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We Must Synergize the Values of People with Execution of Urban Plans:Kapil Setia

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Chandigarh 19th September:- Expressing his views during a Special Plenary Session on Smart, Livable and Sustainable Cities at CII Chandigarh, Kapil Setia, Chief Architect, Chandigarh Administration said that we must synergize the values of people with implementation of urban plans, while dealing with civic issues like water management, air quality, traffic & the like. He apprised the audience about Chandigarh’s infrastructure as a growing smart city and how the development has been planned phase wise.
Kamal Kishor Yadav, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh also graced the occasion and said that every city has a USP and the urban planning & infusion of technology should take place in accordance to its culture and affordability of the people. He added that Chandigarh was a planned city but during the course of decades, many issues have risen which the administration is trying to deal with diligently.
Alok Nayar, Builders Association of India opined that to improve infrastructure it is very important to optimise energy usage so that both economic and physical sustainability is attained.
Jit Kumar Gupta, IGBC Chandigarh Chapter gave a detailed account of phase wise development of the UT and how re-densification took place at various stages.
Apprising the participants about the upcoming infrastructure & construction exhibition, CII EXCON 2019, Anand Sundaresan, Leader-Excon 2019 Task Force on Roadshows & Vice Chairman, Schwing Stetter India said that this is the tenth edition of the EXCON and our theme this year is on ‘Smart i-tech- Next Gen India@75’. Excon 2019 will demonstrate the role of smart technologies and innovation in design in the manufacture of nextgen construction equipment and machinery to support the rapid pace of infrastructure development in the country.
EXCON 2019, scheduled to be held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru from 10-14 December 2019 is spread over 3,00,000 square metres and will have the participation of  over 1250 exhibitors including 350+ overseas companies from 25 countries including China, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, UK & USA among others.  The 5-day exhibition would attract over 70,000 business visitors from India and abroad.
Sarvjeet Singh, Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council & Managing Director, Finvasia India Pvt Ltd opined that public-private partnerships (PPP) in infrastructure development is key towards strengthening the industrial ecosystem in the State. He also said that EXCON 2019 with the presence of world class players in the construction equipment sector would offer the best in class technologies and cost effective solutions to infrastructure related projects in States.
Vikram Hans, Past Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council & Managing Director, Multi Overseas India Pvt Ltd and Dr S P S Grewal, Vice Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council & Chief Executive Officer, Grewal Eye Institute Pvt Ltd also graced the occasion and expressed their views during the plenary session.

NABARD Plans to Extend Support of Rs 11000 Crore in Punjab in 2019-20: J P S Bindra

