Friday, 29 November 2019

VR Punjab Announces Black Friday Sale to Mark the Onset of Post-Harvest & Christmas Festivities

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Mohali 29th November:- A tradition which began almost half a century ago in the USA has, over the years, captured global imagination. Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, marks the onset of the Christmas shopping season in the USA. This day of spending, splurging and merry-making is an ode to Thanksgiving, a day in which people give thanks for the blessings of the harvest. Over the years, shopkeepers and sellers in America started offering discounts and offers on this day to add to the people’s festivities and thus was born the phenomenon of the Black Friday Sale.
Exploring the inherent connection between Thanksgiving, the American harvest festival and the harvest celebrations in Punjab post the winter harvest of Kharif crop, VR Punjab has brought to the region the American tradition of the Black Friday Sale, celebrated with Thanksgiving.
Today, Black Friday Sales are celebrated across the world, with sales on this day offering customers massive discounts and rewards. Bringing the concept of ‘Black Friday Sale’ to the region, VR Punjab is inviting its patrons to shop till they drop & grab some awesome deals. The region’s leading shopping and lifestyle destination, VR Punjab is hosting its Black Friday Sale from Nov 29 to Dec 1, where people from the region will get to avail massive discounts, going up to 70%, on 250+ brands and 55+F&B outlets. This includes offers particularly from brands from America the birthplace of the Black Friday Sale.
With the Black Friday Sale traditionally associated with Christmas shopping, the sale also marks the onset of VR Punjab’s Christmas celebrations with its Christmas D├ęcor and 40ft High Christmas Tree going live on 29th of November to coincide with the launch of the sale. To announce the beginning of its Christmas festivities, VR Punjab is organising a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony followed by Carol signing.
The Black Friday marks the beginning of a very opportune time of the year with people getting into the festive mode as they look forward to celebrating Christmas and bringing in the New Year amidst joy & happiness. It is that time when farmers in Punjab have celebrated the winter harvest and are ready to enjoy the fruits of their labour.
Along with the Black Friday Sale being held from November 29 to December 1, 2019, VR Punjab is also hosting a Kids Workshop on November 30 & December 1, where it will host Christmas Tree Making and Gift Wrapping classes for children between 12.00 pm to 06.00 pm on both these days.

E-Cigarette Legislation is an “all bark no bite” Legislation: Diluted Under Industry Influence

