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Lung Cancer is the 2nd Most Common Cancer in India: Dr. Jatin Sarin

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Chandigarh 30th May:- World No tobacco day is celebrated on 31st May all over the world. Dr. Jatin Sarin, noted medical oncologist of tricity says this day is to promote awareness regarding harmful effects of consumption of any form of tobacco. India is the third largest tobacco user across the world. As per the WHO, tobacco kills more than 1 million people in India each year. Currently there are 266 million tobacco users in India and a substantial number of second hand smokers. This was stated by Dr. Jatin Sarin during a Awareness event held at Chandigarh.
Dr. Jatin Sarin Medical Oncologist, said that some interesting facts stating environmental load due to cigarette smoking, were brought forward by a study conducted by Imperial College, London. The smoke from the world’s cigarettes represents 0.2% of global greenhouse gas emission. Cigarette butt waste represents 845000 tons of waste produced every year, the same as 3,755 times weight of statue of Liberty.
He further said that globally, each year, the tobacco industry consumes as much energy as the manufacture of 2 million cars. In 2015, it is estimated to have emitted some 8.76 million tons of CO2, the same as 3 million transatlantic flights. All forms of tobacco like cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco are dangerous. Cardiovascular diseases, oral cancers, lung cancers, kidney diseases, pancreatic diseases are commonly seen in tobacco users. Tobacco use affects almost every major organ and system in the body causing a great deal of morbidity and untimely death. More than 4,000 different types of chemicals have been found in tobacco and tobacco smoke. Over 60 of these chemicals have been classified as cancer causing agents by International Agency on Research in Cancer.
Dr. Jatin Sarin added that every time a person smokes a cigarette, the toxic chemicals pass into the lung and further into different organs of the body via the blood. Organs like the mouth, throat, larynx, brain, oesophagus, lungs, urinary bladder, kidney and breast are affected by smoking tobacco. Tobacco also causes many other disorders such as heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, blindness etc. Smoking tobacco is a major risk factor for lung cancer; almost 85% patients diagnosed with Lung cancer have a history of smoking. Cancer develops when there is an uncontrolled multiplication of the cells of the body. The harmful chemicals of the tobacco cause these cells to grow uncontrollably and may lead to cancer. Lung cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in India and first most common cause of death due to cancer.
Stopping smoking is associated with the following health benefits.  ·Lowered risk for lung cancer and many other types of cancer.
· Reduced risk for heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease (narrowing of the blood vessels outside your heart). 
· Reduced respiratory symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.
· Reduced risk of developing some lung diseases such as COPD.
· Reduced risk for infertility in women of childbearing age.
Though there is increased knowledge of tobacco consumption and its harmful effects, the incidence of lung cancer and other tobacco related issues is high. People should understand the effects of active and passive smoking and quit tobacco consumption for a healthier and longer life.

Hotel Mountview To Hosts a 15-Day Long Tennis Camp

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Chandigarh 30th May:- A 15-day long tennis camp will be organised at Hotel Mountview from June 1 to 15. The camp will be conducted under the supervision of professional coach and basics of tennis-- ball placement, racquet position, stamina drills, skill drills, hand-eye coordination skill and others- will be taught to the participants. The camp will be open for beginners, amateurs and professionals of all age groups. The interested can register themselves at the camp venue - Hotel Mountview before June 1. The enrollment fee for the camp is Rs 1,500. The organizer will also conduct exhibition matches at the end of the camp.

