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Happy Birthday Shivoham Uppal

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Chandigarh 17th September:- Happy Birthday Shivoham Uppal

Sepsis can Lead to Multiple Organ Failure and Death if Not Treated Promptly: Dr. A.K. Mandal

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Chandigarh 17th September:- Sepsis arises when the body’s response to infection injures its own tissues and organs. It may lead to low blood pressure (shock), multiple organ failure and death – if not recognized early and treated promptly. Fortis Hospital, Mohali receives over 700 to 800 sepsis patients every year from the region informed Amit Kumar Mandal, Director, Pulmonology, Sleep & Critical Care, Fortis Hospital, Mohali.
He said that worldwide, approximately 27-30 million people develop sepsis per year and 70, 00,000–90, 00,000 die per year (almost 1 death every 3.5 seconds). To complicate further, antibiotic resistance makes it more difficult to treat as antibiotics form one of the major fighting forces.
Sepsis can affect anyone, as it does not discriminate between class, gender or age. It can also affect healthy individuals. The most vulnerable are extreme of ages, individuals with weakened immune systems and chronic diseases. Hence, we need to recognize and seek medical attention at the earliest.
Giving details about case history of a patient with life-threatening illness the medical team shared a real-life case history of a young healthy gentleman of 45 years with no co morbidities presenting to the hospital with fever, dry cough, decreased appetite, breathlessness and yellowish discoloration of the eyes since the last 6 days.
Detailed examination and investigations suggested the presence of pneumonia with liver and kidney dysfunction with low blood pressures. He was immediately admitted to the Medical Intensive Care Unit and initiated on treatment with fluid resuscitation, intravenous antibiotics and supportive care. His organ functions also continued to deteriorate in spite of adequate fluids and medications requiring support with elective ventilation and hem dialysis.
He had to be proned (kept face down) during his ventilation for better ventilation of his lungs. Extracorporeal cytokine adsorber device which has the capability of removing toxic substances had to be used. His blood pressures started stabilizing and became normal after 4 days with no more requirements for dialysis. He improved gradually with severe weakness slowing down his recovery. He was finally discharged after 3 weeks of stay in hospital.
Dr. Amit Mandal explained that Sepsis is an emergency and must be treated as aggressively as cardiac (heart attack) or neurological (stroke) problems. Sepsis can present variedly and even doctors may find it difficult to diagnose. It can produce high fever with chills, increased heart rate, increased breath rate, confusion or altered consciousness, slurring of speech, low blood pressures, decreased urine output or cold, clammy and pale skin appearance. The disease process may be mild with rapid recovery occurring in many patients. But in few unfortunate individuals the disease may be severe and may lead to organ failures requiring multiple organ support with artificial ventilation and dialysis. Up to 40 % of patients with low blood pressure may die, even after receiving the best of therapy.
There is a huge need to raise awareness about the disease in the community and save precious lives and livelihood. Global Sepsis Alliance has since 2012 been trying to raise awareness on sepsis with a celebration on 13th of September as World Sepsis Day.

Punjab Will be the 1st State in India to Have MSME Facilitation Centers in Every District: Vini Mahajan

