Monday, 30 April 2018

Punjabi Singer Kiran Kaur's Single Track 'Geda Gali Vich' Unveiled

By TricityNews
Chandigarh 30th April:- The 'Awaaz Punjab Di Season 3 fame'-Kiran Kaur has revived the beauty of love with her new song 'Geda Gali Vich'. The song has been produced by Yadvinder Singh and directed by Kanwal Jit Singh where as the beautiful lyrics have been written by Rajni and music given by Jaison Thind. The song has been released by Starbiz Records which had also released the singer’s first song ‘Copyright’. The song was unveiled by holding its preview for media in presence of Kiran Kaur. In order to recognize the work of the talented singer, Yadvinder Singh, Managing Director, Starbiz Records, Jaison Thind-music director and model- Sahib Singh were also present.
While talking to the media, Kiran Kaur said that she think art, in any form, represents the picture of society. Love is being portrayed as fake and materialistic these days but in her opinion, it is that force which has bound all the relationships on earth & which we experience in our family also.  She wants people to understand the meaning of love and don’t change their perception on the basis of few songs calling it fake. Kiran Kaur added that the motive in all my songs will be to showcase pure Punjabi culture & tradition in its abounding beauty. The lyrics, music, picturisation all will reflect Punjab's heritage. The idea is to connect the youth with the state's rich legacy and not present a concocted picture that at times today's songs end up doing.
Portraying a love story in which a person faces problems and finally resolves everything with a happy end, the 3 minute long song encourages positivity and was shot in different locales of Punjab.
Yadvinder Singh said that Punjab is filled with talent and he believe if that talent is guided in a proper way, it can reach great heights. With this confidence, he has given and will keep on giving opportunities to singers with a passion of doing something.
After the current song, the singer will again be catching the attention of Punjabi music through a song titled 'Sohne Yaar nu' written by Kiran herself and a cover song of Shazia Manzoor the famous Pakistan singer -- titled 'Haye Dil Jani.'
Jaison Thind, the music director said that Kiran has got a unique voice. She brings a different rhythm to the song while singing. He must tell that at times she suggests him some incredible ways to bring out the music.

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