Twitter Launches Special Emojis for the World Cup

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Chandigarh 30th May:- It’s already been a busy summer of cricket. After India’s popular T20 league @IPL, fans can tune in to the @ICC Cricket World Cup on Twitter, which runs from 30th May to 14th July in England and Wales. Cricket lovers will be able to follow all the live action around #CWC19 on Twitter and talk about what’s happening in the world of cricket.
Twitter is the fastest way to see the latest news around #CWC19 and to talk about the action on and off the pitch. In a first-of-its kind product experience in cricket, the platform has made this easier and more compelling by allowing fans to track the games in real-time through a unique live scorecard in the app. Fans can tap on the Twitter Moment Tweeted by @MomentsIndia, follow the scores in real-time, as well as see multiple timelines of latest Tweets, top commentary, and videos. This live product experience, as well as additional Twitter Moments will help cricket fans find the most engaging Tweets from teams, players, commentators and other fans during #CWC19.
Another feature that will help cricket lovers stay on top of the #CWC19 games is Twitter’s new breaking news notifications. In India, Twitter recently launched a push notification feature, where the platform occasionally pushes personalized news notifications in sports, entertainment or current affairs so people can stay more connected to what’s happening in their world. By tapping on this notification, users will be taken to a Twitter Moment about the breaking news topic. People will be served these notifications based on their interests via a combination of work by Twitter’s curation team and algorithms. The curation team includes a number of former journalists and people who used to work in newsrooms. Any user can turn off these notifications by visiting their settings and toggling to turn off the feature.
Twitter partners with ICC to bring fans highlights and behind the scenes content after every match
Through Twitter’s content partnership with the International Cricket Council, the @ICC and @cricketworldcup official handles will be natively Tweeting video highlight clips from each game, recapping every match. The handles will also be Tweeting unique videos, behind the scenes content and interviews with captains, enabling fans to connect with players and experts and learn their favourite plays, moments and more right on Twitter.

Salman Wants to Learn Dancing Again after Watching Contestant Saksham's Perform

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Chandigarh 30th May:- The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television’s kids dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 3 will see the cast of Bharat - Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif grace the sets of the show. Everyone right from the Judges – Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapoor along the hosts, contestants and audiences were dumbstruck seeing Salman Khan make a dashing entry with the ravishing Katrina Kaif  who looked beautiful in a yellow saree. Both the actors had a gala time on the sets while sharing an entertaining moment with the contestants who performed on Salman and Katrina’s popular numbers. In the show, the kids will also be seen shaking legs with the ‘Bharat’ duo on the famous song ‘Slow Motion’, ‘Chashani’ and many more.
Of all the contestants, 7 year old Saksham Sharma from Ludhiana with Super Guru Vaibhav grabbed Salman’s attention by performing on the song, ‘Jumme ki raat hai.’ Salman was so amazed to see the little champ perform that he declared that it seems as if he need to learn dancing.  Praising his talent he mentioned that Saksham is so good with his dance moves that he can beat his guru Vaibhav. Further, Katrina appreciated Saksham’s for his world-class expressions.
Out of curiosity, Saksham couldn’t resist himself and asked Salman that how can he maintain a good built and physique like him. To answer Sakhsham’s query Salman mentioned it is diet and a proper exercise that helps you build your physique. If you go on dancing like this you will surely be able to build a great physique like him.  Later Saksham urged Salman to do pushups with him and Salman happily obliged. Adding to more fun Salman performed the signature step from the song 'Jeene ke hai chaar din' by using Saksham as his 'Towel' and holding him between his legs.
Moreover, adding a musical element, renowned singers from the industry, Javed Ali and Himesh Reshamiya, judges of Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show Superstar Singer will be seen gracing the sets of Super Dancer along with singer Sachin Valmiki and Salman Ali who will be the Captains on the kids singing reality show.
As the show is on the verge of its finale, it’s time for the audiences to vote for the potential contestant and help them win the coveted title of, ‘Dance ka Kal’.

Capacity Building and Training Workshop for ‘ Street Food Vendors’

