Thursday, 18 August 2016

Ivy Hospital Felicitates Sisters who Saved Their Brothers Lives by Donating Kidney

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th August:-To mark Raksha Bandhan and World Organ Donation Day, IVY Hospital, Mohali has felicitated 4 sisters who have given ultimate gift in form of their kidneys to save lives of their beloved brothers at Press Club here today. During occasion,  a brother was also honored for giving his kidney to his sister.
Rita (name changed) a 36-yr old school teacher from Panchkula and youngest among those felicitated said that she felt nothing less than a divine happiness after donating her kidney to her brother who is 10-yr younger to her. Rita’s brother had developed kidney problem at the tender age of 15-yr. Rita’s kidney was transplanted to his brother 7-yr back on same date of today. Now his brother is living a normal life. Not only my parents but my in-laws including my husband fully supported me in my decision to donate my kidney to my brothers , said proudly Rita a mother of 2 children.  
Meanwhile Dr Kanwaldeep, Medical Director, IVY Hospital gave momentos to these brave donors. While lauding their efforts, she urged upon them to motivate others around them for the noble cause as they could lead others by their examples.
Dr Raka Kasuhal, Chief Nephrologist and Renal Transplant Physician said that nothing can be more pious than donating ones vital organ and save your siblings life. This requires a lot of commitment from oneself and unfretted support from the family . With the modern medical advances the kidney donation is absolutely safe.
Dr Avinash Srivastava, Director Renal Transplant Surgery said that around 1.5-lakh Indians suffer from kidney failure every year. However, only 5,000 get a transplant due to lack of available organs. While Spain has 35.1 organ donors per million, Britain 27, USA 26, Canada 14, and Australia 11, India has only 0.08 donors per million. All efforts should be made to sensitize the society towards this noble act.

Fans Appreciates Style of Ranjha Vikram in Upcoming Film 25 Kille

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th August:- Actor Ranjha Vikram who is making his debut in the Punjabi film industry through his upcoming film 25 Kille, has also been pretty successful in his fans’ eyes by doing full justice to his wardrobe. From that look, of a well built, toned villager playing kabaddi to being seen in the fields with a   vogue murmuring the rhythms of romance with his co-actor Sonia Mann, have created their charm among the audiences.
Ranjha is trying to conquer all the possible areas through his efforts. His efforts are not only limited to establish himself as a successful actor in the Punjabi Industry but he also has paid ample attention on his looks, his wardrobe trends and his physique.  On the same he added that he believes that fashion has changed. The scenario demands that let’s not follow the trend yet let’s be trendsetters. He had been working very hard when it was about revealing his first look in the Punjabi film industry. The contentment was achieved when he received a quality of compliments from his fans and other near and dear ones.
Ranjha is being featured in the film in various roles to quote he is playing the role of a loving and supportive brother, a true sports person and a romantic lover and he made sure that all his style and attires matches his role from head to toe.  He considers this to be another important aspect to give a fresh outlook as well as a perception in the industry when it comes to setting this trend since he himself has initiated it.
The track, ‘Door Ho Javanga’ sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan released recently from the film 25 Kille has featured the duo in a unique way in few bits of the song. Ranjha, ensured to look different and match the thematic presentation of the song. Not following to what is common; he rather got his attire done more like a sufi yet modern with flairs and silhouettes adding grace to his look. This surely is a rare site in the Punjabi Film Industry which has been made implemented by Ranjha Vikram.
Punjabi film ‘25 Kille’ has been produced by Amanpreet Singh Sodhi, Vikram Singh and Shirin Morani Singh. The stroy and the direction are by Simranjit Singh Hundal and story has been written by Surmeet Maavi. The music of the film has been composed by Jaidev Kumar. The film will be releasing on 25th of august.

