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संत महात्माओं का पूजन कर अभिनंदन समारोह 12 जुलाई को मुनि मंदिर में

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Chandigarh 11th July:- ब्रह्मलीन श्री सतगुरू देव श्री श्री 108 श्री मुनि गौरवानंद गिरि जी महाराज की 31वीं पुन्य बरसी समारोह के उपलक्ष्य में सैक्टर 23 डी स्थित श्री महावीर मंदिर मुनि सभा में 12 जुलाई को संत महात्माओं का पूजन कर अभिनंदन समारोह आयोजित किया जायेगा।
यह जानकारी देते हुए सभा के प्रधान दलीप चंद गुप्ता तथा मंदिर पुजारी पं दीप शर्मा ने बताया कि 12 जुलाई को प्रात: 6 बजे सैक्टर 23 सी व डी में प्रभात फेरी का आयोजन किया जायेगा तद्पश्चात् प्रात: 7:30 बजे हवन किया जायेगा जिसके पश्चात् क था का भोग व लगभग हजारों आमंत्रित संत महात्माओं का पूजन श्री श्री 108 स्वामी श्री पंचानन गिरी जी महाराज के सानिध्य में किया जायेगा और उन्हेंं वस्त्र, फल तथा दक्षिणा दी जायेगी और विशाल भंडारें का प्रसाद दिया जायेगा इसके बाद आम जनता के लिये भंडारा वितरण किया जायेगा। 
इस अवसर कथा व्यास अतुल कृष्ण शास्त्री ने श्रद्धालुओं को त्याग के बारें में बताया कि मनुष्य को मोह माया से दूर रहकर भगवान का निरतंर भजन करना चाहिए। जो मनुष्य हरि नाम का जाप करते है भगवान उनको भजते हैं।

FIJEEHA and CLove Dental organises Workshop on Oral Care

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Chandigarh 11th July:- FIJEEHA (Forum for Indian Journalists On Education, Environment, Health & Agriculture) in association with Clove Dental organised a workshop for media personnel today at Chandigarh Press Club, Chandigarh. Around 40 journalist participated in the workshop. The workshop was aimed to impart the healthy tips on Oral Care to media fraternity. 
Doctors from Clove Dental stressed that prevention in terms of good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups is a must, as visiting a dentist under emergent situation is only like band-aid on the immediate problem but does not provide any long-term solution to poor dental health. Most common unhealthy oral habits include thumb and finger sucking, tongue thrusting, and teeth grinding which are widely seen in children of 3-6 years of age which affects the child’s permanent or adult teeth. 
Dr Pankaj Kaushik, Zonal Clinical Head, Chandigarh said that it is necessary that parents only use positive connotations attached to dental visits. Terms like drilling, painful, needles should be avoided as it creates a stressful experience for the child which leads to neglect of dental health. In fact, at Clove Dental, technology has enabled us to use latest pain-management techniques to eliminate additional pain. 
Doctors form India's leading dental care chain also informed on several ways to avoid cavities like reducing transmission of infection from parent to child through pacifiers or spoons, ensuring adequate supply of fluoride, avoiding intake of tit-bit snacks and regular dental check-ups.
Dr Navneet Anand, former journalist and President of this informal group of journalists having membership from 18 states said that FIJEEHA is a development communication platform and conducts regular dialogues on key issues in areas of health, environment, agriculture and education.

Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama: Will Tenali Rama be Able to Save Kotwal from Death Penalty

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Chandigarh 11th July:- Sony SAB’s historical drama Tenali Rama never fails to amuse viewers with Rama’s combination of intelligence, wit and humor.
In the upcoming track, Tirumalamba (Priyanka Singh) finds three magical vases, which were symbols of good omen and were gifted by a great king to Krishnadevraya’s (ManavGohil) ancestors. As per the orders of the king, Kotwal Pathak) was asked to keep the vases safe, but as fate would have it, he ended up breaking one of them. Furious, Krishnadevraya gives him death punishment.
Upset with the outcome, Kotwal, along with his family, visits Rama and requests him to save him from the punishment. Rama devises a plan with Kotwal, who is in jail. The next day, at darbaar, Kotwal expresses his last wish to the king i.e. to transfer his punishment to Rama, who accepts it. The King feels bad since Rama will soon be a father and tells him to find a way to save himself from the punishment.
Krishna Bharadwaj, who plays the role of Tenali Rama, said that the upcoming track is really interesting. He had fun shooting it. This time, Kotwal’s life is at stake and Rama will try to save himself and others from the undesirable situation and impress King Krishnadevraya. How he does it, is something to watch out for.

