Tuesday, 28 November 2017

​​Chitkara International School organizes CineMaestro: One of a Kind Filmmaking Festival Cum Awards Event for Tricity Students

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 28th November:- Chitkara International School’s pioneer event: CineMaestro – Shaping Future Filmmakers culminated today with the screening of magnificent short films made by students of the city schools. In this unique event an unprecedented perception of using Filmmaking as a learning tool was used and introduced to more than 250 students of tricity schools. The aim of this event is to unleash students’ filmmaking skills through Cinevidya – a path breaking Social Enterprise initiated by Amitabha Singh (Director – Chillar Party, Cinematographer – Khosla Ka Ghonsla fame). 
It all started with Amitabha Singh and his crew training the students on all the aspects of filmmaking ranging from script writing, shooting, editing, directing to acting during a 3 day hands-on workshop held earlier this month at Chitkara International School. The students were given valuable experience on using professional equipments and tools and then were mentored to make their own short films.
Amitabha Singh on asking about the vision behind conducting this workshop cum Awards festival said that there are very few films being made in India on Children who are the future and are full of unique and beautiful ideas. CineMaestro is the platform to find and propagate these ideas and in turn give boost to production of Children focused films in our country. 
The day of the Award Ceremony saw projection of outstanding short films submitted by the students of various schools.
Yashpal Sharma, Bollywood actor and theatre artist and best known for his film ‘GangaaJal’, also graced the event with his presence as the Chief Guest, said that the platform which Cinevidya and CineMaestro jointly provided to the students will surely magnify their filmmaking comprehension and skill. 
In addition to this, the school also had the provision of Online Category for the students who wanted to participate in the festival independently.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Niyati Chitkara, Principal of Chitkara International School expressed that CineMaestro helped CIS to see filmmaking as a learning tool and Cinevidya in that way assisted us to magnify that vision.

THE QUEST CONTINUES: LOST HERITAGE-The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan Released

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 28th November:- Art Historian Dr B.N. Goswami released Amardeep Singh’s second book on the legacy of Panjabis, THE QUEST CONTINUES: LOST HERITAGE-The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan at Hotel Aroma here today.
The book is a seminal work in documenting the extensive legacy of Panjab’s heritage in Pakistan, which ex-American Express executive Amardeep Singh has painstakingly chronicled in his coffee books.
His first book took him four years of research and 36 days trip into Pakistan which he travelled, exploring the hitherto forgotten monuments of Indian rich culture and photographed them.
The second book “The Quest Continues…” was completed in just 9 months and 9 days, says Amardeep Singh, for which he travelled to Pakistan for 40 days from Balauchistan to Peshawar to Sindh and discover forgotten facets of the Indian culture, Amardeep said.
The first edition of the 500 page illustrated book went into four reprints and was widely accepted by diaspora, and has been accepted by world’s leading libraries in US, Canada and Singapore.
These are not the books but my rich experience to showcase and make the younger generation understand the richness and diversity of culture and how the people living across the border are so closely connected with their roots as human beings, he remarked.
Though the first book is priced at Rs.3999 while the second one is around Rs.5,000, the said part is that Panjabis would spend that much amount in a restaurant in the evening but would not spend to buy the book for their children to share this knowledge, he lamented.
He shared as to how the people in Sindh and Balauchistan still follow Nanakpanthi where all religions congregate and the practice is into Nanak’s teachings and they follow Guru Granth Saheb in their lives.
During the 15th century, Sikh philosophy emerged as a reformist movement in the north-west of the Indian subcontinent. Over the next two centuries, it evolved as a defense cohort against oppressions of those times. In the early 18th century, this movement grew stronger and successive decades saw the rise of an indigenous kingdom as the bulwark against foreign intrusions. By the 19th century the Sikh kingdom became the custodians of the Punjab and established a strong secular rule.
It was such a formidable empire that the fast-expanding British East India Company which had acquired most of India was firmly stalled on the banks of the river Sutlej from further westward advances.
Seven decades after the searing partition of 1947, the Sikhs visiting Pakistan today have limited their interests to the realm of religion and remain uninterested to explore beyond the few functional gurdwaras.

