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Cosmetic Gynecology to Give Women Liberal and Productive Life: Experts

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Chandigarh 03rd June:- Cosmetic gynaecology is much beyond looking just good,  it's also about permanent solutions to female medical problems and it's to suffuse confidence and bring back the glow that women lose due to gynaecological problems, said Dr Preeti Jindal, organising Chairperson of International Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Gynecology Conference, 'COSGYNAE 2019', organised first time in India. Dr Jindal was flanked by President American Aesthetic Association Dr Ayman EL Attar, Plastic & aesthetic surgeon from Morocco Dr Jamila Atannaz, Urogynaecologist & aesthetic surgeon from Israel Dr Ronen Gold, Prof. Complutense University Madrid Spain Dr Ernesto D Cidranes and Aesthetic Gynaecologist from Poland Dr Malgorzata  Uchman.
For the first time international and national Cosmetic Gynaecologists, Plastic surgeons and Dermatologists from USA, Spain, Poland UAE, Kuwait, Morocco, Israel, Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc have gathered at one platform to disseminate knowledge, foster research and innovation, advance education, training and encourage multidisciplinary collaboration in Women Cosmetic Health. 
The three day conference specially focuses on new treatment modalities to cure aging problems in women like leakage of urine on coughing, laughing; recurrent urinary infections; pain during intimate relations, stretch marks treatment; skin laxity etc.  It discussed the role of latest painless few minutes treatment like laser; radiofrequency; PRP (platelet rich plasma) in cure of these conditions.
It also deals with relief for acid attack victims as they get disfigured with lots of scars. Laser, radiofrequency, PRP and reconstructive fillers etc are painless ways for curing their scars and giving them respectable life.
She said that the event covers topics on laser, labiaplasty, fillers & chemical peels, clitoral surgeries, liposuction, stretch marks, Sui lasers and much more. It is a great opportunity for the newer entrants to learn these advanced techniques and at the same time for established ones to update their knowledge and hone their skills to even more, she said. 
Dr Jindal said that this first international interdisciplinary aesthetic gynaecology conference and live workshop 'Cosgynae 2019' is covering gynaecology, plastic surgery, dermatology. Under the aegis of by The Touch Clinic (Advanced IVF, Cosmetic Gynae and High Risk Pregnancy Centre) Mohali the event is being held in association with the Vascular Society for Limb Salvage, Chandigarh Dermatology Society, Plastic Surgeons of the tricity and Mohali Obstetrics & Gynecology Society.
It is supported by PGI ex heads Dr Kalavasistha, Dr Indu Gupta, Dr Vanita Suri. PGI dermatology head Dr Sunil Dogra & Dr Rita Bhardwaj civil surgeon Mohali were patrons. 

