Thursday, 6 September 2018

Get Fit with Dish TV’s New ‘Fitness Active’ Service

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Chandigarh 06th September:- Dish TV India Limited, world’s largest single-country DTH Company announce the launch of ‘Fitness Active’ service on its DishTV& d2h platforms. ‘Fitness Active’, a unique offering along with a strong strategic partnership with Brilliant Living TV,country’s largest content provider in fitness and wellness, will help Dish TV bringing value added services into this space. This fitness service will be available on channel number 132 on DishTV& d2h.
DishTV’s subscribers and fitness enthusiasts will get up close and personal with the celebrity fitness trainers to gain insight on fitness and nutrition. These fitness trainers come from diverse fields of Yoga, Nutrition, Meditation, Martial Arts, Pilates, who are responsible for training and coaching of famous celebrities like Katrina Kaif, KareenaKapoor, Aamir Khan, and the likes. Grand Master Shifuji- world's best commando trainer, Shivoham from Shivfit, YasminKarachiwala – celebrity Pilates coach are few of the trainers who will share tips to become fit offering a holistic fitness regime to DishTV and d2h subscribers.
‘Fitness Active’, a 24x7 service will be available at just Rs.40 per month in both Hindi and English language. Additionally, the service will be available for a free preview till September 18th, 2018.
Announcing the new service, Anil Dua, Group Chief Executive Officer, Dish TV India Limited, said that we’re excited to offer our customers personalized solutions to their wellness regime in the comfort of their homes.With rising awareness about fitness among Indians, we at Dish TV will offer a simple platform and guide to all their fitness queries and requirements. Our ‘Fitness Active’ service will provide best of fitness and wellness content on both our platforms, providing our customers with an easy access to world-class health and fitness trainers.
Speaking on the partnership Adarsh Gupta Founder and CEO of “Brilliant Living TV", said Brilliant Living TV is excited to be associated with Dish TV to bring ‘Fitness Active’ to many households with the help of Dish TV’s reach across India. We’re focused on creating unique fitness content to guide Indians through their workout regime with work-out videos including yoga and meditation. With our partnership with Dish TV, our aim is to encourage users to preach healthy living in the comfort of their homes. We’re sure that the new offering will thoroughly be enjoyed by the viewers of both DishTV and d2h platforms.

Office-Bearers of Block Congress Committee Nominated

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Chandigarh 06th September:- Harjinder Singh Bawa, President Block Congress Committee-11 today nominated the following office-bearers of Block Congress Committee with the approval of Pardeep Chhabra, President CTCC the Senior Vice-President of  BCC is Surinder Singh, Vice Presidents are Satyabir Chauhan, Ashok Kumar, Rajinder Kumar, Vinod Kumar, General Secretaries are Ram Kishan and  Manoj Garg, Secretaries are Deen Diyal, Vijay Singh, Ravi Kumar, Sanjay Panday, Arvind Kumar, Amrik Singh, Sunil Kumar, Dharminder and Lalit Kumar, Press Secretary is Ajay Kumar, Treasurer- Gurdeep Singh (Happy) and  Varinder Pal Singh, Executive Members are Sham Sher Singh, Krishan Lal, Rohit, MD. Naim, Sarabjit Singh, Sohan Lal, Davinder Singh, Suresh Kumar, Ishwar Chand, Naresh Kumar, Mahinder Kumar, Mukesh, Vijay Kumar and Arun Kumar.