Mr. Prince & Miss. Princess North 2018 to Take Place in Region

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Chandigarh 11th July:- A one of a kind fashion pageant Mr. Prince & Miss Princess North 2018 is all set to kick off with auditions starting in July all across North India. Details of this pageant which will give an opportunity to people in the age group of 14-30  across the region, were announced at a press meet by Tricity's ace Choreographer, MTV Fame Artist & Director of Art of Dance Studio, Dipesh Sekhri and Preetika Sharma, Director, Privika Entertainer Event Co. The duo are the brains behind the fashion pageant. Dipesh & Preetika were accompanied by famous Punjabi singer Mani Singh, who also runs his company Mani Entertainers. Mani has given some chartbuster songs like 'Ek peg laake phone karda' , 'Shaukeen Munde' et al. Ms. Rohita who is a well known Make Up Artist & Fashion Blogger too was present. It was informed that Mani Singh will be a member of the jury & Rohita will be judging the auditions in different cities.
Dipesh Sekhri said that the fashion pageant's finale will be held  at Chandigarh Club, on September 8. It gives him great pleasure to announce that Prince Narula the Big Boss 9 winner, popular model, actor & TV personality and Actress Yuvika Chaudhary who has acted in  Bollywood films like Om Shanti Om will be the celebrity Judges, during the grand finale. They will also act as guides & mentors to those participating  in this unique  mega fashion show. He is happy to share that the audition in Chandigarh will take place on July 22 at Piccadily Mall, Chandigarh.
Preetika Sharma said that auditions will be held in 7 different cities -- Ambala on July 15, Chandigarh on July 22, Shimla on July 25,Patial on July 29, Ludhiana on Aug 5, Jalandhar on Aug 12, Delhi onAug 19 and Sundarnagar on August 26.  Out of all these cities 50 contestants will be chosen for  walking on the Ramp in front of the judges. "Grooming sessions will be held for the participants. Three days of training which includes personality development, stage confidence, talent grooming, handling question/answer round, ramp walk style dress, dressing appropriately so that they can perform better and efficiently, will be held before the finale.
The icing on the cake is that Prince Narula & Yuvika Chaudhary will be judging the talent of the youth and will be bringing them up on stage to present the title of Mr. Prince & Miss Princess North 2018. What's more, the winners will also get a chance to get a portfolio shoot done with the two celebrities.
Dipesh said further that one unique aspect of the finale wil be a welcome dance performance by all the 50 finalists which will be choreographed by me and will act as a grand welcome to the celebrity judges  Prince Narula & Yuvika Chaudhary. Invitations are being sent to the top most Fashion Schools, Colleges, Universities of the region, so the fashion pageant will truly be covering North India well. There will be present special guests/judges, celebrity models, artists from TV shows during the auditions in different cities.
Baddi Univerity has come on board to partner with the event & so has. Texas Therapeutics too has announced its support to the event.  Oxizone Fitness & Spa is the Fitness partner. The winners will be getting a total of Rs 1 Lakh worth of gifts & prizes. What's more, they will also be eligible  for a free portfolio shoot with the celebrity judges.