‘Main Teri Tu Mera’ to Release on 20 August:Starcast Reach Chandigarh to Talk About the Film

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th August:- Love, friendship, emotions, drama, thrill and an awkward illusion, this film brings out the best of performances with one of the best scripts of present times in Punjabi film industry. Yablee Entertainment is ready to release their Punjabi film ‘Main Teri Tu Mera’ today which stars Roshan Prince, Mankirt Aulakh, Yamini Malhotra, Harinder Bullar, Jazz Sodhi, Karamjit Anmol, Mannat Singh & Anita Devgun. The film has been directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary who is known for his perfect directorial skills.
The team of the film was in town on Thursday to talk about it. In this press conference held at the Chandigarh Press Club, Sector-27, Roshan Prince who is the producer also of this movie with his first home production, said that this film has brought out his skills better as an actor. He said that it is an unusual script and we enjoyed shooting for it. He feels he had grown better as an actor with this one and look forward to the audiences’ reaction.
Well-known writer Pali Bhupinder Singh has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film. Karamjit Anmol can be seen delivering wonderful dialogues in his own style in the trailer of the film. He said that the characters in the film are much close to real life and hence performing them was real fun in itself.
Lead girl Yamini Malhotra seems much happy about this new film. She said that this film is debut film for her and it was a great opportunity for her to learn from senior actors. She is Doctor by profession.
Another actress in the film Jazz Sodhi will also be seen playing important characters in this film. About her role she said that she is also doing her debut to the film industry through film.
Music has been composed by Jaggi Singh, Laddi Gill, Jassi Katyal, Milind Gaba & Gurcharan Singh. Happy Raikoti, Jaggi Singh, Bal Butalewala, Savy Dhadwal & Prince Rakhri have written the songs and singers like Roshan Prince, Safkat Amanat Ali, Mankirt Aulakh, Lakhwinder Wadali & Gulrez Akhtar have lent their soulful voices to these melodious songs. The film was shot in Ferozpur, Chandigarh & New York during a 30-day long schedule.

PGI Deptt.of Psychiatry organizes Workshop on Assessment and Management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th August:- The Department of Psychiatry, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGI), Chandigarh is organising a one and a half day CME-cum-Workshop for psychiatrists on ‘Skill Building for Assessment and Management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ on 20th and 21st August, 2016. The academic program shall be held in the Lecture Theatre Complex of PGI, Chandigarh. Prof. Ajit Avasthi, Head, Department of Psychiatry is the Organising Chairperson and Dr. Ruchita Shah and Dr. Akhilesh are the Organizing Secretaries of this program.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood psychiatric conditions and affects about 5% of school-going children. It is a neuro-developmental disorder that begins in childhood, but runs a chronic course. The core symptoms are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. This disorder adversely affects a child’s academic functioning and schooling. Also, it leads to significant problems in other spheres of life such as social and peer relations. A majority of children continue to have symptoms through their adolescence and even upto adulthood. The disorder also negatively affects the quality of life of individuals with ADHD, and the people around them. If left untreated, children are vulnerable to develop conduct symptoms and addictions, indulge in dissocial and impulsive acts and are at higher risk of developing other psychiatric disorders in adulthood. In other words, the consequences of this disorder are far reaching and involve all spheres of an individual’s life and span across his lifetime. ADHD is further associated with substantial financial burden for individuals and families. Despite all the associated impairments, often parents and teachers do not know or recognize the nature of problem and may consider the child to be lazy or deliberately disruptive. Also, they are at a loss about how to best tackle these problems.

