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एयरोफ्लाई अकादमी ने मनाया तीज का त्यौहार व स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर्व: 'बेटी बचाओ-बेटी पढ़ाओ की सोच के तहत चला रहे हैँ अकादमी

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Chandigarh 13th August:- तीज का त्यौहार व स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर्व को शिक्षण संस्थान एयरोफ्लाई अकादमी ने से.-17 स्थित अपने परिसर में मनाया। संस्थान की छात्राओं ने इन दोनों सांस्कृतिक एवं देशभक्ति के त्योहारों को एक साथ ढोल-धमाके के साथ नाच गाकर खूब जश्न मनाया। स्वाति शर्मा, स्मिता, शमां एवं मोनिका आदि ने सूंदर प्रस्तुतियां दीं ।   
इस मौके पर संस्थान के संचालकों जाग्रति मेहता व राहुल सलारिया ने बताया कि उनके संस्थान को शुरू हुए महज चार माह हुए हैं व अपनी तरह की अनूठी पहल करते हुए उन्होंने बेटी बचाओ-बेटी पढ़ाओ अभियान के तहत यहां 90% लड़कियों को दाखिला दिया है व उनमें भी अधिकतर ग्रामीण व पिछड़े वर्ग से हैँ।

Sony SAB to Bring Alive Aladdin on Television

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Chandigarh 13th August:- The mere mention of ‘Aladdin’ takes one back in time to the middle eastern era of lavish palaces and vast deserts, flying carpets and the quest for the magic lamp. Sony SAB gears up to take viewers on an adventure with the launch of an epic, Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga. With a generous dose of magic and mystery, this show is based on the age-old fantasy of a 20-year old boy, Aladdin, and his trysts with love and fate. This show premieres on August 21, Monday to Friday at 9 PM only on Sony SAB.
Produced by Nissar Parvez and Alind Shrivastava of Peninsula Pictures, Sony SAB’s Aladdin will retell the legendary folklore in a grander avatar, action packed, yet amusing scenarios with a contemporary twist. The lion-hearted character of Aladdin is played by none other than Siddharth Nigam. He is a charismatic rebel who gets his work done promptly with his smooth-talking skills and street smartness. A lovable rogue and a hopeless romantic, Aladdin is forced to become a thief by his uncle and aunt owing to certain personal obligations and burdens of his family’s past. He shares a beautiful relationship with his Ammi played by Smita Bansal, who is his biggest strength as well as weakness.
Paired opposite Aladdin is Yasmine, the feisty princess of Baghdad, played by Avneet Kaur. Unlike a stereotypical princess, Yasmine is a fighter, the first one to voice her opinion or challenge any wrong doing. A pro at self-defense with excellent swordsmanship, Yasmine adds romance and action into the life of Aladdin. Another important character is that of Aladdin’s father, Omar (Girish Sachdev) who is at the crux of all the struggles that he’s been through and has a crucial role to play in Aladdin’s future and, a pathway to his bright future. The show will also bring alive popular peripheral characters on-screen such as, Zafar (Amir Dalvi), the power-hungry evil Wazir, who will constantly be at loggerheads with Aladdin, his thrifty Chacha (Badrul Islam) and Chachi (Gulfam Khan) and Yasmine’s parents Sultan Shahnawaz (Gyan Prakash) and Sultana (Yashu Dhiman). Aladdin’s adventures lead him to the ‘Chirag’, a magical lamp; this is the central motive on which the story revolves.
Neeraj Vyas, Business Head, Sony SAB, PAL, Hindi Movies and Music, shared that Aladdin is Sony SAB’s latest offering, keeping up the channel’s promise of providing happiness to its viewers. This show will bring to life Aladdin’s age-old yet always refreshing tale, dotted with characters that we have been familiar with during our growing-up years. Aimed at setting new standards of television programming, the show will entertain viewers with its grand sets, storytelling with a contemporary twist and superior production quality. He is confident that Aladdin will soon develop a loyal SAB fan following.
Nissar Parvez, Co-Founder, Peninsula Pictures Pvt. Ltd. said that t is a privilege bringing to life the epic tale of Aladdin, the story we have all grown up listening to. To present a modern-day adaptation of the larger-than-life story, the largest and grandest show on television today - we have pooled all our strengths. An iconic story like Aladdin cannot be showcased any other way. We at Peninsula Pictures are glad to associate with Sony SAB for the same.

