Thursday, 15 June 2017

CHB Allows Discretionary Quota Houses to be Transferred in Favor of Buyers

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 15th June:- The certain allotments pertaining to the Discretionary Quota had been cancelled by Chandigarh Housing Board as the allottees had sold/transferred the allotments on Discretionary Quota as the dwelling units under Discretionary Quota were not transferable under the GPA Policy when it was enacted. Later, the Board relaxed this provision on 11-12.08.2000 & allowed the Discretionary Quota houses to be transferred in favor of the buyers who had bought such Discretionary Quota allotted houses.
Before the relaxation, however, certain cases have surfaced where the Discretionary Quota houses were cancelled due to having being sold by the allottees. Since the Board has framed a policy for regularizing cancellations made on the basis of false affidavits, similarly it is hereby ordered that such Discretionary Quota cancellations will also be regularized henceforth. However, the houses where evictions have been carried out shall not be covered under this policy.
Therefore, the decision had been taken by the Board in its 399th Meeting held on 28.09.2016 to formulate a uniform policy to restore all such dwelling units subject to payment of all outstanding dues, revival charges etc. and penal charges as under:-
                1.            EWS houses    -             5% of existing market value
                2.            LIG houses       -              10% of existing market value
                3.            MIG houses     -              15% of existing market value
                4.            HIG houses      -             20% of existing market value
                5.            HIG (Upper) houses-   25% of existing market value
                6.            HIG (Ind) houses -     30% of existing market value
These orders shall also apply to the Discretionary Quota houses which have been cancelled on account of non-payment, building violations & concealment of facts. It is hereby decided that this policy shall give a window upto30th Sep. 2017 to all those allottees who may be interested in having their allotment restored and matters regularized on payment of above cited penal charges. If any of the allottees does not avail of this policy by paying the penal amount as stipulated above, the existing legal procedures/legal frameworks will apply.

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