18 ਸਾਲ ਤੋਂ ਵੱਧ ਉਮਰ ਦੇ ਵਿਆਕਤੀ ਡੇਅਰੀ ਉਦਮ ਸਕੀਮ ਤਹਿਤ ਲੈ ਸਕਦੇ ਸਿਖਲਾਈ :ਸੇਵਾ ਸਿੰਘ

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th August:- ਪੰਜਾਬ ਵਿੱਚ ਦੁੱਧ ਦੇ ਕਾਰੋਬਾਰ ਨੂੰ ਵਧਾਉਣ ਲਈ ਡੇਅਰੀ ਵਿਕਾਸ ਵਿਭਾਗ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਵੱਲੋਂ ਡੇਅਰੀ ਉਦਮ ਸਿਖਲਾਈ ਸਕੀਮ ਤਹਿਤ 05 ਸਤੰਬਰ ਤੋਂ 25 ਅਕਤੂਬਰ ਤੱਕ ਡੇਅਰੀ ਉੱਦਮ ਸਿਖਲਾਈ ਕੋਰਸ ਚਲਾਇਆ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ ਇਹ ਜਾਣਕਾਰੀ ਦਿੰਦਿਆਂ ਜ਼ਿਲ੍ਹਾ ਕਾਰਜਕਾਰੀ ਅਫਸਰ ਡੇਅਰੀ ਵਿਕਾਸ ਸੇਵਾ ਸਿੰਘ ਨੇ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ ਦੁੱਧ ਦਾ ਕਾਰੋਬਾਰ ਵਧਾਉਣ ਵਾਲੇ ਚਾਹਵਾਨ ਵਿਆਕਤੀ ਜਿਨਾ੍ਹਂ ਦੀ ਉਮਰ 18 ਸਾਲ ਤੋਂ 45 ਸਾਲ ਦੇ ਦਰਮਿਆਨ ਹੋਵੇ  ਉਹ ਡੇਅਰੀ ਉੱਦਮ ਸਿਖਲਾਈ ਕੋਰਸ ਕਰ ਸਕਦੇ ਹਨ
ਸੇਵਾ ਸਿੰਘ ਨੇ ਹੋਰ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ  ਜ਼ਿਲ੍ਹਾ ਐਸ..ਐਸ ਨਗਰ ' ਰਹਿਣ ਵਾਲੇ ਵਿਆਕਤੀਆਂ ਲਈ 23 ਅਗਸਤ 2016 ਨੂੰ ਸਵੇਰੇ 10.00 ਵਜੇ ਜ਼ਿਲ੍ਹਾ ਰੂਪਨਗਰ ਦੇ ਪਿੰਡ ਚਤਾਮਲੀ ( ਨੇੜੇ ਕੁਰਾਲੀ ) ਵਿਖੇ ਇੰਟਰਵਿਊ ਰੱਖੀ ਗਈ ਹੈ ਜਿਸ ਲਈ ਚਾਹਵਾਨ ਵਿਆਕਤੀ 23 ਅਗਸਤ ਤੋਂ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ-ਪਹਿਲਾਂ  ਦਫਤਰ ਡਿਪਟੀ ਡਾਇਰੈਕਟਰ ਡੇਅਰੀ ਸਥਾਨ ਦਫਤਰ ਬੀ.ਡੀ.ਪੀ. ਖਰੜ ਜ਼ਿਲ੍ਹਾ ਐਸ..ਐਸ ਨਗਰ  ਵਿਖੇ ਸੰਪਰਕ ਕਰ ਸਕਦੇ ਹਨ
ਉਨਾ੍ਹਂ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ ਸਿਖਲਾਈ ਲੈਣ ਵਾਲੇ ਵਿਆਕਤੀਆਂ ਕੋਲ ਘੱਟੋ-ਘੱਟ  7 ਜਾਂ ਵੱਧ ਦੁਧਾਰੂ ਪਸ਼ੂ ਹੋਣ ਜਾਂ ਆਪਣਾ ਹਾਈਟੈਕ ਡੇਅਰੀ ਫਾਰਮ ਬਣਾਇਆ ਹੋਵੇ ਉਨਾ੍ਹਂ ਹੋਰ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ ਸਿਖਲਾਈ ਦੌਰਾਨ ਸਿਖਿਆਰਥੀਆਂ ਨੂੰ ਪਸ਼ੂਆਂ ਦੇ ਗਰਭਦਾਨ, ਉਨਾ੍ਹਂ ਦੀ ਜਾਂਚ, ਦੁੱਧ ਤੋਂ ਪ੍ਰੋਡੈਕਟ ਤਿਆਰ ਕਰਨਾ, ਸਾਫ ਦੁੱਧ ਪੈਦਾ ਕਰਨਾ ਅਤੇ ਪਸ਼ੂਆਂ ਨੂੰ ਦਿੱਤੀ ਜਾਣ ਵਾਲੀ ਖਾਦ ਖੁਰਾਕ ਬਾਰੇ ਜਾਣਕਾਰੀ ਦਿੱਤੀ ਜਾਵੇਗੀ ਇਸ ਸਬੰਧੀ ਵਧੇਰੇ ਜਾਣਕਾਰੀ ਲੈਣ ਲਈ ਟੈਲੀਫੋਨ ਨੰਬਰ 0160-2280100 ਤੇ ਵੀ ਸੰਪਰਕ ਕੀਤਾ ਜਾ ਸਕਦਾ ਹੈ 

Connect Broadband Hosts Annual Blood Donation Camp to Commemorate 70th Independence Day