Beautiful Contestants of Miss Rajasthan to Showcase Exquisite Charm Clad in Designs of Buzjay Fashion

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Chandigarh 13th August:- After creating buzz with magnificence of high couture fashion from the dias of Miss Rajasthan for two consecutive years in the past Designer duo Ajay Sinha & Buzy from Buzjay Fashion Studio are all all set to recreate the magic of high end fashion meeting royalty. All beautiful contestants of Miss Rajasthan -2018 will be showcasing exquisite fashion draped in lavish designs by Buzjay Fashion Studio. Stage is all set to celebrate formidable repertoire of designs with "Regal Fascination" theme reflecting traditional yet contemporary fashion with vivid rounds of Fusion, High Fashion and traditional rounds.
Their creativity will come alive on the ramp as all contestants will walk the stage clad in specially curated ensembles by celebrated designers.Gala event will promise to offer a spectacle never seen before. Elaborate ensembles, magnificent set and riveting concepts of the show will be dedicated to Royalty this year and will pen a new chapter of royal grandeur in keeping with aesthetics of Indian traditions and fashion. Themed around "Regal Fascination", collection is going to be a tribute to royalty and heritage of Rajasthan. Designers with their beautiful ensemble have tried to honour the diversity of royal fashion.  Regal and vintage craftsmanship has translated to contemporary silhouettes in form of beautiful designs. 
lauded designs by designers transcend the boundaries of fashion trends in favour of unique experimentation with aesthetics.  
Their magnificent designs are most sought after by fashion connoisseurs and fashion influencers.  We are very pleased to associate with Miss Rajasthan- 2018 for the third time in row, we will be marking hattrick together this year, we remain accredited to take high couture fashion to another level with timelessly spectacular creation this year round. Collection is dreamy and dramatic with elaborate work of art of every piece of design, fine embroidery add to the finesse of designs. Royalty will reflect through the splendid silhouettes of stunning designs as beautiful models will display glamour & style in vivid rounds. Designers will reflect the blue blooded taste and elite style.
Celebrated designers Ajay Sinha & Buzy stated that our designs reflect magnificence, effervescence, vibrancy and rich cultural lineage We have entered into successful  association with Miss Rajasthan and thankful to Yogesh Mishra for keeping immense faith in our work year after year. 
Joining the designers on the occasion were organisers of Miss Rajasthan  Yogesh and Nimisha Mishra and Nareshant Sharma, they were all praise for designers work. He has witnessed how excited and happy contestants of Miss Rajasthan feel as they wear beautiful designs of Buzjay, we are thankful to designers for making our contestants look like princess in their innovative designs. This year too everyone will see amalgamation of high couture fashion and royal charm. New collection of designers based on "Regal Fascination" theme is a visual delight with fresh colour, contemporary cuts and traditional work of art. 

Tathacharya to Have Second Wife in Tenali Rama’s Upcoming Track

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Chandigarh 13th August:- Tenali’s unmatched wisdom and his ability to turn the most unfavourable situations to his advantage has kept viewers entertained in Sony SAB’S Tenali Rama. In the upcoming track of the show, Tathacharya, who is declared as the king in absence of Krishnadevaraya, is forced to marry a girl named Arakiki.
Tathacharya (Pankaj Berry) being the temporary king, orders a man to live with both his wives since one of the wives come complaining to the darbaar, saying that her husband is not accepting her. Sometime later, a father (Pratik Bora) from the tribal clan shows up with his daughter Arakiki (Nidhi Gunjal) saying that Tathacharya has married her since he had touched her head while blessing her. Since Tathacharya had ordered the man to live with both his wives, he is left with no option but to accept Arakiki as his second wife.
Pankaj Berry, playing Tathacharya’s role, commented on the upcoming track saying that he  enjoy working with the cast of Tenali Rama since we get along well together. In the upcoming episodes, his character will be seen getting caught in a web spun by his own words. What happens next is unmissable.

