Saturday, 1 February 2020

Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society Releases Financial Aid to Needy Cancer Patients

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Chandigarh, 01st Feb, 2020:- In an endeavor to provide holistic help to cancer patients, around 27 donors in the memory of their loved ones, who lost their lives to cancer, gave financial aid of Rs 10,000 each to 24 recipients at Sahayta Cancer Kendra, Sector 15 B, here.
The event is being organized by Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society to mark the celebration of ‘World Cancer Day’ at its premises.
Speaking on the occasion, Ajay Tulli, Administrator, Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society said that the treatment of cancer is expensive, which breaks the backbone of the patient & his or her family financially. Today from this platform the donors, who have lost their loved ones to the disease and understand the acute pain of the patients & their families have given the much needed financial assistance to them.
Renu Saigal, President, Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society & who is also a cancer survivor said that it is good to see the people coming forth in this great cause to help cancer patients and their families. All the recipients who were given financial aid were from the economically weaker section.
She added that we should create more awareness campaigns on a large scale, so that the cancer gets detected at an early stage. We also need to inspire more people from different strata of society to come forward and help alleviate the pain of cancer being suffered by needy patients.
Apart from providing financial help to needy cancer patients Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society also observes 'Pink October' as Breast & Cervix Cancer Awareness Month, and organizes a 'Breast Cancer Walkathon' every year.
The society's aim is to generate awareness about the prevention of cancer and it holds events and interventions on a regular basis to fulfill the objective.
It is noteworthy that Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society since inception has helped over 2000 needy cancer patients.

Usha International Strengthens Its Portfolio of Sewing Machines Category in India

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Chennai, 01st Feb, 2020:- Usha International, one of India’s leading consumer durables brand,  organized an exclusive closed door ‘Meet and Greet’ event for their trade partners with the winner of ‘National Film Award for Best Actress 2018’ and Usha Brand Ambassador Keerthy Suresh in Chennai. The company also launched 19 new sewing machines, adding new models in the Usha Janome, Domestic Industrial as well as Industrial Garment Machine (IGM) range.
At the event, Keerthy Suresh interacted with Usha dealers, and some of Usha’s high performing employees. This was followed by an interactive session with all those present and a photo-op with actor Keerthy Suresh.
Commenting on the event, Keerthy Suresh, Brand Ambassador, Usha International said that she is extremely happy to be a part of this event today and honored to be associated with Usha. She was a fashion designing student herself and being here today feels like a full circle. These sewing machines reminded me of her college projects. She thanks Usha for extending their love and warmth to her.  
Speaking about the Launch, Harvinder Singh, President-Sewing Machines, Usha International, said that this new launch bears testimony to our ability to constantly offer innovative and customized solutions based on consumer insights and preferences.”
He added that at Usha International, we value our trade partners and occasions like this take our relationships beyond the regular.  They give us an opportunity to acknowledge and express gratitude towards our partners for their continued efforts in making Usha International a leading consumer durables brand in India. 

PareeHAAT -Kasba Karigari Ka starts: Aims to revive the lost art & fine heritage craftsmanship of India

