Saturday, 4 August 2018

Festival Seasons: Fashion Meets Festivity and Fervor of Freedom at Cleopatra

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Chandigarh 04th August:- Rainbow of festivity, patriotic fervour and celebration sparkled bright at Cleopatra beauty and makeovers with the onset of festive season, Cleopatra spa salon and makeovers is all set to catch your fancy in the season of merry making as they unleashed festive soiree, “Fashion Meets Festivity”  and Celebrate their 15th anniversary.
Celebration presented trend setting festive looks, styles and organic commandments to achieve them. Occasion also coincided with celebration of Cleopatra's glorious   15  years of being pioneer in beauty and makeovers industry. On this sparkling occasion Cleopatra unveiled vibrant palette of looks that were ruled by versatility and razzle dazzle. Fervor of divinity and patriotism could clearly be seen through vivid looks created by makeover maestro Richa Aggarwal and Harveen Kathuria. Adding glamour quotient to the soiree was beautiful actress Samaira Sandhu, who looked enchanting in festive look.  
Richa Aggarwal stated that festive season has ushered in with Janamashtami, Rakhi, Eid, Teej and Independence day, its time to spruce up looks for vivid occasions. Keeping cascade of these occasions in mind we have launched versatile, traditional yet contemporary looks with hint of patriotism, fashion will meet fervor of freedom and festivity.
Sheer metallic, gold hues and ensembles that remained sequined and mirrored adding to the charm of stunning models. Makeovers were jazzed up with patriotic fervour and subtle bling reflected celebration mode and spirit continued with showcasing of New trends in Mehandi art, Nail art and sparkling tattoo designs that captured everyone's fancy. Swatches of metallic gold and silver with edgy looks grabbed everyone's attention and overall makeup was played up with sultry sheer gloss. 
Actress Samaira Sandhu shared that every woman wants to look her best during these occasions and want to ensure that their festive finery is replete with beauty.This is the time when girls and womenfolks want to look their best, she is very happy to adorn a look that is fusion of traditional and contemporary. Fresh hues are added to embellish her taste preference and sensibility. Trends this season call for bling and sparkle without going overboard and Cleopatra has done that so impeccably. 
Cleopatra's celebratory spirit continued with launch of Crystal Club that offered premium memberships, discounts and benefits on all organic skin treatments. Cleopatra also unfurled non cliched trends  to serve  unconventional divas . Green beauty routine and organic commandments were also unveiled for everyone to imbibe a healthy lifestyle during festive season that calls for indulgence. Diet modification, lifestyle counselling were highlights of the event.

PU Session: New Model of Healthcare Which Focuses on ‘Health Guides’ Presented

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Chandigarh 04th August:- The Association of British Scholars (ABS), Chandigarh Chapter in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) Punjab and Chandigarh (UT) Regional Branch and the Department of Public Administration, Panjab University, Chandigarh  organized a Special Lecture on Minimum Medicines, Maximum Health by Dr. R Kumar, a senior eye specialist &President, Society for Promotion of Ethical & Affordable Healthcare (SPEAK) in Department of Public Administration, Panjab University Professor B.S. Ghuman, Vice-Chancellor, Punjabi University, Patiala, President ABS, Chandigarh and Honorary Secretary, IIPA Punjab and Chandigarh (UT) Regional Branch presided over the lecture, welcomed the guests and introduced the speaker
In his address, SPEAK founder Dr R Kumar advocated teaching ethics at every stage of education. He appealed to universities to introduce a 4 years course after pre-medical, ’Guide to health and wellness’. A guide will look after the health of 500 persons and will not allow them to fall sick. He said that he  will not be called a doctor and will not prescribe any medicine. This will create millions of jobs, increase productivity, improve economy and reduce national expense on disease treatment. We have sent a note on this line to PMO and Chief Justice of India to treat it as a PIL.
Dr R Kumar dwelt on the crisis facing healthcare in India.  He said that the focus has to shift from the care of the sick to health care. People do not get ideal treatment in the government hospitals because of pressure and apathy while the treatment in the private ones is unaffordable and exploitative. The only option left for them is to go in for Preserve health by following healthy habits and proper life style so that they can avoid bad hospitals. We do not have to be medicine minded or test minded but we must be health minded. This is the paradigm shift that is required.
 He underlined that the medical test packages being promoted these days are a big hoax that can lead any normal person to become a patient by making him feel sick. His emphasis was that the people need to think before going to a hospital and they can dwell on the factors that are responsible for making them unwell. These can be things like Smartphone addiction, dehydration, sleep deprivation, anemia, lack of exercise, over work and over ambition that often lead to stress, sadness and fatigue besides lack of sunlight and inadequate ventilation. He specially castigated junk foods, white poison foods, obesity and its consequences.
He also cautioned about wasteful expenditure coupled with lack of dignity and torture to senior citizens in the terminal stages of their life, when they are unlikely to survive. He termed the ICU treatment as ‘Maximum medicine, minimum health, where the mortality rate is high and chances of leading a productive life are minimal, even if the patient survives.
The lecture was attended in large numbers by members of ABS, IIPA Regional Branch, faculty members of Department of Public Administration and other Departments of PU, researchers and students. Harish Sethi, Vice-President, ABS Chandigarh Chapter proposed the vote of thanks.