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th August:- Donate with freedom and make this historic date a memorable one. Quadrant Televentures Ltd., the organization behind ‘Connect Broadband’ & ‘Videocon Telecom organized the Annual Blood donation camp at their Mohali Headquarters today.
The organization has been contributing to the society by hosting the voluntary Blood Donation Camp every year on Independence Day since 2010, in collaboration with the PGI Blood Bank Society at their Head Office in Mohali. The Management & Employees of the Company are committed towards contributing to the society by participating in various CSR activities from time to time. The organization has donated 719 units at the camps over the last 7 years.
Speaking on the 70th Independence Day celebrations and the noble cause, Arvind Bali, Director  & CEO of Connect Broadband & Videocon Telecom said that there is only little we can do for our society, unlike our brave soldiers and jawaans who are out there protecting us while we sit safely in our homes. Blood donation is a noble cause and every blood donor has contributed towards community development. We thank our donors for their participation.
These Blood Donation Camps are part of the Company’s commitment towards development and welfare of the Society. Keeping these values in mind, Connect Broadband decided to organize two Blood Donation Camps in a year, on the Eve of Republic Day and Independence Day. Donors at the Connect Broadband & Videocon Telecom Independence Day Blood camps are honored & encouraged by Certificates & Return gifts in addition to the mandatory refreshment post donation.

Food & Safety Inspectors Team Conducted Inspection in Diary & Sweets Shops

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th August:- A team of Food & Safety Inspectors along with Arjun Sharma, IAS (P) under the aegis of Dr. Tapasya Raghav, Sub Divisional Magistrate (East) conducted inspection in the respective area of Manimajra, U.T, Chandigarh. Total 14 Diary & Sweets shops operating in the area were inspected and 10 samples comprising 3 of Khoa, 2 of Burfi, 3 of Milk and 2 of Desi Ghee were inspected on the spot in the Mobile Food Testing Laboratory of the Department. The samples were analyzed for their quality and any sort of adulteration therein. Also 4 challans for un-hygienic, un-sanitary conditions of food exposed to dust & flies were issued to the offenders.  A legal sample of Milk was also lifted for analysis & examination doubting the quality.  The FBOs were instructed to maintain hygiene and sanitary norms as per the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006.

Administrator Issues Orders of Immediate Relieving of Prince Dhawan

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th August:- The Administrator, U.T., Chandigarh is pleased to order immediate relieving of Prince Dhawan, (AGMU:2012),Sub-Divisional Magistrate (Central), U.T., Chandigarh of his duties as desired by the officer from the Chandigarh Administration w.e.f 19th August.

Connect Broadband Establishes Free Wi-Fi Zone at Kipps Market Ludhiana

By Tricitynews Reporter
Ludhiana 18th August:- Connect Broadband; market leader in broadband and fixed line services had earlier this year tied up with Municipal Corporation Ludhiana to setup free Wi-Fi across different locations in Ludhiana. Three Wi-Fi zones have already been established at Ludhiana Municipal Corporation office Zone A, Zone D and Rose Garden Ludhiana. Taking this forward, the fourth Wi-Fi Zone has been established at Kipps Market; Sarabha Nagar. With the establishment of Wi-Fi zone at Kipps Market, people visiting the market can now enjoy high speed internet browsing and download. Connect has provided optical fiber connectivity with capability of 20 Mbps. All users will be able to access the fastest internet network of Punjab in this public area.
To access the free Wi-Fi service, user just needs to click register tab on landing page. A page will get opened where the user needs to fill his name and phone number. The user will receive username and password on his phone number, which can be used to connect mobile or laptop with internet. Once successfully logged in, the person can access free internet for a period of 30 minutes. After completion of 30 minutes, one can login again by using the same method and the internet facility would start again. User can keep logging in for as many times as he wants, but every time, the connection would be for 30 minutes only.
Talking about the initiative, Arvind Bali, Director and CEO, Connect Broadband and Videocon Telecom said that our main focus is to provide high speed internet. We are working towards taking this count to 100 + Wi-Fi hotspots in the state, where free Wi-Fi access will be provided to all users on fastest internet network.

