Thursday, 2 August 2018

AAFT Launches its 100 Batch; Student Asks Sanjay Kapoor 100 Questions

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Chandigarh 02nd August:- There is no alternate to hard work, but it has to be in the right direction. Filmmakers can identify passionate people. Your talent needs brushing and polishing at film school, said Actor Sanjay Kapoor while Inaugurating the 100 batch of AAFT at Marwah Studios.
Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios, said that the first private film school of India Asian Academy of Film And Television is create another record on the launching of 100th Batch of AAFT.
On this occasion, students asked more than 100 questions about Sanjay Kapoor and his films.

Uski Nazar Se Bachke Rehna-Aa Rahi Hai ‘Daayan’: Monalisa

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Chandigarh 02nd August:- India is a land of folklores bathed in endless allegories founded across centuries. Stories that talk of the real and the imaginary, of the known and the unknown, of the living and the mystic. One such story deeply entrenched in our psyches is that of Daayans, and their Evil Eye or ‘Buri Nazar’. For centuries Daayans have been dwelling in this land, migrating to places & forms, awaiting reincarnation. And this begs the question-What if Daayans are not just in sleepy towns but in city homes like yours? In bustling streets and crowded malls? And most importantly, how do you know for sure that the person sitting next to you isn’t a Daayan? StarPlus’ offering ‘Nazar’ is a never-seen before supernatural fantasy drama which brings to you, a Daayan in the modern world in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. The intriguing and fascinating character of the Daayan called Mohana, is played by beautiful Bhojpuri actress Monalisa and she has become TV’s most powerful and hair-raising villain yet. 
Monalisa said that this is her Hindi fiction debut on Television and she is enthralled to play such a differentiated character. Since childhood she has heard so many stories about the existence of Daayans and ‘Buri Nazar’, but never imagined playing one on television. The gripping storyline, the thrill of supernatural incidents in very modern and contemporary settings and the Daayan’s aura are some of the reasons for doing the show. She enjoys playing her and unravelling each of her elements as the show progresses.
Nazar unfolds the tale of a Daayan’s dark energies that are said to surround the Rathore family since generations and how this can affect their lives. According to folklore, Daayans have a long braid or ‘Chhoti’, which contains all their power, they have backward feet (‘Ulte Paer’) and their presence can suck the life out of everything around them. The phrase ‘buri nazar na lage’ is common in Indian households for a reason–a Daayan’s evil eye or ‘Nazar’ possesses the ability to harm an individual and his entire family. People believe that hanging red chilies and lemons (‘nimbu mirchi’) on doorways to houses can protect one from the evil eye.
The show embraces a stellar star cast - Harsh Rajput, Ankur Nayyar, Niyati Fatnani, Smita Bansal, Ashita Dhawan, Ritu Seth in other prominent roles.

HDFC Life and Vijaya Bank ink a Bancassurance Deal

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Chandigarh 02nd August:- HDFC Life Insurance Company, one of India’s most profitable private life insurers and Vijaya Bank, a premier Nationalized Bank announced their corporate agency tie-up.
Vijaya Bank has a pan India presence with 2129 branches, spanning all States and Union Territories in the country. HDFC Life has a multi-channel distributor set up that ensures greater reach and penetration, with 163 bancassurance partners, 26 non-traditional distribution partners and an agency force of more than 77,000 individuals.
This tie-up between HDFC Life and Vijaya Bank is a unique one involving a large private life insurer withone of the fastest growing public-sectorbanks. It is among the few partnerships to be announced post the revision of the corporate agency norms in April 2016. Vijaya Bank’s network of 2129 branches across the country will further strengthen HDFC Life’s presence, thereby enabling the insurer to reach out to a wider and diverse section of the population with need-based life insurance solutions.
Sankara Narayanan, Managing Director & CEO, Vijaya Bank said that we are very positive about our new tie-up with one of the best Life Insurance companies of India–HDFC Life. The partnership promises to improve the overall business of both the organizations. For Vijaya Bank, the main products are Deposits and Loans and now the choice of Life Insurance products will be a value addition to our customers. It will increase customer satisfaction and eventually lead to customer delight. We believe that this is a long term, mutually beneficial relationship for both organizations.
Amitabh Chaudhry, Managing Director & CEO, HDFC Life said that we are delighted to partner with Vijaya Bank, one of the country’s most reputed Banks. Our large and multi-channel distribution network is a strong differentiator. Riding on Vijaya Bank's pan India network, we aim to service the semi-urban and rural geographies that typically have low insurance penetration. In line with the Government's agenda for the Insurance sector, our endeavour has been to reach out to the maximum number of Indians and service the need to financially protect their families from unforeseen circumstances. Customer-centricity is at the heart of all our initiatives in both the organizations and we hope that the synergies will open up a plethora of opportunities for future.

