Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Chef Vikas Khanna’s Visit Sets of "Patiala Babes": His Mother is a Fan of Patiala Babes

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 03rd April, 2019:- Recently Vikas Khanna visited the sets of Patiala Babes to celebrate the occasion of Baisakhi. He played a cameo in the show where he was seen as the guest judge for the ultimate cook off between Babita and other renowned chef. This sequence is going to turn things around for Babita and Mini. His presence on the show will give Babita huge encouragement to pursue her dreams. Little that we know, his mother is an avid follower of the show and a huge fan.
While he was on the set, shooting his sequence with the team of Patiala Babes, he revealed that his mother is a very big fan of the show and does not miss any episode. His mother follows Patiala Babes religiously and absolutely loves Babita and Mini, she admires the bond mother and daughter share in the show. The show beautifully puts forth the need of such a strong bond between mother and daughter to stand together as one, against any difficulty in life.
Talking about the mother’s fan following, Vikas said that Patiala Babes is one show that my mother follows every day. She never misses single episode and makes everyone in the family watch it. She absolutely adores Mini and is highly appreciative of the bond that Babita shares with her daughter. The show is a great initiative that ascertains the transition towards a modern society.

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