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Auditions for Miss & Mrs Punjab Divas Held

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Chandigarh 09th December:- As many as 55 female models from Chandigarh and Punjab  took part in Divas Beauty Pageant’s auditions for Miss and Mrs. Punjab Divas on Sunday.
55 models between age groups of 21-33 years participated in auditions. The grand finale will be held in Goa in April next year.
Simrat Kaur, state director of Punjab Divas said that Miss and Mrs. Punjab Divas is one of the most prestigious beauty pageant for women of all ages. It’s a part of international beauty pageant which is an effort to acknowledge today's Indian women and will turn into a vehicle for self-awareness and advancement of social appreciation.
Binny Bhatt, founder of Divas Beauty Pageant and the winner of Mrs. India Earth Charity Ambassador 2017 & Ms. India Earth International 2018 was also present during occasion.
Meanwhile Divas pageant has several categories under which anyone from age group 3 to 45 can participate. The contestant who enters this prestigious pageant embarks a life changing journey.
Simrat Kaur informed that Divas creates ambassador to work for the society by creating awareness towards domestic violence, cancer awareness and women empowerment and save the child .Passionate winners are groomed and promoted to participate in International pageants to see the vast exposure and bring the change in oneself, she maintained.
The winners from Miss and Mrs Punjab Divas will represent Punjab in The Miss and Mrs India Divas Pageant in April 2020. Further the winners will represent India at Earth Pageant, United Nations Pageant, Asia Pacific Pageant, Eco International Pageant and many other pageants, said Binny Bhatt adding this will be an excellent opportunity for all the participants to represent themselves and to showcase their talent at Divas and World level platform.

Awareness Program Against Drugs Held at Desh Bhagat University

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Chandigarh 09th December:- Shaheed Bhagat Singh Youth Sports Cultural Club Kapoorgarh organized an awareness program against drugs in collaboration with Desh Bhagat University. Amrit Kaur Gill, Deputy Commissioner of Fatehgarh Sahib, was the chief guest of this program. Drug awareness program held under the guidance of University Chancellor Dr. Zora Singh.
Deputy Commissioner Amrit Kaur Gill said that we have to mobilize against
drugs to create a better society and told to the youth about to maintain good
 relation between education as well as sports.
Speaking on the occasion, University Chancellor Dr. Zora Singh said that sports  and education help us to become self-reliant, while the addict is viewed with disgust and
drugs made addict physically and mentally weak.
Dr. Shagundeep Kaur, Department of Sociology Shri Guru Granth Sahib World University, Dr. Akshaksha, Assistant Professor Mata Gujri College Fatehgarh Sahib and Karnail Singh,
Highway Traffic Incharge Barnala, Sangrur and Patiala, also informed the students about the adverse effects of drugs.
On this occasion, the President Teerath Singh Kapoorgarh thanked the guests for their support and the cooperation was given by Desh Bhagat University. The Vice Chancellor Dr. Virender Singh, Dr. Shalini Gupta,  Dr. Surjit Patheja and other staff members were also present.

Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools Residential Academy Announces Jalandhar Trials