Liver Transplant Clinic Launched at PGIMER

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 28th November:- Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh launched Liver Transplant Clinic (LTC) to provide comprehensive care to the patients requiring liver transplantation and those who have undergone liver transplantation.
Liver clinic was inaugurated at New OPD 4th Floor, PGIMER Chandigarh by Prof Jagat Ram, Director PGIMER, Chandigarh. He said that patients with liver diseases is a specialised group and require focussed care with dedicated time and service. He further said that beginning of liver transplant clinic will give such platform for these patients and to boost the liver transplant program of the institute. He congratulated the liver transplant team which included hepatologists, liver transplant surgeons, anesthetists, pathologists, radiologists, pulmonologists, cardiologists, etc for starting this special clinic.  Liver Clinic OPD is busy with patient load of more than 500-600 liver patients per day and sometimes stretching upto 7-8 pm, hence Liver Transplant Clinic  is the need of the hour to meet the requirements of prospective liver  transplant patients with end-stage liver disease said Prof. R.K. Dhiman, Head , Deptt. of Hepatology, PGIMER, Chandigarh.
The focus of the liver clinic is to provide special attention to the pre- and post-transplant care to the patients with end-stage liver disease. It has been estimated that there are around 2 lac people with end-stage liver disease in our country who require liver transplant as the liver transplantis the only option available for these patients. Hence a patient with end-stage liver disease would attend Liver Transplant Clinic for both pre-transplant work up as well as post-transplant follow-up. This would result in increased number of patients registered for liver transplant as well as better follow-up. The clinic would also take care of patients  who have undergone liver transplant elsewhere, e.g., Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc.
Liver can be taken either from deceased- or live-donor. While maximum transplants in India are happening from live donors in which portion of liver is taken from the near relative and transplanted in the recipient (LDLT), most of the liver transplantation in the West is from deceased donor (DDLT). In PGIMER, presently all liver transplantations are DDLT. PGIMER has performed >35 DDLT. The launch of liver transplant clinic will also help in identifying potential and in starting the LDLT program in the Institute. While the average cost of liver transplantation in PGIMER is approximately 10 lac, it 30-40 lac in the private sector. This clinic is expected to give further boost to liver transplant in a public sector like PGIMER.

Sur Sangam Brings Alive the Zeenat Aman Era

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 28th November:- When you remember songs like ‘Haseena se mulaquat ho gayi’, ‘Chura Liya hai tumne jo dil ko’, there is no other face but that of Bollywood’s original poster girl, Zeenat Aman. She was here for 17th Bollywood Nite, ‘Sur Sangam 2017’, an event organised by Doctors Talent Hunt Organisation here at Sector 5 Indradhanush Auditorium.
Her presence at the event added glamour at the event where the audience was awe-struck to see the star of yesteryears who is still remembered for her dare-to-bare roles and memorable songs, which are still cherished by those of her generation. The songs sung by the talented singers not only won an applause but it left the audience spellbound when Zeenat Aman in her words shared her experiences while she had shot for these evergreen songs.
Sur Sangam president, Dr Pradeep Bhardwaj, an Allergy specialist, informed that bollywood Night is organised every year and has been entertaining song lovers since last 16 years. Every year the night is dedicated to one Bollywood star and this time it was Zeenat Aman. In the previous editions, the night has been dedicated to actor Dharmender, Bappi Lehari, Uttam Singh, to name a few and has been getting tremendous support from music lovers.
When hit song Khai ke paan banaras wala was sung by Dr., Pradeep Bhardwaj, the audience joined the singers by dancing on the number.  Some of the other memorable songs were Dekho o deewano by Dr.Pardeep Bhardwaj, Apke kamre mein by Dr.Pardeep Bhardwaj and Ms.Sonalika, Bheegi bheegi raaton mein( Dr.Pardeep Bhardwaj and Ms.Chayanika, Hum dono do premi by Dr.Pardeep Bhardwaj and Mrs.Manju Arora, Kahe paise pe itna by Dr.Pardeep Bhardwaj, to name a few. Regular performers included bureaucrats like Ram Niwas, SS Parsad, Ranju Parsad, Rajbir Deswal IPS (Retd.), Roshan Lal IAS (Retd.) and many more.

