Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Zee Action Presents:‘Khoonkhar Khalnayaks’ from October 7th to 9

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 04th October:- India’s one stop destination for action movies, Zee Action presents a weekend marathon of action creature flicks with ‘Khoonkhar Khalnayaks’ every night, 8 PM onwards from Friday, 7th October to Sunday, 9th October. This festival will showcase some of the best action potboilers laden with power packed performances, fierce creatures, thrilling stories, dramatic action sequences and much more.
‘Khoonkhar Khalnayaks’ kicks off this Friday, 7th October at 8 PM with ‘King Kong 3’ revolving around a face-off between Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams as they hunt down the mythical big-foot. It will be followed by ‘The Eagle Man’ at 9:45 PM, a thriller around a commando team trying to combat supernatural incidents. On Saturday, 8thOctober at 8 PM, ‘Godzilla’, a huge lizard, radioactively mutated creature will take over television screens. Next in the line is ‘Naga – The Snake Man’ at 10:45 PM, a sci-fi thriller about an Amazonian tribe that guards the proverbial fountain of youth and the giant, multi-headed snake they worship. On Sunday, 9th October at 8 PM, the channel showcases ‘Anaconda – Trail of Blood’ starring Jennifer Lopez, a movie about a film crew and a snake hunter on a mission to chase down a legendary giant anaconda. The action packed bonanza concludes with ‘Jurassic Avatar’ at9:45 PM where all hell breaks loose as dozens of dinosaurs’ escape into the city due to a breach in a laboratory.

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