PKK To Pay Tribute to Its Founder Guru M.L. Koser: Going to Inaugurate M.L. Koser Indoor Auditorium on August 3

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Chandigarh 02nd August:- Pracheen Kala Kendra is going pay a tribute to  its Founder Guru M.L. Koser and in dedication to his great vision, perseverance and proactive attitude with which he did pioneering work for the promotion of Art and culture in the country, Kendra’s newly renovated, reconstructed auditorium is going to be inaugurated and  renamed as M.L. Koser Indoor Auditorium on  3rd August, 2018  by Grammy Award winner Padmabhushan Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt , Legendary Mohan Veena Creator and maestro.
The inauguration will be followed by a dazzling musical treat by  Pandit ji and his illustrious son & Creator of Satvik Veena Tantree Samrat Pt. Salil Bhatt accompanied by great Tabla Maestro Pt.Ram Kumar Mishra.
Creator of the MOHAN VEENA and the winner of the GRAMMY AWARD, Vishwa Mohan has mesmerized the world with his pristine pure, delicate yet fiery music. It is due to Vishwa's maiden mega effort that he rechristened guitar as MOHAN VEENA, his genius creation and has established it at the top most level in the mainstream of Indian Classical Music scenario, thereby proving the essence of his name VISHWA (meaning the world) and MOHAN (meaning charmer) and indeed , a world charmer he is. Being the foremost disciple of Pt. Ravi Shankar, Vishwa Mohan belongs to that elite body of musicians which traces its origin to the Moughal emperor Akbar's court musician TANSEN and his guru the Hindu Mystic Swami Haridas. With blinding speed and faultless legato, Bhatt is undoubtedly one of the most expressive, versatile and greatest slide player s in the world.
On other hand , Creator of the Satvik Veena and heir to a 500-year musical legacy, Salil Bhatt represents the dynamic face of the new age, Indian musician. Being hailed as the 'Global Indian Musician', Salil has done it all. From Solo Concerts and International Collaboration to Exotic Jugalbandis and Global Fusions, Salil has not only managed to marvel audiences in India, bit also has a big fan base in Canada, Germany, Australia, America, Taiwan, England, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Singapore, Spain, Finland, Austria, and Italy (in total 40 countries). That too, in just a span of his trailblazing 25-year career! He is the first ever musician to perform inside the Parliament of Germany. He is also the first ever Indian musician to perform in Iceland and the first Indian musician to be invited by the Taiwanese Government for artist residency of one month. Salil Bhatt represents the tenth generation of the famous Bhatt lineage, where music has been flowing for more than five hundred years. Salil is the son of the legendary Mohan Veena maestro and India's GRAMMY AWARD winner Padmashree Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.

