Saturday, 9 September 2017

Adab Foundation organizes 'Soz: Ek Kahani Dard-O-Gham Ki' Musical Performance

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 09th September:- Chandigarh Literature Festival(CLF) 2017 is to take place from November 10-12. As a prelude to the Festival, Adab Foundation, the not for profit Foundation which organises CLF every year, held a unique solo performance at Tagore Theater, Sector 18 by Askari Naqvi, a lawyer-activist-singer from Mustafabad, Raibareli. It is noteworthy that Naqvi is a proponent of Soz Khwani -- songs of lamentation against war, violence & authoritarianism.
Askari is a noted expert of Dastangoi, Urdu oral storytelling art form & is known for  re-contextualising Soz Khwani, for  audiences outside it's  strictly religious setting.
The audience was enthralled by the incredible performance by Askari Naqvi where he exchanged his thoughts through songs that told a story of grief & sorrow, which results from battle, violent incidents as well as totalitarianism. The songs gave a strong message against these aspects in society. Naqvi has made a name for himself by presenting his art form in front of audiences at intimate venues like the National School of Drama, Kiran Nadar Museum, Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Arts and Aesthetics department to name a few.
Mitul Dikshit, Chairman, Adab Foundation and a noted educationist said that such events intend to bring writers, poets, artists and thespians together on a platform to initiate meaningful exchange of ideas. Through such events we are able to promote Indian art & culture among even younger audiences, who then will be in a position to appreciate rich traditions like Soz Khwani.  
Askari Naqvi said that he would like to thank Adab Foundation for giving him an opportunity to perform in Chandigarh, which presented a very responsive audience. This way we are able to celebrate art with some of the finest creative minds in different parts of the country. He is sure with such performances we will succeed in reaching out to audiences with a crucial message for the betterment of society.

Pregnant Women Takes Part in Pregnancy Quiz at Ivy Hospital

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 09th September:- As many as 25 pregnant women took part in an ‘Quiz on Pregnancy’ at Ivy Hospital, Mohali today which was specially designed for would-be-mothers.
Speaking during occasion, Dr Kanwaldeep, Medical Director of Ivy Healthcare Group said that the quiz was a new initiative by Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at hospital with an aim to increase awareness amongst women about various issues during pregnancy.
The participants in quiz were divided into teams and the quiz was presented in various rounds like rapid fire round, buzzer round, and MCQ round and audiovisual round . Everybody participated in the session with much zest and zeal.
Dr Sunaina Bansal , Senior Consultant- Gynaecologist at Ivy Hospital said that the aim of this activity was to increase awareness about various issues in a fun way instead of one-sided talks . There were interesting questions for the husbands sitting in the audience who were in-fact more eager than the wives , to answer the questions.
Meanwhile in MCQ round the women knowledge was checked on various pregnancy related issues including questions like pregnancy over 35-year increases what kind of complication, nutrition during pregnancy, what overweight women should do, painless labour medicines, how many pregnant women in India are anemic, when are fetal movements first felt usually, exact duration of pregnancy in weeks, Pica  is an  indicator of what ,  at what stage of the pregnancy is malformation scan done, how early  can  babies’  cardiac activity be seen on ultrasound and what is correct time to visit your gynaecologist.  
The rapid round was involving questions like; term for first milk that comes out of breast, what is a baby upside down known as, upto how many months can abortion be safely performed, the cut given on mother’s vaginal parts during delivery is known as, name of the instrument applied sometimes when mother is not able to push down to facilitate delivery, what is the  medical term used for painless delivery, out of the three ultrasounds you do in pregnancy routinely, which is the most accurate in telling the exact date of delivery etc. 
The quiz winners were awarded attractive prizes and rewarded with discounts on their OPD packages . There was also a session of nail art and photo shoot for the participants and many games were played by the couples during occasion. 

PGI Pharmacovigilance Centre Conduct Workshop on Pharmacovigilance

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 09th September:- Pharmacovigilance Centre of PGIMER under Pharmacovigilance program of India (PvPI) successfully conducted the 2ndRegional Workshop on “Basics of Pharmacovigilance & Establishment of Pharmacovigilance System in Pharmaceutical Industries - A Way Forward” for industry professionals across the Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh. Pharmaceutical manufacturing units across the Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh. We all know the Baddi, Himachal Pradesh had many Pharmaceuticals manufacturing units in the country; it supplies medicines to Government hospitals, and all other retailers in the country.
The workshop was conducted with the collaboration of Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI), National Coordinating Centre-Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission(NCC-PvPI) under the aegis of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.Presently in our country had around 4,000 Pharmaceutical formulation units, but only around 100 Pharmaceutical manufacturing units have pharmacovigilance system. So, the aim of this workshop to implement the Pharmacovigilance system. The workshop was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr. Rajesh Kumar,Dean Academic, PGIMER and the Guest of HonorProf.A.K. Gupta, Medical Superintendent, PGIMER- Chandigarh and program was started with enlighting of the lamp.
Prof. Bikash Medhi, the coordinator of Pharmacovigilance centre, PGIMER-Chandigarh, introduced the SpeakersDr V. Kalaiselvan (PrincipalScientific Officer, Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission), Mrs Rubina Bose (Deputy Drug Controller India, CDSCO, MoHFW), DrMunish Kumar Kaushik (Associate Director of Pharmacovigilance, Jubilant Generics Ltd.) and summarize the workshop.Prof. Bikash Medhi discussed the Pharmacovigilance its basics methods and practice. He described the importance of Pharmacovigilance according to the Patient safety aspect. As per the recent gazette notificationof Drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940& Rules, 1945(March 8, 2016), which made mandatory that every manufacturing unit of Pharmaceutical Industry have Pharmacovigilance system.
Dr V. Kalaiselvan discussed the current scenario of PVPI and its future vision.Mrs Rubina Boseexplained in detailed about the set up of pharmacovigilance system at Pharmaceutical Industries. Dr.Munish Kumar Kaushik discussed about the Monitoring & Reporting AEs/ADRs and various ADR reporting forms including E2B XML reporting. In the end, all speakers rectified the query in Panel Discussion. 

