Friday, 20 July 2018

Samsung Launches Family Hub The Next Generation Refrigerator: To Enable Connected Home-Manage Food

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 20th July:- Samsung has always believed in developing products that ease the lives of consumers through path breaking innovations. The country’s biggest and most trusted consumer electronics brand today unveiled the next generation of refrigerators – IoT enabled Family Hub. The introduction of the Family Hub will revolutionize the Indian refrigerator industry and set a new standard for connected living.
The Indian market is rapidly adapting to digitization as a result of large internet user base that is estimated to grow manifold. As a result, the lifestyle of the modern Indian family is undergoing the following transformations like evolving Shopping Behavior–bulk shopping once/twice a week at organized retail outlets and through shopping apps and Food Habits – greater awareness of global cuisines/ingredients and healthy living and also Connected Living–households purchasing smart appliances that communicate with each other.
A winner of the 2018 CES Best of Innovation Award, Family Hub ensures a superlative entertainment experience with its 21-inch touchscreen and Bixby voice control and allows consumers to do what seemed unimaginable in past, allowing consumers to do a lot more than what a regular refrigerator does.
Saurav Katyal, Director, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India, said that Family Hub offers a wide range of smart features that allow consumers to do what they could not do before. These include syncing up food storage, keeping family members better connected and organized, and providing enhanced entertainment. Family Hub is also more intuitive and intelligent with the addition of Bixby voice control and its integration with Samsung’s SmartThings IoT ecosystem.

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