Vodafone Announces Unlimited Roaming and Voice Calls Plus 8GB Data on New Vodafone RED Postpaid

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th August:- Vodafone, one of India’s largest telecommunications services providers, today announced a feature rich Vodafone RED postpaid offering with unlimited roaming, unlimited voice calling and 8 GB data– for just Rs. 1,999/-  A variant of this plan is also available at Rs. 1,699 offering free roaming (incoming calls only), unlimited voice calling and 6 GB data.
To encourage more customers to enjoy the Vodafone RED experience, Vodafone also launched a series of entry level Vodafone RED postpaid plans attractively priced at Rs. 499, Rs. 699 and Rs. 999 with double data benefits and attractive talktime.
Announcing the launch of these new, feature rich Vodafone RED plans, Sandeep Kataria, Director Commercial, Vodafone India said that the postpaid customer’s usage behavior has evolved significantly with higher usage of roaming and data. With the new Vodafone RED, there is no more holding back – we are offering our postpaid customers an all-in-one plan that addresses their roaming, data, and voice needs comprehensively. The built in quotas with value added benefits like priority access and a virtual relationship manager, make the Vodafone RED experience truly worry free and delightful.

ਸ਼ਹਿਰ ਦੇ ਵੱਖ- ਵੱਖ ਖੇਡ ਸਟੇਡੀਅਮਾਂ ਦੀ ਸਫਾਈ ਵੱਲ ਦਿੱਤਾ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ ਵਿਸ਼ੇਸ਼ ਧਿਆਨ:ਓਮਾ ਸ਼ੰਕਰ ਗੁਪਤਾ

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th August:- ਨਗਰ ਨਿਗਮ, ਐਸ..ਐਸ. ਨਗਰ ਵੱਲੋਂ ਸਵੱਛ ਭਾਰਤ ਮਿਸਨ ਤਹਿਤ ਥੀਮੈਅਿਕਲ ਕਲੀਨੈਸ ਅਭਿਆਨ ਸਹਿਰ ਦੇ ਖੇਡ ਸਟੇਡੀਅਮਾਂ ਵਿੱਚ ਸਵੱਛ ਭਾਰਤ ਮਿਸ਼ਨ ਅਧੀਨ ਵਿਸ਼ੇਸ ਪੰਦਰਵਾੜਾ ਮਨਾਇਆ ਜਾ ਰਿਹਾ ਹੈ
ਇਸ ਸਬੰਧੀ ਜਾਣਕਾਰੀ ਦਿੰਦਿਆਂ ਓਮਾ ਸ਼ੰਕਰ ਗੁਪਤਾ ਨੇ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ  ਇਹ ਪੰਦਰਵਾੜਾ 31ਅਗਸਤ ਤੱਕ ਜਾਰੀ ਰਹੇਗਾ ਅਤੇ ਇਸ ਪੰਦਰਵਾੜੇ ਦੌਰਾਨ ਸ਼ਹਿਰ ਵਿੱਚ ਵੱਖ-ਵੱਖ ਸਟੇਡੀਅਮਾਂ ਦੀ ਸਫਾਈ ਵੱਲ ਵਿਸ਼ੇਸ਼ ਧਿਆਨ ਦਿੱਤਾ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਕਿ ਇਸ ਦੌਰਾਨ ਸੈਨੀਟੇਸ਼ਨ ਸ਼ਾਖਾ ਦੇ ਅਧਿਕਾਰੀਆਂ ਦੀਆਂ ਡਿਊਟੀਆਂ ਲਗਾਈਆਂ ਗਈਆਂ ਜਿਥੇ ਉਹ ਖਿਡਾਰੀਆਂ ਨੂੰ ਸਵੱਛਤਾ ਲਈ ਪ੍ਰੇਰਿਤ ਕਰਨਗੇ ਅਤੇ ਸਵੱਛਤਾ ਦੀ ਸਹੁੰ ਵੀ ਚੁਕਵਾਉਣਗੇ

Sanjay Kumar Takes Over as GM (Network-I), SBI Chandigarh Circle

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 18th August:- Sanjay Kumar has taken over as General Manager (Network-I), State Bank of India Chandigarh Circle. The Network-I comprises of Punjab State and UT Chandigarh.  
 Sanjay Kumar started his career as a Probationary Officer in 1985 in Patna Circle. In his illustrious career of 31 years, he has held important assignments in various capacities in Credit, International Banking, Agriculture, Human Resources, Lead Bank etc. He has also handled SBI Operations in Shanghai. Earlier, he also worked as Regional manager, Jamshedpur and Dy. General Manager, Hyderabad.