ब्यूटी सीक्रेट अरेबिक कराएगा मल्टी टैलेंट कम्पटीशन: मुंबई के कोरियोग्राफर और इडियन आइडल के प्रतिभागी कम्पटीशन को करेंगे जज

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Chandigarh 06th September:- डांस, सिंगिंग और एक्टिंग के शौकीनों के लिए खुशखबरी। उन्हें अब अपनी कला प्रतिभा को दिखाने का भरपूर मौका मिलेगा इस मल्टी टैलेंट कम्पटीशन में। इस मल्टी टैलेंट कम्पटीशन का आयोजन करने जा रहा है ब्यूटी सीक्रेट अरेबिक सैलून।
इस इवेंट के बारे में अधिक जानकारी देते हुए ब्यूटी सीक्रेट अरेबिक सैलून की निदेशिका बबिता ने बताया की बल भवन सेक्टर 23 के ऑडिटोरियम में 08 सितम्बर को होने वाले इस मल्टी टैलेंट कम्पटीशन में एक सौ से अधिक प्रतिभागियों की उम्मीद है। ये कम्पटीशन 04 साल की आयु वर्ग से लेकर 26 वर्ष व्पं उससे ऊपर तक के आयु वर्ग के लिए है। उन्होंने बताया की पंजाब, हरियाणा और चंडीगढ़ व् आस पास के क्षेत्र से पार्टिसिपेंट्स इस कम्पटीशन में भाग ले रहे है।  प्रतिभागियों की जजमेंट की पूरी प्रक्रिया रियलिटी शो इंडियन आइडियल के प्रतिभागी और मुंबई के कोरियोग्राफर कर रहे है ।
उन्होंने आगे बताया कि इस प्रतियोगिता को करवाने का उद्देश्य बच्चो को एक प्लेटफार्म मुहैया करवाना है। ताकि उन्हें अपनी कला प्रतिभा दिखाने का मौका मिल सके। उन्होंने बताया कि जो भी प्रतिभाशाली बच्चे होंगे उन्हें शार्ट मूवी में मौका दिया जाएगा। अभी तो यह इवेंट ट्राईसिटी स्तर पर आयोजित किया जा रहा है। निकट भविष्य में नार्थ इंडिया स्तर पर होगा। बबिता ने बताया कि वो चाहते है कि इस इवेंट के माध्यम से बच्चे अपने देश की सभ्यता और संस्कृति से जुड़े।

NGO SPEAK: Society for Promotion of Ethical & Affordable Healthcare & ICCR to Present Play on Obesity

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Chandigarh 06th September:- SPEAK India, Society for Promotion of Ethical & Affordable health Care, will present a Punjabi Play ‘Tamasha Motyan da’ to fulfill its twin objectives of promoting healthy lifestyle and to curb unethical practices in healthcare. The play is scheduled for September 8, Saturday at 6.30 PM at Randhawa Auditorium, Sector 16, Chandigarh, according to Dr. R.Kumar, President of the society.  The play will be followed by another humorous short play 'Hello, Hello' which is based on ill effects of smart phones on health. Satish Chandra, Additional Chief Secretary (Health and Family Welfare), Punjab will be the Chief Guest. Pankaj Vohra Regional Director Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Government of India will preside over the function.
Through the hilarious comedy play in Punjabi, humour and entertainment will be created, but the play give a solid message of pathos embedded in the theme of the play i.e misery, disease and death related to obesity and its underlying causative factors like consumption of white poisons and excessive use of mobiles.
Dr. R.Kumar said that obesity exposes one to serious ailments like diabetes, heart ailments, hypertension, stroke, anemia depression, sexual problems and unproductive life in the long run. With a single intervention of reducing calories and salt in foods in general, and intake of processed foods in particular, most ailments can be prevented.

छात्र परिषद चुनाव: देव समाज कॉलेज सेक्टर 45 में चुनाव शांतिपूर्वक संपन्न: निशांत परवीन को मिला अध्यक्ष पद

