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Walk With The Pardhis:-A Taj Safaris Initiative: Celebrating the Local Culture and Tribal Heritage to Create Sustainable Livelihoods

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Chandigarh 09th September:- Taj SafarisWalk with the Pradhis is a pioneering new jungle experience by members of the local Pardhi tribe in Panna National Park in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. Taj Safaris now supports training for the local hunting tribe – Pardhis, to leverage their natural tracking talent to offer an immersive and interactive wilderness experience to the travellers.
Panna National Park, a wildlife reserve, had suffered devastating effects of poaching wherein the Pardhi community, known for their jungle knowledge; was used for the unlawful activities. Strict anti-poaching laws led to a significant increase in tigers numbers but left the Pardhis to look for alternate sources of income. This initiative will offer an alternative to poaching and a new livelihood for future generation of Pardhis.
Taj Safaris, Last Wilderness Foundation and the Panna Forest Department came together to introduce a sustainable tourism initiative which is one of its kind in India. Not only does it offer livelihood to the Pardhis as jungle guides but also defines the future of conservation in the forest. The training programme equips the participants with fine guiding techniques and enhances their already existing knowledge of the bio-diversity and the forests in preparation for an alternate livelihood. Since its inception two batches of Pardhi youth including 16 men and 4 women are engaged with Taj Safaris and several others in the state’s tourism eco-system.
Nagendra Singh Hada, Area Director, Taj Safaris said that we have harnessed the three T’s – tigers, tribes and tourism to create a successful sustainable initiative. Taj Safaris is celebrating the Pardhi’s understanding of the forests and helping them leverage their knowledge to protect their fragile eco-system while creating a new livelihood for the tribe in the tourism industry. Travellers can now gain a deeper understanding of the forest life accompanied by a member of the Pardhi tribe – a nomadic hunting tribe whose knowledge of the land is as ancient as time.

गुरु शिष्य महोत्सव: डॉ हिमांशु पुनिया ने अपने गुरु श्री श्री श्री सुरज नाथ जी को गुरुपूर्णिमा अवसर पर किया नमन

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Chandigarh 09th September:- श्री श्री श्री सुरज नाथ जी(सत्येन्द्र नाथ जी महाराज) राष्ट्रीय उपाध्यक्ष राष्ट्रीय हिन्दू शक्ति संगठन के आशीर्वाद से डॉ हिमांशु पुनिया, प्रदेश अध्यक्ष राष्ट्रीय हिन्दू शक्ति संगठन और राष्ट्रीय सचिव राष्ट्रीय युवा हिन्दू वाहिनी  आज खूब प्रसिद्धी बटोर रहे है। गुरु शिष्य का महोत्सव बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण होता है, एक साल पहले 7 सितंबर 2018 को उनके परमात्मा गुरुजी श्री श्री श्री सुरज नाथ जी महाराज  (सत्येन्द्र नाथ जी) राष्ट्रीय उपाध्यक्ष  राष्ट्रीय हिन्दू शक्ति संगठन ने उनके शिष्य को हिन्दू धर्म,हिन्दू समाज,हिन्दू शक्ति,हिन्दू राष्ट्र ,आत्मा परमात्मा , आध्यात्मिक का ज्ञान प्रदान किया। डॉ हिमांशु पुनिया उस दिन से ही अपने गुरुजी का नाम पूरे विष्व में प्रसिद्ध करता जा रहा है।

Close to 1000 New Jobs to be Created by Frontizo Business Services at Their New Contact Center in Panchkula