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Jalandhar 09th December:- BBFS Residential Academy, a flagship initiative of Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools (BBFS), today announced its trials to admissions for year 2020. The trials for Jalandhar  will be held at DAV College, Mahatma Hans Raj Marg, Dayanand Nagar on Sunday, 8hDecember 2019. The admissions to the residential academy will be open for players born between 2003-2010, and selected players will be admitted into the academy, which provides CBSE schooling along with the integrated football training program.
The one of its kind in India, BBFS Residential Academy essentially provides the opportunity for talented young football players to pursue their academics while receiving the best-in-class football training. The benefits of a Residential Academy goes beyond just the combination of education and training, but also looks into several other aspects of young budding players, including their diet, monitoring physical development, definitive competitive exposure and career guidance.
The trials for admission to BBFS Residential Academy are being conducted in 35 cities across India including Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Calicut, Pune, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Guwahati, Shillong, as well as the states of Manipur, Mizoram & Nagaland.
BBFS is a dream of legendary Indian footballer, Bhaichung Bhutia to grow the game at the grassroot level by offering high quality coaching and training infrastructure. Speaking on the occasion, Bhaichung Bhutia, Founder-BBFS said that football is a high action game. It requires relentless practice, determination, grit and passion. But that is not all. The ground workhas to begin with high quality coaching and training infrastructure, which is sorely lacking in the country today. We have not kept pace with other Asian countries in terms of infrastructure and training methodologies. We want to transform this picture of Indian football. For all those young kids itching for a structured progress plan, we at BBFS, offer international standard training programs, coaches, regular tournaments and opportunities to experience and excel on the global football arena.
The Residential Academy thrives on the BBFS’ core value system – passion, perseverance and teamwork. The management believes that opportunity to play, learn and master the game should be available to all who seek it and no talented player should be barred from the opportunity to master the game. Kishore Taid, Co-Founder and CEO of BBFS elaborated that from the collective experience of the management and coaching team of the academy, we know that there is no dearth of talent in the country and talent can be found in any corner of India. We want to make this residential program accessible to every player, and to do this, we are going to all major cities and football hubs of the country to reach out to players locally. We have done this in the past as well, and now, we have players from 20 states in the country. He believe we can have representation from all states, and so we are conducting trials in more cities this year to reach out to every child with the dream of becoming a professional football player.
BBFS has a golden track record in terms of developing home-grown players who have gone on to play for India, and for many top clubs in the Indian Super League and the I–League. In the short span since the Residential Academy has begun, two players have already been selected to be a part of the India National Team. Earlier in 2019, Ranjan Soren, hailing from Orissa and Lionel D Rymee from Meghalaya, were selected to be part of the India’s U-15 Squad and have represented the country internationally in the on-goingseason. The young boys have been an inspiration to the other academy players and are an example of how opportunities are available to each aspiring player at the academy. BBFS has also coached and guided more than 20 players who have gone on to play for India, ISL clubs, I-League clubs and even two who have played for foreign clubs.
With India hosting two U-17 FIFA World Cups in a span of 3 years, there is no doubt that football has risen to be a primary sport in the country. In fact, there have been many noteworthy initiatives from the government – such as Mission XI Million and Khelo India School Games, and several private sector initiatives from companies to encourage the sport and those who play it. There is no doubt that the scope for football has greatly increased and so have the platforms for young aspiring football players to grow and perform.

Omaxe New Chandigarh Rewards Business Associates with Foreign Trip

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Chandigarh 09th December:- Omaxe New Chandigarh organized a 4-day High Flyer’s meet in Phuket from December 4-7, 2019 to reward its business associates for their outstanding performance in calendar year 2019-20. Around 75 people became a part of this tour where the company managed for their stay, F&B along with site seeing. An award ceremony was also organised on 6th December to honor the associates with trophy for their remarkable contribution.
The realty major believes in rewarding its associates and keeps on organising such meets and events to recognize their efforts. The group has also organised several such grand meets in the past to encourage them for their faith in the company.
New Chandigarh has become one of the fastest developing areas of Tricity and Omaxe New Chandigarh has established itself as the prime developer of the region with a township that offers varied product offerings. 

Wunder School Unveiled: To Become Pioneer in Experiential and STEM Based Learning

