Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Overseas Capital Investment in India Touches USD 2.6 bn Recording a 31% Growth: Knight Frank’s Active Capital Report

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Chandigarh 27th June:- Knight Frank, the independent global property consultancy, today launched Active Capital: The 2018 Report. Looking at the shifts in capital flows, the report dives into the sources and destinations of cross-border investments in commercial real estate.
India ranks an impressive 19th position amongst the 73 countries that attracted cross-border capital into their property market in 2017. With USD 2.6 bn of cross-border capital inflows (excluding development sites), India ranks ahead of its Asia Pacific regional counterparts like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines, who collectively attracted lesser capital flows compared to India.
Capital flows into Indian property market have been 10 times higher than the outflows in
2017. USD 2.6 bn of inflow was recorded compared to outbound capital flows to the tune of USD 0.26 bn last year. Led by a battery of reforms like RERA, GST and demonetisation, the attractiveness of Indian real estate potential has caught the fancy of international investors and developers alike resulting into this favorable investment account.
Compared to 86% share in 2016, United States, Canada and Singapore collectively contributed to 84% of capital inflows to Indian property followed by United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong in 2017.  
Shishir Baijal, Chairman & Managing Director, Knight Frank India, said that cross-border capital inflows (excluding development sites) to India stood at USD 2.6 bn in 2017 recording a 31% growth over 2016. Ranking an impressive 19th position amongst 73 countries that attracted cross-border capital into their property market, India has surged ahead of its Asia Pacific regional counterparts which collectively attracted lesser capital flows compared to India. 
The changes in business environment brought by landmark reforms like GST and RERA besides others coupled with government impetus for affordable housing and an imminent possibility for REITs as an asset vehicle have infused confidence among the stakeholders of the Indian property market. In the latest four-year period (2014 – 2017), the inflows were over four times the outflows compared to the earlier four-year period (2010 – 2013) when they were at par. This highlights a paradigm shift in Indian realty’s potential as an attractive investment avenue.

SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain: Murari to Learn Importance of Healthy Living

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Chandigarh 27th June:- There is nothing more valuable than having good health in our life, good health is the greatest blessing of life. Our favourite character Murari from Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain played by Anup Upadhyay will find out the importance of healthy living the hard way in the show.
Jijaji Chhat Per Hain has been highlighting various social issues with a strong message for all its viewers. In the recent episodes, the viewers witnessed Elaichi (Hiba Nawab) fighting against eve-teasing.
Now, in the upcoming episodes, the cast of Jijaji Chhat Per Hain will be seen dealing with junk food and maintaining healthy diet. Murari, is fond of kachoris and other fried and oily food and has been unknowingly harming his health. His unhealthy eating habits finally take a toll on him and Murari faints at Chhote Nai’s shop.
Elaichi takes Murari to the doctor where he mentions about Murari’s health being bad and needs immediate care. Upset about the same Elaichi requests Murari to go on a strict diet to avoid such health issues. Karuna serves Murari oats which makes him irritable and starts to secretly eat junk food. While he continues to eat fattening food, he puts the blame on Pancham whenever Elaichi enters making Elaichi really mad at Pancham. 
Finally, the truth gets revealed when Elaichi and Pancham decide to get Murari on a strict diet regime. Later, Pancham falls sick where the doctor informs that though Pancham looks fit, he is very weak. Murari gets hit by this and decides to lose weight.
In a conversation with Murari (Anup Upadhyay) he mentioned that fitness is the most important thing and he suggests every person should remain fit irrespective of having any health issues. We don’t need to get a reality check from the doctor to get fit just like Murari did. It will be interesting to watch if Murari will be able to follow his strict fitness regime and will succeed in losing weight.

Tunak Tunak Tun: The Global Song for Celebration by Undisputed King of Pop Daler Mehndi

