Friday, 18 November 2016

NGO Save Indian Family-Chandigarh to Celebrates International Men’s Day on 19th November

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th November:- In a country like India where there are more than 50 laws for the protection of Women, where there are more than ten thousand NGOs working for the safety of women, where there is a separate ministry for the welfare of women, there is nothing for men. The world celebrated International Women’s Day but when it comes to celebration of International Men’s Day, no one comes forward. To create awareness about International Men’s Day and to highlight the role men play in society, NGO Save Indian Family- Chandigarh chapter will celebrate International Men’s Day on 19th November by organizing Peaceful March and Silent Sitting at Sector-17 Plaza. Addressing media persons today at Chandigarh Press Club, members of association told that tomorrow on International Men’s day we will be educating and creating awareness among the citizens of India about the rights of each man and about the discrimination men face in their normal day to day life. The members of the NGO will also be distributing the cards amongst the men.
Maninder Singh Rupyal & Rohit Dogra from Save Indian Family-Chandigarh Chapter said that Save Indian Family (SIF) has been working on the social cause of promoting family and marital harmony since 2005. They added that they have a dedicated Free National Helpline 8882 498 498 for men who are fighting and facing false cases of gender biased laws including 498-A, Rape, Custody Battles, Maintenance etc.
Rohit said that it is important to recognize and reward men for being there for their families in ups and downs of life and actively taking part in development of their children. On this Occasion Members of Save India Family-Chandigarh Chapter namely Nitin Gupta, Kanish Kumar, Manmeet Thapar, Ravinder Singh, Sanket Khandelwal, Dishant, Gagan Bhardwaj and Amandeep Singh were also present. They are working relentlessly to make this awareness campaign successful.
The members of the NGO said the positive role of Men as a family builder a pillar of society a protector and provider and his relentless services is subdued The bias in society as a whole has left Indian Men to think it’s high time to Empower the male fraternity to address the growing imbalance will obfuscate the position of men as a Whole. They said that Heath issues of men are something never heard of & is awarded complete apathy. No attempt has been made to introduce a department of gender studies and identify the mortality of Men. The legal apathy is such that a man finds himself hand cuffed in front of gender biased laws and virtually has no representation or escape route to come out victorious from the web of biased laws unhurt. Less than 5% of fathers could secure Child custody in a failed relationship again adding vows to a father.
The essence of bias in lawmakers take a preposterous assumption that male alone are responsible for the fragmenting family values. “Cruelty by husband on Wife “defines highly misused law of IPC. Under similar circumstances what may be counted as cruelty by Men on women it doesn’t seems to be case other way round, if same repertoire is performed by opposite sex. More than 2 lakh innocent Men are thrown behind bars each year adding wows to Men & another 50 thousand women pushed behind bars.
Further they said that NCRB 2014 Suicide Statistics reveal that the suicide of men is 89129 vs that of women is 42521, The most concerning trend is Suicide of married men which is 59744 vs that of married women is 27064. What more alarming is the increasing differential of male suicides vs female suicides. As it is family issues the biggest reason of male suicides. Domestic violence on men is unrecognized and to add fuel to fire plethora of gender biased laws like 498A , domestics violence act and maintenance law stero type men as perpetrator. 
The major challenges surfaced in modern Indian Society are the absence of gender neutral laws. The added that the bias is not just limited to judiciary it exist on the basic psyche of individuals, the general misconception assumes male as perpetrator & female as victims.  Under the said frame the issues of men has been locked in epitaph. So on this “International Men’s day” Let’s raise a pledge,” Why not empower Men?”
It may be mentioned that “International Men’s Day” is celebrated every year on 19th November to mark pride and respect of Men. Save India family is instrumental behind the inception of Men’s Day Celebration, a lesser known event not keenly observed. However its gaining traction nationwide and various NGOS have come forward to commemorate the positive contribution by Men. Men’s  right activist observe this day as a day of liberation for men and take immense honour for highlighting the positive contribution rendered by men in various score of life. International Men’s day is not only a mark of men’s liberation, it is also an opportunity to highlight the plight of men who face discrimination under gender biased laws.

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