Thursday, 10 October 2019

FRAI Punjab Chapter Appeals to State Government Against the Proposal of License for Vendors for Sale of Tobacco Products

By Tricitynews:
Chandigarh 10th October:- Federation of Retailer Association of India (FRAI), Punjab Chapter on Thursday raised its concerns against the suggested requirement of obtaining license for selling tobacco products by small and micro retailers.
Addressing a press conference at Chandigarh Press Club today, FRAI members said that  this would lead to intense harassment of poor retailers and a sharp increase in the cost of doing business and reduction of their income. Also, no other states across India has such laws then why should Punjab have such punitive laws.
FRAI is a representative body of four crore micro, small and medium retailers across the country, with 34 retail associations from north, south, east and west as the members of Federation. It protect the interests of the poorest of the poor in the country and raise issues which impact the employment opportunities and render help to such people who are unable to express their views.
FRAI has sent an appeal to Punjab CM, Capt Amarinder Singh to protect the interests of over 1.5 lakh micro retailers and their family members who earn meagre sum to run their living and save them from the potential harassment. The traders community has hugely supported the current government in the recent past then why such laws which will deeply hurt their interests & impact their livelihood.
Explaining the issue, Upinder Chaurasia, member- FRAI and president of Retailers Association Mohali said that retailers who also sell tobacco in Punjab are already facing immense financial pressure because of extreme regulation of the tobacco industry. Together these measures will increase the cost of doing business for these poor retailers and a consequent reduction in their earnings to the extent of 60%-70%, which will be a big blow to our members.
FRAI members and representatives have been carrying out protests in Punjab to protect their interests. The members also gave a representation to Government officials, listing their demands.
Upinder Chaurasia said further that at a time when unemployment rates in the country are at their highest and our children and family members are not able to find appropriate employment, harassment and increase in the cost of doing business with a corresponding reduction in earnings would destroy us. Introduction of restrictions on selling of legal products is against the Government’s ‘ease of doing business’ in India policy. Any move that would increase the cost of doing business must be stopped immediately.
Restrictions on sale of any item would eat into the earnings and making survival difficult and pushing people to indulge in illegal practices, thereby creating a society of corrupt and unscrupulous that would deal with criminal elements, who control the illegal trade, which in the long run create a huge law an order problem, he maintained.

Canada Based Celebrity Make-up Artiste-Turned Singer Meetii Kalher Unveils Single Akk Geya Lagda’

By Tricitynews:
Chandigarh 10th October:- The unveiling and exclusive preview of ‘Akk Geya Lagda’ a song sung by celebrity make-up artiste-turned actress-turned singer–with a unique & captivating voice –Meetii Kalher, was held at press club here. Meetii herself has acted in the video which she has directed as well. What’s more, she has also penned the lyrics of the song along-with Jassa Jatt. Also present at the event was Kiren Sandhu, a young fashion designer, who designs for Punjabi celebs and has also done the wardrobe of Meetii in her video. Singer Swar Kamal also was present. 
Meetii who is just Twenty-Eight-Years-Old, established herself as a celebrity make-up artiste by doing the makeovers in Mankirt Aulakh’s popular video ‘Gangland’, she is from Canada and has unveiled her first offering for the Punjabi entertainment industry, her song – ‘Akk Geya Lagda’.
 Meetii said that Akk geya Lagda’ is a lavish project by Sarai Trucking and Moonlight Records, Canada. This song is an attempt to highlight the sweet before and after marriage differences between boy & girl. For instance the guy opens the car door for the girl before marriage and later doesn’t even bother stepping out and just waves his hand to her to get into the car. Hopefully everyone will enjoy and dance to the tunes & lyrics of ‘Akk Geya Lagda’. The song will be available on digital media on Friday October 11 from  9 am IST.
The ravishing and multi-talented Meetii Kalher unveiled the song’s video which is of a high quality and was shown to media. The song ‘Akk Geya Lagda’ is very hummable and attracts one due to Meetii’s voice, which has the elements & freshness to become popular in the Punjabi entertainment industry.
The song features Massi Sherzay in the male lead, Akash Cheema is the Director of photography (DOP) & editor.  
It is noteworthy that the young makeup artiste-turned-singer Meetii has been a Fed Ex employee, who fought obesity and came back into shape to enter the Punjabi entertainment industry. She recorded her first single Chandra Drake in October 2018, and later polished her singing skills under Ustad ji Madan Madhar, a disciple of Ustad Puran Shahkoti Sahib, who is the father of Master Saleem. She has been taking classes since Dec 2018.  
The versatile Meetii has also bagged an acting assignment in a prestigious web series – ‘Straight Outta Punjab’. Meetii added that she is happy to be doing the web series with Lovepreet Sandhu - LuckyJi,  of Navroz and Gurbaz Production, who was the producer of movie Asees. She is playing the lead in the series. The entire web series is shot in Vancouver. There are several more projects lined up. As far as singing is concerned, there are two more songs lined up with the same team of Sarai Trucking and Moonlight Records. The music is by PNM.
It is pertinent to mention that Meetii Kalher has earlier launched songs like Chandra Drake, Hockey Rakhdi Jatti, Insta Te Jaloos etc in the Canadian market.
Meetii said that she is in love with the rich traditions of Punjabi culture and quite enthused to be launching myself in the Punjabi entertainment industry with ‘Akk Geya Lagda’. Her passion to contribute to propagation of healthy content in Punjabi songs has brought her all the way from Canada to Punjab. She has also been offered work by Badshah Ji, and she is open to working in Punjabi films if she gets the right kind of script.