Elante Rolls Out Flat 50% Discount

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Chandigarh 11th July:- Elante’s Bade Deal Wala Sale, gets even bigger. Over 60 brands at Elante will offer a Flat 50% off on July 12 and 13. This is the first time ever that so many brands have offered a deal like this in the tricity.
Elante has been attracting a lot of people since they announced their End of Season Sale. Over the years, Elante has been Punjab’s shopping hub. This year, the management has ensured the offers are bigger and better than they have ever been, thereby staying true to the ‘Bade Deal Wala Sale’.
Rewarding the shoppers who spend INR 5000 or more on shopping or dining at any of the retail outlets, can participate in a raffle draw. The lucky winners can win a holiday for two in Paris and various other attractive prizes.

AISU Recommends Common Entrance Test as Step Towards Professionalization of B.Voc Courses

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Chandigarh 11th July:- The only pure skills university in India with a ‘Swiss Dual’ education system, Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU), Jaipur today organized third Association of Indian Skill Universities (AISU) meeting. The participants included Jayant Joshi, President, Rajendra and Ursula Joshi Charitable Trust (RUJCT); Brig (Dr.) Surjit Pabla, President AISU and Vice Chancellor of Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU); Dr. Anurag, Pro-VC, Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM);  Vikrant Pande, Provost (VC), TeamLease Skills University (TLU); Abhishek Pandit (Rabindra Nath Tagore University Bhopal).
The suggestions and recommendations on norms for skill universities submitted to the government after the second AISU meeting at HVSU Gurugram, were discussed and their progress communicated.  The members also suggested that Skill University’s territorial jurisdiction limit needs to be looked at where skill universities should be allowed to facilitate apprenticeships to the students in other states to help them have on-the-job training.
Recommending Common Entrance test for B.Voc, Brig. (Dr.) Surjit Singh Pabla, President AISU and Vice Chancellor of Bhartiya Skill Development University said that we suggest that for all Skill Universities, a common entrance test must be incorporated in order to professionalize B.Voc. Courses.  This common entrance test would help us in getting quality students from the entire Country and just like IITs, it would benefit students applying from country-wide by allowing them to choose amongst the best of Skill Universities.
While addressing the members of AISU, Jayant Joshi, President, Rajendra and Ursula Joshi Charitable Trust (RUJCT) said that AISU is expecting a positive response from UGC and MSDE regarding the recommendations and the proposals on live virtual classes as an alternate mode of learning and admission criteria to the skill universities. UGC is likely to prepare guidelines and norms for skill universities where the recommendations of AISU are likely to be considered.

NIPER's Deepika Awarded with Newton Bhabha Fellowship 2018

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Chandigarh 11th July:- NIPER students are bringing laurels to the institution. Ms. Deepika Kathuria, a Ph.D. research scholar from the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), SAS Nagar has bagged the Newton-Bhabha fellowship as per declared results by DST (New Delhi) and British council (London, UK).
Ms. Deepika is currently working under the supervision of Prof. P. V. Bharatam in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry. Hailing from Rohtak in Haryana, Ms. Deepika is a DST Inspire fellow in the institute. Her research includes synthesizing and developing the new molecules for the treatment of leishmania (Kala azar). This fellowship is being sponsored by the British Council and the Government of India, which provides the opportunity for four months stay and research experience for Ms. Deepika at University of Sheffield, UK. There, she is learning advanced techniques of cell culture and development of anti-Alzheimer agents while working with Prof. Beining Chen, a professor in Medicinal Chemistry. This type of exchange visits of the scholars of NIPER is keeping the progressive environment of NIPER and ensuring that it competes with the best in the world. These efforts of the scholars from NIPER are being hailed by the entire scientific community in Tricities.

Urban Health Training Center Launches "Swachh Indira Colony Abhiyan”