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Chandigarh 09th December:- An enterprising team of educationists has entered tricity’s schooling arena by creating Wunder School- a Mindful Learning  concept based play class to elementary and soon to be a CBSE+2 school. Built on a Punjab government approved sprawling 8.5 acre campus, the  school is a sight to behold. Located on the New Chandigarh road towards Kurali-Baddi highway, SAS Nagar (Mohali), the school announced start of operations by holding an open session which showcased the innovative learning systems for the first time in the region. 
The school organized sculpturing, aero-modeling, fun with science session, lego based activity and painting workshop.  A major attraction was the planetarium showcasing our magnificent cosmos to the visiting children. Guests were taken for a walk, through the wonderful learning elements of the school. The high lights included the learning stories created by Chitwan and team on the walls, story well, the chat lab, and exploration centre. 
 To share greater details about the one-of-a-kind school a press-meet was held which was addressed by Anu Mahajan, Administrator, who is a psychologist & counsellor and is passionate about school management and developing education systems. 
Anu Mahajan said that at Wunder School, our mission is to help make Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) an integral part of education from pre-school through elementary. We achieve our goals through the concept of experiential learning which simply explained means learning through ‘experience’ & ‘doing’. Students at Wunder School will learn through four key elements -reflection, visualization, experimentation and conceptualization. We focus on mindful learning which means holistic development of a child’s mind, heart, body & spirit.
Prince Khullar, Founder-Cum–Chairman, Wunder School, who is a dynamic and well established educationist of Punjab said that International awareness and global perspectives are promoted through the curriculum, and exploratory resource centre’s. Initially we have established 16 classrooms with each having 2 teachers and 1 class attendant per class of 30 students. The school timings from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm shall facilitate learning inside and outside the classrooms in an eco -friendly campus.
Prince Khullar, an experienced education industry entrepreneur, said that our curriculum gives a lot of emphasis to ‘STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) based approach in learning at the stage of primary education itself.
The school is quite uniquely positioned as it offers an equal number of labs to classrooms. Hands on lab learning, field visits for concept clarity, remedial teaching during day boarding hours for those students who require extra coaching are part & parcel of the new age school. The schools teaching learning style shall obviate the need for tuition and hence make it the first school in the region to eliminate tuition culture. General knowledge and newspaper reading will be a daily ritual with the focus of the school on confidence building and art of communication.
Learning Landscapes will be an integral part of education. Well designated areas for sports, arts, music, dance, performing arts etc have been created.  The school has a basketball court, skating rink, three clay tennis courts, football fields, track & field, cricket field and facilities for gymnasium.
In so far as security is concerned there are GPS and camera enabled transport facility from Mohali, Kharar, Kurali, Roop Nagar, New Mullanpur and Chandigarh with female attendant on board. The campus too is adequately covered by CCTV.

मोती राम आर्य स्कूल ने अपना वार्षिकोत्सव-"परिवर्तन-प्रकृति का नियम" हर्षोल्लास व जोश के साथ मनाया

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Chandigarh 09th December:- मोती राम आर्य  सीनियर सेकेंडरी   मॉडल स्कूल , सेक्टर-27  चंडीगढ़ के भव्य ऑडिटोरियम में  मुख्य अतिथि पंजाब इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज के निर्देशक प्रोफेसर धीरज  सांघी, मुख्याध्यक्ष  विचारवान अनिल महाजन, स्कूल की मुख्य आकृति प्रदायनी शकुंतला महाजन, प्रेरणा स्रोत निर्देशिका रचना महाजन, प्रबंधिका  और ट्रस्टी  उमा भनोट, सलाहकार विदुषी सरोज सावंत, संवेदनशील सकुशल प्रधानाचार्या सीमा बीजी तथा .टी.. मेंबर्स की मौजूदगी  में बड़े हर्षोल्लास , उमंग  जोश  के साथ मनाया गया
अधयापक-अध्यापिकाओं  के निरीक्षण  में 500  प्रतिभागी  बच्चों ने इस उत्सव को सिर्फ हर्ष, उल्लास  से मनाया बल्कि परिवर्तन को खुले मन से स्वीकार करके शपथ भी ली कि वे स्कूल, घर,मुहल्ला साफ़ रखेंगे तथा अपने जन्मदिन पर एक एक पौधा लगाकर पर्यावरण को दूषित होने से बचाकर स्वच्छता अभियान का  अंग बनेंगे वे पॉलोथिन के स्थान पर पेपर, जूट ,कपडा बैग  का ही प्रयोग करेंगे ,पशिचमी सभ्यता  की चकाचौंध  से दूर रहकर अपने भारतीय संस्कारो से खुद को पोषित करने का प्रयास करेंगे
पुरस्कार वितरण से पूर्व प्रधानाचार्या डॉक्टर सीमा बीजी ने मेधावी, होनहार, विजयी छात्र -छात्राओं के बारे में तथा विद्यालय  की अन्य गतिविधियों से सम्बंधित रिपोर्ट पढ़ी
पंजाब इंजीनियरिंग  कॉलेज के निर्देशक प्रोफेसर धीरज सांघी ने सांस्कृतिक  कार्यक्रम की भूरी -भूरी प्रंशसा की और विद्यार्थियों को निरंतर पुस्तकें पढ़ने के लिए प्रेरित किया कि पुस्तकें चाहे महापुरुषों की हो  या विज्ञान की आपका आत्मज्ञान  विकसित   होगा
कार्यक्रम की समापन बेला पर निर्देशिका रचना महाजन ने आये हुए सभी अतिथियों और अभिभावकों का धन्यवाद् किया