Monday, 10 October 2016

Jagmeet Singh Brar Laughs off Cong Amarinder Singh's Remarks as a Senile Statement

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 10th October:- Former MP and Convenor of Punjab Lok Hit Abhiyan Jagmeet Singh Brar laughed off Cong President Capt Amarinder Singh's remarks where he commented on Navjot Sidhu & Brar as indisciplined and undesired and said that Chajj Ta Bole, Chhanani Kyon Bole ? Perhaps Amarinder is losing his memory in his old age and needs to be reminded of his own actions and desperation to become PCC chief.
He reminded Capt of his own past record of indiscipline and said that Amarinder didn't allow any PCC chief to work properly - from Bhattal, Kaypee, Dullo to Bajwa; he ruined Congress in '07 & '12 and then he openly boasted on national TV that he would have split the party if Bajwa wasn't removed and then wanted Sonia Gandhi to  retire even though he is older than her - if this is his definition of discipline then he needs a proper checkup.
Jagmeet Brar also flayed the Congress's own recent record of indiscretions and said that Amarinder's goon MLAs slap workers on stage, they insulted a woman Ex MP, pushed another EX MP off stage and recently his borrowed Akali friend Hansraj Hans openly insulted a sitting MP and their CLP leader before Amarinder gives others lectures on discipline he should look under his own chair first.
Jagmeet Brar laughed at Amarinder's desperation and said that even after Badals have cleared him in cases Rahul Gandhi is not declaring him the CM face, Bajwa and Navjot are biting on his heels - his desperate attacks on Kejriwal and AAP are damaging him more. He is afraid the stress is showing in his actions now.

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