Thursday, 11 May 2017

Nurturing Young Seeds Presents NYS Leadership League

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 11th May:- Nurturing Young Seeds, a venture of Essel Group, has created another milestone with the launch of NYS Leadership League which is one-of-its kind National Level leadership Competition for students. This leadership competition is organized in association with Essel Group and DishTV.  NYS Leadership League will premiere on Zee News channel in the month of October this year.
It will be a lifetime opportunity for a whopping 50,000 students (registration still going on) across India to participate and get exposure on Leadership with the NYSLL. The target audience defined for this landmark leadership programme is 11-18 years. This will help children to get multiple opportunities and eventually emerge as leader.
Speaking on the launch, Priti Goel, Founder, Nurturing Young Seeds said that Nurturing young seeds leadership programme is a breakthrough in Indian education system. We launched this programme as we believe that every student should go beyond traditional school knowledge and sharpen their strengths. In this era of competition it is very important for students to garner leadership skills in order to stand out of the crowd. We at NYS, Dare the kids to dream.

Remo D’souza & Star Plus Brings Dance + Season 3: Auditions in Chandigarh on 12th May

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 11th May:- STAR Plus & Remo D’souza brings to the audience third season of their popular dance reality show Dance +. After having two successful seasons and having witnessed some spectacular talents handpicked from India, the god of Dance Remo is all set to unveil the talent on national platform yet again. The Super Judge on the show will be accompanied by three mentors on board who will lead their respective team namely, Punit J Pathak, Shakti Mohan and Dharmesh Yelande. This season of Dance + will be more challenging than ever.
The dance reality show Dance + changed the format of dancing in India by presenting the purest form of dance with unique styles in Singles, Duo’s & Group formats. We at Dance + are looking for someone who is born to dance, be it an individual performer, a couple or a group. Anyone who can move with music and create its own dancing move is welcome to try out for the auditions that are happening in Chandigarh on 12th May. We want to give India it’s next dancing sensation and are looking for that ‘+’ factor in our contestants. 
Known to create magic with every project that he undertakes, Remo D’ Souza said that after successful two years, we are back and are looking for the next dancing sensation. Anyone who believes that their dancing style is unique and can make the entire country dance to their moves can be the next dance icon. We have a lot of superlative talent hidden in this country capable of taking on the world dance stage by storm. This year we are expecting the talent to take dance to the next level in India. A very big surprise awaits for the winner of this season.

Ms Plus Size North India 2017 Contest: Final on May 12

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 11th May:- If you look confident you can pull of anything. It’s not about being the best; it is about being better than you were yesterday. Beauty doesn’t lie only in skinny body it lies in every woman whether it’s healthy or plus size. Daksha Digitas and Hardeep Arora Innovater organized a Beauty Pageant, Ms Plus Size North India 2017 in which Plus size ladies will walk the ramp and fulfill their dream of winning a beauty pageant.
The first British-Asian plus size model and the brand ambassador of Ms Plus Size North India Bishamber Das was present at the event held in Chandigarh. To cheer the contestants model Bishamber Das personally met them and saw their practice session and Dress Rehearsal.
Model Bishamber Das said that size doesn’t define your Beauty and Confidence. Beauty is about being comfortable and believing in you. Women have to deal with many issues related to their size and she personally feel that they shouldn’t be pressurized to go through depression. Ms Plus Size North India 2017 is a platform where girls whether married or unmarried, plus in size can come forward, live their life and fulfill the dream of winning a Beauty Pageant. This platform will surely treat them like a queen and will make them more confident.
Daksha Digitas Owner Binod Kumar and Hardeep Arora Innovater Owner Hardeep Arora said that every woman is unique and precious in her own way and these days Curves are the new sexy. We have conducted auditions in many cities and we are very happy to see the response and talent of the women. We took an initiative to break the myth that only thin ladies are beautiful and they can only win the Beauty Pageants.
Ms Plus Size is an attempt to bring out the inner strength and poise of women who do not fit in the ‘standard size’ of the society. The show is powered by Mifco, and co-sponsored by The Diet Xperts and Kittybee. The official website is
The auditions were held in city Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Chandigarh, now the Grand Finale will be held on 12th May in Panchkula at ‘Bella Vista’.

