Saturday, 5 August 2017

Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki Release Song “BETI”: A Song Dedicated to Girlhood

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 05th August:- We consider them a miracle and a light that brightens our world. Daughter, world’s most beautiful gift and pride of the nation once again have been put on a highlight. With aim to bring positive perception towards girl child and spread awareness towards them ‘BETI’ is the name of A Bollywood Song launched by Hon. Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki at Governor House Chandigarh. Hon. Governor Congratulated GauravGoyal and his Wife Shipra Goyal behind this wonderful thought including the whole team.He also showered his blessings to Little Aanvita Goyal who has acted in this Song and Studies in Strawberry Fields School, Sector 26, Chandigarh.
The song has done a Fantastic job in highlighting different roles played by a Girl in a family. As a daughter when she brightens home with her arrival from the moment of her birth. The emotional gestures shown by the girl child fills his home with happiness once again. It is always considered as a girl’s duty to look after her family and be responsible. But before that we must take measures for their safety, growth and education.
Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki  stated that in today’s era girls are not safe even in their own house so one should definitely come forward to protect them as we can’t forget that girls are the power of our country and he hope we all don’t want to be powerless. The lyrics and concept of the song is strong and he appreciate that young generation is putting efforts to make people aware.
Throwing light on his song Singer Gaurav Goyal said that in India, we lose many girls every day to ‘son preference’ both before and after birth. This happens in the most of the families and we need to stop it completely. He just tried to show the existing reality that everybody knows already but we are not paying full attention to save the girl child. He tried to show how a girl can change your life completely and bring positivity and smile on your face because being a Father It’s My Feeling. He had done my bit through this song and he will do more for a change.
Shipra Goyal head Shipra Pictures and the founder of Big Day Hunger Challenge said that the basic idea of Song is to reach every house and urge them to love daughters educate them and give them a beautiful life. She added that the situation of 7 years old daughters’ father is shown after he watches a news clip portraying some crime against women, how he gets worried and in secured along with the happy moments of a father and daughter.
The Music has been lent by JSGI,Co Produced by RaymantMarwah  and Production of the song is handled by Jai Verma .Gaurav thanked Raman Aggarwal, Prince Rajput and his Music Band Faulaadi Indians without whom he feels his music wouldn’t have been possible. He Also Thanked major Krishna Singh (ADC TO Governor) Who Helped Beti TO Reach Hon. Governor. Gaurav also requested Hon. Governor to suggest government to make laws where no one can think of harming a girl.
The songencourages us to raise girls equally. The song calls all the men and women to come forward and save girl child and ensure that no one is killed and exploited in the name of gender. This awareness need to be spread. The Song has been released in association with One Digital Entertainment Mumbai and is available on all the leading Platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Saavn, Gaana, Hungama, Wynk, Itunes, applee Music and many others. Gaurav’s Previous Songs Include Yaaron Ki Yaadein, Faulaadi India, Maahiya, AafreenAafreen .

ICSVS organizes Lecture on 'Mental Development through Spiritual Approach Based on Yoga Psychology and Neuhumanism

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 05th August:- Interdisciplinary Centre for Swami Vivekananda Studies (ICSVS), Panjab University, today organized a lecture on 'Mental Development through spiritual approach based on Yoga Psychology and Neuhumanism of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Ji' on 4th August  by Acharya Divyachetanananda Avadhuta. He is a Monk from the Anand Marg fold and has delivered numerous talks on this subject in different Universities such as Kolkata University, Andhra University, Delhi University and Kurukshetra University.
Swami Ji initiated a new concept of Neuhumanium which is based on social equality and can serve as a practical solution to all the major problems prevailing in the contemporary society. He also elaborated that how a human living can move from cosmic centrifugal forces to enhance the centripetal forces of Ahaankar, Chit and Mahat. This is how one can take his own crude mind. His approach was scientific as he defined human body cells functional in there collectivity. He differentiated Atamasukhtativa where man thinks about himself only from Samsmatar which is about social equality. He addressed the students and advised them that how they can adapt the above in their lives successfully. How they can improve their memory power, food habits and avoid those which kill the equanimity in human cheering.
Prof. Nandita Singh, coordinator, ICSVS, while introducing the theme of the program mentioned that in the fast paced world of speed dialing and multitasking, it is essential for all of us to understand the significance of conscious living. She highlighted the need for heightened awareness and concentration of mind for innovation in any field.
The session was attended by large number of students from department of Guru Nanak Sikh Studies and Education. Faculty from various departments Prof. Asha Maudgil, Prof. Latika Sharma, Prof. Shankar Jha, Prof. Jaspal Kang, Prof. Meenu, Dr. Satwinder, Dr. Kalpana, Dr. Puja contributed to the discussion on the theme.