WABAG Ranked Among Top 10 Global Private Water Companies: Global Water Intelligence Study

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 28th November:- VA Tech WABAG Limited, a leading pure play water technology Indian multinational player in water and waste water treatment, has emerged as the only Indian company to be listed in the top 10 water companies globally. The ranking was announced by the Global Water Intelligence, the leading publication for the International water market, in their latest survey published in November 2017. This recognition reinforces WABAG’s position as a global water leader after Rajiv Mittal, MD & Group CEO, was ranked as the 2nd Most Influential Global Water Leader by WWi (Water Wastewater International) early this year.
The ranking assumes significance since it is solely based on the population served by WABAG’s currently operational water and wastewater plants, which cater to over 20 million people worldwide. It would be worthwhile to mention that WABAG has blazed ahead of some of the noteworthy players in the global water market and is the only South Asian company in the top 20 with a global reference base comprising mainly of DBO (Design Build Operate) jobs.
Rajiv Mittal, MD & Group CEO, VA Tech WABAG Ltd said that this recognition is in line with our vision to be a reliable partner for governments and urban local bodies across the globe for sustainable water infrastructure, thus ensuring the wellbeing of mankind and economic prosperity. The recognition further validates our tagline: Sustainable Solutions for a better life. WABAG aspires to become one among the top three water companies globally and I am sure this recognition and the unflinching support from our respected clients, investors, partners, bankers and vendors would motivate us to achieve this audacious goal.
Some of the major orders won by VA Tech WABAG this year includes, A repeat order from a key client which testifies to the trust reposed in WABAG’s capabilities:  To design, build and operate a 150 MLD Wastewater Treatment Plant in K&C Valley, Bengaluru, A contract in Philippines for a value of US$ 60 Mn for retrofitting a 900 MLD water treatment plant. Continuing its success in Vietnam, WABAG bagged an order for a 150 MLD Water Treatment Plant with a value of USD 13 Mn. This significant project aims to meet clean water need for about 3 million people in 8 districts of Hanoi, as well as Bac Ninh and Hung Yen provinces.

मट्टरू टिक्की वाला पर परोसी जाएगी अम्बाला की मशहूर पूड़ी पाँच सब्जियों के साथ

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 28th November:- अम्बाला का ज़ायका वहाँ की मशहूर पूड़ी और गोलगप्पे उत्तर भारत ही नहीं बल्कि पूरे देश में प्रसिद्ध है। अब वही जा़यका और स्वाद ट्राई सिटी के लोगों के लिए मट्टरू टिक्की वाला चंडीगढ़ में लेकर आए हैं। सेक्टर 19 स्थित सदर बाजार के बूथ . 1 में मट्टरू टुक्की वाला विशेष तौर पर अम्बाला के कारीगरों द्वारा पकाई पूड़ी पाँच सब्जियों के साथ ट्राई सिटी के लोगों चखाने के लिए तैयार है। पूडी गोलगप्पे के शौकीनों को अब अम्बाला जाने की जरूरत नहीं।
मट्टरू टिक्की वाला के प्रो.राजेश गोयल के अनुसार अम्बाला चार चीजों "पूड़ी, गोलगप्पे, पूरण सिंह का ढाबा और कपड़ा मार्केट" के लिए मशहूर है। उन्होंने बताया कि ट्राई सिटी के व्यंजनों खाने पीने के शौकीन लोग आज भी वीकेंड पर नाश्ते के लिए अम्बाला जाते हैं। ऐसे लोगों की चाहत को देखते हुए अम्बाला से विशेष चार कारीगर बुलाए गए हैं। उन्होंने बताया कि नाश्ते में पूड़ी पाँच सब्जियों " आलू तरी, चना, कद्ध (पेठा) और आलू सूखा, गाजर का आचार, हरी चटनी " के साथ परोसी जाएगी।  राजेश गोयल के अनुसार गोलगप्पे सात स्वाद/पानी के साथ उपलब्ध है। चंडीगढ़ में सात स्वाद के गोलगप्पे केवल एक जगह ही मिलते हैं और वो भी काफी महंगे दाम पर , लेकिन अब हमारे यहाँ यही सात स्वाद (ज़ीरा, लेमन केवड़ा, पौदीना-धनिया, अनार-गुलाब, पेरू(अमरूद) आदि) के गोलगप्पे का स्वाद मात्र 20 रुपये में चखा जा सकता है।
राजेश गोयल के अनुसार ये व्यंजन अम्बाला में करीब 150 साल पुराने हैं। आज भी नाश्ते के लिए अम्बाला में मशहूर दुकान पर भीड़ लगी रहती है। उन्होंने बताया कि वे उम्मीद संस्था के मंद बुद्धि बच्चों को काम सिखा कर सक्षम बनाने में समाज सेवा में योगदान भी देते हैं।