Sony SAB’s Ichhapyaari Naagin: Babbal to Transform into Ichhadhari Naag

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 11th May:- The upcoming track of Sony SAB’s Ichhapyaari Naagin is all set for a new twist. The twist will be Babbal (Mishkat Verma) turning into a naag.
While the Pehelwans are totally unaware about Babbal’s new identity as a naag, he decides to tell the truth to the family. But here Ichha (Priyal Gor) tries stopping him about revealing the truth and they get into an argument. While walking towards the aangan they see the whole family surrounded by goons. Babbal asks Ichha about how to get rid of the goons and save the family. Ichha asks Babbal to transform into a naag and save the family. Here Babbal closes his eyes with full determination and says to himself that 'I am a Naag’ and runs crookedly towards the goons. Babbal didn't realize that he has not transformed into naag by body and is doing funny things in front of the goons.
The goons gets angry seeing this and interestingly kidnaps his brother, Prabal (Praveen Sirohi). Seeing this Ichha takes advantage and runs outside house. When the family talks to police about Prabal's kidnapping, Ichha also mentions the goons jeep number. But as the police does not help them, Ichha and Babbal make a plan to find Prabal themselves. Ichha and Babbal visit the RTO office and get the address and details of the jeep. Babbal go to find that address and Ichha comes back home. When Ichha talks to the family about everything Babbal call and tell her that address is fake and now only Lord Shivji can help them.
Commenting on the track, Mishkat Verma who plays Babbal said that since now Babbal have transformed into a naag, he decides to reveal it to the family. But when Prabal’s kidnapping drama takes place, he and Ichha are on a mission spree to release him from the trap of the goons.

Pearl Academy and Torrens University Australia Announce New Collaboration

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 11th May:- Pearl Academy, India’s leading design, fashion and creative business institution, and Torrens University Australia, have announced anagreement to share global best practice, promote innovation, cross border collaboration, and deliver industry-leading outcomes for their students. The new alliance will also provide opportunities for academic and student exchanges, development of new programs and collaboration in research, particularly in Design and Business.
Commenting on the new collaboration, Prof Nandita Abraham, CEO - Pearl Academy said that with its wide spectrum of application in different verticals and industries worldwide, creative industries are fast emerging as an exciting new domain for students in India. With such increasing international relevance, it is imperative for us to provide this global advantage to our students and faculty. For over two decades, we have had prestigious alliances with Domus Academy, Milan, London College of Fashion, Manchester Metropolitan University, Nottingham Trent University, Media Design School- NZ and 40 other design and fashion colleges across the world. We look forward to collaborating with Torrens University to further achieve this goal.
Professor Justin Beilby, Vice Chancellor, Torrens University Australia said that today’s announcement between Torrens University Australia and Pearl Academy delivers both academic staff and students unique opportunities to collaborate on transnational projects and connect with peers, fellow educators and leading industry players across the subcontinent.
Professor Justin Beilby added that since Torrens University began we have been committed to facilitating genuine opportunities for our academic staff and students to work collaboratively in environments at home and abroad, and to form closer ties with others in the Laureate International Universities network to deliver a global perspective to programs and the learning experience, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.
Pearl’s strategic focus on forging authentic links with real-world industries to benefit students reflects our philosophy at Torrens University.
Professor Justin Beilby concluded that torrens has previously partnered with INTI University, Stamford University and Real Madrid Graduate School, and this alliance with Pearl Academy is an extension of this valued network.
The signing of this significant collaboration between Pearl Academy and Torrens University Australia was formally recognised by Prof Nandita Abraham, CEO- Pearl Academy and Professor Justin Beilby, Vice Chancellor, Torrens University Australia.

डॉक्टर एमएसजी की कॉमेडी फिल्म जट्टू इंजीनियर समाज भलाई का देगी संदेश: सफाई व्यवस्था पर रहेगा फोकस