Forest Hill Golf & Country Club Hosts Membership Unveiling Ceremony

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Chandigarh 03rd June:- One of the North India’s finest luxury resorts - Forest Hill Golf & Country Club held a special membership unveiling ceremony on Saturday, June 1, 2019 at FHR Club House.
It was a fantastic day for whole host of golfers of different levels and ages who attended this event to celebrate this official opening followed by a high tea.
A golfer’s delight, Forest Hill Golf & Country Club is a perfect blend of a top-notch golf course and ultra-modern clubhouse with integrated facilities such as multi cuisine restaurant, well-stocked bar, banquet hall & terrace with a spectacular view of Shivalik hills.
The 9-hole Championship Golf Course as well as a premier golf Driving Range in Forest hill resort is characteristically designed to offer members a unique experience. The picturesque view and the proximity to nature provide golf lovers the right atmosphere for a soothing and relaxing game of golf.
While addressing the gathering, Lt. Col. B.S. Sandhu, President - Forest Hill Golf & Country Club shared that we at Forest Hill Golf & Country Club are extremely pleased to offer permanent memberships to avid golfers who can enjoy an undisruptive access to the endless golf & clubhouse facilities, unmatched first-class amenities, and a whole new great range of adventure, sports & wellness facilities along with great family outdoors.
He added that to promote the game of the golf and prepare children to be futures golfers, we are offering complementary golf services to them for the next three months.
Lt. Col. B.S. Sandhu also announced Harmeet Kahlon, an Arjuna Awardee, as Forest Hill Golf & Country Club’s Brand Ambassador. Harmeet Kahlon is an expert golfer holding extensive experience in the field of golf. He is also assigned the responsibility to manage FHR Golf Academy & Range to train budding golfers. 
Brig (Retd) SS Sandhu, General Manager- Forest Hill Golf & Country Club also conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to the attendees. He said that since its inception, Forest Hill Golf & Country Club has been recognized for the innovative concept, design and developments. Our experienced staff and I are ready to ensure that your time spent at Forest Hill Golf & Country Club is comfortable, enjoyable and memorable.
The Forest Hill Golf & Country Club memberships are open for a limited number of individuals, Service Personals, NRI’s/foreign nationals/ diplomats’ and Corporates. The memberships are subject to the approval by the Club Screening Committee although the last date to apply for the membership is June 30, 2019 on first come first serve basis but there is already overwhelming response shown by golfers & others for taking the members.
In coming times, the club is keen to organize various golf tournaments for experienced professional golfers as well as amateurs who are avid golf lovers.

Social #BleedingBlue This World Cup

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Chandigarh 03rd June:- It’s that time yet again, the Cricket World Cup is back after four long years! Excitement rings electric in the air, and fans eagerly await the chance to gather their gang, cheer the boys in blue and celebrate each inning with some great #eats and #drnks – and of course, your friendly neighbourhood bar, Social, has got you covered.
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CII–Yi Corporate Premier League Continues with Exciting New Matches: Hyatt Regency Loses to CII-Yi

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Chandigarh 03rd June:- CII -Yi Corporate Premier League 2019, being organised by CII Yi Chandigarh Tricity Chapter got underway with new and more exciting Cricket Matches at IT Park, Chandigarh. Team Gabriel India had a scintillating victory and defeated Team Class India by 8 wickets. Class India won the toss and elected to bat first. Batting first,Class India scored 60 runs off ten wickets in 17.2 overs against Gabriel India.
Man of the match was Mohan from Team Gabriel India scored with a power packed performance.
In another enthusiastic match, Team Federal Mogul defeated team Finvasia by 4 wickets to register their victory in an important match held yesterday. Finvasia won the toss and elected to bat. Batting first, Finvasia scored 121 runs off 4 wickets in 20 overs, with Dinesh Nain topping the score chart scoring 45 runs off 64 balls, including four fours. From Federal Mogul, Neeraj was declared Man of the Match.
In another combat CII-Yi defeated Hyatt Regency by 77 runs yesterday with Sushil Chaudhury as Man of the Match.
A total of 10 Cricket teams are fighting for the Champion’s Trophy, the final match of which is scheduled to take place on 15th June 2019.