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Chandigarh 29th November:- A city-based social activist who led a 12 years long battle to ban Nicotine containing articles, including E-Cigarettes, has criticised the Union government’s legislation on E-Cigarette which was introduced in the Rajya Sabha yesterday i.e. on November 28th 2019. 
Activist Hemant Goswami, who is also the recipient of the 2013 WHO award for fighting tobacco, calls ‘The Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes Bill 2019’ as an absolutely “diluted piece of legislation,” which fails to address the grave issue of Nicotine laced products. He said that it’s just an all bark no bite legislation, not worth the paper it’s printed on. It partially addresses only e-cigarettes, which is less than one percent of the real problem of Nicotine abuse. In the long run, it rather helps the tobacco industry.
Twelve years back, in 2007, a social activist from Chandigarh, Hemant Goswami filed a Public Interest Writ Petition (CWP 14597 of 2007) in Punjab and Haryana High Court demanding banning all forms of chemical Nicotine, as it was a deadly poison and it’s various forms like Sheesha/ Hookah, e-cigarettes, etc. were a grave danger to the public. After five years of legal fight, in 2012, the High Court finally passed its judgement admitting that Nicotine and all Nicotine delivery devices were poisons and the State must regulate the same. Thereafter, the States of Punjab, Haryana & Chandigarh added Nicotine in the list of Poison under the Poisons Act of 1919. The High Court also asked the States to constitute a permanent task force for monitoring of the abuse of Nicotine. The high court kept the writ alive, to date, for monitoring purposes.
Subsequent to the High Court order, in 2013 the Ministry of Health formed an expert committee with the petitioner Hemant Goswami and WHO officials as expert members. After deliberations for five years, in 2017, the legal group of the expert committee recommended that it is necessary and expedient in public interest to completely, without any exception, prohibit the import, manufacturing, distribution and sale of Nicotine as an extract and/or chemical, and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Devices.The new legislation brought by the Ministry completely removed the recommendation to prohibit the use of Nicotine as an extract and/or chemical.
Hemant Goswami alleged that the bureaucracy while drafting the new legislation has very narrowly constructed the definition of Nicotine Delivery Devices and has completely obliterated the recommendation to prohibit ‘Nicotine as an extract and/or chemical’ under extraneous pressure. Such piecemeal restriction of E-Cigarettes will only help the tobacco manufacturers and cigarette companies as it will eliminate the competition of cigarette companies, which they face from e-cigarettes, while allowing the use of Nicotine as an extract and/or chemical in other products.
Hemant Goswami added that the legislation is also toothless in taking any action as it restricts and binds the law enforcement agencies for taking prior permission for initiating any criminal or legal action against any violator. It provides for a penal punishment of upto one year without mentioning about the cognizance of the offence. Since Cr.P.C. provides that only those offences where there is a provision for less than three years of imprisonment, they shall be deemed to be non-cognizable, meaning thereby that the police can’t take direct cognizance of the offence. Section 5 of Cigarettes and Tobacco Prohibition Act also suffers from this lacuna.
He said that this legislation is such a let-down, after 12 years of my struggle, I feel cheated by this legislation.
A 5th September 2017 note of the meeting by the Ministry of Health read; “The Expert Group in its Report, has stated that the scientific evidences indicates that the use of Nicotine (and its compounds), whether through electronic devices commonly called Nicotine Delivery systems (ENDS) or through non-electronic device/apparatus is hazardous. The report also states that besides causing cancers and several other health disorders, Nicotine is also classified as poison and is fatal for human being even in very small doses. In the larger interest of public health' and as recommended by the Expert Group' the sale of or trade in nicotine (other than for therapeutic use approved and prescribed under Drugs & Cosmetic Act) or any device that enables its use is illegal and in violation of the existing laws. Violators are liable to be prosecuted.

The Splendor of Kashmir Exhibition: Showcases It’s Heirloom Collection 2019-20

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Chandigarh 29th November:- The Splendor of Kashmir (SOK) by Varuna Anand is back with New Collection. . The Exhibition will be at Taj Chandigarh (30th November and 1st December).  It is a modest endeavor to take the famed Art of Shawl making from Jammu & Kashmir to the admirers of this Art, both within India and overseas. And is aimed at both the Collectors of Art and all those who want to start building on their collection of these hand crafted wonders from Kashmir.
The hi-profile Exhibition is organized in different parts of India showcasing its Exclusive Range of Shawls and Stoles from Kashmir. It is a humble endeavor initiated by Varuna Anand to encourage the age old Art of Shawl making from Kashmir by Master Craftsmen.
To meet the ever increasing demand, this year Varuna Anand is Exhibiting an Exclusive  Collection of Premium Pashmina Shawls along with other wide range of Hand were the Corporate and Wedding Gifts, which makes an integral part of her Collection.
Embroidered and Hand Woven Kalamkari Shawls, (hand painted & hand embroidered) followed by ever trending Border and Palla Shawls. Also on display
Speaking on the occasion, Varuna Anand, Designer & Founder, The Splendor of Kashmir said that when it comes to spending on extravagant creations, The Splendor of Kashmir has always designed its products keeping in mind its customers. The Heirloom Collection 2019-20 will have its premium handcrafted shawls, which are an example of ultimate skill and artistry applied to one of the world's most delicate fibres namely Pashmina. Her every piece is a limited edition in its own way and is non repetitive. In the past also we have been exhibiting and shared exclusive and wide range of The Splendor of Kashmir.
This season, The Splendor of Kashmir Exhibition has commenced from October, 2019 till January, 2020. It travels to Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, & Chandigarh. It's one of the most awaited events amongst the Heirlooms and Art lovers, who wait for this event every year to add to their Collection of Heirlooms and Masterpieces.

