Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Hockey Chandigarh to Celebrate National Sports Day on August 29

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Chandigarh 28th August:- Hockey Chandigarh is Celebrating the National Sports Day under the guidelines of Hockey India on 29-08-2018, at Hockey Stadium, sec 42  Chandigarh at 04:00 Pm onwards. Exhibition Match will be played on that day between S.G.G.S.S.S, SEC- 26, V/s Chandigarh Hockey Academy.
Chandigarh Sports Department will also be the part of National Sports Day Celebration 2018.
Anil Vohra, Secy. General Hockey Chandigarh said that on National Sports Day, some senior dignitaries, Olympians and upcoming youngsters hockey players, Children of different School will participate in the Celebration.  
On behalf of Hockey Chandigarh, we appeal all the Hockey Sports lovers Chandigarh to come and join the Celebration of National Sports Day.

HDFC Life Launches HDFC Life Classic One

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Mumbai 28th August:- HDFC Life Insurance Company, one of India’s largest private life insurers today announced the launch of HDFC Life Classic One, a single premium ULIP plan which offers the dual benefits of creating wealth through potentially high returns, along with financial protection in the form of life cover.
Salaried as well as self-employed individuals sometimes come across a financial surplus. This could be in the form of a bonus, through maturity of a financial plan or a sudden wealth gain. Choosing the right financial instrument for investing a surplus of this kind can be difficult. There are very few instruments available today, which offer the flexibility to maximise gains from market movements, while also offering a life cover of 10 times of the single premium paid.
HDFC Life Classic One has been specially designed to address this need. This product offers individuals the opportunity to invest in a market-linked plan through a single-premium payment and stay invested for the long-term. It provides policyholders with nine fund options across debt, equity and balanced fund platforms.
This unique product also allows for unlimited free switches between the funds, thereby enabling customers to maximise their investments.
The product suite of HDFC Life has products belonging to traditional, ULIP, pension and health categories, designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of Indian consumers. Each product is developed after a detailed research in terms of consumer needs, available options and the benefit of the product over the long-term. 

Region's Leading Start Up Pumpkart Unveils 'Pumpkart Services'

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Chandigarh 28th August:- K S Bhatia, Founder & CEO of Pumpkart,com held a press meet at Press Club here. It is noteworthy that Pumpkart's  strong brand pull & unique start up concept, prompted even Google CEO Sundar Pichai  to hail & praise it in Silicon Valley in front of PM Narendra Modi at the 'Digital India'2015 summit.  The uniqueness of Pumpkart.com is that it is the one & only online platform that offers an E Commerce business model in relation to water pumps, which were traditionally sold on the 'brick & mortar' retail store format.
K S Bhatia who has a penchant for innovation, has now  announced the formal launch of 'Pumpkart Services'-a vertical of Pumpkart, which will be providing after sales services across product segments .
K S Bhatia said that we are collaborating with dynamic entrepreneurs of the region and giving them the advantage of the Pumpkart branding. Under these service franchisees, we will be giving after sales services for not just water pumps but all other home appliances. We have already inaugurated two such centres in tricity -one in Sec 45 Chandigarh and the other in Kharar . The third has been formally unveiled in Ludhiana. We envision to open 50 such centres by end of this year in Punjab , Haryana, Himachal, Delhi and J & K. This will be taken to 100 by mid 2019.
It is pertinent to mention here that with this launch Pumpkart will emerge as the first E commerce company  India, which will do supply as well as provide after sales services across product categories.
Pumpkart, at present is operative in B2B module and has successfully established their white label brand Panatech . But keeping in mind the evolving technologies Pumpkart is revising the module to Supply chain management in B2B . Details of this were explained through a presentation by K S Bhatia.    

Under the new system Pumpkart no longer be just a water pumps supplier, it will be coming up with a wide  product range in appliances, plumbing, hardware, sanitary products, electronics and entire industry  supply et al. For this Pumpkart has started tying up with players in the branded & non branded space to give them a platform. The idea is to make them accessible to the consumers directly.  At present Pumpkart has about 5000  retailers on board and wishes to take this figure to  25,000 by next financial year.  The new thrust at Pumpkart will be supply chain management in North India and then this wil be taken Pan india.            
K S Bhatia, who is back from UN HQ where he was the lone Indian speaker among delegates from all across the Globe, in the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) Summit, shared further that our supply chain model will convert unorganised business ventures into organised ones through technology & branding. The model we are getting will through technology, remove multi layers of middlemen like C & F agents, distributors & wholesaler.
For achieving its goals in supply chain management, a state- of- the- art app has been developed by top technical experts which will run the new E Commerce model, & this will be accessible Pan India and will also have the feature of regional language so as to aid the clients.
He said that Pumpkart has also roped in Kapil Dev as its Brand Ambassador.

