Saturday, 8 December 2018

बरनाला के असिस्टेंट प्रोफेसर के पहले काव्य संग्रह "पहला पन्ना" का विमोचन

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 08th December:- पंजाब के शहर बरनाला में आर्यभट्ट ग्रुप ऑफ इंस्टिट्यूशन मे असिस्टेंट प्रोफेसर के पद पर कार्यरत प्रोफेसर चतीन्द्र सिंह रूपाल ने अपने पहले काव्य संग्रह "पहला पन्ना" का आज अनावरण किया। उनकी इस पुस्तक को बतौर मुख्य अतिथि मौजूद विख्यात पंजाबी लेखक निन्दर घुगियानवी ने रिलीज करते हुए पब्लिक को समर्पित किया ।
चंडीगढ़ प्रेस क्लब में आयोजित कार्यक्रम के दौरान चतीन्द्र सिंह रूपाल ने कहा कि उन्हें लिखने का शौक बचपन से ही था। फुर्सत के पलों में वो कुछ न कुछ लिखते रहते थे। लिखने का उनका ये सबब कब जुनून बन गयापता ही नही चला। उन्होंने बताया कि 70 कविताओ वाले 80 पन्नों के इस काव्य संग्रह में ज़िन्दगी के हर पहलू को छुआ गया है। इनमे से कुछ कविताएं तो उनके अपने जीवन से जुड़ी हुई है। उन्होंने बताया कि बुक के पब्लिशर्स "सूरजां दे वारिस" है। उन्होंने कहा की उनकी इस बुक के छपने में उनके दो दोस्तों अमनदीप सिंह गिल और जसविंदर सिंह का अहम योगदान हैवो तहेदिल से उनका आभार जताते है ।
मुख्य अतिथि निन्दर घुगियानवी ने चतीन्द्र सिंह को उनके पहले काव्य संग्रह के लिए शुभकामनाएं दी और भविष्य में इसी तरह से कलम के माध्यम से समाज को कुछ न कुछ देते रहने के लिए प्रेरित किया।

Ankit Tiwari Unveils His Single 'Naina' at VR Punjab

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 08th December:- Ankit Tiwari known for composing the music for Bollywood movie 'Do Dooni Chaar'(2010) & singer of chartbusters like Aashiqui 2's 'Sunn Raha Hai', the immensely popular 'Galliyan' from Ek Villian,  'Dil Cheez Tujhe De Di' from Airlift et al, unveiled his latest single 'Naina', in a press meet held at the Splash outlet in VR Punjab here.
After the press conference Ankit Tiwari met up with his fans at the VR Punjab Social Hub. At the Social Hub, VR Punjab a performance of the talented singer was held. Ankit regaled the shoppers with his perfect rendition of 'Naina'. The music magic created, enthralled the audience who enjoyed the lilting tunes of this new release. Later, Ankit also announced a meet & greet contest linked to the release of this new song. 
Jermina Menon, Vice President (Marketing), Virtuous Retail said that at VR Punjab our focus is always on getting our shoppers something special. With the visit of a celebrity like Ankit Tiwari, our shoppers had an exceptional experience and a chance to interact & listen to one of their favourite Bollywood singers at VR Punjab. We will keep organising exciting events that will make visits & shopping a truly rewarding experience.
Ankit Tiwari said that " 'Naina' is getting a great response . As far as my visit to VR Punjab is concerned it was very fulfilling. The visit to Splash, the performance and everything else was really enjoyable. The crowd was quite enthusiastic and for a performer like me, it felt truly encouraging.
It is noteworthy that some other popular songs of this singer who is growing fast in Bollywood playback singing are  'Kuch toh hua hai', Singham Returns, 'Tu hai ki nahi', Roy , 'Tay hai', Rustom and 'Agar tu hota, Baaghi. In 2014, Ankit collaborated with Mohit Suri—Director of the film Aashiqui 2—for Ek Villain, where he composed and sung the song 'Galliyan'. For the track he received another two nominations in Filmfare Awards, winning the Best Male Playback Singer award.
This performance was done in partnership with Splash,   part of the Landmark Group. Splash is the Middle East’s leading youth fashion brand and their stores offers a range of Unisex apparel, fashion wear and accessories.

Governor V. P. Singh Badnore Inaugurates Royal Fables Chandigarh: Globally Acclaimed Regal Platform Comes to the City

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 08th December:- Royal Fables, a heritage platform that promotes regal, royal India in all its glory held its first exposition in Chandigarh in association with Kanjimull & Sons by Gaurav Khanna at Taj Chandigarh, with a formal inauguration by V.P. Singh Badnore, the honorable Governor of Punjab.
17 Royal exhibitors presented art, fashion, textiles and art objects made in leading palace studios across the nation. Besides handpicked collections by leading designers and labels that keep the rich Indian handmade tradition alive were also showcased.
Anshu Khanna, Founder, Royal Fables said that Governor Punjab, himself a Rajput from the royal family of Badnore, understands the importance of nurturing our heritage and we feel blessed that he inaugurated the show.
She added that this is the milestone year and we are trying to take the regal legacy to smaller cities and towns which are inhabited by luxury seekers and heritage lovers.  Royal Fables is envisaged as that one platform where we showcase the aura of Princely India as recreated by young scions of royal families.
The exposition closed with a talk on the handcraft legacy of Princely India, chaired by Rani Vinita Singh Patiala and moderated by Anshu Khanna. The evening ended to the sounds of live music by Prabhtoj Singh and a regal fashion walk featuring the visiting royal dignitaries who will dress up in their own creations. Many posing as muse to other royal designers. There was also a culinary showcase of royal cuisine led by two siblings Thakur Shivraj Singh of Limdi and Kanwarani Vijaya Singh Nahan who are both chefs at heart and blue blooded by birth.
Gaurav Khanna said that the bond between Kanjimull and Princely India dates back to 1870 when my great grandfather Kanjimull Khanna, started designing personal jewelry for the Royal family of Patiala. Other states of Punjab followed. Slowly our name spread right up to Great Britain and we were designing for the nobles of Britain. It was exciting to present our collection at the Royal Fables at the Taj Chandigarh.
The list of  royal participants who presented collections was prolific and included Princely families from across the nation including:  HH Maharani Radhika Raje Gaekwad of Baroda, Rani Vinita Singh Patiala, Rani Kavita Kumari Sahiba Jodhpur, Rani Uttara Singh of Jodhpur, Princess Nandini Singh of Jhabua, Rajkumari Alkarani Singh Pratapgarh, Rajkumari Richa Rajya Laxmi Danta, Kanwarani Kamini Singh Seohara, R.K. Chandni Singh Seohara, Baisa Pushpita Singh Kharwa, Rani Jaykirti Singh & Namrata Singh, Baria, Thakurani Darshana Kumari of Mandawa, Yaduveer Singh Bera. Rani Madhavi Mandloi Zamindar, Bada Rawala, Indore, Thakurani Madhulika Hada of Koela, Sonal Dayal Sarjolta, BBG Royals and Shivani Singh.