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Chandigarh 30th May:- Sixth capacity building and training workshop was jointly organized by Dept. of Community Medicine and School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh and Municipal Corporation Chandigarh held today at City Livelihood Centre, Community Sewa Kendra, Sector 25, Chandigarh. More than 40 registered street vendors attended the same. The vendors received free ‘Street Food Vendors’ Hygiene Kit’ which included aprons, gloves, head covers and easy to understand IEC material. They also received free medical checkup by the doctors of Community Medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarh.
MCM DAV College for Women, Sector 36 A, Chandigarh, Actively participated in this unique venture to train the Street Food Vendors. The college joined hands with School of Public Health & Municipal Corporation Chandigarh in this venture. College Students were involved in this training program. They also assured their active participation in the remaining workshops.
Dr. Nisha Bhargava, Principal, Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women, Sector 36 A, Chandigarh gave a message for the workshop. Vivek Trivedi  S.D.O. MCC is handling the matter related to Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending personnel.
The other training sessions were imparted by experts from various fields to encourage and ensure that operation of Chandigarh Street vendors conform to Byelaws of MCC, Food Safety and Standard Regulation 2011, Street vendors Act 2014, Swacchh Bharat Mission, Women empowerment & prevention of their exploitation.
Dr. Geeta Mehra, faculty from MCM-DAV, Sector 36, Chandigarh gave a demonstration on ‘A frugal scientific tool- Foldscope’. She also highlighted the safety uniform features (like apron, head cover, gloves, etc) and also demonstrated them the right way of wearing them.
The Students of MCM DAV College Sector 36, Chandigarh enthusiastically participated in the workshop, they demonstrated the working of Fold scope and showed different microbiological slides to the audience.
Dr. Gopal Singh Adhikari, member of CWC, delivered a motivational lecture to enlighten them regarding their rights and responsibilities.
Ravinder and his team from Rudra Theatre Company presented a short funny yet witty skit entitled ‘Municiparty aur rehri wale’. The skit focused on the need for such training workshop for street vendors and the benefits that will be reaped from it.
To increase awareness about financial literacy and various micro financing schemes were explained to street food vendors by Harkit Singh, Senior Manager, Punjab National Bank.
Dr. Nidhi, Senior demonstrator from Department of Community Medicine and School of Public Health, PGIMER, Sector 12, Chandigarh, demonstrated laughter yoga and Bhangra steps as a relaxation activity for rejuvenation of mind and soul of the street vendors.   
Dr. Pushkar from PGIMER explained the vendors about critical points from where the food can get contaminated. He emphasised on the sources of infection that leads to food related health issues.
Ms. Manjyot talked regarding the ideal food cart model and the key features that every food cart should have as recommended by the FSSAI.
The training was imparted in form of drama/play, demonstration and skit.

Department of Community Medicine, PGI Observe World No Tobacco Day- 2019

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Naraingarh 30th May:- World No Tobacco Day was celebrated at Sub-Divisional Hospital, Naraingarh today under the guidance of Dr. Kathirvel S., Assistant Professor and Faculty In-charge, RHTC- Naraingarh, Department of Community Medicine & School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh in collaboration with Senior Medical Officer, Civil Hospital, Naraingarh. Dr. Nikita Sharma (Senior Resident), Dr. Nairita Dalui(Junior Resident), Dr. Pallavi Sharma (Junior resident), Dr. Ravali Vogeti (Junior resident), Dr. Ashok Gupta (Pediatrician), Dr. Ram Prakash (Medical officer), Mr. Jagdish Chand (MPHW), and other health staff were present.
The theme was “Tobacco and Lung Health”, so the main emphasis was on creating awareness regarding harmful effects of tobacco on lungs in general population. Dr. Nikita Sharma welcomed the audience. She spoke about harmful effects of smoking and smokeless tobacco. She also emphasized on lung diseases in non–smoking population, due to second hand smoking among woman.
Dr. Ravali Vogeti spoke about harmful effects of tobacco in children. She made people aware of increasing incidents of childhood asthma, the underlying cause being second-hand smoke. She explained that smoking in front of children are not only contributing to increasing lung diseases among them, but also its impact on child psychology. Children used to copy their elders. Smoking in front of children may turn them into a smoker in later life. She requested the audience to refrain from smoking in front of children.
Dr. Pallavi Sharma spoke about effect of smoking in pregnant ladies, both in mother and baby. She told that smoking can affect the outcome of pregnancy in terms of low birth weight babies, preterm babies, babies with congenital malformation. It can also cause infertility, recurrent abortion, and ectopic pregnancy in woman.  She explained how smoking can affect brain and heart development of a newborn. And all of them can happen due to second hand smoke also.
Dr. Nikita concluded the session by the take home message, ‘Stop smoking, especially to safeguard children and pregnant ladies’. She also requested the audience to spread the message to friends, relatives and neighbors. She also asked the audience to utilize the de-addiction services provided by psychiatry team of RHTC Naraingarh at room number 11 on every Wednesday for quitting smoking and alcohol use.