Author Aseem Chhabra's on Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra Released

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Chandigarh 02nd August:- 'Priyanka Chopra: The Incredible Story of a Global Bollywood Star' by Aseem Chhabra, was released at an event organised by the well known Chandigarh based not for profit organisation which promotes art & literature-Adab Foundation. The unveiling of one of the first books to capture the phenomenal journey of Priyanka Chopra in Bollywood and her rise to stardom in Hollywood, was done by the Author , Chairman of Adab Foundation Mitul Dikshit and Madhav Kaushik, Chairman, Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi & Vice Chairman Central Sahitya Akademi. The book has been published by Rupa Publications.
The biography of Priyanka Chopra explores everything that led to her success in Bollywood and Hollywood. Peppered with anecdotes and events from her life behind the screen, her real story is too a blockbuster. This aspect has alos bene presented well in the book. This is her incredible story, told with much flourish and detailing by Aseem Chhabra.
Aseem Chhabra said that she came from a small-town middle-class family in North India. During the Miss India contest, she was grilled by none other than Shah Rukh Khan. She prevailed and won the hearts of millions. He added that there was no looking back after that. Bollywood happened; and years later, she crossed over to America, as a pop singer, as a television star and as a Hollywood actress. Soon, New York City was plastered with posters of her fromQuantico, a major television show in the US. Films like Baywatch followed.
It is noteworthy that Aseem Chhabra is the author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed book Shashi Kapoor: The Householder, the Star(2016). A well knowm film writer, he  is the festival director of the New York Indian Film Festival and the Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival in Pittsburgh.
Mitul Dikshit said that he congratulate his friend Aseem for working hard, researching every bit of Priyanka's life and coming out with this extremely pertinent biography of the actress. We at Adab have been promotinh teh arts & literature through different means and it is an honour to host this book's launch evnt.
Aseem Chhabra said that “Priyanka as girl used to say , ‘In India, real people don’t become movie stars.’ The same girl became the biggest crossover star. That very girl can’t walk around in New York City now ‘without being mobbed’. That’s Priyanka Chopra for you. The quintessential ‘Girl Uninterrupted’.

Mankind Pharma Introduces "KABZEND" Its New Product to Prevent Constipation

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Chandigarh 02nd August:- Mankind Pharma, a quality-driven pharmaceutical company in India has launched a new Over-the-counter (OTC) product – ‘KABZEND Natural Laxative Granules’ to help relieve constipation. Mankind Pharma has chosen Veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor as the brand ambassador of its new product. KABZEND is an Ayurvedic-based formulation that will help maintain regular bowel movements and ensure proper cleansing of the body. The product is available in the market at an affordable price of Rs. 50 per 50gm.
Change in lifestyle and lack of proper nutrition is leading to rising problems of constipation, which in long-term results in serious health issues. KABZEND is a blend of time-tested potent & quality herbs to effectively pacify the problems leading to gastrointestinal disorders such as constipation, indigestion, gas and irregular bowel syndrome. Herbs used in the formulation of KABZEND are undertaken with intense care and good manufacturing guidelines to ensure quality standards, making it safe for consumption.
RajeevJuneja, CEO, Mankind Group said that at Mankind, we endeavor to bring the latest innovative therapies with assured quality that address primary healthcare challenges in India. We promise to deliver world-class quality at affordable prices. It is with this thought we decided to launch KABZEND at the affordable price of Rs. 50 per 50gm.
He further added that having a personality like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan as brand ambassador for Mankind Pharma has helped us increase connect amongst the consumers. With this vision, we have chosen Rishi Kapoor for our newest product-KABZEND. We believe having such personalities will help us in strengthening our image amongst our consumers.
Inspired by Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadi Scheme to deliver pharmaceuticals products at affordable prices, Mankind Pharma with its Make in India approach has set up goals to sustain a balance in the healthcare of the country.

DAV Panchkula observes Vanmahotsav Week: Distribute Saplings to the Students

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Chandigarh 02nd August:- In a special assembly held as a part of Vanmahotsav week being observed in the DAV Public School, Sector 8, Panchkula, more than 200 students were given saplings by Principal, Dr. Pathak who advised them to become eco-sensitive.
The school choir also presented songs glorifying the beauty of nature. Students of Class III performed a short play which showed importance of trees.