and doctors from Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali including Dr Sachin Gupta, Dr Sunanadan Sharma, Dr Shaveta Gupta, Dr Gautam Goel, Dr Ritesh Pruthi, Dr Pankaj Kumar and Dr Sajal  Kakkar walked the ramp,  and performed bhangra. 
Vivek Atray, motivational speaker was chief guest during this occasion.
Sandeep Dogra, Senior Vice President and Zonal Head- Max Hospital, Punjab said that on National Cancer Survivors Day we have gathered here to honor cancer survivors and to show the world that life after a cancer diagnosis can be fruitful, rewarding, and even inspiring.
Addressing survivors, Dr Sachin Gupta, principal consultant-medical and hemato oncology said that it is a day for everyone, whether you're a cancer survivor, a family member, friend, or medical professional. This day provides an opportunity for all people living with a history of cancer including India’s more than 14 million cancer survivors – to connect with each other, celebrate milestones, and recognize those who have supported them along the way.
Nisha (name changed), one of the jubilant survivors said that today is a celebration for those who have survived like me. The event is an inspiration for those recently diagnosed with disease to overcome it with grit.
Another cancer survivor, Pooja said that the human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it, she have learnt that when you feed your faith, your fears will starve to death. She is hugely indebted to the doctors and my family who stood by me through this tough time.
One of the another survivor shared that the important thing is not how many years there are in your life but how much life in your years. As they say, once you choose hope, anything’s possible.

Indian fertility Society Organizes Conference on Advanced Fertility Techniques and Management of IVF Pregnancies

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Chandigarh 04th June:- The incidence of infertility is rising and so is the demand for its treatment. The success rates of treatments are improving, so more and more young doctors are willing to learn about it and contribute to women’s right to motherhood.  To keep up with this tradition and with an endeavor to train and impart knowledge, DrUmesh Nandani Jindal & her team from Jindal IVF & Sant Memorial Nursing Home, Chandigarh in association with Himachal chapter of Indian Fertility society organized a two day special conference at Solan (Forest Hills Resort).
The seminar was attended by more than 100 leading Medical Practitioners, fertility specialists and scientists from across North India and included important discussions regarding basic to most advanced fertility techniques and management of IVF pregnancies as they require specialized care. Hands on training was given on a simulator by Dr. Swati Verma and Dr. Anupam Gupta from Jindal IVF, regarding how to catch eggs from the female and transfer of embryos in the uterus the most important step in IVF.
Infertility as a problem creates a lot of social, ethical and medico- legal issues, especially in India where it involves two families. Justice V.K. Gupta (Retd) discussed on these important issues with the Medical Practitioners.
Dr. Sheetal Jindal discussed the most advanced technique in IVF pre implantation genetic screening and diagnosis for the couples who suffer from repeated IVF failures or have a genetic disorder in their family.
With most experienced experts gathered at one place, it proved to be an awesome learning experience for all.

Claim of Fee of Drop Out Students is not Fraud: JAC

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Chandigarh 04th June:- Joint Action Committee (JAC) of all the 14 associations of unaided colleges under the chairmanship of Ashwani Sekhri held a press conference today at Chandigarh Press Club. The member associations represent more than 1500 unaided institutes.
JAC spokesperson Dr. Anshu Kataria while addressing the Press conference said that JAC urge the Punjab Govt. to immediately amend the notification released on July 22, 2016 by the previous Govt. and shall have the calculations of audit based on this revised policy. 
He said further that according to this notification the Govt. shall not disburse or seek the refund of fee of those SC students who have not completed their course but studied for 1-2-3 years. The audit teams have calculated the objectionable amount based on this policy w.e.f. 2011-12 sessions while it was implemented w.e.f. 2016-17. JAC said that dropout rate is very high in India and the claim of dropout students for the period he has studied is not a fraud. 
The Govt. has also applied fee capping on the courses where fee of Govt. colleges is less than the unaided institutes like ITI, B. Ed., ETT, BA, B.Com, B.Sc etc. The fee for these institutes is fixed by the Govt. hence they are liable to receive the same fee for SC students as well. Due to this policy these institutes are demanding full fee from SC students.
Ashwani Sekhri further said that due to faulty policy enacted by the previous Govt. the institutes are suffering. The Punjab Govt. has also weakened its case of release of scholarship from center by terming the audit objections as embezzlement of funds and fraud. He said that deductions on flimsy grounds shall serve no bearing on financial health of Govt., which have fixed liability of only 60.80 crore per annum till 2016-17.  More than half Colleges turned into NPA Accounts/ after Farmers now Educationists on Suicidal mode.
After Farmers now Educationists have started committed suicide. Recently one ITI owner from Muktsar, Subhash Bhateja committed suicide. More than half of the Colleges have turned into NPA account because of the Nonpayment of the funds since last 2-3 years. Banks have started auctions after taking the possession of the NPA accounts. This situation has arisen due to non release of PMS from last 2-3 years.
JAC demanded from the Punjab Govt. to immediately release its share of around 700 crore of total balance of PMS for SC of more than 1600 crore. They said that Chief Minister has consented to have a meeting with JAC on 14th June to listen and address their concerns. JAC is hopeful of solution to their problems by the CM.

Gurdas Mann Launches Poster of His Upcoming Movie "Nankana"

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Chandigarh 04th June:- Being on the epitome of the Punjabi music world,the very famous singer and actor, Gurdas Mann has launched the poster of his new upcoming movie- Nankana - during a live show in Sydney. The movie is purely a family film. The story of the movie focuses upon a little kid named Nankana. Gurdas Mann will very soon reach Chandigarh and Punjab with his entire team to promote the movie.
The movie produced under the banner of Shah and Shah and Seven Colour Motion pictures will have Kavita Kaushik, Gurmeet Sajjan and Anas Rashid in the lead role. Many other famous actors of Pollywood are also there in the movie. All the songs of the movie are written by Gurdas Mann himself. The screenplay and dialogues of the movie are written by Rana Ranbir and Surmeet Maavi. Manjeet Mann is the director of the movie, Pooja Gujral and Jatinder Shah are the producers, and Sumit Singh is the co-producer of the movie. Music and background score of the movie is given by Jatinder Shah.

डिश टीवी ने शुरू किया ‘‘साढ़े आठ में जीतो सारे हार्ट‘‘ नया ब्रांड अभियान

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Surya Foundation organizes a Valedictory Function for its Beneficiaries: To Give Away Certificate and Tool Kits

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Chandigarh 04th June:- Surya Foundation organized a Valedictory Function for its Beneficiaries to give away Certificate and Tool kits . 25 Students of Cutting Tailoring were given Sewing Machines and certificates. 25 Students of Beauty Culture were given away Beauty Kits and Certificates.
Arjun Kamboj from Jan Shikshan Sansthan ( JSS ), Raj Sekharan from Tamil Sangam, A. K. Handa and Darshan lal Awal from Devine Life Society (DLS ), Chandigarh, Dr. R. K. Sharma, (Surgeon from Adesh Medical College) & Dr. Ramneek Sharma, ( Chairperson & Founder Director, Surya Foundation ) graced the occasion. All the students were congratulated and encouraged to take up the skill as a job option.