Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Tumour Weighing 3.5 kg Removed from Patient’s Jaw at PGI

By Tricitynews
Chandigarh 19th September:- A team of PGIMER doctors, lead by Prof. Jaimanti Bakshi, Professor and unit Head, department of ENT, removed a tumorweighing 3.5 kg from the oral cavity of a patient. These types of cases are extremely rare and require an advanced set up and technical skill to operate.
The patient, a 45 years old male is a resident of Punjab. He developed the swelling in right lower jaw, 5 years back. The swelling was insidious onset and gradually increasing in size. Due to poor financial conditions, the patient couldn’t seek medical attention.” Patient also had difficulty in chewing food, resulting in iron deficiency anemia, hypoproteinemia and generalized malnutrition due to the dysphagia and bleeding caused by the tumor. From  last 1 month, there was a rapid increase in size of swelling and maggot infestation, leading to severe infection. When he presented to PGI, he was fully worked up and financial assistance was provided to patient, as per the institute poor free scheme. The patient was diagnosed with,“benignmesenchymal tumour of Right Lower jaw (mandible). Size of the tumor was 30 cms x 20 cms  and patient was in a miserable condition due to this huge fungating tumor with foul smelling pus discharge and frequent bleeding.  Benign mesenchymal tumours are composed of fibrous connective tissue, smooth muscle, skeletal muscle, blood and lymphatic vessels, adipose tissue and peripheral nerve tissue. It can occur anywhere in body but presentation in head and neck is rare. These tumors can transform into malignancy (cancer) if not treated early.
The team of doctors, under Prof Jaimanti, treated the infection, anemia and hypoproteinemia prior to surgery.The surgery lasted 8 hours and was done jointly by the departments of ENT and plastic surgery. Patients Right lower half of jaw had to be removed as it was involved by the tumour along with 8cm x 6cms of the involved skin. There was a huge defect on the face after tumor removal which was closed primarily by the plastic surgeon. The patient is stable after surgery and is recovering satisfactorily.

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