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Chandigarh 09th September:- Frontizo Business Services (a JV between the Patni Group and Amazon Asia Pacific), today announced the inauguration of their state of the art new contact centre in Panchkula.
The new center will see Frontizo Business Services hiring up to 1000 people in different roles by the end of FY 2019-20. The center opens with 50 customer services agents, which will increase to 350 employees by Diwali and then be ramped up to close to 1000 employees by March 2020. The hiring would happen from the Hindi speaking regions around the center.
Frontizo will be servicing Amazon’s customers in Hindi from the Panchkula site thus enabling Amazon to service Hindi speaking customers who constitute a sizeable number of their customer base in India.
A highlight of the hiring would be the sharp focus on maintaining gender equality and ensuring diversity. Close to 40% of those hired would comprise of women.
Frontizo Business Services, which services Amazon customers, also will be offering many special benefits for all it’s employees including transportation, medical insurance as well as cafeteria facilities.
The setting up of the center in Panchkula would help in creating the required ecosystem of more people coming to live there, the establishment of more ancillary businesses like retail spaces, entertainment, food and beverage outlets and lifestyle requirements. All of which together have the potential of creating yet more jobs in the area.
The mission of Frontizo Business services is to be the ‘gold standard on customer obsession by focusing on delighting the customers.’ This has been recognized by Amazon, which has awarded Frontizo with the Customer Obsession Award (given to the best service provider in the Amazon Global Outsourcing network) three times in 2018 and twice thus far in 2019.
Speaking on the launch, Apoorva Patni, of the Patni Group (the key investor in Frontizo Business services) said that it makes him proud that Frontizo is spearheading our mission of customer centricity with innovative solutions to serve the Indian consumer. He is also humbled to be a part of the promising future for the Panchkula community and the impetus we are giving to it by this 1000 people center.
Vinod Kumar, MD & CEO – Frontizo Business Services added that our vision is to transform how India buys. We at Frontizo will look at every opportunity to address customer needs in a fast changing environment. It is also a unique opportunity to help in the important area of job creation, and skill building. This center will set great new standards in customer service.

About 36% of Indian Population of India is Suffering from Different Kind of Colorectal Problems: Dr Anupam Goel

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Chandigarh 09th September:- Increased sedentary lifestyle and an equal increase in number of people suffering from the problems of colon and rectum (and parts of the intestine ) in india calls for a national health program on this issue. Also with a number of quacks minting money in lieu of treating common colorectal problems like piles, constipation, anal fissures etc 
Situation has become more grim . Dr. Gaurav Maheshwari, Senior Consultant & Head GI surgery said while addressing media persons during a press conference organised to create awareness on “Rising Trends of Colorectal Problems in North India” a team of Doctors from Paras Super Specialty Hospital Panchkula  addressed the media person today.
Present on the occasion were, Dr Anupam Goel, Associated consultant Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgery, Dr Gurbilas Singh Senior consultant Gastroenterology & Dr Rajan Mittal Associate Consultant Gastroentrology from Paras Hospitals Panchkula. 
Speaking on the occasion Dr Guarav Maheshwari said in India there is No National Program, which addresses the colorectal Problems.  There are major challenges in India to handle all these things. There are different kinds of colorectal problems like piles, fissure, constipation, colon cancers, and inflammatory bowel disorder. In India there is a social stigma and taboo attached to colorectal problems. Hence, people feel shy and they have some kind of fear in seeking medical help. In India every person who suffers from this problem, suffers in silence for medical help fr years before they seek Medical advice. He also shared that Fissures and hemorrhoids are common in pregnancy. Women feel shy to share this problem even with family members
Sharing his experience Dr Anupam Goel said about 36 % of Indian Population is suffering from different kind of Colorectal Problems and there is very low awareness about Colorectal problems in India.  In Indian patients suffering from Piles fissures, Fistula or other colorectal problems won't go to a proper medical practitioner. We have about 1.5 million quacks in this country with different names practicing across the nation. People go to quacks and they make patient's life miserable since quaks are not trained to handle these kinds of problems. Dr Anupam also shared that these days we are doing majority of Colorectal Surgeries with Laser, Stapler and Laparoscopic ally on day care basis.
Sharing his experience Dr Rajan Mittal said Colon cancer begins as a small polyp, but some polyps may turn into colon cancer over a period. These polyps can be detected early by colonoscopy and easily removed. Unfortunately, however, very few people opt for colorectal screening. A Simple stool test called Stool test can give a lot of information.
Speaking on this occasion Dr Gurbilas Singh shared that Colonoscopy is the Gold standard investigation to screen all colorectal problem. Colonoscopy is a screening test which is advised at the age of 45 yrs with personal having No history of cancer and at the age of 40 in person having Family history of cancer.
He also said that in our country about 52.1% of the population still don't use toilets, so when they defecate in open area, they are more prone to these colorectal problems because, whenever they defecate in open air especially women, it is either before the sunrise or after sunset. So they suppress the act of defecation towards the end of the day because of which there is lot of strain on anus and rectum and people are prone for fissures and hemorrhoids. Fissures and hemorrhoids are common in pregnancy. Women feel shy to share this problem even with family members. In India about 25 percent of patients presents directly at stage IV Cf colorectal Cancer and 50 percent of patients with Colorectal Cancer the danger of developing metastatic Colorectal Cancer.

