Thursday, 11 April 2019

On Baisakhi Saregama Brings Carvaan Mini Gurbani

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Chandigarh 11th April, 2019:- Baisakhi is celebrated with exuberance and joy across northern region of our county and Sikh dominated pockets of the world. With the celebration comes an occasion where the entire family bonds together and follow the traditions carried through generation. This year, let’s take a step ahead and make the occasion special for our loved ones. Let’s give them Carvaan Mini Gurbani. A product designed to keeping in mind, need of the hour and easy to use.
Carvaan Mini Gurbani offers 100+ spiritual Shabad and paths from Ragis like Japji Sahib, Rehrass Sahib and Sukhmani Sahib among others. Ek Onkar to Satnaam Waheguru, Saregama Gurbani has compiled together the essence of pure devotion plus a host of features including Bluetooth and in-built speakers.
It also doubles up as an FM/ AM radio with the option to tune into your favorite station in the region. Moreover, the listeners can enjoy their personal music collection on Carvaan by plugging in a USB drive or by connecting their phones via Bluetooth. It comes with a long lasting battery life and listeners can enjoy up to 4-5 hours of uninterrupted music. Not just this, Carvaan mini also supports Aux in/ Aux Out feature. It comes with 6 months’ warranty across India.
The classic look in addition with its rich content, convenience and utility, makes Carvaan Mini Gurbani a perfect reason to gift your close and dear one.

Taj Chandigarh All Set to Celebrates Annual Baisakhi Mela

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Chandigarh 11th April, 2019:- Taj Chandigarh sets sail once more to celebrate the harvest festival of Punjab with a ten day evening fair at its poolside from the 12th to the 21st of April for dinner from 20:00 hrs to 23:30 hrs.
 The hotel has been hosting the special Baisakhi Mela over the last five years and manages to up its game each time.
The General Manager Surinder Singh said that this year too they have come up with a fascinating menu that brings forth an extensive range of dishes that are very peculiar to the festival. He believes that the food and ambience combine to contribute towards the growing popularity of the Baisakhi Celebrations at Taj Chandigarh each year.
Apart from the usual Pindi Channa and Rara Gosht, Chef has also churned up some fascinating dishes like Choliye aur Makai ki Tikki, Chinioti Gosht and the very popular Masaledar Kathal. The mela will also serve delicacies like fresh sugarcane juice, kanji and gurmalpua, that are a must have during these festivities.
The poolside of the hotel gets lit up with celebratory lights with the mela ambience being created to perfection with the Phulkari display by Meher Baba Charitable Trust Phulkari Makers. The NGO exhibits some of its best works and right from Duppatas to Juttis and even purses and bookmarks, one can buy it all.
Energetic Punjabi music brings the evening alive as guest enjoy the delicious dinner buffet along with special beverages to make this a must visit event in City Beautiful. Brings The Best of Beauty to Chandigarh with the Signature ‘The Beauty Bar” Event

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Chandigarh 11th April, 2019:- India’s leading beauty retailer Nykaa organized its signature ‘Nykaa Beauty Bar’ event that allows customers a personalized, one-on-one experience with Indian and International beauty brands. The Beauty Bar event took place in the Nykaa On Trend at Chandigarh’s famous Elante Mall.
Nykaa has emerged as India’s leading beauty retailer with its focus on 100% authentic products and strong customer engagement through it’s Beauty Blog, Instagram handle and Nykaa TV YouTube channel. The Omni-channel retailer today offers its customers more than 1000 brands online as well as the opportunity to shop at any of the 36 Nykaa retail stores across 15 cities. This past year, Nykaa has also launched new verticals like Nykaa Fashion - a fashion destination with the best of Indian designers, Nykaa Man - a specially dedicated site for all male grooming, Nykaa Network - an online community for beauty enthusiasts and  Nykaa Pro - for all professional beauty needs.
Present from was Anchit Nayar, CEO - Retail, Nykaa said that chandigarh is a natural choice for Nykaa as it is a large base of evolved consumers. With the opening of our Nykaa On Trend store at Elante Mall and our extensive online collection, we are confident that we can give our Chandigarh customers the best beauty experience.
While offering a quintessential Nykaa experience, the Beauty Bar event focused on the latest beauty trends from International beauty brands like Flower Beauty, a brand by well-known Hollywood actress, Drew Barrymore and HUDA beauty, the much-loved beauty brand by well-known influencerHuda Kattan.
Nykaa Cosmetics offered makeovers with their wide range of essential make-up for every skin tone along with their new offering of Nykaa Molten Matte lipsticks - The range which is inspired by women that melted our hearts from our favourite TV series.
Mehak Kawatra a well known makeup artist was present to give customers an insight into the latest beauty, make up trends and launches to help them create signature looks.
The Nykaa Beauty Bar returns for the second time to Chandigarh, after being hosted across multiple cities throughout the country. Other cities, which have hosted the Nykaa Beauty Bar are Lucknow, Kanpur, Indore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, BangaloreJaipur, Amritsar, Kochi and Pune.

राष्ट्रीय हिन्दू शक्ति संगठन ने नवरात्रों के पावन अवसर पर किया कीर्तन संध्या का आयोजन

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Chandigarh 11th April, 2019:- नवरात्रों के पावन अवसर पर राष्ट्रीय हिन्दू शक्ति संगठन के राष्ट्रीय उपाध्यक्ष श्री श्री श्री स्वामी सत्येंद्र नाथ जी महाराज जी के आशीर्वाद से चंडीगढ़ के अध्यक्ष डॉ० हिमांशु पूनिया महिला मोर्चा की अध्यक्ष मोनिका भारद्वाज की अध्यक्षता में एक कीर्तन संध्या का आयोजन किया गया। इस मौके चंडीगढ़ भाजपा प्रदेशाध्यक्ष संजय टंडन बतौर मुख्यातिथि के रूप उपस्थित हूए। नगर निगम पूर्व उपमहापौर एवम क्षेत्र पार्षद गुरप्रीत सिंह ढिल्लों और भाजपा महिला मोर्चा प्रदेश अध्यक्ष सुनीता धवन बतौर विशेष अतिथि मौजूद थे।
इस अवसर पर आर एच एस एस महिला मोर्चा की राधा रसिक कीर्तन मंडली द्वारा माँ की महिमा का गुणगान किया गया।  कीर्तन संध्या के दौरान एक से बढ़कर एक भजन की गूंज मंदिर में सुनाई दी।जिससे पूरा माहौल ही भक्तिमय हो गया और आई हुई संगत ने सुरीले भजनों का लुत्फ उठाया। कीर्तन के बाद महामाई की भव्य आरती हुई।
आर.ऐच.ऐस.ऐस चंडीगढ़ के उपाध्यक्ष पविता सेनी ,अशोक जी ,महासचिव आशा शर्मा, पुष्पा राठौड़, सचिव प्रीतिजिला प्रधान देवी सिंह, मंडल प्रधान प्रदीप बंसल, दीपक शर्मा, हर्षित, राजिंदर सिंह, राज यदुवंशी, बबिता, गीता इत्यादि ने बढ़ चढ़कर हिस्सा लिया।