Monday, 28 November 2016

SBI’s BC Channel Gathers Steam in Chandigarh Circle

By 121 News
Chandigarh 28th November:-State Bank of India, Chandigarh Circle, organised camps at 405 locations in the states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K & Punjab to open bank accounts. All the Customer Service Points (CSPs) run by the Bank’s Banking Correspondents (BCs) participated in the two-day long account opening campaign. More than 12,500 accounts were opened over the long weekend. Most of the new customers acquired comprised workers from the unorganized sector, wage earners, women and students. All the new accounts were seeded with Aadhar and Mobile numbers.
In order to serve the target segments better through its BC Channel, the bank has also installed 645 Micro ATMs at CSPs, mostly in Rural and semi-urban areas, including far-flung hilly terrains. The Micro ATMs provide instant cash payment. Remittances to Bank’s customers or even to customers of other Banks can also be made using the Micro ATMs through Rupay and Debit Cards. Bank plans to double the number of such Micro ATMs during the month of December 2016, said SBI CGM, Anil Kishora,

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