Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Short Film "Dichotomy of Hope" Presents Unique Challenges for Both Mind and Heart

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 11th October:- Dichotomy of Hope is a short film based on difference of opinion between beliefs and desires, which presents some unique challenges for both mind and heart. The stage where the heart knows what he wants and struggles to achieve its desire at any cost and brain tries to deviant the path knowing facts about the possibility and likelihood of future events, this movie is about the diversity or redeeming the original self, but more about the creation of the new-self. Once the dichotomy is established, it might be tempted to show the ways of achieving the great meaning. This everyday conflict that one encounters needs to recognize the dichotomy of hope and opportunity.
Dichotomy of hope is creation of Ojaswwee Sharma featuring Gurpreet Sarwara and the voice of Ramandeep Singh, produced and designed by Pinaka Mediaworks headed by Sunil Sharma.
If there comes a choice between feeding your material desires or artistic pursuits what would you chose? That's the tough choice Gurdiyaal has made in his career of 25 years. In order to fulfill his aim of changing society for better has not only relinquished a career that offered perks but also his family that wouldn't share his ideals. The Dichotomy Of Hope is a shot in the arm to dying Theatre, a tribute to an artiste's soulful journey.
The film released worldwide online on Rolling Frames Entertainment ™ online Digital network supported and powered by Bingo Media (Media Partner), Veblr (Video Content Partner), Bingo Baba (Online Publishing Partner) and Unltd Films & Media, NewZNew, Punjabi Grooves, Punjabi Mania, as (Online Promotional Partner).
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