Friday, 19 August 2016

Housing Societies Residents Welfare Federation Demands Transfer of Flats on the Pattern of CHB

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 19th August:- An emergency meeting of Executive Body of Housing Societies Residents Welfare Federation, Chandigarh (Regd), was held under the Chairman ship of Kamal Gupta, where the decision of Chandigarh Housing Board to allow Transfer of Housing Board Flats sans Conveyance deed was appreciated.  All the members present in the meeting demanded that the Administration should not hold the transfer for want of execution of conveyance deed as it was being done earlier also.  The ongoing process was suddenly stopped after the Registrar Cooperative Societies; Chandigarh issued an order on 4th Jan. 2014, banning the transfer of flats in Group Housing Societies.
Kamal Gupta, Chairman of Housing Societies Residents Welfare Federation, Chandigarh.,  pointed out that the Transfer policy has been framed and notified by the Finance Department but is laying pending because department could not finalize the wording of Conveyance Deed.  He stressed that till the wording of conveyance deed is finalised, direct transfer on the pattern of Housing Board be allowed with immediate effect.
Davinder Gupta, Chairman Housefed, Chandigarh, pointed out that flat wise conveyance deed be allowed as it will not be possible for any society to collect the money from the individual flat owner for execution of conveyance deed.  He further clarified that there are some litigations pending between the flat owners and allottees and the Managing Committees for one reason or the other as such those members shall not pay the money for execution of conveyance deed and hence execution of conveyance deed collectively shall not be possible.
Prahladh Bhagat Vasudeva (Adv), General Secretary, pointed out  regarding maintenance of internal roads, Parks, Sewerage Lines, water supply lines and fire fighting systems, he stressed that these basic services should be maintained by the concerned Authorities and residents of Societies should be treated at par with the residents of other Sectors of the city as far as the basic services are concerned.
Ranbir Singh, of Ajanta Co-operative Society said that there should be one policy throughout the city as far as transfer of property is concerned, he condemned the different set of rules regarding properties allotted by Chandigarh Housing Board, Estate Office Chandigarh, Co-operative Societies and Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh. He further stressed that every property should be transferable in the name of the purchaser, so that both seller and purchaser leads and comfortable life, and seller should be able to raise funds by selling his property in case of emergency.

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