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 11th May:- एक के बाद एक लगातार चार सुपरहिट फिल्में देकर बॉलीवुड और दुनिया भर में अपनी धाक जमाने के बाद अब डेरा सच्चा सौदा के संत डॉक्टर गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह जी इंसा अपनी नई कॉमेडी फिल्म जट्टू इंजीनियर लेकर आ रहे हैं l जट्टू इंजीनियर के जरिए स्वच्छ भारत में सफाई का संदेश देते हुए यह फिल्म गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह जी इंसान दुनिया को हंसाने के लिए 19 मई को देशभर के सिनेमाघरों में लेकर आ रहे हैं जट्टू इंजीनियर देशभर में 3500 से ज्यादा स्क्रीन पर रिलीज हो रही है यह फिल्म हिंदी और तेलुगू भाषा में रिलीज होगीl संत डॉ गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह जी इंसा को डॉक्टर एमएसजी के नाम से भी पहचाना जाता है
संत डॉक्टर गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह जी इंसा ने इस संबंध में चंडीगढ़ में वीडियो कॉन्फ्रेंस के जरिए पत्रकारों से बातचीत करते हुए बताया कि जट्टू इंजीनियर उनकी पहली कॉमेडी फिल्म है और यह उनके लिए एक चैलेंज के तौर पर थी क्योंकि बॉलीवुड में कहा जाता है कि बिना अश्लीलता के कॉमेडी फिल्म नहीं बन सकती जबकि जट्टू इंजीनियर पूरी तरह परिवारिक कॉमेडी फिल्म के साथ ही समाज को सफाई का संदेश देगी कि किस तरीके से एक गंदगी भरे पूरे गांव को अच्छी सोच के साथ और आलस को छोड़ कर न सिर्फ साफ-सुथरा बनाया जा सकता है बल्कि अपने हाथ के साथ काम करते हुए खराब से खराब जमीन में भी सोना उगाया जा सकता है
डॉ गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह जी इंसा ने आगे बताया कि यह फिल्म को उन्होंने सिर्फ 15 दिनों में बना कर तैयार कर दिया था जिसका सेट भी डेरा सच्चा सौदा में ही तैयार किया गया l एक पूरा गांव तेयार करने से लेकर उसको बसाने में कुछ दिन का ही समय लगाl उन्होंने बताया कि उनकी यह पांचवी फिल्म है इस फिल्म में वह दो किरदार के रूप में आ रहे हैं एक किरदार सख्त स्कूल मास्टर का है तो दुसरे में वह एक गाव वाले के रूप में है जिनको दुनियादारी के बारें में ज्ञान ही नही है l
क्रेज कोई भी हो हम अपना लेकर आ रहे हैं : डॉ एमएसजी
बाहुबली के क्रेज को लेकर जहां बड़ी से बड़ी फिल्मों की रिलीज तारीख टल रही है वही बाहुबली फिल्म के सामने संत डॉ गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह जी इंसा अपनी फिल्म जट्टू इंजीनियर लेकर आ रहे हैं इस संबंध में डॉक्टर एमएसजी का कहना है कि क्रेज चाहे किसी भी फिल्म का चल रहा हो, परन्तु वह तो अपना फन लेकर आ रहे हैं यह फिल्म सभी को बहुत पसंद आएगी l क्योंकि आजकल के टेंशन वाले माहौल में जट्टू इंजीनियर सभी टेंशन को दूर करते हुए हंसाने का काम करेंगीl बाहुबली और जट्टू इंजीनियर में फर्क बताते हुए उन्होंने कहा कि यह फिल्म एक गांव में तैयार की गई है और इसमें बी.एफ.एक्स का बिलकुल भी इस्तेमाल नहीं किया गया है जबकि बाहुबली में ज्यादातर बी.एफ.एक्स ही डाला गया है जिस कारण यह फिल्म कुछ अलग से दिखाई देगी l
प्रशासन अगर इजाजत दे तो चंडीगढ़ में भी होगा सफाई अभियान:
संत डॉ गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह जी इंसा ने कहा कि उनके द्वारा देश भर में चलाए जा रहे सफाई अभियान को चंडीगढ़ में करवाने के लिए अगर चंडीगढ़ का प्रशासन लिखती रूप में उनको कहता है तो वह इस सफाई अभियान को चंडीगढ़ में चलाने के लिए तैयार है l उनका कहना है कि इस संबंधी एक प्रक्रिया को मुकम्मल करना जरूरी होता है अगर प्रक्रिया मुकम्मल होने के साथ ही हर तरह की इजाजत मिल जाती है तो वह चंडीगढ़ में सफाई अभियान चलाने के लिए हर समय तैयार हैं l