Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Rare Survival of a Very Tiny Baby Born at Chaitanya Hospital

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 15th November:- It is dream come true moment for the parents of baby born in Chaitanya hospital at 24 weeks (6 months) instead of normal period of 40 weeks (Months) who is going home after almost 3 months of hospital stay, Rakesh Kumar Garg father of baby said that they had lost all hope when they saw their newborn baby who weighed just 640 grams at the time of birth. Doctors who told them that chances of survival of such tiny babies is very less, But seeing the initial medical care being provided at the time of delivery by the team of neonatologist they were assured that the baby is going to be in the safest hands possible and decided to persist with the treatment. Dr Jaskaran Singh Sawhney and Dr Saranjit  Kaur with their capable medical team worked day and night to make this baby go home.
Sharing with Media personal Dr Jaskaran and Dr. Saranjit informed that the latest medical facility at Chaitanya hospital is the one of the key factors responsible for survival of such a critical baby. Further they added that Babies born before 37 weeks of pregnancy are considered preterm and among them those born before 28 weeks are called micro preemies. Such babies have a very low probability of survival, <30%.Indian guidelines consider 24 weeks and 500 gm. weight as the lower limit of viability for newborns. This baby was born after 24 weeks of pregnancy when his mother went into preterm labor. The mother was referred to Chaitanya Hospital and delivered within 2 hours of admission. The baby weighed just 640 gm. and did not cry after birth and was resuscitated and shifted to Newborn ICU. Chaitanya Hospital who provided baby with NICU care. The initial one month was very torrid with baby requiring artificial breathing, artificial nutrition, incubators for maintaining temperature and medicines for blood pressure. The baby also had a hole in heart which was managed medically by Neonatologists ( Dr Jaskaran Singh and Dr Saranjit Kaur) in Chaitanya Hospital .Baby also developed a condition of eye called Retinopathy of Prematurity which was treated with laser therapy. But the baby and his parents kept fighting against all odds and after 9 weeks baby was off the ventilator support. Presently baby weighs 1800 gm. and is feeding well and free of any major physical or neurological complication, with a corrected age of 36 weeks and ready to go home.
Babies born before 28 weeks gestation face a huge struggle because their body is not able to sustain itself; they need a protective environment along with latest medical and technological support to make survival possible.
Chaitanya Hospital is well-known name in Mother and Childcare in the region, providing level 3 NICU care along with round the clock Neonatologist presence.

Students of Brilliance Put Up Exhibition- Vista

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 15th November:- Brilliance World School , Sec 12 organized an exhibition ‘Vista 2017’. Students prepared models and presentations of Science & those related to other subjects of their choice.
Principal Mrs. Niranjana Chatterji said that students explained to parents, how the subject & the topic  were  connected to many other subjects, & how subjects are applied at higher levels.
The students from senior secondary level also presented career opportunities other than those available after studying conventionally accepted subjects. Students even prepared presentations in areas related of literature, like, the technicalities associated with a play, the elements of it etc. A number of creative models were prepared by the students from the primary division, who also explained them by forming teams. 

DishTV Introduces Dance Active Service

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 15th November:- DishTV, Asia’s largest DTH player, has set the stage for millions of aspiring dancers of the country to pursue their passion by launching the new ‘Dance Active’ service on their platform. With this introduction DishTV will enable its strong subscriber base of 15.7 million (Net) to actively follow their interests and go beyond conventional TV Entertainment. DishTV continues its legacy of enhancing subscriber experience by providing such unique services.  
Dance Active, the latest addition to DishTVs exciting pool of active services will provide dancing lessons to all the dance enthusiasts and enable them to learn different dance forms in the comfort of their living rooms.
Powered by ‘Dance with Madhuri’, Dish TV’s Dance Active service will provide 100+ hours of dance content. Subscribers can choose any dance form as per their choice and preference from a repertoire of Dance styles ranging from Indian Classical like Kathak, Bharata natyam, to Western forms like Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata and freestyle Bollywood. With the support from gurus such as Pt. Birju Maharaj, Saroj Khan, Terence Lewis, Remo DSouza and other renowned choreographers from India, Dance Active aims at becoming a one stop destination for learning all kinds of dance forms giving it a truly global appeal.
Speaking about the new active service, Anil Dua, Group Chief Executive Officer DishTV said that DishTV stands for quality and commitment, and being the largest DTH brand in the country, we believe in providing a wide range of content and services to our subscribers and enriching their experience. The launch of Dance Active service is yet another step by us to enhance our value added services (VAS) portfolio and cater to a wider audience set. Having received very positive response from our earlier active services, we take immense pleasure in announcing the launch of this service which will offer an opportunity to the subscribers to learn and indulge in the magic of dance simply through their television screens.
Commenting on the launch of Dance Active, Sukhpreet Singh, Senior Vice President, DishTV said that Dish TV is the largest platform which enables subscribers to go beyond entertainment and actively pursue their passions. DishTV’s partnership with ‘Dance with Madhuri’ provides a fascinating opportunity for subscribers to learn from and match their steps with some of the best choreographers in the country. We are happy to have collaborated with Madhuri Dixit and her magnificent team as Madhuri Dixit is a renowned personality of Bollywood and an iconic dancer in India.
Commenting on Dance with Madhuri’s association with DishTV's Dance Active Service, Madhuri Dixit said that our vision for ‘Dance with Madhuri’ is to take the passion of dance to everyone and we believe our collaboration with Dish TV will ensure that millions of people can now learn how to dance right in their living rooms. We put in a lot of effort to create an amazing team of choreographers who help us bring this vision to life. So excited to launch this service.