Thespian Mohan Agashe Welcomes Alpha Teachers of Chitkara University

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Chandigarh 28th August:- The prospective teachers of Chitkara College of Education were welcomed on the first day of their journey to become the alpha teachers by renowned psychiatrist and decorated Indian theatre & film artist, Padma Shri Dr. Mohan Agashe and Master Storyteller & Curriculum designer, Simi Srivastava. The prospective teachers were reconditioned on using Performing Arts as a classroom pedagogy restructuring tool through highly enriching and engaging sessions on "Bringing Theatre into Classroom" and "A Sneak peek into the world of Storytelling".
 Theatre and Performing Arts are powerful tools which not only engage with the creative side of the brain, they also provide an ideal balance in students’ patterns of study. It’s easy for children to become swamped in a sea of theory, which is why subjects that offer practical learning are essential to rejuvenate and reengage students, iterated both the speakers while sharing the objective behind conducting these sessions for prospective teachers. They also praised Chitkara University for developing such a powerful & revolutionary B.Ed. program which is in sync with the industry and caters to the demands of the present generation.

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Vice Chancellor, Chitkara University, Punjab shared the vision behind organising professionaly certified workshops and revamping of the B.Ed. curriculum at Chitkara University while addressing the audience that after thorough investigation and research, Chitkara University identified gaps in teacher education programs prevalent worldwide and thereby developed various modules of teacher education program which are more practical, meaningful and job oriented. The Innovative and revolutionary teacher education program offered by Chitkara University ensures a future teacher who is more digital, informed, aware, employable, global, hands-on, researcher and student-friendly in approach. Hence, this future teacher has been given the name “alpha teacher” who is capable enough to teach and groom the millennials and the digital natives born after 2003 and 2010.

Usha International Associates with YRF’s Sui Dhaaga–Made in India

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Chandigarh 28th August:- Usha International, one of India’s leading household consumer durables company, proudly announces its association with Sui Dhaaga-Made In India produced by Yash Raj Films and starring Bollywood heartthrobs Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma. As the pioneers of sewing machines in India when they started in 1936, Usha International is today a leading sewing machine brand in India and offers a range of technologically advanced solutions to cater to a wide variety of sewing needs.
Sui Dhaaga-Made in India celebrates and is aligned with Usha’s philosophy of swadeshi and ‘Make in India’ through the heart-warming story of Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and Mamta (Anushka Sharma). The film showcases their passion and talent which progresses in life and creates a fashion label Sui Dhaaga–Made In India, reinforcing the fact that sewing in deeply entrenched across classes and masses in India and has the potential to bring about impactful socio-economic change in the lives of people who use it to further their passion and creativity. Usha sewing machines are an integral part of the film both visually and thematically.
Usha has been promoting sewing in India for decades inspiring people to create, innovate, and experience the joy of sewing. Associating with a film like Sui Dhaaga - Made In India that highlights the struggles of the marginalized and creative people, underscores Usha's commitment to partnering with initiatives that focus on empowerment and showcase how sewing can be a game-changer that can potentially transform lives.
Talking about the association, Harvinder Singh, President, Sewing Machines & Appliances, Usha International Ltd, said that Usha is very proud to be associated with Sui Dhaaga-Made In India, a film that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit that exists across India. The movie is in perfect synergy with our philosophy that sewing is a skill that anyone can learn and use to elevate their quality of life, and also serves as a powerful tool to mainstream the marginalized. We are definitely looking at this association to connect with the masses and bring to life the joy that comes with unleashing one’s creativity using a sewing machine and, of course, the potential economic benefits that follow. It could be a person in a small town who wants financial independence or then a corporate leader who wants a creative outlet.
Manan Mehta, Vice President–Marketing & Merchandising, from Yash Raj Films said that unarguably, Usha is synonymous with sewing machines in India for over eight decades so it was a win-win situation for both of us. Am happy to have Usha partner us in the co-marketing journey of Sui Dhaaga-Made In India. With innovative ideas for co-promoting the agenda of self- reliance and dignity of labour, Usha along with Sui Dhaaga-Made In India will endeavour to spread this message as far and wide as possible.

USA’s Sensation Someya to Debut in India With Her Album “Gold”

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Chandigarh 28th August:- Gaining massive popularity in USA as  solo singer of Western music including Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Alternative, the San Jose-based 16-years old singer-lyricist of Indian origin Someya is all poised to make her entry into the Bollywood with her latest album “ Gold ”.
What differ Someya’s song albums is the fact that they are story-telling in nature thus keeping listeners engrossed to it with the tag of what next (?) attached to them. Someya plans to create a new musical era in India by entering into the Bollywood with the story-telling albums. Soon she will also start performing live all across India.  
In a release here, Someya said her Alt-Rock genre would be different from the existing ones in India as the Indian Jazz, Pop and Rock are not thematic in a sense as they do not tell original stories that have interesting plots.
According to Someya, though a large number of international artists currently are exploring India as their musical zones, they are not doing something different which she plans for the Bollywood in particular and Indian music industry as a whole.
Someya plans to add special effects in the Alt-Rock songs of the Bollywood movies based on their stories. This will not only be a marked departure from the traditional songs of the films but keep the viewers interest alive as the film scenes go by with special songs that narrate the story of the film as well.  