श्री खाटू श्याम का 21 वां वार्षिक महोत्सव 8 जून को 32-डी मार्किट में

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Chandigarh 03rd June:- श्री खाटू श्याम प्रचार मंडल ट्रस्ट (रजि.) की ओर से 21 वां वार्षिक महोत्सव बड़ी धूमधाम से 8 जून, दिन शनिवार को सायं 7:00 बजे से लेकर प्रभु इच्छा तक दशहरा ग्राउंड, मेन मार्केट, सेक्टर 32-डी में श्रीमती कमला देवी मौसी एवं खाटू श्याम मंदिर राजस्थान के पदाधिकारी महाराज श्याम सिंह चौहान के सानिध्य में बड़ी धूमधाम से मनाया जाएगा।
ये जानकारी देते हुए ट्रस्ट के प्रधान जगदीश अग्रवाल प्रचार सचिव गिरिवर शर्मा ने ये जानकारी देते हुए बताया कि इस अवसर पर 31 फुट ऊँचा 60 फुट चौड़ा भव्य रंगीन दरबार मुंबई के कारीगरों के द्वारा बनाया जा रहा है जबकि दरबार का भव्य अलौकिक श्रृंगार कलकत्ते से मंगाए विशेष फूलों से किया जाएगा। महोत्सव के दौरान खाटू श्याम जी को छप्पन भोग का प्रसाद लगाया जाएगा एवं अखंड ज्योत के दर्शन होंगे। इस अवसर पर मुख्य भजन गायक कन्हैया मित्तल चंडीगढ़ से, संजय पारिख जयपुर से, अश्वनी शर्मा मोंटू दिल्ली से, नीतू शर्मा दिल्ली से, पंडित रविंद्र शास्त्री चंडीगढ़ से, मुकेश मुदगिल पिंजौर से, धर्म नागर दिल्ली से, बंटू भैया छोटा खाटू धाम से तथा महावीर अग्रवाल दिल्ली से अपने भजनों के द्वारा श्री खाटू श्याम जी का गुणगान करेंगे। इस अवसर पर श्री श्याम जी की रसोई (भंडारा) 8:00 बजे से होगा।

Coca-Cola India Foundation to Implement Integrated Waste Management Solutions

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Chandigarh 03rd June:- Coca-Cola India Foundation, Anandana, has announced establishment of integrated waste management infrastructure along with SAAHAS, CHINTAN and HASIRU DALA, which also includes setting up of Material Recovery and Segregation Facilities (MRFs). The partnerships will also drive social initiatives such as inclusion of informal waste sector into a formal one, raising awareness of source segregation, influencing attitudinal changes in waste disposal, and protection of natural habitats among others.
Inadequate source segregation is one of the major roadblocks that hinder recycling. Burning of unsorted solid waste can also aggravate air pollution. Anandana along with various NGO partners is supporting the creation of new infrastructure for material recovery including PET and composting of wet waste.  The facilities will be set up at multiple locations in Delhi/NCR, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka in India.
Ishteyaque Amjad, Vice-President- Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia, said that waste generation rates are expected to increase more than two-fold by 2025 in urban India, largely driven by rise in incomes and growing urban populations. Together, with our partners, we want to encourage self-sustaining ventures within decentralized waste management. These partnerships are aligned with our vision of creating a ‘World without Waste’ to collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of our packaging by 2030.

Balbir Singh Sidhu Inaugurates 'WK Life': Hundreds of Gift Products Available at Store

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Chandigarh 03rd June:- Balbir Singh Sidhu, Minister for Animal Husbandry & Fisheries, Govt of Punjab inaugurated the new showroom of 'WK Life', a famous international brand of ‘fashion, smart life and mobile accessories’ from Hong Kong, at Phase 3B2,in Mohali today. Famous Punjabi actress Japji Khaira also visited the store. The showroom is being managed by three young entrepreneurs.
There are hundreds of electronic, digital and fashionable products available at the store, which can not be found anywhere else in the tricity. From funky purses, travel pillows, pen drives, designer Bluetooth speakers to fragrances, mikes and a vast range of mobile phone accessories, one can find scores of innovative ideas and items.
'WK Life' is being run by Angadbir Grewal, Harmanbir Jhajj and Mohantaj Dhillon. All of them are students and this is their first step towards entrepreneurship.
Angadbir Grewal said that WK is a popular brand from Hong Kong, with 1,000 stores in 60 countries around the world. There are 5 stores in India, three in Delhi, one each in Jaipur and Lucknow and this one in tricity. A variety of new products keep on coming every month at the store.
Balbir Singh Sidhu said that he was happy to be part of this launch ceremony. Like these three boys, youths should aim at starting something of their own. This way they can provide employment to many others too. He wished good luck to the young owners.
On this occasion, Gurkirat Singh Kotli-MLA, Khanna, and Gurpreet Singh GP, MLA-Bassi Pathana were also present.
The emphasis of 'WK Life' is on the changing needs of the youth and new fashion trends. Their 4000 employees and 75 designers constantly innovate new products according to the changing trends. There are 18 factories. The price range of the products is pocket friendly, starting from Rs 200 or less to a few thousand only, which can be good for self use or for gifting. This is the first company that has successfully combined telecom and electronic industries and has created a complete fashion life brand.
The products are in 4 categories- Audio, Energy, Protection and Smart Life. The fashion element remains on the top of its design concept. It's not just a brand, but a new lifestyle too. It was founded in 2015 by HK Refine Industrial (Asia) Co. Ltd. 