PGI Observe World Breast Feeding Week

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Chandigarh 04th August:- The Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Department of Community Medicine, School of Public Health, doctors observed the World Breast Feeding week  at Urban Health Training Centre Sector 38, Chandigarh.
Under the guidance of Asst. Professor Dr Kathirvel. S, Urban Health Training center, Civil Dispensary Sector 38, Dr Har Ashish Jindal and Junior resident Dr Shruthi Rajan, Multipurpose health worker Ms Rupinder organized a community level awareness programme in collaboration with Senor Medical Officer, Dr Harjeet Kaur.
Senior Resident Dr Har Ashish Jindal addressed an audience of 40 individuals and highlighted the significance of world breast feeding week with a background of history in 1991 and the need of promote breast feeding.  He told that breast feeding is a complete food for the new born till the age of 6 months.
Dr Har Ashish Jindal started with birth of a child to a newly wed is an occasion of happiness and we should celebrate the life by giving the breast milk of the mother to the new borne as early as possible irrespective of the mode of delivery. He emphasized on the breast milk being a complete food for the baby. The first yellow milk i.,e colostrum is essential for the new borne as it has essential elements that enhances the immunity. The sign of proper attachment were also told to the audience. The differences in the cow milk, buffalo milk and breast milk were also highlighted but breast milk was still emphasized as the best food for the baby.
Dr. Shruthi Rajan emphasized upon that breast milk is ready to use, non-contaminated and economical food for the new borne. She also told that the breast milk builds up the immunity and reduces the chances of getting respiratory infections, allergies and skin infection. She also urged that breast feeding enhances the emotional bond between the mother and newborn. Furthermore, the continuation of breast feeding after 6 months is also essential but with addition of simple food such as pulses, rice and mashed banana.
 The audiences were   enthusiastic and asked question on the need of water during first 6 months. It was told that breast milk is a complete food and has the ability to address the issue of thirst as well. Therefore, breast feeding is the foundation of new life and should be encouraged without any stigma and hesitancy around the world.

Trends Teej & Rakhi Special Lifestyle Exhibition Starts at Kisan Bhawan

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Chandigarh 04th August:- Trends Teej & Rakhi Special Lifestyle Exhibition has got off to a glamourous start at Kisan Bhawan, till Monday August 6, 2018.  With the festivals of Teej & Rakhi approaching, a special showcase keeping in mind these important festivals has been curated by the experienced professionals on board Trends. Pankaj Jain, who is a partner in Sunrise Events, the company under who's banner Trends Exhibitions are organised, said that it is a matter of great pride for all of us at Trends that we have successfully put up our Exhibitions' 21st Edition in Chandigarh, in form of the Teej & Rakhi special, which  is a treasure trove for festival shoppers. Designers from Delhi, Lucknow, Jaipur  and other places have launched limited edition festival collections here. In all we have already done over 100 Trends Lifestyle Exhibitions since inception.
Pankaj Jain added that our Unique Selling Proposition, USP, is that we strive to provide quality products at reasonable prices on a single platform. Trends Teej & Rakhi Lifestyle Exhibition  also aims to achieve this objective. The exhibition gives fashion conscious residents of tricity, a golden opportunity to update their wardrobes & homes with the latest designer wear & lifestyle products, as the very latest is available here.
The Teej & Rakhi special exhibition has opened to a huge crowd. The reason: There is something for everyone here. Different genres of products include-- trendy designer wear, bridal couture, Indo Western wear, jewellery, fashion accessories, footwear, furniture, home decor etc. & all are available  under one roof. There are over 60 stalls that have been put up at the trendy Lifestyle Exhibition.
In Designer & Bridal Wear there are label's like Delhi's Libas Creations Katyayani Kreations , The Vintage Line, Indiana,  Libas Creations ,Razaa etc. Jaipur's Sachi's collection, Shimona's Couture , Malika's collection, Kimz, The Sixth Sense, Mishthi's Closet by Pooja Kundra, Fab lady, Pari creation, Style loft by Sanjana,  Majaajan, Sabina's Haute Couture, Minna's Closet, Tanvi creation are there among others.
In Ethnic clothing & Handlooms; Mrignaini , Ethnic Edge, Nazam & Ethnic trends are there. The famous Lucknowi Chikan can be chosen from Lucknowi Chikan by Sameer. In Phulkari, Patiala's Supriti Phulkari is available. Jaipuri Kurties are there by Shuddhi. Great Handloom products are available  at 'Your Cloth House' and 'Me & U'.
In Jewellery there is great variety; Ludhiana's- Rehmat by Sonnu Ahuja, Chandigarh 's- Silver point, Delhi's- Rising Papillon, all have put up stalls. Jaipur's  Craftmansion has brought beautiful handmade jewellery. In Footwear &  Bags: Shop in Style & Eye catchers are attracting attention. In Accessories - Rozy's Wedding Accessories is making a mark and so is Glam Accessories. In Kids wear: 'Baby Bug' is there. In Garden decor : Trendy Life Style & Aditi's Creation's Fiberglass Planters have put up their wares. In Home decor: Karigiri  & R Creations are making a major impact.