This young American sensation who attended two years of summer programs at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, said that she is absolutely interested in exploring the Bollywood and Indian music industry by infusing into it my own flavor of western music.
Growing up in California and exposed to Western music since she was a child, Someya who has already established herself in the USA with her story-telling Alt-Rock albums. The “Gold” is an example of it. It is story-telling in“Gold” that made it popular in USA.
Someya believes a space is lying vacant in the Bollywood as far as the Alt-Rock is concerned and she wants to fill it.
The Alt-Rock had been popular in India for several decades now. However, it had been on the decline after 1990s as the rock-singers could not break the stereotypes.
Though there are several rock-bands in India, they are concentrated mostly in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata and North Eastern states of India. The Alt-Rock, Someya says, has vast scope in India as the country has one of the largest numbers of youth population of the world. They would like story-telling ballad-type albums with adifference like “Gold”.
If the American youth liked the story-telling genre in “Gold”, why would not Indian youth like them too? Questioning this, Someya said most of the Alt-Rock music has preponderance of Jazzy music. If stories are woven in such musical presentations that will evoke interest among the listeners as such stories would have the element of what next?
This story-telling genre would certainly marks the beginning of a new Jazzy musical trend in India and the Indian youth would like them very much. Someya credits the story-telling in “Gold” that made its global acceptance. She said the Bollywood should focus more on Alt-Rock for the youth-centric movies to come.
Asked to explain what story-telling Alt-Rock means, Someya said exemplifying “Gold”that a song would have mass acceptance if it revolves round a story. “Gold” is a love song that imagines a relationship with a perfect person.
“Gold” alludes to various aspects of man-woman relationship including insanity in love, possessiveness-jealousy, unrealistic expectations from the partner, love, betray and passion. This sort of songs would ideally suit the Bollywood films revolving round the man-woman relationship.
Someya said most of her music albums including This Flame, You Saved Me, This Flame, Intoxicated, When I Spoke Your Name, When I Am Not Around and I’am Not Coming were woven around a story. The stories enhance the intrinsic value of the song albums.
Someya’s next video is “Near Me”. After that, she will be working on a major video production for an upcoming single, which is going to be one to keep an eye on as it will be cinematic and moving.

Amway India Bags Award for the ‘Best Employer Brand’ and ‘Talent Management’ organization

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Chandigarh 28th August:- Amway India, the country’s largest FMCG direct selling company, has been conferred with the prestigious Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2018 in two categories - ‘Best Employer Brand’ and ‘Award for Talent Management’ at the 9th  edition of Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2018. The award ceremony was hosted by the Employer Branding Institute, World HRD Congress & Stars of the Industry Group, with CHRO Asia as a Strategic Partner, and endorsed by the Asian Confederation of Businesses.
The 9th Asia’s Best Employer Brand Award 2018 witnessed a distinguished gathering of business leaders, jurists, academicians, economists and human resource consultants. An international jury comprising eminent stalwarts from the industry selected the winners from a pool of over 250 corporate houses after a rigorous evaluation process. The award was presented at a glittering ceremony held in Singapore and saw representation from across 30 countries.
On receiving the award, Shantanu Das, Chief Human Resource Officer, Amway India said that at Amway, our endeavour has always been to implement best in class HR practices, and we are honoured to have won these esteemed awards. Amway has a robust talent management and development practice that creates an enabling environment to promote innovation and idea generation among employees and keep them at a competitive advantage. These awards are a reflection of our relentless efforts towards building a strong foundation of a people-centric organization and inspire us to work more devotedly.
The ‘Asia’s Best Employer Brand’ Awards recognize organizations and individuals across Asia who have excelled in building the employer brand.  The award is conferred to those organizations that have a robust and effective HR and people management system, contributing significantly to Talent Management, Talent Development, and Talent Innovation. The well-defined five parameters for the selection of the winners included linkage between people and business strategy, innovation in people practices, penetration of HR initiatives, the impact of people processes on business & spectrum and impact of talent management practices.

Kapil Grover Joins as Chief Marketing Officer of Domino’s Pizza

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Chandigarh 28th August:- Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, one of the largest food service companies in the country, today announced the appointment of Kapil Grover as Chief Marketing Officer of Domino’s Pizza. He brings with him a rich experience of 18 years and will be responsible for leading the marketing strategy for the brand.
Speaking on the announcement Pratik Pota, CEO and Whole-time Director, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited said that we are delighted to welcome Kapil to the Domino’s family. Kapil is a seasoned marketing professional with a proven track record of building brands and driving consumer relevant innovations. We are confident that Kapil will use his immense experience to deepen Domino’s connect with its customers and to drive growth.
The newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer-Domino’s Pizza, Kapil Grover said that he is delighted to be a part of Domino’s Pizza, the most loved pizza brand in India. The new role presents an exciting opportunity to lead the brand's endeavours to create a great pizza experience for the customers, strengthen the core delivery proposition and further expand its market share. I look forward to contributing significantly to its ongoing growth journey.
Kapil Grover took over his new responsibility from July 2018. He was earlier associated with Burger King India as Chief Marketing Officer and have also worked with KFC India, Radico Khaitan and Luxor Writing Instruments in his past stints.