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Chandigarh 19th September:- NABARD, the apex development financial institution catering to agriculture and rural development has been providing credit support for infrastructure development including long term loans to FIs for capital formation in rural areas, short term agriculture loans to FIs as also grant  support under financial inclusion, farmers/ artisans collectives viz Farmers Producers Organisations, SHGs, JLGs etc. During 2017-18, NABARD Punjab Office had disbursed Rs. 9289 crore to various partners for the Agriculture and rural development in Punjab, as informed by J P S Bindra, CGM, NABARD Punjab Regional Office while addressing the Press on 19September 2019. He further informed that this year NABARD Punjab Regional Office plan to cross the threshold of Rs. 11000 crorefinancial assistance to various stakeholders including the State Govt. 
While interacting with media at NABARD chandigarh office, J P S Bindra said that rural Infrastructure development being the top priority of the State, NABARD has supported various infrastructure projects in the State.  In previous year, NABARD provided assistance of Rs.458.24 crore to State Government under Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) for creation of critical rural infrastructure facilities with cumulative assistance of Rs. 9026 crore since inception till 31st March 2019. The cumulative disbursement under RIDF in Punjab has been to the tune of Rs. 6601 Crore till 31st March 2019. Besides this, NABARD also sanctioned term loan of Rs.27.13 crore to Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Limited (PAICL) for the development of Mega Food Park at Ludhiana and Rs. 317.4 crore under NABARD Infrastructure Development Fund to PSTCL for rejuvenating transmission infrastructure across Punjab during previous years. Under Warehouse Infrastructure Fund NABARD has sanctioned Rs.210 crore to PUNGRAIN for creation of 5 Lakh MT SILOs and Rs.255 crore to PSWC for creation of new godowns as well as rejuvenation and modernization of existing storage infrastructure across Punjab.
He shared that in the state, concentration of heavy metals is increasing leading to high occurrences of cancer. NABARD have sanctioned a project under RIDF for establishment of New State Cancer Institute (SCI) Nuclear Medicine Block and Radiotherapy Block at Govt Medical College, Amritsar and Tertiary Cancer Care Hospital at Fazilka with credit support of Rs.53.50 crores. Further, as preventive measures a project of installments of 555 Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants in 546 villages of 17 districts has also been sanctioned with loan of Rs.76.68 crores.
In the state four major irrigation projects for rehabilitation and increasing the capacity of the major canals for increasing irrigation intensity in the state with TFO of Rs.2761.02 crores with NABARD financial assistance of Rs. 1455.23 crores. Under dedicated Long Term Irrigation Fund. One of the project work highlighting is Shahpurkandi dam.
J P S Bindra informed that State Govt. for utilization of treated water from sewerage treatment plants for irrigation in 13 districts of Punjab with credit support of Rs. 88.95 crore has been provided to the state Government under RIDF.
To boost capital formation in agriculture, NABARD provided refinance of Rs.3749.41 crore to various banks during 2018-19 which shall be increased to Rs. 4000 in the current year. NABARD also proposes to increase the support under short term Refinance during the current year which was Rs. 4506.85 crore during previous year for facilitating disbursement of crop loans at concessional interest rate to the farmers by banks. To encourage diversification of crops, NABARD has prepared Area Development Plans of Rs. 1918 crore for 2018-19 to promote dairy, vegetable cultivation, apiculture, mushroom growing which will supplement farmers’ income.
Besides, infrastructure support to state Government and credit support to financial institutions, NABARD has taken up various development initiatives in the state to educate/ train the rural population.
J P S Bindra indicated that Paddy Straw burning is a big issue in Punjab which results not only in emission of harmful gases like methane, CO2 and N2O, but also affects agriculture productivity adversely besides also affecting human and livestocks. A beginning was made by NABARD last year under the aegis of NAFCC, by running an awareness campaign on Crop Residue Management across all 22 districts of the state, covering 11,000 paddy growing villages in 4,000 clusters. The results have been encouraging with an overall 10% decline in the burnt up area under paddy. This year too, the campaign has been launched with the help of our stakeholders to encourage the farmers in abstaining from paddy stubble burning and disseminating information about the available alternatives. Besides this, fund has also provided to Department of Agriculture, Punjab for crop diversification by developing maize clusters in 05 districts where paddy is grown. This year 20 new maize clusters are being promoted in 07 districts.  Another project under NAFCC is being supported by NABARD through PSCST for Climate Resilient Livestock in a 05 year time span in 03 districts viz Ludhiana, Bhatinda and Tarn Taran for a total outlay of Rs. 17.39 cr.
To address the issue of input supply, crop productivity and marketing, NABARD has initiated the process of bringing the farmers together as Farmers Producer Organisation which is a registered entity. In Punjab, we have, so far, promoted 91 FPOs in 19 districts across the State. These FPOs have brought visible change in collectivising the operations of farming of small and marginal farmers. NABARD has also digitized these FPOs which will help them in credit linkage. NABARD will assist eligible FPOs to get credit from banks as also through NABKISAN Finance Ltd, subsidiary of NABARD, the main objective of which is to provide credit for promotion, expansion and commercialization of enterprises engaged in agriculture, allied and rural non-farm activities
We had earlier launched Water Campaign in 2017 (JalJeevanHai) in 5000 villages of the State. To take this further, an Integrated Water Management Scheme (IWMS) has been formulated by NABARD to be implemented in two districts namely Ferozpur and Moga, which are identified as Aspirational Districts by GoI where a cluster of 5 villages with an area of about 500 ha in each district will be covered to undertake various soil and water conservation measures, convergence of other schemes and funds.