India Should Think Big and Envision 10% GDP Growth Rate: Vikram Kirloskar

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Chandigarh 03rd June:- Strong action to spur consumption, investments and net exports will take GDP growth rates much higher, according to Vikram Kirloskar, President, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Chairman and MD, Kirloskar Systems Ltd and Vice Chairman, Toyota Kirloskar. The CII President was addressing his first press conference after assuming office.
Vikram Kirloskar stressed that this is the right time for India to think big and envision GDP growth rate of 10% to greatly improve development outcomes. With a landslide electoral victory and new Council of Ministers in place, we expect the Government to engage strongly with industry to ideate and implement impactful policy solutions for double-digit growth.
He added that given recent data releases, CII is according high attention to four key issues of energizing growth, generating new jobs, deepening India’s overseas footprint, and energy security. CII is focussing on strengthening Indian industry’s role in policy solutions as well as targeted action initiatives under the theme of Competitiveness of India Inc: India@75 – Forging Ahead.
With GDP growth moderating in the last quarter, the CII President emphasized four key drivers for reinvigorating the growth rate, namely boosting consumption, investments, public expenditure on social and physical infrastructure and net exports.
Vikram Kirloskar said that consumption will be greatly encouraged by reducing the personal income tax burden, adding more disposable income for consumers.
He shared that as the Government has greatly improved ease of doing business, it must now focus on significantly slashing the cost of doing business. Mega connectivity and storage projects are required across the country for lowering logistics costs which render Indian goods uncompetitive. The required policy actions include cutting interest rates, rationalising taxes on equity capital, addressing delayed payments from the public sector, and improving logistics.
CII has submitted policy inputs to the Government for the upcoming Budget which include measures such as cutting corporate income taxes to 25% for all companies and progressively lowering the rate further to 18% without exemptions. It has also called for removing Minimum Alternate Tax and cutting Dividend Distribution Tax in its pre-Budget submissions.
The CII President requested the Government to maintain high public outlay on infrastructure such as electricity, roads and highways, telecommunication and other transport as the next growth driver. CII estimates that $1 trillion is required for infrastructure in the next 5 years.
In his press conference, the CII President suggested triple-pronged approach for job creation, relating to employment intensive sectors, skilling, and labour reforms for enterprise creation. He placed strong emphasis on accelerating growth in job creating sectors such as construction, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, and the financial sector, among others. According to CII, construction and healthcare alone can create 20 million jobs in the next 5 years.
Vikram Kirloskar added that creating manufacturing jobs at scale can be done by facilitating enterprise creation and undertaking labour law reforms along with social security measures. Industry-led skilling through skill vouchers, incentivising new hiring of certified workers, and vocational education at school level will raise skill levels.
CII has a strong agenda for skilling and connecting youth to jobs through Multi-skill Centers, apprenticeship initiatives, and Model Career Centers, among other programs. These efforts reach out to 1 million youth each year and CII plans to multiply this to impact 10 million youth.
Vikram Kirloskar shared that it is important for the Government to lay down a roadmap for transition towards electrification of the transport system while ensuring continuity and certainty of FAME 2 and providing freedom to industry to ensure this change. In addition, Government policy needs to be technology agnostic towards all green technologies.
 CII’s policy recommendations for reducing carbon emissions and oil dependency in the transport sector include a supportive green technology policy, developing infrastructure for electric vehicles such as charging and batteries, and integrating e-mobility with renewable energy.