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Chandigarh 06th September:- देव समाज कॉलेज सेक्टर 45 बी चंडीगढ़ के द्वारा आज छात्र परिषद चुनाव आयोजन किया गया चुनाव शांतिपूर्वक संपन्न हुआ छात्रों में चुनाव का काफी उत्साह रहा चुनाव में लगभग 45 %  छात्रों द्वारा मतदान किया
इस बार बी.ए.फाईनल की छात्र निशांत परवीन को  अध्यक्ष का पद मिला उपाध्यक्ष दिव्य राणा, सचिव मुस्कान जसल तथा सयुंक्त सचिव का पद ऋषिका राजपूत को मिला कालेज के  प्रांगण में छात्रों ने जीत की खुशी मनाई इस चुनाव में  डॉ शिवा मलिक ओर श्रीमती सबीना चड्डा की महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका रही    इनकी देखरेख में चुनाव  शांतिपूर्वक संपन्न हुआ
इस मोके पर कालेज की प्रिंसिपल डॉक्टर जसपाल कौर ने इस नई टीम को बधाई दी उन्होंने  उज्जवल भविष्य के लिए शुभकामनाएं दी

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Secures Market Leadership in the Online ULIP Space

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Chandigarh 06th September:- Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company, one of India’s leading private life insurers, became the market leader in the online ULIP space on the back of its new-age ULIP Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure that was launched in February 2018. The product comes with a unique feature of ROMC (Return of Mortality charges), which was the first of its kind in the country. The new age ULIP clocked Rs. 120 crore of annualized new premium within only seven months of its launch and sold around 12,000 policies in this time.
Maharashtra accounted for the maximum sale, at over 1200 policies, followed by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The company’s steadfast efforts in reaching out to the millennials clearly seems to have reaped results, with the majority of policyholders (55%) within the age group of 26-35 years.
Commenting on the milestone, Bajaj Allianz Life Managing Director and CEO Tarun Chugh said that we are delighted at the overwhelming response we have received on our first ROMC-enabled life goal based product. It has helped us set a new course for ourselves, as well as introduced something unique within the industry. This product continues to be popular amongst customers looking for value-packed investment solutions to help them achieve their life goals.
Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure comes with unique benefits such as ‘Return of Mortality Charge’ (ROMC), an industry-first initiative besides other customer-friendly features such as low fund management charges and return enhancer. The ROMC feature, in particular, guarantees that the policyholder gets back the cost of his or her life cover on maturity, thereby enhancing the value of the corpus at the end of term.
Further, any individual who opts for the maturity benefit in installments and not lump-sum, over a period of five years, will get the benefit of return enhancer an additional 0.5% of each due instalment. During this period, the policyholder’s fund value will continue to benefit from participation in the fund(s) of his or her choice.

National Nutrition Month Celebration: Nutritional Recipes Tested and Liked by Malnourished Children

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Chandigarh 06th September:- To celebrate the National Nutrition month, team from Dept. Of Community Medicine and School of Public health, PGIMER, Chandigarh, under the able guidance of Prof. Dr. Arun K Aggarwal , along with the staff from Ministry of Women and Child Development Wing, Punchkula under CDPO Mrs. Savita addressed an audience of around 30 Anganwadi workers and mothers of malnourished children (around 10). Anganwadi workers and mothers from the village had prepared nutritious recipes ranging from paushrik barfi (which won first place) to makkhi ki roti (the third place),all of which were cherished by undernourished children who had assembled  there.
A Best recipe competition and a Poster competition was also organised and the winners were awarded. A recipe made of sprouts and vegetables gained special attention for its nutritive value.
Prof. Dr. Arun K Aggarwal emphasised on transferring records on numbers of malnourished to steps of action and the need to focus on both acute and chronic malnoutrition by taking into consideration height and weight of children on a monthly basis. The CDPO, Mrs. Savita briefed on National Nutrition Mission and assigning a month full of action in this regard.
The session was also enlightened by Dietitian, Mrs. Sunila Chettri from Dietetics Deptt. PGIMER, Chandigarh who sorted out issues on complementary feeding and advised on continuing breastmilk till 2yrs of age.
The programme was adequately supported by the Village Sarpanch of Kheri, Mr.Sheeshpal who came out to work in conjunction with the Anganwadi workers to spread the message of nutrition and ensured his participation in many such programmes in this regard for the days to come.