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Chandigarh 27th June:- The pop-bhangra singer Daler Mehndi’s Tunak Tunak Tun was released in 1998, almost two decades ago. The track was an instant hit on release. It’s music video India’s first blue screen technology video, which allowed the singer to super impose his image over various computer-generated backgrounds.
The music video was conceptualized by Daler Mehndi in retaliation to the media’s comment that the success of his videos depends only on the glam models featured in his videos. So with 4 Daler Mehndi’s and exquisite choreography done by Daler Mehndi himself the song became an instant HIT. Tunak Tunak won the prestigious RAPA Award, the Channel V Award, the Videocon Award, and The Screen Award.
The song is the greatest grosser in non-film music in India to this day! Tunak Tunak, which was also adopted by the World of Warcraft community, became an internet phenomenon. A single copy of Tunak Tunak on Youtube has broken all the records with almost 90 million hits and 70 thousand comments and still increasing. The epic track is still entertaining the world and creating milestones.
Tunak Tunak is by far the only song in the world from India that has truly created a viral effect. The music critics and the music watchers of the trade call it India’s first viral song. It became Viral when the term viral on internet did not exist.
From a common listener who may be from any part of the world, Tunak Tunak has created and stuck on to its audience. Love showered by the global Aisec community, world of Warcraft, fans in Korea, Germany, Russia, Poland, International DJ’s like Slushi and Deadmau5 have all been engulfed in its power. From Jackie Chan in China to Bollywood actors in India, Music Bands like BlackPink in South Korea, public personalities like Super woman, RedBaraat, WWE superstars, to BBC, International radio stations in Belgium doing a marathon on Tunak Tunak, to the Malaysian woman police dancing, to high school dance finales in the US and Canada, to mobile corporate like Mi public ally celebrating their personal milestones with Tunak Tunak... the song has something for everyone.
In his own words Daler Mehndi who is the author, composer and owner of the song and ideator of its video said that it is a song which is a communication between a yearning soul and it’s beloved - which is God. It’s playful, energetic, positive and entertaining. It represents 5 elements of which a human is made- Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Ether. The 5th element ‘the ether-depicted by a Mini Daler Mehndi’ was shot but somehow could not get incorporated in the final video. He has done very limited work throughout his career and most of them have created history. It is very humbling and very inspiring.
Daler Mehndi said that he is glad that artists like Deadmau, Slushi and now BlackPink have performed his song. It shows the Love, the Universe and the Divine are showering upon Tunak Tunak,”.

Consumer Trust Regained in 2018 Post a Sharp Dip in 2017: TRA Report

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Chandigarh 27th June:- TRA Research, a brand Intelligence and data insights company, also the publishers of TRA’s Brand Trust Report, an annual syndicated research conducted among nearly 2500 consumer-influencers across 16 cities in India. A comparison of the Brand Trust Indices of the most trusted 100 brands of 2016, 2017 and 2018 of the report makes a significant observation. Between 2016 and 2017, the demonetization year, the consumer trust plummeted 19%. Equally noteworthy is that the consumer trust has recovered to early 2016 levels, having gained 15% on trust scores between 2017 to 2018 - bringing trust back to within a 1% of early 2016 Brand Trust Index (BTI) levels. TRA’s Brand Trust Report uses their proprietary matrix of 61 intangible trust attributes to understand consumer mindset and behavior.
N. Chandramouli, CEO TRA Research said that in one stroke, the November 2016 demonetization eroded consumer trust by a fifth; with direct trust losses seen in small and medium businesses, with a cascading impact on all citizens. However, over the last year, consumer trust has recuperated, to within the early 2016 levels. Consumer trust is a reflection of the confidence that the consumer displays towards transacting showing confidence and readiness to transactions if conditions turn right. He said further that unless our institutions corporate, banks, government – tap onto this consumer readiness, their fragile trust due to repeat ‘shocks’ is likely to dip again with lowered risk appetite, especially taking into consideration that it is a pre-election year.

Godrej Launches "Godrej Professional": First Ever Salon Professional Product Range

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Chandigarh 27th June:- Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (GCPL) in its on-going endeavour to innovate and provide the best of hair solutions to Indian consumers has entered the professional segment with the launch of a new brand: Godrej Professional. Ketan Takalkar, Associate Vice President - Godrej Professional, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) unveiled the much awaited professional hair offering.
Talking about the launch, Ketan Takalkar, Associate Vice President-Godrej Professional, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) said that given our hair category presence and know-how of Indian hair, entering the professional hair space was the next most obvious move. We are proud to launch of Godrej Professional, a full range of scientific color, care, finish, backwash and technical products, all specifically created for Indian hair. With this launch we have a larger objective in mind, which is to elevate the ‘Salonists’. With industry stalwarts, we have put together a refined skill education academy, which will be made available to Salonists 24x7 through an app. Adding to this, is the first ever social platform for the Salonists to share work and establish themselves in the industry inbuilt in the app. The Godrej Professional offering of world-class products, skills and sharing opportunities, will take the entire salon business to the next level.
Godrej professional is the first Indian hair professional range developed in partnership with the Indian hairdressing industry tested and certified by the Salonists and Scientists alike. Some of the best minds in the hair industry like celebrity hairstylist Ryan D'Rozario, Sylvia Chen and Asha Hariharan among others have worked closely with the brand development team of Godrej Consumer Products Limited to create this exceptional range of products.
With years of research & development and global exposure, the Godrej Professional range, brings the best of the natural ingredients and science of Indian hair together. The color range consists of 21 stunning hair color shades, all specifically created for Indian hair. The ‘No Ammonia' crème hair color range has been designed for longer
Color retention and 100% grey coverage, with the power of Argan oil for healthy hair. The ‘Colour Play' range of hi-lift color formulations bring about brilliant colours with intense, visible results on dark Indian hair.
To ensure great hair health, Godrej Professional also offers a complete care range comprising of shampoos, masks and styling serums. Developed with high performance formulas and infused with natural ingredients like Avocado, Honey, Argan oil, Quinoa and Keratin, the range helps strengthen weak hair, smoothen treated hair, fight dry frizzy hair along with restoring health for thin hair.