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Chandigarh 11th July:- Urban Health Training Centre, Indira Colony, being run by the School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh provides comprehensive package of preventive, promotive and curative health services to about 28000 slum dwellers since 2003. Urban Health Training Centre along with Public Health Development Society, Indira Colony, a multi-stakeholder committee in the area had launched Swachh Indira Colony Abhiyan in January 2016, which is first of its kind in city. Public Health Development Society and other key members of the colony had passed a resolution to achieve ‘Swachh Indira Colony’ by 31stDecember, 2018.
To achieve the same, multiple activities are undertaken. ‘Swachh Indira Colony campaign Fortnight is being initiated from 12th July 2018 to 26th July 2018. On this occasion, an inaugural function for the launch of the campaign is being organised at Govt. High School, Indira Colony on 12th July 2018. Dr G Dewan, Director Health Services, K K Yadav, Municipal Commissioner, Vinod Aggarwal, Deputy Mayor, Dr Pradeep Vasesi, MOH, Municipal Corporation has been invited to grace the occasion along with key stakeholders of Chandigarh administration, National Service Scheme volunteers, and representatives from local government schools, Anganwadi centres, Local Welfare associations and other key local members in the area. Key activities during the fortnight will be cleanliness drives in specified areas in the colony, poster display, and focus group discussion with community members at AWCs and UHTC where women will be counselled about better sanitation solid waste management practices. Public will be educated about keeping their surroundings clean and throw garbage saggregated into the wet and dry dustbins. Pamphlets will also be distributed. Mohalla meetings are also organised periodicall to sensitize the community to keep their own surroundings clean. Fortnightly supervision of randomly selected areas for cleanliness is undrertaken under the campaign.
A fortnight was observed last year which involved cleaning drive in the railway crossing area, vicinity of religious institutions, old Indira Colony and jhuggi area
Swachh Indira Colony Abhiyan aims to work towards accomplishing the vision of 'Clean India' by 2 October 2019. Despite the popularised political will via Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the success can not be achieved without public participation. Success of such initiatives will involve participation of public and public services sector. The mid-term evaluation has also been successful in understanding the areas that are perceived as important by the participants in this regard.
Urban Health Centre, Indira Colony is the only health centre in Chandigarh running Women Skill Development and Health Promotion Centre (stitching and beautician course of 6 months), where health promotion activities are carried besides development of skills among women and adolescents. Last Passout batch will be given certificates.

VLCC Batala Introduces Advanced Cosmetics Treatments Bellewave and Repechage

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Batala 11th July:- VLCC Batala region’s leading salon has added another feather in their cap by introducing internationally recognized cosmetic brands- “Bellewave  and Repechage” at VLCC salon Qadiyan chungi urban estate Batala. Rupica Chanday co-partner VLCC was present at the launch along with Pankhuri Gidwani ,Ms India 2016.
The salon has been a pioneer of quality and excellence in the beauty industry and has been well received by the customers.  
It has brought some high-quality products to serve the beauty needs of the customers of the region. Taking, this further, the Salon is ready for the launch of two more brands to add to its range of classic beauty products.
Rupica Chanday co-partner, VLCC, Batala said that considering the summer these days high amount of sweat, heat and humidity make our skin flabby. Moisture and dust from air settles on our skin which makes it oily and hard to manage specially in our region. To overcome these problems we have collaborated with Bellewave a company from Switzerland which is well known for their facials .The superior quality of these products consist of vitamins and natural botanical that respond to the real needs of women. Their facials have five varients which make your skin look younger as they help you with fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, saggy and aged skin, pigmentation, dull skin, uneven tone, and sun damage skin. She also explained how to use these products on different occasions considering the texture of our skin.
Another range of high class beauty facials include Repechage, it is a brand from USA which was launched in 1980. It is 37 years old and one of the most trusted brands .Its facials are made of sea weeds which is rich in vitamins and minerals. It serves the same need as the plasma in our body 
They penetrate fastest in our skin and stimulate energy and balance, ensuring a rapid and spectacular improvement in the appearance and feel of the skin and body silhouette. Repechage formulations maintain the health and vitality of the skin cells and preserve the overall youthful appearance of skin by providing it with the nutrients rich seaweeds. It is the only company in the world which has been legally permitted to go 60 feet deep in the sea to collect those skin repairing seaweeds.
Speaking on the occasion Pankhuri Gidwani said that she personally have used these products. These products are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that sustain life. They have wonderful skin benefits like helping to brighten skin tone, repair damage, fighting acne and oily skin and encourage new skin cell growth. These products are very much organic and it makes my skin look fresh and natural.