7-yr Boy Suffering from Rare Throat Disease: Gets New Lease of Life

By Tricitynews Reporter
Panchkula 05th August:- 7-year boy from Ambala suffering from a very rare disease, Esophageal Web has been treated successfully at Alchemist Hospital , Panchkula recently.
Manu (name changed) was facing severe difficulty in swallowing food and food sticking in throat from the past 1-year. He was not gaining weight as well as height and developing symptom of anemia and severe weakness. He was also not able to study due to poor concentration. The child denied any epigastric pain, heart burn, choking, or respiratory symptoms.
His laboratory workup showed low hemoglobin, serum calcium and vitamin-D levels. The doctors at Alchemist after an endoscopy test of boy were very surprised to see a membrane like structure obstructing upper part of esophagus; the scope could not be passed across this.
Dr Manoj Kumar, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Alchemist who treated the boy informed that esophageal web is a very rare disease which is estimated to occur in 1 in 25,000 to 1 in 50,000 live births.
He said further that esophageal webs are developmental anomalies characterized by one or more thin horizontal membranes within the upper esophagus and mid esophagus. They rarely encircle the lumen but instead protrude from the anterior wall, extending laterally but not to the posterior wall. In up to 5% of cases they are identified in an asymptomatic state, but when they are symptomatic they cause dysphagia for solids. Webs are fragile membranes and so respond well to esophageal dialation.
Dr Manoj Kumar pointed out that an association among cervical esophageal webs, dysphagia, and iron deficiency anemia has been described as Paterson-Kelly syndrom. Recent reports have shown an association webs and celiac disease (allergy to gluten protein of wheat). After diagnosing this rare disease, we treated this patient by endoscopic dilation of this obstruction with the help of special types of dilators called SG dilators. This procedure was absolutely painless and was performed under conscious sedation with the help of endoscopes.
Dr Manoj Kumar said that after treatment, child started eating well without any discomfort. We followed up this patient after 3months of the procedure and what we found out was really satisfying. He had gained significant around 3kg weight. His anemia was recovered and school performance improved tremendously.

DLSA organizes Meeting with Advocates for Providing Legal Aid Services to Public

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 05th August:- District & Sessions Judge-cum-Chairman, District Legal Services Authority, SAS Nagar, Smt. Archana Puri, organized a meeting with the Counsel/ Advocates for providing Legal Aid Services to the Public at large. It is a motive of District Legal Services Authority, SAS Nagar, to reach upto the poor people and all the needy persons in the society in order to provide the representation in the court, if required.
Keeping in view the fact, District Legal Services Authority, SAS Nagar, has selected 43 eminent lawyers from the Bar of Mohali, in order to, provide the services to the needy persons in order to fulfill the motive of Legal Service Institutions. In this regard Ld. District & Sessions Judge-cum-Chairman, District Legal Services Authority, SAS Nagar, Smt. Archana Puri, has today convened a meeting and gave a motivational address to the entire lawyer for providing Legal Services to the marginalized segments of Society. The advocates were asked to provide Services to these Strata of the Society, as if, they are doing Social Services. It is a duty of courts to see representation of all persons appearing before the court, even of those, who are unable to afford it. For these kinds of persons, the Panel is prepared by District Legal Services Authority, SAS Nagar, so as to reach up to the poor and obsessed Strata of the Society.