Ride for Freedom To Be Held on August 19

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Chandigarh 13th August:- A Ride for Freedom will be held on August 19, 2018( Sunday), & this will start from Jan Marg, Sec 9  & 10 light point here. The Run will be flagged off at 5:30 am.
The Ride is being organised by Sports 13, a professional Sports Management company. The registrations for the ride have been opened. Those desirous of participating may get themselves registered by logging onto; or by calling 6283017317 or  9815409107. On the spot entry will also be taken at 5:00 am on August 19, 2018.
Yadvinder Singh, CEO, Sports 13, said that the main objective behind organising this cycling event is to motivate people to live a healthy, life with a fit body. This can be achieved the fun way through cycling. We will be making all arrangements for refreshments & energy drinks for all participants.
The Ride for Freedom will have a 25 Km Run for professional & serious cyclists in both Male & Female categories. The top 3 winners Male & Female will be given medals. The top 3 in each category  will also get a direct entry to the 6th Chandigarh Cyclothon which is to be held in October 2018.
Then there will be a 'Fun and Maza Ride' that will be of 7.5 kms and is open again to Men & Women, all participants will be given certificates. The third category is  for Kids. Their  ride will be of 3.5 kms and  only children between age group of  11 to 16 years can participate.

SYSKA LED Unveils WiFi Enabled Smart Table Lamp

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Chandigarh 13th August:- SYSKA LED introduces WiFi enabled Smart Table Lamp which is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Once SYSKA Smart Table Lamp synced with Amazon Alexa, it can be controlled using voice command given by the user. It’s one of a kind lamp, which can help you in choosing from three different colour temperatures i.e. – Warm White, Day Light, and Cool White. As an undertaking to offer innovative products with superior technology, SYSKA has introduced a second WiFi enabled product that works with Alexa under the umbrella of Smart light category.
Commenting on the launch of SYSKA Smart Table Lamp, Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, SYSKA Group said that as an endeavor towards providing the best customer experience through innovative product solutions, we have been introducing WiFi enabled products for our tech savvy consumers. In today’s time, technology is playing a key role in our daily life and introduction of such products will definitely bring more value and comfort to millions of customers across the country.
SYSKA Smart Table lamp is attractively priced at INR 3699/- and is available online on Amazon and Flipkart.
All SYSKA products are aesthetically designed which gives home or office a complete makeover with its fine lightning effect. SYSKA LED comes with international LED lighting solutions for home and offices. SYSKA LED’s compressive list of products include a variety of bulbs, ceiling lights, spot lights, tube lights, emergency lights, electrical accessories and strip lights. Coming in various shapes, sizes, colour temperate, WATT power and type, these LED lights are crafted to meet global standards and class.

Congress Party Ever-Ready for Vidhan Sabha & Lok Sabha Elections: Dr. Ashok Tanwar