India Sees 1.50 Lacs New Cases of Breast Cancer Every Year: Dr Rajeshwar

By Tricitynews:
Chandigarh 10th October:- To Create awareness on “Rising Trends of Breast Cancers in Females in India Dr Rajeshwar Singh Director Oncology, Dr Rajan Sahu, Senior Consultant Surgical Oncology, Dr Parneet Singh Consultant Radiotherapy from Paras Hospitals Panchkula interacted with Media person today. 
Speaking on the occasion Dr Rajeshwar Singh apprised that For more than 4 decades, cervical cancer was the major killer disease in India. But Breast Cancer which has been on a steady rise, has now over taken cervical cancer as the most common and deadly killer disease of new era.  Breast Cancer impacts 2.1 million women each year and India sees 1.5 Lac New cases of Breast cancer every year.
A few decades back, breast cancer was seen only after fifty years of age, and the number of young women suffering from this disease was lesser; almost 65% to 70% patients were above 50 years and only 30 to 35% women were below fifty years of age. However, presently, breast cancer is becoming more common in the younger age group and almost 50% of all cases are in the 25 to 60 years age group. More than 60% of the cases in India present in advanced stage accounting for poor survival and high mortality.
Speaking on this occasion Dr. Rajan Sahu said taht 50 % of Breast Cancer Patients in North India are in 25 yr to 60 yrs age group.-Breast cancer accounts for 27 % of all cancers in females in India. If we do not work on creating awareness and early detection of cancer, the figure could be much worse. He also shared that Breast Self examination and Mammography are simple techniques to Deduct Breast Cancer cases at early stages but according to a survey 75 % Indain women Shy away from Breast Cancer screening.
Dr Rajan Sahu also shared that there two main female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, and their interplay have a major influence on cancer formation. Estrogen promotes cell growth. Progesterone causes cell maturation and stabilization. Anything which causes the hyperestrogenic stage without progesterone will lead to increased cell growth without stabilization or maturation making a woman prone to breast cancer.
Address the Media person DrParneet Singh shared that Number of Cancer Cases expected to rise by 70% over Next two decades in India. He also said that Cancer Is Still a Stigma in Indian Society and Women going through Breast cancer do not speak about it openly fearing being stigmatized by their own family and friends. The attitude towards cancer from our society has made cancer patients preventing open discussion and creating a vicious cycle of fear and misinformation for the masses. This is what is hindering attempts to raise awareness about avoidable cancer risks and the importance of early detection. Also most of the cases in our country are diagnosed very late and according to the statistics of WHO, more than 60% of the women are diagnosed with breast cancer at stage III or IV in India. This drastically affects the survival rate and treatment options for the patients.
On the occasion,  Ashish Chadha, Facility Director Paras Hospitals Panchkula said that Paras Hospitals Panchkula  is conducting a monthly Cancer Clinic in Karnal, Ambala, Yamuanagar, Patiala, Solan, where by expert Doctors from Paras Hospitals Panchkula would be available in Panipat on regular basis to extend their expert opinion. He also shared that Paras Hospital Panchkula in on Now Empanelled with Himachal Govt, CGHS and all major TPAS & Corporates.