Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Declare MC Election 2016 as Null and Void: Pravasi Bhalai Sangathan

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 04th January:- It is alleged that MC election 2016 in Chandigarh held totally contrary to constitution of India, existing Act rule regulation. Today so many candidates join hands to oppose this unlawful illegal act declaring this as murder of democracy. More than 30 candidate of MC election organized a press conference under the leadership of Avinash Singh, Chairman Pravasi Bhalai Sangathan to reveal the facts and raise their objections in this regard. 
All candidates approached concerned officer on 18th December,2016 with request that they have apprehension to temper EVM so they should be permitted to go with EVM to inspect strong rooms, sealing and packing process of EVM, sealing process of strong room. Candidate alleged that officers neglected their request with pretext that as per instruction of state election commissioner Chandigarh be not permitted to inspect EVM sealing process, to inspect strong room and they did not allowed to appear at the time sealing process of strong room. All candidates on refusal approached state election commission on 19th December, 2016 with complaints in this regards but their complaints were also neglected with one pretext or other. On 20th December, 2016 during counting seals of strong room, EVM were not shown to counting agents, election agents and even candidates. Counting process were completed within few minutes,  due to this candidates or their counting agent were not confronted even number of votes polled in favor of different candidates or Nota from different Booths or part. 
Aggrieved by above said injustice all candidates approached Avinash Singh to support. Avinash Singh directed Jaspal Singh RTI activist, to file RTI in this regard. Jaspal Singh RTI activist who is also candidate from Ward No.  25, prepared RTI of all candidates, on  22nd of December, 2016  Jaspal Singh file his application and on  27th December,2016 all candidates filed their RTI to obtain  Videography, or CCTV footage and certified copies of records pertaining to MC Election  2016. EVM, strong room, counting process etc.   It is regretted to point out that State Election Commission neglected this RTI also, though it was expected to supply information within 48 hours u/s 7(1) of RTI Act 2005. It reveals that there is no transparency in MC Election 2016 but it was unfair illegal drama of Government to handover the power to their well-wishers and to show the Indian that all are happy with BJP despite demonetization or Govt policies against public.
During press conference Avinash Singh, Jaspal Singh all Candidates request to all the honest officers of state Election Commission, Chief Election Commissioner of India etc, to declare MC Election 2016 as null and void being illegal immediately or they will be forced to knock the doors of Hon’ble High Court after 72 hour for redressal of problems.
In this press conference all candidates namely Rajesh Kumar (Ward No. 11, Ravinder Kumar (Ward No. 14), Dalip Kumar(Ward No. 23), Tarsem Mittal (Ward No. 18) , Suman Deshwar (Ward No. 12) , Naresh Chalia (Ward No. 14) , Jaspal Soni (Ward No. 22) , Kamaljeet Singh(Ward No. 14)  Sanjay Kumar (Ward No. 20), Parveen Kumar(Ward No. 19), Jaspal Singh(Ward No. 25), Poonam (Ward No. 06), Kamal  Kumar(Ward No. 19), Dharampal Singh (Ward No. 11),Charanjeet Pal (Ward No. 26),  H.S Nagra(Ward No. 25), Amit Sharma(Ward No. 26), Lekh Pal (Ward No. 24), Malkit Singh (Ward No. 25), Net Ram (Ward No. 26), Brij Pal(Ward No. 23), Reena Devi(Ward No. 19), Parminder Kumar (Ward No. 24), Rakesh Kumar (Ward No. 24), Shiv Kumar(Ward No. 24), Kamlesh Kumar(Ward No. 20),  Gurudev Yadav (Ward No. 20), Pooja (Ward No. 12), Asha Devi(Ward No. 13), Suchinder Kumar(Ward No. 14) were also present on the occassion.

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