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Chandigarh, 01st Feb, 2020:- PareeHAAT Kasba Karigari Ka an exhibition envisioned by city based fashion designer & curator Rashmi Bindra, who recently survived cancer, is all set to revive the lost art & fine heritage craftsmanship from different parts of India at Hotel Shivalikview, Sec 17 here. The exhibition has kicked off and will be on from Feb 1-2 (Sat-Sun). The showcase will be held from 11 am till 7:30 pm daily. CITCO Managing Director  Jasvinder Kaur Sidhu(IAS) formally inaugurated the exhibition.
Rashmi Bindra said that she travelled extensively for over 3 months to get some of the most intense handmade art and fashion from nooks & crannies of India. The PareeHaat team has worked relentlessly to get together all the possible talent, which tells the story of conviction and creativity, the traditional to the modern, chic to the ethnic, and the luxury to simplicity the exhibition aims to capture different hues, splendor and grandeur of India.
Rashmi added that the whole exhibition has been put up with a motive of empowering every small little skill or 'Kaarigari' and to revive the lost heritage by showcasing fashion, art and lifestyle which is simply an absolute labor of love. The focus of the exhibition is revival of heritage craftsmanship & art which have been losing sheen over time.
The exhibition has been put up by Rashmi Bindra in collaboration with Paree Foundation which focuses to achieve economic freedom of women by providing employment to them. CITCO is also associated with the exhibition.  The event’s creative partner is INIFD.
Dr Parminder Kaur, Founder, Paree Foundation said that the showcase is presenting the elegance & opulence of our Indian heritage. We are exhibiting & promoting all kinds of sustainable livelihood solutions and keeping the legacy of craftsmanship alive through PareeHAAT.
PareeHaat has a showcase by 5 NGOs, which have brought out the hidden talent of many underprivileged artisans.The label 'Oryn' has a range of handcrafted wellness products; founder of the label Meenakshi Bhardwaj   is present with her wares at PareeHAAT. Fashion Design  Council of India (FDCI) designers like Abhi Singh known for his contribution to Indian handlooms is there. Rahul Singh, an alumnus of NIFT, New Delhi known for his specialization in 'Kashidakari' and 'Saboori' too has brought his collections. The famous designer Sonia Jetleey's ensembles too are available.
Parsi garras and embroideries by Nergisse & Veera from Mumbai are a treasure trove, Rusky and Ritu, brings tilla and zari in Kashmiri style. Ritu hails from Jammu & Kashmir. Nomi Weavers Nest from Assam has brought the region's rich heritage and creativity in their sustainable fashion collections. S.A. Creations by Sikandar Khatri, has authentic bandhej crafts from Bhuj, Gujarat. The whole show gets a magical touch with the Pichwai miniature art & paintings by Kuldeepak Soni from Rajasthan.
Punjla  a label of Patiala, is here. Zephyr By Jyoti Khosla, has a collection of Ajrak on Shaneel, AlBasir is here with an exclusive collection of Ultimate Kashmir Arts, Zoyashi by Zoya & Tashi, has created minimalist designs using looms. Kumud designs have embellished Chikankari. Bageeya Ecoclothing by Jigisha ties leaves in the organic cloths to get their imprints,  is a beautiful art form.
Rashmi Bindra herself has displayed a collection of hand painted sarees and suits, with a touch of batik, tie & die.
Rashmi added that she also have Irani and Persian work shawls, stoles and sarees and in fact if you want to get your Pashmina restored, it can be done at the exhibition. Lubna will restore it for you bringing life to the old one's "
Ehsaas has beautifully crafted authentic Kundan and Polki Jewellery. Moreover PareeHaat has gone organic be it handbags, spices, pickles or herbs. Knick-knacks, little jewellery, bakes and cakes, flowers and pots add pop to the show.

नगर कांउसल इमपलाइज यूनियन,जीरकपुर ने चंडीगढ निगम कमिश्नर व पूर्व मेयर का फूंका पुतला

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Chandigarh, 01st Feb, 2020:- जीरकपुर: चंडीगढ में वाल्मीकि  शोभा यात्रा में गुरचरण सिंह को 68 लाख का नोटिस नौकरी से निकालने का मामला अब पंजाब में भी तूल पकडता जा रहा है, लगता है कि धीरे धीरे यह आग दिल्ली तक पहुंचेगी

इस नोटिस गुरचरण सिंह को कमिश्नर पूर्व मेयर दवारा रंजिशन नौकरी से निकालने से देश भर में पूरे वालमीकि समाज में बहुत रोष व्याप्त है चंडीगढ या अन्य कई स्थानों पर बार-बार कमिश्नर पूर्व मेयर राजेश कालिया के पुतले फूंके जा रहे है

वाल्मीकि समाज उनका समर्थन कर रही कई यूनियनों की यही मांग है कि जल्द से जल्द यह वाल्मीकि  समाज की भावनाओं को ठेस पहुंचाने वाले काले नोटिस को गुरचरण सिंह को नौकरी पर बहाल किया जाए

सफाई कर्मचारी यूनियन के प्रधान वीर प्रदीप कुमार सूद , वाइस प्रधान वीर विनोद  कार्यालय सचिव रविंदर पाल सिंह संयुक्त सचिव वीर सतीश भाडली यूनियन एटक जीरकपुर वाइस प्रधान वीर अनिल कुमार ,साफी अली, राज मेहरा, मिट्ठू ,ओमवीर, दीपू, अमित ,सलाहकार प्रदीप ,बिशनपुरा इन नेताओं ने प्रदर्शन को संबोधित किया और रविंदर पाल सिंह तथा प्रदीप कुमार सूद विनोद जी ने पूर्व मेयर राजेश कालिया बीजेपी तथा कमिश्नर केके यादव जी का पुतला फूंका और मांग उठाई गई कि वीर गुरचरण सिंह जी को नौकरी से बहाल तथा 68 लाख का नोटिस रद्द करने की पुरजोर आवाज उठाई

जलद कारवाई होने पर युनियन ने 13 फरवरी को एम।सी दफतर ,चंडीगढ के बाहर होने वाले रोष पर दर्शन में भाग लेने का एलान भी किया