Saturday, 6 May 2017

बाबा जी टेलीफिल्म बनाएगा लव स्टोरी पर आधारित फिल्म भटिंडा टू चंडीगढ़

                                                     Photo By Parveen Kumar
By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 06th May:- बाबा जी टेलीफिल्म के बैनर तले बन रहीभटिंडा टू चंडीगढ़” अनोखी लव स्टोरी है, जोकि कॉमेडी, इमोशन और एक्शन से भरपूर है। जिसमे फिल्म के लेखक और निर्देशक अशोक कुमार कपूर ने बताया कि फिल्म में एक ऐसे शख्श को दिखाया गया है, संगीत, एक्टिंग एवं डांस का जनून है और यह जनून उसकी पूजा है। साथ ही वो शख्श कभी अपने काम और सभ्याचार को नहीं भूलता। इसको पंजाबी होने पर मान है। इस फिल्म की हीरोइन हिमाचल से है और लडक़ा भटिंडा से है। दोनों का मिलन/प्यार चंडीगढ़ में होता है और परवान शिमला में होता है। इस फिल्म का हीरो जिस प्रण के साथ भटिंडा छोड़ता है, उसी प्रण को पूरा करने के लिये चंडीगढ़ आता है और उसे पूरा करने के बाद भटिंडा लौट जाता है। 
अशोक कपूर ने कहा कि हमारी यही कोशिश रहेगी कि इस फिल्म में नये कलाकारों को काम मिले। यह एक तरह की परिवारिक फिल्म है घर के सभी सदस्य इकट्ठे बैठकर इसे देख सकते हैं। यह एक हट के कहानी है, उम्मीद रहेगी कि हम इस फिल्म के जरिये पंजाबी फिल्म इंडस्ट्री को नया कामयाब हीरो, हीरोइन और बाकी के कलाकार दे सकें। इस मौके पर ऑस्कर इंस्टीच्यूट के प्रबंधक वी के सूद भी उपस्थित थे। 

Thalassaemic Children Welfare Association organizes 163rd Blood Donation Camp

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 06th May:- The First Blood Donation Camp during this summer which is 163rd camp of the Thalassaemic Children Welfare Association was organized today at Zakir Hall of the PGI. In this camp 376 units of blood was collected for the PGI, Chandigarh. The camp was inaugurated by Dr. Subhash Verma, Dean PGI in the presence of Dr. Khandelwal, HOD, Radiology; Dr. Reena Das,  Haematology; Dr. Amita Trehan, Paediatrics; Dr. Deepak Bansal,Paediatrics ; Dr. Sandhya Ghai, Principal, Nursing College; Dr. Sushma Saini, Vice-Principal, Nursing College; Dr. Richa Jain,  Paediatrics; Dr. A.K. Bhalla,  Paediatrics; to boost the morale of blood donors. 
Thalassaemic Children Welfare Association (Regd.), PGI, Chandigarh organizes several voluntarily Blood Donation Camps every year to collect 8000-9000 units of blood for its 430 thalassaemic children, for whom blood is “life line” for their survival. They need blood transfusion after every 2-3 weeks for whole of their lives for maintaining blood hemoglobin level around 10mg.
Out of these camps, six camps are organized at PGI, Chandigarh and one camp at GMCH-32 during summer months, when there is acute shortage of blood in the blood bank due to several reasons. The Association organizes these camps, so that our thalassaemics are not deprived of the regular blood supply for transfusion.

Know Your Case Scheme: 103 Persons Visited Police Stations to Know Status of Cases and Complaints

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 06th May:- In continuation of Know Your Case Scheme of Chandigarh police, today, all SHOs as well as, I/Os, and In-charge of other units i.e. CIA, Cyber Crime cell, CAW, Operation Cell staff and Traffic Inspectors were present in their respective police stations/units and Traffic Lines, Sector-29, Chandigarh to attend the complainants. Total 103 persons visited the police stations and units to know the status of their cases and complaints. 

