Saturday, 4 August 2018

PGI Observe World Breast Feeding Week

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 04th August:- The Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Department of Community Medicine, School of Public Health, doctors observed the World Breast Feeding week  at Urban Health Training Centre Sector 38, Chandigarh.
Under the guidance of Asst. Professor Dr Kathirvel. S, Urban Health Training center, Civil Dispensary Sector 38, Dr Har Ashish Jindal and Junior resident Dr Shruthi Rajan, Multipurpose health worker Ms Rupinder organized a community level awareness programme in collaboration with Senor Medical Officer, Dr Harjeet Kaur.
Senior Resident Dr Har Ashish Jindal addressed an audience of 40 individuals and highlighted the significance of world breast feeding week with a background of history in 1991 and the need of promote breast feeding.  He told that breast feeding is a complete food for the new born till the age of 6 months.
Dr Har Ashish Jindal started with birth of a child to a newly wed is an occasion of happiness and we should celebrate the life by giving the breast milk of the mother to the new borne as early as possible irrespective of the mode of delivery. He emphasized on the breast milk being a complete food for the baby. The first yellow milk i.,e colostrum is essential for the new borne as it has essential elements that enhances the immunity. The sign of proper attachment were also told to the audience. The differences in the cow milk, buffalo milk and breast milk were also highlighted but breast milk was still emphasized as the best food for the baby.
Dr. Shruthi Rajan emphasized upon that breast milk is ready to use, non-contaminated and economical food for the new borne. She also told that the breast milk builds up the immunity and reduces the chances of getting respiratory infections, allergies and skin infection. She also urged that breast feeding enhances the emotional bond between the mother and newborn. Furthermore, the continuation of breast feeding after 6 months is also essential but with addition of simple food such as pulses, rice and mashed banana.
 The audiences were   enthusiastic and asked question on the need of water during first 6 months. It was told that breast milk is a complete food and has the ability to address the issue of thirst as well. Therefore, breast feeding is the foundation of new life and should be encouraged without any stigma and hesitancy around the world.

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