Dance Active will be available on Channel No. 454 at an attractive price of just Rs.45 (All inclusive). The service will be available for free preview from 14th Nov17- 28th Nov17. Valued subscribers of DishTV can avail Dance Active service by a simple missed call on 18002700214 from registered telephone number.

Sultan Zaffar to Kill Rama and Tathacharya in Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 15th November:- It seems like the problems and the challenges in the life of Tenali Rama are never ending. Tenali Rama will witness some life threatening situations in the coming tracks. Sultan Zaffar will become a big threat for Rama as he will try to kill him and Tattacharya both.
Rajesh Khera who will be essaying the role of Sultan Samshudin Zaffar will be the king of Talikot who will challenge Krishnadevraya (Manav Gohil) for the intelligence in his Kingdom. He sends his person with a pot and asks Krishnadevraya to fill it with Budhi (Intelligence). King Krishnadevraya immediately asks Rama (Krishna Bharadwaj) and Tattacharya (Pankaj Berry) to take over the responsibility. Next day Tathacharya fills the pot with almonds saying that they are good for brain and Rama comes with a message written on the pot ‘Please take out the budhi without breaking the pot.” Krishnadevraya gets impressed and sends the pot to Sultan Zafar. Sultan Zaffar gets surprised and asks the person who is so intellegent to visit his kingdom so that he can reward him. Krishnadevraya asks both Tathacharya and Rama to visit Talikota but with a letter to Sultan Zafar asking him to kill both Tathacharya and Rama.

Rajesh Khera who will be playing Sultan Zafar said that Sultan Zaffar is a king who punishes people even for the smallest of their mistake. His character has a grey yet comical side. It was fun shooting for Tenali Rama as the entire cast is super fun to be with.

'Lalkaar' Concert in Mumbai on November 21

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 15th November:- Ahead of the 'Lalkaar' concert in Mumbai on November 21st, actor Farhan Akhtar speaks on MARD's involvement with the campaign on ending violence against women and girls. Farhan elaborates on why #BasAbBahutHogaya is the call to action. 
Q1 -With What Aim did you start up with this campaign (MARD)?
Ans- He initiated this campaign back in 2013. There was an emotional reaction after the horrific Nirbahaya Incident. He always felt that the anger he and his friends used to feel after every such incident always stayed up to our living rooms. But he started feeling if he can’t channelize this anger and concern then what is the point? So he started with MARD, an initiative that addressed our concern of having a society which is safe for men and women. Like we men have freedom to go out late at night or watch a movie, same principle should be applicable for girls as well. The main motto behind initiating MARD was to change the thought process of men, especially the young ones.
Q2- Till now what is the overall response of the people?
Ans- The response of people is very positive. Now it has been 4 years. We engaged with lot of students from different colleges and we saw that there has been a positive impact on their thought process. Apart from this campaign, there is lot of NGOs, lot of people who kept highlighting different issues as well. However, the amount of change that has been brought about is not enough. We will keep trying and working to achieve it.
Q3. Does such type of incident also happen in the film industry and if they do happen then how do people of industry deal with it?
Ans- He feel that irrespective of the nature of the industry one hails from, the victim of such violence and such harassment should speak up. He is somebody who is interested in what they have to say. However, he doesn’t know anyone who this has happened to. 
Q4- This campaign was initiated on social media and social media has played a big role. However, there are people from rural background who don’t use social media that much. What are your plans to reach such people?
Ans- This is the first year of our campaign and it is the first time that Feroz Abbas Khan, Population Foundation Of India and he have come together. This campaign will slowly unfold. The show started by Population foundation of India named ‘Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon’ has already reached such audiences and their messages have reached the masses. The show also airs on Radio. So we are trying our best to use all the available modes of communication. We will be conducting our concert ‘Lalkaar’ on 21st November in Mumbai. We would also love to conduct more such concerts in regional languages to reach more people who don’t have access to television and internet.
Q5- What is your message for the men out there?

A- He’d like to ask all the men out there to listen carefully to the messages conveyed through ‘Lalkaar and be a catalyst.