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Chandigarh 13th August:- Dr. Ashok Tanwar, former MP., President, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee said that BJP usurped power by falsehood and fraud by misleading the people. Speaking at ‘Meet The Press’ in Press Clud, Chandigarh, he said that Mod Government at the Centre and Khattar Government in Haryana are based on falsehood and treachery, but falsehood has no feet, therefore both the Central and State Government are floating in the air. They have not done anything concrete during the last four and a half years. He said that the demonetization did not do any benefit to the people of the country but BJP used it for converting its black money into white one and has bought land worth a number of lakh crores rupees.
Making a blistering attack on BJP Government at the Centre and in Haryana, Dr. Ashok Tanwar said that during the last elections PM  Modi made tall promises like depositing 15 lakhs rupees in the account of each person, providing jobs to two crore youth every year, bringing back black money from abroad etc. etc., but during the last four years what the BJP Government has gifted to the people of the country is back-breaking high prices, unlimited increase in the prices of petrol, diesel and LPG despite low cost of crude oil.  The promise to provide two crore jobs to the youth has also proved merely a jumla. He said that due to the inefficiency of the BJP Government, development in agriculture and industries has come down considerably resulting in a large scale unemployment. The Prime Minister and the Chief Minister undertook journeys to different countries, but this drama also failed. The MoUs also remained limited to signing process, but nothing happened in practically.  He said that there a lot of difference between the words and deeds of BJP leaders. The atmosphere in the country has become so violence oriented that development has totally stopped. The peace and law & order are san qua nan for development and progress. But in the BJP rule these two things are replaced by violence and doubtful atmosphere hence there can be no development or investment.
Dr. Ashok Tanwar said that BJP is an enemy of SCs. BCs and weaker sections. Whenever there is a Court ruling which is against these sections, it is implemented without any delay, but whenever there is a ruling in favour of these sections, it is put on the back-burner. The implementation of provisions of reservation are also being ignored by the BJP Govts. Dr. Ashok Tanwar assured that Congress Party after coming into power will remove all these injustices.
He said that BJP has always used religion, caste and region to divide the people, wherever such a narrow mentality prevails there can be no place for development. It was all due to the machinations of BJP that Haryana had to face burning either in the name of Rampal episode, Jat Aarkshan or Sisa Dera episode. The Khattar Government after exploiting the name of Cow, Geeta and Saraswati, now is distributing packs of cards to push the youth of Haryana towards the crime.
Dr. Ashok Tanwar said that at present the mood of the people of the country against Modi and a stronge wave of change is prevailing through-out the country and return of Congress Party under the leadership of Shri Rahul Gandhi is almost assured. He said there was a time that the Congress Party was limited to only 15 seats in Haryana but during the last four years, the Congress Party through its meetings, demonstrations, dharnas, yatras etc. has raised the voice of the people in an effective way and due to this the Congress Party is an a strong position in the State. The overwhelming response the Congress Party getting from the people, is clearly reflecting that Congress will win all the 10 Lok Sabha seats in Haryana and a record number of Vidhan Sabha seats. He said that Congress Party is ever-ready for the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections. The Party will project a positive agenda through its election manifesto. 
The PCC President said that “Haryana Bachao-Parivartan Laao” cycle yatra has completed its three phases. The first one started from Kalka in Panchkula district and concluded at Pehowa, the second phase started from Chautala and concluded at Sirsa, whereas the third phase started from Sir Chhotu Ram Memorail Garhi Sampla to Kalanaur. The fourth phase of this yatra will begin from Kundli border on August 21 and conclude at Sonipat City on August 24 after covering all the constituencies of Sonipat district. After the completion of these four phases, 30 Vidhan Sabha constituencies will be covered by this yatra.
On the question of a newsman regarding sale-purchase of tickets, Dr. Ashok Tanwar said that there is no such tradition of sale-purchase of tickets in the Congress Party. The tickets will be given only to the dedicated and hardworking workers. He referred to the statement of the Congress President Rahul Gandhi two days earlier in which he had said that no paratrooper will get Party ticket.

CRB School organizes Tree Plantation Drive

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Chandigarh 13th August:- CRB Public School of Sector 7B, Chandigarh organised a Tree Plantation Drive to raise awareness among children about the importance of trees in our lives and the drastic consequence of Global warming. The drive was inaugurated by Director Sh. Naveen Mittal by planting a sapling and was followed by the Principal Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal.
In an address to the students, the Principal Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal stressed on the importance of trees and a clean environment. She also encouraged students to raise awareness in their neighbourhood about tree plantation. All the students from classes II to VIII participated in this drive by planting a sapling and promised to water it every day. The best plant of the class and the healthiest of them would be awarded by the end of the year.

ENT Doctor Bags Second Prize at National Conference


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Chandigarh 13th August:- Dr. Anuradha of Department of Otolaryngology  bagged second prize for free  oral  paper session at 1st Sound (Screening of Universal Neonatal Deafness) National Conference held at  Sri Guru Ram Das University of Health Sciences , Sri Amritsar.
The topic of the paper was "Sensorineural hearing loss in Ulcerative colitis: A Sub clinical Extra-intestinal manifestation ". The study highlighted existence of high frequency hearing loss in about 50% of Ulcerative colitis patients(autoimmune disorder).
The hearing assessment of these subjects with Otoacoustic emissions will enable early detection of outer hair cell damage.The paper was coauthored by Ms Khushbu rani, Dr Usha Dutta,Dr Sanjay Munjal, & Dr Naresh Panda.