Mayor organizes Chaupal for Manimajra Residents

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 05th August:- Chandigarh Mayor Asha Jaswal is all set to help people in villages and colonies to get rid of their problems as soon as possible. She has decided to listen to the problems of the common man through conducting Chaupal (meeting with local people) near their doorstep.
By conducting such Chaupal in Shivalik Garden, Manimajra, she becomes the first Mayor to tackle the grievances of the people via these meetings with full technical support by the officers of Administration and Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh. Near about 300 local residents of Ward No. 25 & 26 including Indira Colony, Old Ropar Road, Mari wala Town and other areas of Manimajra were present during the Chaupal.
During the first Chaupal held in Manimajra, she was accompanied by both the area councilors of Ward No. 25 & 26 i.e. Sh. Vinod Aggarwal and Sh. Jagtar Singh Jagga with technical team from MC and Administration comprising N.P. Sharma, Chief Engineer, Sanjay Arora, Superintending Engineer, Dr. P.S. Bhatti, Medical Officer of Health, MC and officials from Maleria Department, UT, Chandigarh. Sanjay Tandon, president, BJP, Chandigarh and other local leaders also joined her during the Chaupal.
She listened to the grievances of local people and asked the concerned officers for early resolutions of the problems. People generally reported problems like sewerage blockages and pothole in internal streets etc. The Mayor asked to concerned officials to prepare estimates for the works required to be carried out there and get them resolved as early as possible.
 She further said that these types of Chaupals will be conducted in all the villages and colonies of the city to resolve the grievances of local residents, which she has committed during the MC election. She added that review meetings of these Chaupals will also be held to get the results faster.

गृहमंत्री की सलाहकार समिति की बैठक में संजय टंडन द्वारा इंडस्ट्रियल एरिया के प्लाटों को लीज टू फ्री होल्ड का मुद्दा उठाने का सिया ने किया स्वागत

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 05th August:- इंडस्ट्रियल एरिया के को-कन्वीन चंडीगढ़ इंडस्ट्रियल यूथ एसोसिएशन के सीनियर उपप्रधान हरिंदर सिंह स्लैच उद्योगपतियों के द्वारा भारतीय जनता पार्टी के अध्यक्ष संजय टंडन का आज स्वागत किया। उन्होंने बताया कि तकरीबन 20 साल के बाद गृहमंत्री की अध्यक्षता में सलाहकार समिति की बैठक हुई जिसमें चंडीगढ़ इंडस्ट्रियल एरिया के प्लाटों की लीज टू फ्री होल्ड का मुद्दा संजय टंडन के द्वारा रखा गया। इस मौके उनके साथ उद्योगपति भी थे।

Irrigation Engineers Announces Pen Down Strike Against Vigilance Witchhunt

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 05th August:- The   Joint Action Committee(JAC) of Irrigation Engineers has decided to go on Pen-down strike in all Irrigation Punjab & Chandigarh offices on 09th August and 10th August 2017, by wearing black badges on their shoulders and unfurling black flags outside their offices, during these two days. This decision was announced by the Joint Action Committee of Engineers' Forum after the Irrigation Engineers' peaceful Dharna held in New Hydel Building, Sector-18, Chandigarh.
The Dharna & decision to go on pen down strike has come about because of the inaction by the Punjab Government to reign in the State Vigilance Bureau, which has been adopting a Vindictive attitude against Engineers, while carrying out an inquiry.
Er. B P S Brar, President, JAC Combined Association said that the Joint Action Committee has decided to give ten days ultimatum to Punjab Government after pen-down strike to accept our genuine demand  of stopping the vindictive actions against Irrigation Engineers' by VB forth with,  otherwise all Engineers' will  take even more stringent action.