Chandigarh Police Launches “Public Grievances Redressal Campaign”

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 09th September:- To bring greater transparency and accountability in police functioning, Chandigarh Police launched a scheme under title “Public Grievances Redressal Campaign” in all police stations of Chandigarh for the Redressal of public grievances/complaints. The main idea behind this scheme is to Redress/disposal of maximum complaints/grievances of general public more effectively and in short span of time. For this purpose, 2nd Saturday of every month has been fixed as the “Public Grievances Redressal Campaign”.
Today, 2nd Public Grievances Redressal Campaign was organized in which, all SHOs along with E/Os were present in the police station from 10 AM to 2 PM. SDPOs of each sub-division had also personally reviewed the process by spending adequate time at each police station of their sub-division.
During this camp, total 245 complainants/petitioners visited the Police Stations to know the present status of their complaints. The facts of complaints were discussed with complainants.
During the camp problems/issues were discussed and instructions/directions regarding these have been issued to concerned Police officials/Beat staff to comply with accordingly. During the meeting a healthy interaction has been made between police and public.

"Style is Way to Say Who You Are Without Having to Speak: Jas Lakhmna

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 09th September:- Whatever you do, be different because If you are different, you’ll standout. Well, Jas Lakhmna started her label, “Jas” 18years ago. Being a painter and artist all throughout her schooling and college she converted her artistic flair and transitioned into clothing.
Jas started this work as a hobby and her passion to make something artistic flourished into a serious business because she truly believes that a big part of any creative flair is, turning ideas into pieces and gets a lot of excitement and satisfaction watching an idea in her head turn into a beautiful outfit.
Her label and creativity is a fusion of traditional hand work and modern design of style and colors which starts from formal party wear, wedding wear and specializes in bridal wear and trousseau collections for the young and modern brides, uses inspiration from classic age old embroidery medium she creates traditional wear with a twist of contemporary and fun styles and colors.
Opening her dream studio where every piece of its interior was designed by her because she always knew what her space would look like. And her reason for success is her belief that style and an amazing outfit only can be made perfect after understanding each client’s body structure and personality. And this is what Jas has to say, “You wear an outfit to enhance yourself and who you are and elegance is not about being noticed, its about being remembered.

IELTS Teachers from Touchstone Educationals Gets Cambridge University Press advantage for IELTS Teaching

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 09th September:- Cambridge University Press (CUP), the world’s leading ELT Publisher conducted the first full day workshop for IELTS teachers as part of its ‘IELTS Platinum Partnership Programme’ with Touchstone Educationals. The training was organized with a key focus on introducing well-researched and specially curated pedagogical strategies to enhance classroom learning experience for foreign degree aspirants enrolled with Touchstone. The session successfully trained 26 senior and master trainers from Touchstone Educational.
The programme enables students to prepare well for IELTS. As a part of the partnership, all counsellors and IELTS trainers associated with Touchstone Educational will receive training which will further equip students registering for IELTS training.  The training programme will also be conducted in the other 14 centres of Touchstone Educationals, across Haryana, Chandigarh and Punjab.
Speaking about the successful workshop, Amit Baveja, National Sales & Marketing Head, English Language Teaching, India said that at Cambridge, we believe that it is imperative to equip trainers through skill and competency building exercises so that they can better understand the learning needs of students and contribute to better outcomes.  We are confident that the training helped the trainers to enhance their understanding of ‘assessment criteria’ skills, improve their leadership qualities, and create great learning experiences in classrooms. We aim to offer many such workshops and innovative teaching tools through our partnership with Touchstone Educationals to help students and professionals move closer to their dream of pursuing higher studies and careers abroad.
Ashutosh Anand, Managing Director, Touchstone Educationals, said that the global necessity for English language skills is increasing each day and the challenge is to provide learners with accurate and meticulously researched material. Since our association with Cambridge University Press, we have seen an improvement in student engagement and development; the teachers training workshop is another step towards making the experience more fulfilling. We look forward to facilitating many such sessions for the professional development of our trainers.