Friday, 14 July 2017

Two Families from Haryana Showcase Unprecedented Courage & Rare ‘Spirit of Giving’: Turn Their Heart Wrenching Loss into Renewed Life for Five & Sight for Four at PGIMER

By Tricitynews Reporter
Chandigarh 14th July:- It was once again an extensive team of unassuming do-gooders at PGIMER that turned the heart-wrenching loss of two lives into heart-warming renewed life for five critical patients through successful cadaver organ transplantation in the last twenty four hours here at PGIMER today. The retrieved corneas of the two donors will also restore the vision of another four patients, thereby impacting nine lives in all.
 Working tirelessly and seamlessly since yesterday, with one eye one firmly on the clock, the entire team involved in the transplantation process right from the brain death certification committee, transplant coordinators, treating doctors, anesthetists, investigating labs to transplant surgeons, nurses and technicians, worked their magic through the night and translated the noble wish of courageous families of donors Avtar Singh and Kuldeep Singh, both from Haryana into a second lease of life for five critical patients suffering from end stage diseases. The donor families’ kind gesture will also help restoring the vision of another four patients after transplantation of corneas, thereby impacting nine lives in all.  
The tragic death of Avtar Singh, a 68 year old resident of village Jansui, district Ambala, in a freak accident is beyond comprehension and extremely difficult to reconcile with . He was brought to PGIMER after sustaining grievous head injury on 1th July, 2016, where he was declared 'brain dead' by a panel of doctors as per the protocols of THOTA.
In another case, the picture perfect life of Kuldeep Singh, all of only 19 years from village Pai, district  Kaithal came to a sudden halt after he lost his battle with life, following a tragic two wheeler road accident leading to critical head injury. Though the family rushed him to PGIMER on the night of accident itself on 12th July, all their efforts as well as those of the attending doctors’ could not change the will of the Almighty and Kuldeep Singh was declared brain dead on 13th July.  
Showcasing unprecedented courage and rare ‘spirit of giving’,  the families of both Avtar Singh and Kuldeep Singh did not let these tragic deaths go in vain and agreed to multi-organ donation when the transplant coordinators raised the matter with them. 
Following their consent, the process of the retrieval of the organs including liver, kidneys and corneas of donor Kuldeep Singh and kidneys and corneas of donor Avtar Singh was initiated. A team of surgeons performed a grueling procedure that resulted in a successful transplantation of the retrieved liver of donor Kuldeep Singh. The kidneys retrieved from both the donors, through transplantation enabled second lease of life to four patients battling for survival here in PGIMER. The corneas of both the deceased will be transplanted for another four patients in PGIMER, thereby giving them sight and impacting their lives.  
Shattered yet courageous Subhash Chand, the father of donor Kuldeep Singh said that there cannot be anything more tragic than losing your child in his prime youth. He was the axis around which our lives revolved. Hope his decision for organ donation helps some parents turn lucky and save their children. This will be our biggest tribute to him.  
The same sentiment was echoed by dauntless Satbir Singh, son of donor Avtar Singh, that there is no age for parents. They should never go. We are devastated by his loss. No words can convey the remorse. With organ donation, at least he will be able to save someone else the pain and trauma of losing their parents.

Dr. Vipin Koushal, Nodal Officer, ROTTO PGIMER detailing about the cadaver organ donation, shared that we salute the socially significant decision taken by the families of donors Avtar Singh and Kuldeep Singh, who transcended social taboo and stigma to restore the gift of life to others Their spirit of giving has touched every one. The active intervention by the senior Police Officers from Haryana ensuring timely clearance as per the mandates of THOTA deserve a special mention. Their contribution in the entire process cannot be undermined. Time being the critical factor, a synergized and well-coordinated effort by PGIMER made sure that the sentiments of these two families are honored. This is PGIMER’s small tribute to both the families’ generous gesture.

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