Tuesday, 24 October 2017

NIPER Signs MoU With Ayurvet Ltd.

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 24th October:- Prof. Raghuram Rao Akkinnepally, Director NIPER has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on behalf of NIPER with Ayurvet Ltd., Ghaziabad represented by their Managing Director Mohan Saxena NIPER-SAS Nagar is the first national level institute in the pharmaceutical sciences and a centre of excellence for advanced studies and research in pharmaceutical sciences. In continuation of its endeavours, NIPER-SAS is entering into research collaboration through the MoU with Ayurvet Ltd. Ayurvet Ltd.  is a leading animal care company specializing in 100% natural and safe herbal products. The company’s portfolio includes herbal healthcare and nutritional products catering to wide range of domesticated and milch animals and has a capability to provide proprietary technologies and products in animal healthcare.
Key areas of collaboration include pilot scale cultivation of select medicinal plant species at NIPER, cultivation of medicinal plants for commercial supply and training for skill development of Punjab farmers on cultivation of medicinal plants.
The Department of Natural Products at NIPER-SAS Nagar is actively involved in research and development in herbal drugs and formulations with respect to their standardization and therapeutic lead molecule development in inflammatory disorders and infectious diseases such as leishmania and tuberculosis. Prof. Rao has highlighted that this MoU will lead to further development in sourcing of raw crude drug/herbal drug materials for research and development in the field.
Prof. Sucha Singh Gill, a renowned economist and former Director General of Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID), Chandigarh was also present. Prof. Gill in his remarks mentioned that this endeavour will contribute to elevation of farmers’ economic standards who are facing agrarian crisis due to conventional cultivation of food crops.

Paryatan Parv: AIHM organizes Hygiene Awareness Drive Amongst Tourist and Street Vendors

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 24th October:- Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Technology, Sector-42D one of the leading institutes of Hotel Management providing various courses for hospitality education is celebrating Paryatan Parv from 5th to 25th October, 2017.
There were a number of activities which was organised on this day.
The Institute continued the celebrations under “Paryatan Parv” today with a programme on “Hygiene Awareness amongst Tourist and Street Vendors”. Students along with faculty and staff members enthusiastically participated and spread awareness about hygiene to street vendors and tourists.
The awareness campaign was conducted with the objective to raise awareness about best practices on hygiene and sanitation amongst tourism service providers. The faculty and students sensitised the participants about the importance of personal grooming, cleanliness, waste disposal, and proper methods of handling food and beverages. Carrying banners, brochures and posters, the team members spread their message loud and clear. They also demonstrated correct ways of washing and sanitizing their hands before and during handling food. Upon completion of the event, the food vendors were given disposable caps and gloves to motivate them to adopt the said measures in future.
The Institute celebrated 20th day of Paryatan Parv with zeal by organizing  “Trash bag distribution drive” at Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake. About 20 students along with faculty members enthusiastically participated in the event. These specially designed eco-friendly trash bags made out of brown paper and hand painted by the students were distributed to tourist and public encouraging them to use the same in public places where dustbins are not located in the vicinity. The use of these light weighted bags will help to store the garbage temporarily till a dustbin is spotted by the tourists. This initiative was highly commended by the tourists who felt that there is a need for the same.
20th day of Paryatan Parv was full of learning and fun as about 200 students of the Institute along with faculty members indulged themselves to explore iconic places in the city beautiful. The objective was to create awareness amongst the budding hospitality graduates about the tourist attractions in the city.
 There was an immense zeal amongst the students when they witnessed the wonderful sculpture garden on 18 acres of land, full of the imagination of one man named Nek Chand. The Nek Chand Rock Garden of Chandigarh was indeed a masterpiece where the students appreciated the uniqueness of the place with beautiful sculptures made out of trash and recycled material.
Their next halt was Government Museum & Art Gallery which portrayed archaeological findings from the foothills of the Himalayas which suggest human activity possibly dating back to 2.6 million years ago, making them among the oldest known remnants of human existence. There was a great sense of curiosity amongst students about the archaeological discovery, which comprises about 1500 fossil finds, including 200 quartzite tools collected from several locations spread near Chandigarh.
The participants were fully involved and engrossed in the guided tour provided at various such spots. The day concluded with joyous Hop on Hop off bus ride which covered the splendid tourist attractions of Chandigarh like Zakir Rose Garden (Sector-16), War Memorial & Bougainvillea Garden (Sector-03),Sukhana Lake,etc.

जी एस टी के विरोध में इंटक करेगी संसद भवन का घेराव

                                           Photo By Parveen Kumar
By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 24th October:- इंडियन नेशनल ट्रेड यूनियन कांग्रेस आने वाले दिनों में मजदूरों के हितों के लिए संसद का घेराव करेगी।जिसमे देशभर से लाखों की तादाद मैं मज़दूर शामिल होंगे। ये विरोध प्रदर्शन जी एस टी के विरोध में होगा। ये कहना है इंटक के नेशनल प्रेजिडेंट दिनेश शर्मा सुंदरियाल का।
आज चंडीगढ़ में आयोजित पत्रकार वार्ता में दिनेश शर्मा सुंदरियाल ने कहा कि प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने देश के लोगो को धोखा दिया है। यहाँ एक तरफ वो देश के मजदूरों को दबाने की कोशिश कर रहे है। वही वो रामदेव और अडानी और विजय माल्या जैसो को बड़ा व्यापारिक फायदा पहुंचाने में लगे है। उन्होंने कहा कि नरेंद्र मोदी देश का सबसे झूठा प्रधानमंत्री है। कांग्रेस सरकार के कार्यकाल के दौरान शुरू हुए कामो को अमलीजामा पहना कर ही झूठी वाहवाही लूट रहे है। उन्होंने कहा कि संसद भवन का घेराव करने से पहले एक रणनीति तैयार की जाएगी। उसी अनुसार 10 दिसम्बर से पहले पहले संसद भवन का घेराव किया जाएगा। आवश्यकता पड़ने पर प्रधानमंत्री आवास का भी घेराव किया जाएगा।
वही इंटक की पंजाब इकाई  के नवनियुक्त प्रधान हरकिशनजीत सिंह ने कहा कि पंजाब के मजदूरों को उनका हक़ दिलाना उनकी प्राथमिकता है। जिसे दिलाने में वो पार्टी के नेशनल प्रेजिडेंट दिनेश शर्मा का पूरा साथ देंगे।
इस अवसर पर इंटक चंडीगढ़ इकाई के अध्यक्ष विजय मल्होत्रा, पंजाब युथ विंग इकाई के प्रधान धीरज वैद, मालवा जोन के प्रेजिडेंट जोगिंदर सिंह टाइगर, ज़िला लुधियाना के प्रेजिडेंट प्रदीप अग्रवाल, राष्ट्रीय सचिव सतीश कुमार, राष्ट्रीय महासचिव ऋषिकेश वर्मा, ज़िला अमृतसरसे युथ प्रेजिडेंट हरमन बाठ सहित रवि पठानिया, जसनीत सिंह और प्रभजोत सिंह भी उपस्थित थे।