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Chandigarh 17th September:- Punjab is leading the Ease of Logistics charts with second rank in the country. This was stated by Vini Mahajan, Additional Chief Secretary, Industries & Commerce, Government of Punjab while addressing the CII 7th Regional SME Summit held at CII Northern Region Headquarters, here today.
She mentioned that the contribution of MSMEs to Punjab's economy & employment is indeed tremendous and that the government offers its full support and proactive grievance redressal to ensure sustainability of the sector. Vini Mahajan also shared that Punjab will be the first State in India to have MSME Facilitation Centers in every district as the policy makers are keen to gather feedback from the industry stakeholders and address their grievances. She also urged the MSME manufacturers to make optimum utilization of the ‘Make in Punjab’ platform. The efforts of the State government in improving the industrial infrastructure and ensuring quality skill training & technical education were also highlighted during her speech.
Rachna Dikshit, Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, Chandigarh also graced the occasion and said that we are working towards capacity building of the Bankers, esp. the rural banks so that the public money is used with caution. She shared regulator’s point of view in context of MSME funding and opined that all the stakeholders should work in tandem to deal with credit & debt issues.
R K Parmar, Assistant Director, Ministry of MSME, DI, Ludhiana gave detailed account about the ‘MSME Sambandh’ portal and how the same can be used to solve a number of problems for SME sector. He emphasized the need of access to easy finance for the growing entrepreneurs and mentioned that GoI has a plethora of schemes for helping them.
Sanjay Khurana, Chairman, Regional Committee on SMEs, CII NR & Wholetime Director, Baddi Foils Pvt Ltd. also emphasized on the importance of the MSME sector in Indian economy and said that a need based support to MSMEs during the times of delinquency, failure and other challenges is very essential. 
Rajeev Arora, General Manager, State bank of India while sharing Banker’s purview in lieu of SME financing, said that bankers need transparency, commitment from the entrepreneurs, checks & balances and a viable restricting plan to render best of our services to the industry & the government.
Jyoti Prakash Gadia, Co-Chairman, Regional Committee on SMEs, CII NR and MD, Resurgent India Pvt Ltd also shared his views regarding SME funding and risk assessment.
Sushil Aggarwal, Co-Chairman, Regional Committee on SMEs, CII NR and Chairman Avon Moldplast Limited delivered the formal vote of thanks and emphasized the need of an enabling eco-system for the growth of MSME sector in our country and increased sensitivity towards their problems & obstacles.
The event was well attended by over 100 delegates covering various SME segments.

Ban E-Cigarettes & Vaping Products: Bharatiya Kisan Union

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Chandigarh 17th September:- To save livelihoods of Indian farmers from the multinational groups, Bharatiya Kisan Union has appealed to Agriculture and Commerce Minister seeking complete ban on e-cigarettes and vaping products in India.
In a press statement released here on Tuesday, Jagjeet Singh Dallewala from Bharatiya Kisan Union said that if e-cigarettes or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) are allowed in India, the trade will have a devastating effect on the tobacco farmers in India. The main reason is that the e-cigarette companies who are trying to open shops in India are from foreign origin and does not use Indian tobacco. In fact, the countries that these e-cigarettes belong to like United States of America have also banned them. 
He said further that overall, more than 30 countries have banned these e-cigarettes / ENDS and other countries are planning to ban them. The tobacco growing countries like Thailand, Nepal, Brazil, Mexico, Sri Lanka have also banned ENDS to save the livelihoods of their farmers.
Jagjeet Singh Dallewala asserted that a very small group of farmers and merchants are feeding false information that ENDS will help Indian tobacco farmers. He said that on the other hand for products like ENDS, extraction of nicotine from tobacco mostly happens from outside India and the tobacco used is also grown outside India.
Also, the raw material used to manufacture nicotine is the tobacco dust produced while processing chewing and beedi tobacco. The farmers do not produce any fresh quantity of tobacco to extract nicotine. Their advice of loss of export potential of nicotine will negatively impact farmers are also wrong as presently there are no restrictions on exports of nicotine. The introduction of ENDS will put further stress on the Indian tobacco farmers as they are already stressed due to high regulation and taxation, he maintained.  
All the tobacco growing farming states are states are demanding a complete ban of e-cigarettes and vaping products. Bharatiya Kisan Union also appeals to government to save the livelihoods of Indian farmers by banning ENDS.

District Legal Services Authority organizes Awareness Campaign About the Rights of the Children

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Chandigarh 17th September:- District Legal Services Authority, SAS Nagar in association with Bachpan Bachao Andolan has organized a campaign to aware the common people with regard to the Rights of the Children. In this regard, a seminar at Conference Room, ADR Center, District Courts Complex, Sector 76, SAS Nagar was held on dated 16.09.2019 in which the Anganwari Workers of District SAS Nagar had participated.
On this occasion, Bhupinder Singh, State Co-ordinator of Bachpan Bachao Andolan had awared the Aganwari Workers about the Juvenile Justice Act, Prohibition of Child Labour Act, POCSO Act and Child Marriage Act. The complete information in case of violation of the child rights was also given, and in that eventuality, they can contact on Child Helpline No.1098, Toll-Free Helpline number of Bachpan Bachao Andolan 18001807222 and Toll-Free number 1968 of Punjab State Legal Services Authority. He had also apprised the Anganwari Workers to put a chart of the Child Helpline Numbers in the Anganwari Centers. Apart from this, the Anganwari Workers were also given information with regard to the Legal Services.