Saturday, 29 April 2017

Hindi Music Album ‘Jhankaar’ Released

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 29th April:- ‘Jhankaar’, a hindi music album , sung by Dr. Sangeeta Chaudhary and produced by Pal Music is released today at Press Club sector 27,Chandigarh. The album was released by the renowned Panjabi film actress Neena Bundel.  
The producer of Pal Music Company, Om Sharma said that the music of all the eight songs in the album has been given by Anil Sharma. The songs has been written by Kaazi Nazrul Islam and translated into Hindi by Dr. Sangeeta Chaudhary.
A lot of albums have been released by Pal Music Company and they are being well received and good response among the listeners. The whole team of Pal Music Company including Navgaurav, Inderjee has helped a lot in releasing this album.
Dr. Sangeeta chaudhary, done her Ph.D in vocal music from Panjab University, Chandigarh, and  is at present organising Musical programs under the name of ‘SWARA SAPTAK SOCIETY’ and also imparting tuitions in music. She is recipient of ‘Nazrul Award-2011’, ‘Sayiada Issabella award-2013’ and many more. Her book entitled “kazi Njrul Islam dwara rachit geeton ka alochna” is already published and is being well received among readers.
Neena Bundel said that soon her fan will see her in films. She is going to start her own movie. She said that she listened all the songs of albums and she really likes it.

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