सांसद किरण खेर ने एडवाइजर-चंडीगढ प्रशासन को लिखा पत्र: कॉन्ट्रैक्चुअल व आउटसोर्सिंग कर्मियों की मांगों के जल्द निवारण के लिए मीटिंग बुलाने को कहा

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Chandigarh 19th September:- आल कॉन्ट्रैक्चुअल कर्मचारी संघ,यू.टी चंडीगढ की जेम पोर्टल प्रणाली में टैंडर ठेकेदार बदलने पर पुराने वर्कर्स को निकालने की मांग पर संज्ञान लेते हुए चंडीगढ़ की सासंद किरण खेर ने चंडीगढ प्रशासक के सलाहकार को पत्र लिख कर उचित निर्णय लेने आल कॉन्ट्रैक्चुअल कर्मचारी संघ से कॉन्ट्रैक्ट आउटसोर्सिंग वर्कर्स की मांगों के निवारण के जल्द मीटिंग तय करने को कहा है।
चंडीगढ़ की सांसद किरण खेर ने हाल ही में भारी संख्या में कॉन्ट्रैक्ट आउटसोर्सिंग वर्कर्स द्वारा चंडीगढ प्रशासन विरुद्ध रैगुलराइजेशन,समानता नौकरी की सुरक्षा के लिए किये गए रोष प्रदर्शन का संज्ञान लेते हुए प्रशासन के अधिकारियों से इस मामले में जल्द से जल्द हल निकालने हेतु मीटिंग बुलाए जाने को कहा है। उन्होंने अपने पत्र में कहा है कि वर्षों से काम कर रहे कॉन्ट्रैक्ट कर्मचारी अच्छा ख़ासा तज़ुर्बा हासिल कर चुके हैऔर वो फ्रेशर्स के मुकाबले अच्छी सेवाएं दे सकते है ।इसलिए आपसे अनुरोध किया जाता है कि पोर्टल की इंट्रोडक्शन के बाबजूद भी इन कर्मचारियों को अपना काम करते रहने की अनुमति दी जाये

3-Day Holistic Healing Conference Starts

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Chandigarh 19th September:- The 3-day Integrative Medicine & Holistic Healing Conference will begin at NIPER, Mohali from tomorrow. It is being organized by The Quantum Clinic, Mohali in association with Holistic Healing Trust and Max Super specialty Hospital, Mohali.
Noted cancer specialist Dr Sachin Gupta informed that the conference will witness experts in field of allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, sound therapy, yoga, naturopathy, acupuncture, ozone therapy and other health experts coming together under one roof to provide perspective of various healing modalities to the world.
During conference, W Selvamurthy the president of Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation will speak on integration of science, medicine & sirituality. Thornton Streeter from England, Michelle D Button, Miktlan, Martin Achirica, Tahi Ricart from Mexico, Ana Maria Oliva from Spain, Dr Naval Verma, Blossom Furtado and NK Sharma from Delhi, Mili Shah and Prakriti Paddar from Mumbai and Umender Dutt from Punjab will share their views during conference.
The conference will be  attended by doctors both allopathy and alternative medicine, ayurvedic doctors, healers and also patients including cancer patients. A wide array of therapists from across the globe will present their views and research on diverse subjects including auric field energy, hypnotherapy, ozone therapy acupuncture etc.
Dr Shaveta Gupta who is promoting soulful pregnancy program informed that recognizing music as the language of the soul, we have made it an important component of this conference. We have invited some of the best sound healers who will take audience through a musical experience of ancient traditions, both oriental and occidental, mixed with fusions and contemporary styles to transmit healing vibrations.
She informed that promotion of Organic Lifestyle and natural farming is another aim of this conference with enriching discourses to workshops, dance therapy, yoga and music.