Tricity Residents Witnesses Enthralling Performances at ‘Viber8’ Festival

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Chandigarh 09th September:- A city based Fusion Rock band, ‘Saheb’ rocked the stage in North India’s first biggest ever International Music & Art Festival, ‘Viber8’, which concluded at Forest Hills Golf & Country Resort, Mohali here on Sunday.
Among many renowned National and international performers, a Fusion Rock band “Saheb” gave an enthralling performance on the concluding day, which left the audience awestruck by their ‘Sufiyana’ performance.
In a large number of youngsters thronged to experience the live music at the beautiful setting nestled at Shivalik Foothills.
An emerging band, ‘Saheb’, presented the compelling mix of ‘Sufi rock & Bollywood with a blending ethereal vocals & atmospheric guitar, which gave the audience a best musical experience ever.
Sourav Sharma, a lead vocalist of the, ‘Saheb’ band said that it is an amazing opportunity for any artist and he consider himself luck to perform along with some of the best in the music industry. He is very grateful for Viber8 for providing him this huge platform to showcase his skills.
 The Music Fiesta featured a diverse range of acts, spanning genres like R&B, electronic, folk, bass-heavy rock, band performances, and more. The crowd favorites artists, Guru Randhawa, Emiway Bantai, Jass Manak and a famous Dutch DJ player Mike Williams, bewitched the audience with their mesmerizing performance.  
Viber8 boasts is an innovative primary first ever global tune and arts festival in North India committed to bring different artists and genres at a global level to introduce India's populous to a multifaceted weekend of dance, color, expression and party.

Diet Clinic opens its New Clinic in Panchkula

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Chandigarh 09th September:- To get rid of unwanted obesity, now there is no need to exercise hard or give up food.  Rather, with a proper diet one can reduce weight from 03 to 05 kg in a single month.  This was shared by the noted nutritionist and mentor Gagan Anand.
Gagan Anand, while speaking interacting with media on the occasion of the launch of her new clinic "Diet Clinic" in the Inner Market of Sector 10, Panchkula, said that at the present time due to busy lifestyle people are not able to pay attention to proper food, with this they become obese.  Gagan Anand further said that due to lack of time, they would not be able to exercise.  Therefore, with proper diet they can help themselves to control obesity.  Following the dietician's advice, one can reduce 03 to 05 kg of weight in a month. Diet clinic provides customized diet plans which are easy to prepare at home and it is a completely natural process to lose weight.
Gagan Anand informed that the growing trend of junk food in catering and the habit of sticking to the TV-mobiles of people causes obesity, and this obesity later causes many other fatal diseases.
Sheela Sehrawat Founder Diet Clinic Healthcare said that children also spend most of their time playing online games instead of going out in the field, which is very wrong.  Revealing about the working of this Diet Clinic, she said that she neither asks for fasting or dieting, nor for medicines or surgeries etc. or for more exercise.  Their emphasis is on improving the eating habits and adopting some disciplined lifestyle, which leads to curing uncontrollable obesity.
She said that for this, she prepares a diet chart out of whatever has food and drink available in your kitchen. She prepares a diet chart out of it and determines the time of waking, sleeping and eating so that the sufferer of obesity gets relief. She asks to use seasonal foods more and more, taking care of nutrition control.  She advises in every condition leave the bed early in the morning, and do some exercise or yoga and walk.
She informed that by following this procedure, 03 to 05 kg of weight can be reduced in a month. She said that there are also few cases in which 16–17 year olds were found to weigh around 100 kg.  Regarding the non-vegetarian, she said that she does not refuse to eat it but insists on taking other items instead of the more oily chicken such as tandoori chicken instead of butter chicken.
According to Gagan Anand, she advises to eat something after every two hours in a day. She said that for the treatment they charged a very low fee, which is only Rs. 3500 / -Per month. They are offering Rs.1000/- Inuguaral discount for the Panchkula clinic for the month of September.