Chandigarh’s Rajesh Kumar Makes Ola Proud by Showcasing Exemplary Honesty

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 15th November:- Ola, India’s most popular mobile app for transportation, announced driver partner Rajesh Kumar as one of the ‘Heroes of Ola’, a multi-city initiative aimed at recognizing exceptional driver partners. Rajesh was awarded for his honesty and dedication as he returned expensive mobile phones and wallet to two of his recent customers.
On 11th November, Mrs. Khanna, a regular Ola customer, boarded the cab from Jalvayu Tower to Chandigarh railway station; and accidentally left her mobile in an Ola cab. Standing on the railway station, with no means to communicate with anyone, a distressed Mrs. Khanna was overjoyed to see her driver, Rajesh, coming back all the way to return her phone. She was thrilled to know that Rajesh reached out to her through her relatives to return her phone.
Praising the Ola cab driver, Mrs. Khanna said that she was delighted to see the driver coming back to hand her my phone. She would have not been able to board the train without her phone since the ticket and all the other details were there in it. She is deeply impressed by his honesty and work ethic.
The very next day, another passenger, Deep, forgot his wallet in Rajesh’s cab. Deep’s wallet contained money, cards and important identity proofs. Ola driver Rajesh immediately connected with Deep and returned the wallet within a few hours of the ride getting over.
He felt relieved upon returning the wallet to its owner. He realized how distressed he would be since the wallet had all his cards and important identification proofs. Deep thanked him for his efforts and applauded his honesty.
He felt really happy and proud at that moment,” said Rajesh Kumar, Driver partner from Chandigarh and winner of the Chandigarh’s leg of the ‘Heroes of Ola’ initiative. Rajesh Kumar is the first winner from Chandigarh under the ‘Heroes of Ola’ initiative.

Election Commission Starts Special Drive from 15th to 30th November

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 15th November:- This is the information of General Public and Political Parties that as per directions of the Election Commission of India, New Delhi, the work of Special Drive has been started on 15th November, 2017. During this drive the Booth Level Officers will be visiting each in and every house from 15th November to 30th November, 2017. The BLOs will distribute and collect duly filled forms from the citizens for enrolment as elector/modification/deletion/transposition of entries in the electoral rolls. They will also collect the information regarding GPS of house/Mobile No./ family linkage/un-enrolled electors/overseas electors in the format provided by the Election commission of India, New Delhi. The residents of Chandigarh are requested to give full co-operation as and when the booth level Officer Visits their residence for verification/collection of information. The particulars of concerned BLOs and AEROs offices are available on the website of this department i.e. Public can call 1950 (Toll Free number), 0172-2700322 for more information.

Lecture on Legal Literacy: A Tool for Women Empowerment Held

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 15th November:- An educational session on 'Legal Literacy: A tool for Women Empowerment' was delivered today at Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls-42, Chandigarh by renowned city based advocate Ajay Jagga. The objective of the session was to educate the students of the college about their legal rights that they are entitled to, thereby creating necessary awareness and action skills. Anurag Agarwal, Home Secretary, Chandigarh was the Chief Guest and R.K. Popli, Director Higher Education, Chandigarh was the Guest of Honour on the occasion.
The function began with a lamp lighting ceremony by the dignitaries, followed by saraswati vandana. Addressing the audience, Anurag Agarwal stressed upon the importance of such educational sessions to educate girls in their early years about their rights. He further added that women can save themselves from any kind of exploitation only if they know the proper laws and practice them in each and every aspect of life. Anurag Agarwal also appreciated the joint initiative undertaken by Ajay Jagga & Chandigarh Administration of educating the girls of the city about the laws & regulations for their own safety and also to spread the knowledge in their peers and family.
Speaking about 'Legal Literacy’, Ajay Jagga said that India is a country where women have been treated as the creator, architect, protector & preserver of the society since ages. In today’s time also be it in the parliament, defense, educational institutions, financial organizations or law & order, women have equal opportunities & presence as men. However, it is an irony that even highly educated women are not aware about their legal rights.
Ajay Jagga said that only when women understand the law in the context of their social and economic position can they use the law as an instrument for empowerment (which is having a sense of security and vision of a future, the ability to earn a living, the ability to act effectively in the public sector, increased decision-making power in the household, mobility and visibility in the community, and the ability to participate in nonfamily groups) and social change. Thus, legal literacy empowers people personally and socially to participate in the creation of their society.
Sensitizing the participants about their rights, he said that what makes a woman stronger is the power in her voice, which comes with the correct knowledge of law & order. He further shared that various laws have been framed specially for the safety & security of women in India. Ajay Jagga by virtue of cases that occurred in the recent past shared how these laws played a crucial role in giving justice to women. Concluding the session, he stressed on the fact that a woman who knows her right & uses them righteously holds the power to take on the world.