This Unique Scheme was launched by Chandigarh Police in 2013 under the title “Know your case” to bring greater transparency and accountability in police functioning. Under this scheme, citizen visits the concerned Police Stations/units and Traffic Lines Sector-29, Chandigarh to check the status of their cases and complaints.

Gian Jyoti Global School Celebrates Malaria Prevention Week

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 06th May:- Science Club of Gian Jyoti Global School celebrated Malaria Prevention Week at its premises in Phase -2, Mohali to create awareness among the students about the causes, symptoms, effects and preventions of Malaria. Pavit and Gurleen students of 10th class gave a knowledgeable lecture through a presentation to all students about Malaria Preventions.
In the presentation, students were told to avoid sleeping outside or in the vicinity of areas where mosquitoes like to live, e.g. standing water (lakes, waste dumps). Use an insect spray containing pyrethroids in all living and sleeping areas, especially during evening and nighttime hours. Wear long sleeve shirts and trousers in the evening and at night.
Prevention of malaria involves protecting yourself against mosquito bites and taking anti malarial medicines. But public health officials strongly recommend that young children and pregnant women avoid traveling to areas where malaria is common.
Ranjeet Bedi, Principal, Gian Jyoti Global School while speaking on the occasion said that it is very important to know that malaria is a preventable disease and we should take this responsibility to make aware each and every one regarding this disease.
Ranjeet Bedi further said that it is our youth only who will come forward to spread the awareness to the masses, so that we can eradicate Malaria from our country.

Intex Launches Android 7 Powered Smart Phone Aqua A4

                                                          Photo By Parveen Kumar
By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 06th May:- Amidst the ongoing last IPL Season, Intex Technologies, one of the leading mobile handset players and owner of Gujarat Lions IPL team, announced a big surprise for its consumers with the launch of the lowest priced Android 7 powered smartphone in the market Intex Aqua A4, priced at INR 4,199. The event witnessed the presence of prominent Gujarat Lions Players Manpreet Gony, Dhawal  Kulkarni, Aaron Finch and Basil Thampi who added limelight to the launch.
Commenting on the launch of the lowest priced Android 7 smartphone, Aqua A4, Regional Marketing Head, said that  4G-VoLTE Aqua A4 smartphone sports a 4-inch WVGA (480 x 800 pixels) display, that offers sharp and vivid images and videos. Powered with a 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM the device ensures smooth performance, multi-tasking and boasts of the latest Android Nougat 7.0 OS. The smartphone, weighing just 147gms, sports a sleek look and design giving the handset an elegant feel.
Nougat introduces notable changes to the operating system and its development platform, including the ability to display multiple apps on-screen at once in a split-screen view, support for inline replies to notifications, and an expanded "Doze" power-saving mode that restricts device functionality once the screen has been off for a period of time.
He added further that apart from the impressive specifications, the device comes loaded with innovative VAS services for the users. One major feature is the QR Code reader where users can either select the QR Code mode from the camera or open the QR Code and point the QR Code to the center of the screen. The QR code scanner decodes the QR code automatically and shows the relevant information with buttons for next reactive steps. Another one is Xender that enables users to share any type of files with friends at any time and any place without using mobile data. It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfer speed and it can also play music and video files. Aqua A4 also comes with the popular music streaming app Gaana and News Point, providing all relevant news in a crisp, clean and personalized format.
For selfie lovers and amateur photographers, Aqua A4 offers a powerful 5MP rear camera to capture vivid images effortlessly and a 2MP front camera to click selfies with various modes. The 4G-VoLTE smartphone has an in-built 8GB ROM with an expandable memory of up to 64GB. The device is powered by a 1750 mAh battery which allows users to talk for long hours up to 6 hours with a standby time up of 250 hours. Along with 8 GB of ROM the device offers users 64GB of expandable memory.