Vaccination During Pregnancy Must to Keep Baby Safe from Flu, Whooping Cough and Whooping Cough: Doctors

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Mohali 29th November:- It is mandatory for the pregnant mothers to get vaccinated against flu and whooping cough to ensure that the baby does not catch either of infection in the first crucial year of life. Dr Preeti Jindal President, Mohali Obstetrics & Gynecology Society said while addressing Continuing Medical Education (CME) held on the issue of Vaccination during Pregnancy at local hotel here today.
The CME, which has been given 2 credit points by the Punjab Medical Council, aimed at updated the local doctors and gynecologist on vaccinations to be given during pregnancy. More than 100 doctors of the region attended this CME. PGI professors and Government Medical Colleges and Hospitals’ head of gynae were also present.
Dr Preeti Jindal added it is estimated many pregnant women and newborn kids die due to preventable diseases many of which can be avoided if proper immunization of pregnant women is done. Dr Someya Agrawal added that apart from tetanus injection and influenza, Tdap vaccinations should be conducted during pregnancy. The pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine is given between 27 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. Generally, babies less than 1 year old - if contracts whooping cough – have to be hospitalized. Many babies do not cough at all and instead stop breathing and turn blue creating life threatening situation that parents not be aware of at all. However, baby of a vaccinated mother does not encounter any such problem.
Chairpersons of the CME were Dr Kala Vashishtha Former HoD PGIMER and Dr Reeti Mehra, Additional Professor GMCH sector 32 Chandigarh. Experts also held a panel discussion on vaccination in pregnancy. In this panel discussion Dr Rashmi Bagga, Dr Madhu Gupta and Dr Sunil Aggarwal participated.
To encourage young gynecologists to study Dr Preeti Jindal launched Yuva MOHOGIANS.

Air Pollution Can Be Controlled: Two Youth Invented a System Under Startup India Project

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Chandigarh 29th November:- In order to rid society from the increasing global warming of air and noise pollution, a product has been designed which will not only purify the environment, but the carbon particles collected in this product can be used in many important works. It has been invented by two youngsters Manoj Jena and Nitin Ahluwalia. Under the Government of India Startup India project, both young friends have developed a product that will not only control air pollution but also control the temperature immediate after installment.
Manoj Jena and Nitin said that they wanted to do something in this direction for a long time. With the start of the Central Government Startup India project, they planned for the implementing this project. They said that they got the pre approval to patent for this project.
Nitin Ahluwalia said that this product has been developed because of their responsibility towards the society and thinking of contributing to this noble cause. Both of them had been hearing for some time from the past that air pollution is increasing day by day, due to which people are having trouble for breathing. He told that this product starts showing its effect only after some time of installing this project / product in a certain place.
This not only brings pollution control to that area, but also causes a drop in temperature. Along with this, the carbon dioxide particles collected in this product can also be used in many other important works.

Fatal Heart Attacks Need Timely Intervention: Expert

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Chandigarh 29th November:- The treatment for heart attack has improved remarkably over a period of time. Thrombolytics were discovered that could dissolve the clots, treat heart attacks and reduce the risk of death. Emergency coronary angioplasty could reduce this risk even further. But nothing so far can reduce the risk to naught.
Dr. Ankur Ahuja, Director- Cardiology at Ivy Hospital, Mohali stated during an informative session on ‘development in cardiac treatment’ today.
He said on the other hand, there are certain heart attacks that lead to definite death, if left untreated. One such entity is a heart attack arising from occlusion of the left main coronary artery- the most important artery in the heart.
He pointed out that such patients are difficult to save, even in the most advanced health care centres. However recently a middle-aged man suffering from same situation was treated successfully at Ivy.
Giving details of the surgery Dr Ankur informed that the patient had ongoing chest pain for last few hours. He had a large heart attack with severely compromised heart function.
Dr Ankur said that his angiogram revealed total occlusion of the left main coronary artery. Emergency angioplasty of the said artery was done with adjuvant IABP support. The patient could ultimately survive the turbulent phase and now in healthy and fit.
Dr Ankur remarked that this is one of the best examples of optimal use of resources to get the best result of saving a precious human life.