Saturday, 12 August 2017

Girls Rise for Mohali Celebrates ‘Teej’

By Tricitynews Reporter
Mohali 12th August:- Girls Rise for Mohali is a community group founded by Opinder Preet Kaur, Municipal Councilor, Mohali Corporation & President Generation Saviour Association. GRM was founded keeping in mind the need for creating an environment for women which provide them opportunity and support for self development, empowering them to speak up for their rights and to celebrate the journey of womanhood.
On the Occasion of Teej, GRM celebrated the festival and haven taken up to spread the theme of "Chuppi Todho", whereby the organization aim at motivating women from spheres of life to celebrate this festival as a mark of liberation, empowerment, expression and rights.
On the occasion the founder, Opinder Preet Kaur welcomed the women present and emphasized on the fact of the importance of being opinionated and asked them to come out in open and give expression to their thoughts. She said that in today's time, it has become very important to stop ignoring the wrong being done to women and speak up not only for ourselves but also for our fellow women. She said the status of any society can be determined by looking at how it treat its women, and it’s distressing that even in this modern era, where we think that women are empowered as they are getting education, working and coming out of their homes, but the basic problem of non existence of women individualism is missing. She closed her words by saying that though we women take responsibilities of the needs of our family and loved ones and do everything to support them to realize their dreams, during the process we should not lose sight of our dreams and individuality.
Amy Singh and Gursahiba Gill performed poems on the occasion. Female employees of Gilard Electronics, Mohali gave special performance on the occasion. Audience enrolled their involvement by performing Giddha. Along with the Teej Balri and Miss Teej; 80 years old lady awarded as Teej Queen. Ms. Surjit Kaur, Vice President, GSA thanks all the audience for their contribution for saving rich culture of Punjab.

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